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phrenfy, endeavour in this manner to were imi risoned in their course, and fatisfy the blood-thirsty propensity of their dahmed-up streams were fide a people who shall have been ac- denly forined into lakes, which, now customed to the murder of their fel. divided from their native streams, fend low-citizens."

Vol. 1. P. 33:

forth injurious exhalations from their stagnant waters.

ic Several of these lakes I saw; EFFECTS OF THE EARTHQUAKE OF

others are dried up, and fone at the 1783 IN CALABRIA.

expense of governinent. An outlet

for one has been cut through the rocks. “ This morning we rode among This earthquake gave birth to lawthe mountains, by paths that were al suits of a new kind, between the promost imparable, and over hills that prietors of the overshooting and the formerly were valleys, and valleys possefors of the overshot earth, to that forinerly were hills. When an know which of them had planted a earthquake happens to take but one tree, and on whole foil it afterward direction, the mountains may shake stood. Many trees were thrown befrom their roots to their very sum- tween others, and who were the promits, yet suffer but little change; prietors of them was an uncertainty. and, in some places, scarcely any : i faw a quantity of olive trees that the earth seeming to repose itself, like were torn, with the earth where they the fea after a storm; but if the shocks grew, from the ranks in which they encounter each other in contrary direc were planted, were presled together tion, they form a conflicting motion, by the whirling motion, and now form which dams up rivers and removes one great clump. mountains. The earthquake was the “ Opiddo that was, which Cluvemore dreadful here, because the moun rius supposed to be the ancient Ma. tains, consisting of adhesive clay, re mertum, and Italian antiquaries the fifted the fubterranean ftrife of con ancient Metaurum, * is now changed tradictory motion. We saw mountains into a heap of stones. Large ranges rent from top to bottom; the fallen of wall, seized as it were, and draghalf of which had filled up former ged away by the frantic earth, when valleys, and formed others in their the earth ceased its motion, did not stead. Beds of earth, in many places, fall flat, but were placed with the end were torn away with their whole plan- upward; as if they had taken rout, or tations. Trees, with their roots half were supported by a giant hand. bare, stand on the brink of a preci “ Penetrated by the alpect, we pice; while their fellow trees, tran- stood with our guide, a youth of fported to a distance, are now growing twenty, conteniplating thele ruins. on the banks of other springs, by We in astonishnient and compation, which they are watered. A man, a and he bitterly recollecting that the woman, and a mule, were, by one house of his father was a part of the electrical shock, projected, with the wreck, that he and his mother had ground on which they stood, across a been five hours covered by the rubriver, without injury: A man, that bish, and that his brother and sister lay was plucking lemons upon a tree in buried beneath it. the little town of Seminara, was car “ As we came to Oppido, we had ried, with the tree and the earth in already been shewn, in one place, which it grew, and still grows, and stones that had crushed men, and in thrown to a great distance. Many, another hills covered win the Aonborne away by the billows of earth, rishing vine 1:1der which whole com-, as by the billows of ocean, were swal- munities were entoinbed. lowed up and thrown back from the “ The former town contained three gaping gulf without injury. Rivers thousand inhabitants; the present bar

They ground this opinion on the river near Oppido being still called Me. tauro. But might not Metaurum have been built, as Cluverius supposes, at the mouth of the river Meraurus ? Let me remark, this river must not be confounded with the great Metaurus, now called Mesaro, that was famous for the battle in which the Carthaginians were defeated, and their leader Hafdrubal, the brother of Hannibal, Nain.


racks only five hundred. About putrid bodies of man and beast, occa twelve hundred perished on te de- fioned. folating day: Some were burned “ So remarkable were the effects of alive, overtaken by the Aames that this earthquake on the human organs, spread through the tuinbling houses. that, in the two following years, the The monks of a monastery became women either did not conceive, were the prey of these flames. A woman, prematurely delivered, or brought who now lives in Mellina, remained forth dead children; and of those eleven days under the ruins of her that were born alive, many immediown house. Her child was with her, ately expired. and they both fed on chesnuts, which " When the first account of this the mother, not improvidentially, had dreadful event reached Naples, the put in her pocket. 'She gave the child king was desirous of visiting the disher own excremental water to drink; . tracted province; and being preventbut as the had no supply of liquid for ed, he sent the people money. The hertelf, even this wretched aid soon queen, whose benevolence is always failed, and the child died on the fitth active, deprived herself of her jewday.

els; and people of all ranks were at is Numbers afterward died, partly firit contributors. The sanguine Neafrom the miseries and want to which politans are easily moved; but their they were subjected, and partly from emotion quickly dies away.” the diseases which the stagnant water,

Vol. II. P. 189. the newly turned-up earth, and the




21. 25.

HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. THE History of Scotland, from the

Acceflion of the House of Sturt to that of Mary. With Appendixes of Original Papers. By JOHN PINKERTON.

2 Vols. 4to. boards. Dilly. An Historical Survey of the French

Colony in the Illand of St. Domingo. Comprehending a short Account of its ancient Government, Political State, Population, Productions, and Exports.. A Narrative of the Calamities which have desolated the Country ever since the Year 1789; with some Reflections on their Caules and the probable Consequences; and a Detail of the Military Transactions of the British Army in that Illand to the End of 1794. By Bryan ED. WARDS, Esq. M. P. F.R.S. &c. Author of the History of the British Colonies in the West Indies. 4to. with a Map. 135. boards. Fine paper 155. Stockdale.

The History of the Bank of England,

from the Establishment of that Institution to the present Day. Containing a succinct View of the Extension of its Capital and Credit; the Effects of both; the Dangers with which it has been threatened at certain Periods, and the Measures adopted to maintain the Stability and Credit of it on those Occasions; interspersed with Reflections of the belt financial Writers on the Subject. With an impartial Detail of the Proceedings of both Houses of Parliament and the Court of Bank Directors, in consequence of the Order of Council, directed to the Governor of the Bank of England on the 26th of February last. With the Report of the Committee appointed by the House of Commons to inquire into the Affairs of the Bank of England, at full length. To which is added, a Copy of the Charter of the Bank of England, with the Bye-Laws and other Documents.

29. 6. Allen and Co.



75. 6d.


An Illustration of the Roman Anti Army. Printed at Lausanne in quities preserved in the City of Bath.

1775. izmo. 45. 6d. Law, Da. By the Rev. RICHARD WARNER. brett, -Balfour, Edinburgh. With wood cuts.

Baib Travels in North America ; with a printed.

London-- Robinsons, White, Narrative of the Author's ShipFaulder.

wreck and extraordinary Sufferings Bowyer's Edition of Hume's History of on the Inand of Anticosti; and an

England. No. 29. 11. 15. Bow. Account of that Ifand and of the yer.

Shipwreck of his Majesty's Ship
Active and others. By M. Cres.

PEL. 8vo. 35. Lotw, Law.,
Private Memoirs relative to the last

POLITICS. Year of the Reign of Louis XVI. Agrarian Justice; being a Plan for King of France. By Ant. Fr. Ber. meliorating the Condition of Man, trand de Moleville, Minister of State &c. By THOMAS PAINE, Author at that Time, Translated from the of Common Sense, Rights of Man, Original Manuscript of the Author, Age of Reason, &c. 8vo. 18. Pawhich has never been published. 3

ris printed, London reprinted. AdVols. 8vo. with five portraits of

lard, Parsons. the Royal Family of France. il. is. The Universal Politician, Vol. I. 8vo. boards. Straban and Cadell.

6s. 6d. boards. To be published Anecdotes of the House of Bedford, every six months. Jordan, Para from the Norman Conquest to the

fons." present Time. 8vo. 55. Barr. Thoughts on National Insanity. 19, Memoirs of the Life of Simon Lord Johnson, Debreti. Lovat, now first translated from the An Answer to Mr. Paine's Letter to Original Manuscript in the French General Washington, or Mad Tom Language. Written by Himself.

convicted of the blackest IngratiSvo. 6s. 6. Nicol.

tude. Including a few Pages of Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Traits, Strata gratuitous Counsel to the Author gems, and Biographical Sketches, of

of the “ Cause and Consequences,” the most remarkable Highwaymen, &c. by P. KENNEDY, Esq. Svo. Swindlers, and other daring Ad is. Rivingtons, R. Wbite. venturers, who have flourished from Three Letters, addressed to the Peoa very early Period to the present ple of Great Britain, on the Failure Time. To which is added, a great

of the late Negotiation; including a Number of apposite Curiolities,

few Hints on the Conduct proper to carefully selected from the most be adopted in the present Situation valuable and interesting Publications

of Affairs. 8vo. 19. Jordan, on the Subject, Ancient and Modern.

Wrigbt, Cbapple. 12mo. 35. 60. sewed. Brewman.

Observations on the Strength of the

present Government of France, and on the Neceflity of rallying round



25. Robinsons.

Conciliation; or, Considerations on Travels in Hungary, with a short

the Origin and Termination of the Account of Vienna, in the Year 1793 By ROBERT Townson,

present War, recommending an Al

liance between the two Powers. LL. D. F.R.S. 4to. (plates)

8vo. 15. 6d. Sael. il. 115, 6d. boards. Edinburgh Defence des Enigrés Français, addressé

printed. Robinsons. Travels through Germany, Switzer

au Peuple l'rançais. Par TRO.

PHIME GERARD DE LALLY TOLland, Italy, and Sicily. Translated

LENDAL. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

De Boffe, from the German of Frederic Leo

R. White, Booley. pod Count Stolberg by THOMAS

Observations on the present State of HOLCROFT. 2 Vols. 4to. plates. 31. 3$. Robinsons.

Ireland, suggested by a recent ReAn Account of Portugal, as it ap

port that the Office of Concession

and Pacification was to be entrulied peared in 1766 to Dumouriez, since a celebrated General in the French

to his Royal higliness the Prince

of Wales. 8yo. is, 6d, Debrett. Vol. I.-No. III.


A Letter

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8vo. 35.

A Letter upon the State of Parties, be. Armaments, to produce the Energy

ing the first of a Series of Letters and Security of the whole Nation, upon the State of Public Affairs. roused from its general Torpor by Svo, 15. Owen.

the Prospects of the Disorder, Pil. A Letter to the Honourable Thomas

lage, Crimes, and all the Desola. Erskine ; containing some Strictures tion and Horror which, without on his « View of the Cause and fuch Regulations, may be the ConConsequences of the present War sequences of the determined and rewith France." By John GIFFORD, peated Efforts of France to invade Esq. '8vo. 35. Longman.

Great Britain and Ireland. 8vo. Is. A General Address to the Representa Oren.

tives of Great Britain, on important Some Observations on the Bill now National Subjects agitating at the pending in Parliament for the bet. present Period. By an Elector, ter Support and Maintenance of the M. A. 8VQ. Is. 6d. Stockdale.

Poor. Prepared for the Use of the

Trustees of the Poor of the Parish POLITICAL ECONOMY.

of Kensington, and publifhed by New Circulating Medium; being an their Direction. Svo.

Examination of the Solidity of Pa. dale.
per Currency and its Effects on the Reflections on the Cruelty of encioling
Country at 'this Crias. 8vo. 6d. common Field Lands, particularly as

it affects the Church and Poor. By A Suimary View of the Population a Clergyman of the Diocese of Lin

of France, compared with that of coln. Svo. 19. Pridden. Great Britain and Ireland. With Reflections on the Formation and Occalional Remarks, &c. By an Distribution of Wealth. By M. unprejudiced Traveller. 25, 6d.

Turcot, Minister of Finance un. Kearstey.

der the old Government of France. Letters written to the Governor and

Ridgway. Directors of the Bank of England, An Etlay on Public Credit. Printed in in September 1796, on the pecuni the Year 1710, with short historical ary Distresles of the Country, and the Means of preventing them :

Notes, explaining the difficult Pas

sages. By Robert Harler, Esq. writh foine additional Observations afterwards Earl of Oxford. 8vo. Is on the same Subject, and a Means Barnes, Jordan, of speedily re-establishing the public and commercial Credit of this Country. By Sir JOHN SINCLAIR,

LAW. Bart. President of the Board of A Digel of the Law respecting Elec

. Agriculture. 8vo. 15. Nicol, Ca tions; containing the General Hi. dell, Sewell.

tory of Cities and Boroughs, their Heads of Mr. Pitt's Speech on the 12th Representation, Returning Officers

, of February, 1796, relative to the &c. and an Investigation of the Relief and Maintenance of the Poor, Right of Burgage and other Te. the Encouragement of Industry, and nants to vote at Élections. By Sa. the Diminution of the Poor Rates. MUEL HEYwoon, Serjeant at Law. Svo. is. Longman.

Svo, 8s. 6d. boards. Fabnor, Provision for the

Poor, by the Union of Houses of Industry with Country Parishes: a Letter addressed to a

THEOLOGY. Member of Parliament, by Row. Consolatory Views of Christianity, : LAND HUNT, Esq. 8vo. is. Stock Sermon, preached in the Chapelia dale.

Princes Street, Westmintter, Scarcity of Specie 'no Ground for day, November 27, 1796, upon OC

Alarm; or British Opulence unim casion of the Death of Mrs. Eliza. paired. By SIMEON Pope, Author beth Kippis, who departed this Life of “ A Letter to the (late) Lord on the 17th-Day of the same Month, Mayor on the National Debt and in the 720 Year of her Age. By Resources,” &c. 8vo. 25. Richard Thomas Jervis. Svo. is. Reprise son.

fons. Regulations of Parochial Police com- & Sermon preached before the Ho.

bined with the Military and Naval nourable House of Commons, at the

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on Sun




Church of St. Margaret, Westmin 8vo. 7s. boards. Mudie and Son, fter, on Wednesday, March 8, 1797, Edinburgh; Robinsons, London. being the Day appointed by his Ma Observations concerning the Diet of jesty's Royal Proclamation to be ob the common People, recommending served as a Day of solenn Fasting a Method of Living less expensive, and Humiliation. By the Rev. Tho

and more

conducive to Health MAS Powys, D.D. Canon of Wind than the present. Being an addifor, and Chaplain in Ordinary 10 tional Chapter introduced in the his Majeliy. is. Stockdale.

Edition, just published, of A Sermon, on the Deliverance of the “ Domeitic Medicine." By Wil

Kingdom of Ireland from the In LIAM BUCHAN, M. D. 8vo. Is. 6d. vasion lately attempted by the Straban, Cadell, London; Balfour, French, preached in the Chapel of Creecb, Edinburgh.

Trinity College, Dublin, on the ist A Medical Gloffary, in which the of January, 1797:

By the 'Rev. Words in the various Branches of Rich. GRAVES, B. D. M.R.L. A. Anatomy, Surgery, Medicine, BoJunior Fellow of Trinity College, tany, Chemiftry, and the Materia Dublin. 8vo. Is. Bath, reprinted Medica, are deduced froin their

from she second Dublin edition. Dilly. Original Languages; their PronunThe Christian's Pocket Magazine, and ciation accurately directed, and pro

Evangelical Critic. No. I. 18mo. perly explained. Pay W. TURTON,

IS. (Monthly.) Heprinjtall, Button. late of Oriel College, Oxford, 4to. The Millionary Magazine. (Monthly.) il. is. boards. Johnson.

Edinburgh, printed. Mathews, Hamil- A Descriptive Account of a New Method Ion, London,

of treating Old Ulcers of the Legs, A Serious Exhortation to the Inhabi. whereby the most obstinate of these

tants of Great Britain, with Refer. Diseases may be cured in a short ence to the approaching Falt. By Time, without Pain or Confine. THOMAS ROBINSON, M. A. Vicar

By THOMAS BAYNTON, of St. Mary's, Leicester. 3d. Surgeon, of Bristol. 8vo. 35. 6d. Mathews.

Sermon occalioned by the Death of

Hen. Keene, Esq. preached at Maze
Pond, Southwark. By James Dore.
Svo. is. Gurney, Button,

A History of Inventions and DifMacklin's Bible. No. 56,

coveries. By John Beckman, Public

Professor of Economy in the UniPHYSIC. ANIMAL ECONOMY. versity of Gottingen. With general An Etay on Burns, principally upon Iudexes, and Indexes to the Names

those which happen to Workinen in of Authors quoted. Transated from Mines, from the Explosion of lo the German. By W. JOHNSTON. flammable Air, or Hydrogen Gas; 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. is. Belt, Oxfordcontaining a View of the Opinions Areet. of Ancient and Modern Authors Practical Astronomy : containing a upon the Subject of Burns, and a Description of the Solar System; the Variety of Cales conducted upon Doctrine of the Sphere; the princidifferent Principles, from which an pal Problems in Astronomy. IlAttempt is made to rescue this Part luttrated with many Examples; toof the Healing Art from Empyricism, gether with Astronomical Tables of and to reduce it to the Laws of the Sun, Moon, and primary Animal Economy.

By EDWARD Planets. By Alex. Ewin, Teacher KENTISH, Surgeon. 8vo. 35. 6d. of Mathematics Edinburgh. Svo. fewed. Robinsons, London; Greecb, 65. Hill, Edinburgb; Langman, LonEdinburgh; Bell, Newcastle.

don. Annals of Medicine, for the Year 1796, A Journal of Natural Philosophy,

exhibiting a concise View of the Chemistry, and the Arts; giving an latett and most important Discoveries Account of the present State, new in Medicine and Medical Philoso Publications, and Discoveries in phy. By ANDREW Duncan, sen. those Sciences, and the various DeM. D. and Andrew DUNCAN, jun.

partments of manufacturing IndusM. D. Fellows of the Royal College

try: By WILLIAM NICHOLSON. of Physicians, Edinburgh. Vol. I.

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