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With Engravings. 4to. No. I. Acts. By a British Officer. With a 25. 6d. Monthly

Frontispiece. 8vo. is. 6d. Becket, New Universal Gazetteer; or, Geo. Utrum Horum, a Comedy of two Acts,

graphical Dictionary. Containing a as it is now performing with great Description of all the Empires, Applause at the respective Theatres Kingdoms, &c. in the known World; of London and Amsterdam. Svo. with the Governments, Manners, 15. Murray. and Religion of the Inhabitants; the Poetical Translations and Miscellanies; Extent, Boundaries, &c. of each among the former, a Series of select Country. By the Rev. Clement Odes and Sonnets from Petrarch, CRUTWELL, No. 1. Svo.

forming a Sort of Epitome of a (Weekly) with Maps and Charts. Writer justly celebrated, and as yet Kearsey.

only partially translated. By Jонз Specimens of British Minerals, select Penn, Esq. 8vo. 5s. Elmfley, Sewell, ed from the Cabinet of Philip Rash Owen, leigh, of Menabilly, Cornwall, with general Descriptions of each Article, James the Fatalist and his Master, from with 33 Plates, coloured, 4to. the French of Diderot. 3 Vols. 21. 125. 6d. Nicol, While.

small 8vo. 128. fewed. Robinsense A Description of the Genus Cinchona. The Nun,!from the French of Diderot

. Comprehending the various Species 2 Vols, small 8vo. 8. fewed. Reof Vegetables, from which the binfons. Peruvian and other Barks of similar Love at First Sight. By Mrs. Gun. Quality are taken, illustrated with NING. 5 Vols. 12mo. 155. sewed. Figures of all the Species hitherto Lowndes. discovered. To which is prefixed, Canterbury Tales for the Year 1797. Professor Vahl's Dissertation on the By HARRIET LIE. 8vo. 6s. boards, Genus; allo a Description of a new Robinsons. Genus, named Hyenanche, or Hyena Poison, By AYLMER BOURKE LAMBERT, "Esq. F.R.S. F. A.S. The Law of Nature; or, Principles af

MISCELLANIES. and Vice President of the Linnean Society. 4to. with 13 Plates. 125,

Morality, deduced from the physical

Constitution of Mankind and the boards. Wbite.



Author of Ruins, &c. &c. ramo.
The Henriade, a new Translation, in

25. 60. Philadelphia printed, LonEnglish Verse, with Notes: In Two The Philanthrope, after the Manner

don re-printed. Steel, Crosby. Parts. 410.' il, is. Part Ift. boards. Booker.

of a periodical Paper. 8vo. 4s.

boards. Cadell. Moral Tales, in Yerse, founded on real Events. By THOMAS HULL, of

True Patriotism; or, Zeal for the the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.

Public Good characterised; in a Dilo 2 Vols. Svo. with a Portrait of the

course translated from the French of Author. 7s. Cawiborn,

the great Saurin; adapted to the A Cure for the Heart Ache, a Come

present alarming Crisis, and to the

late General Fait. Inscribed to Sir dy, as now performing at the Richard Hill, Bart. is. Griffiths,

Theatre Royal, Covent Garden: Letters to the British Critic, contains
29. Longman,

ing a Charge of Misconduct in his One Thousand Seven Hundred and

official Capacity. 8vo. 15. 6d. Ridg.
Ninety Six, a Satire, Dialogue the De l'Économie Politique et Morale de
First and Second. By PETER PIN-
DAR, Esq. 4to, 25. 6d. Walker.

l’Espèce Humaine. Par M.HERRENThat the public may distinguish the


Tom. 4to. Il. 11s.6d. genuine edition from any pirared one that

Sewell, Deboffe. may appear, a small profile of the author,

An Address to the Loyal Volunteer engraved from a picture painted by Opie, The Spanish Navy List; with many

Infantry. 8vo. 64. Mathews. will be affixed 10 every copy of this work, as well as the author's own signature.

interesting Particulars relating to the The Times; or, A Fig for Inyasion;

three Departments of Cadiz, Ferrol

, a Mufical Entertainment, in two

and Carthagena. 2s.6d. Earl, Eger-
ion, Crosby.



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The Word of Command, and a brief Pamphlet is compored. By J.w.

Explanation of the New Sword ANDERSON, A. M. 8vo. 25. Riu.
Exercises. By SHOLTO SORLIE, ingtons, Faulder.
Serjeant in the 7th (or Queen's own) A newly invented Copy Book, calcu.
Regiment of Light Dragoons. Svo. lated to facilitate the Progrels of

the young Grammarian in the prinA Copy of the Charter of the Bank cipal Parts of Speech. By Chara

of England. 8vo. 25. 6d. Ogilvy LOTTE PALMER. 35. for three and Son.

Copies to Subícribers. Newberry. Metronariston; or, a New Pleasure Letter to Jacob Bryant, Esq. in Con

recommended, in a Differtation upon futation of his Hypothesis on the a Part of Greek and Latin Prosody. War of Troy By GILBERT 8vo. 35. sewed. Johnson; Deighton WAKEFIELD. Svo. is, 6d. Kear. Cambridge.

fley. Communications to the Board of Agri. Eirennes d'un Pere à fes Enfans; or,

culture on Subjects relative a New Year's Gift from a Father to Husbandry and internal Improve. his Children; being a Collection of ments of the Country, with 39 Plates. moral Precepts in French Verse, 4to. Nicol, Robinsons, Cadell,

adapted to the Capacity of young An Appeal to the Moral Feelings of People who learn the French Lan:

Samuel Thornton, Rowland Burdon, guage. By JOHN LANGLADE, a Hawkins Brown, Esqrs. and the sea Native of France, and Teacher of veral Members of the House of Languages. 12mo. is. 6d. Caw. Commons, who conscientiously sup 1born, Booley, Longman. port the present Administration. In Inttructions for the Education of a à Letter to W. Wilberforce, Esq. Daughter. Translated from the 8vo. Is. Johnson.

French of the Author of TeleThe important Trial between the nachus. 12mo. 25. Ferraby, Hull;

Parish and College of Eton, at the Robinsons, London. late Quarter Sellion at Aylesbury, The Complete School, or Art of Playupon an Appeal of the Rev. Dr. ing the Violin, with seventy-one Davies, Provost of Eton College, Variations, Cadences, &c. The against a Rate for the Poor of that Whole progreflively composed and

Parish. 8vo. is. Jordan, Chapple. fingered by John' TASHANBERG. The Pin Basket to the Children of 35.

Thespis. Containing a critical In- Stenography; or, The Art of Shortquiry into the Merits of all the Per Hand perfected. Containing Rules formers who have appeared on the and Instructions whereby the most metropolitan Theatres during the illiterate may acquire the Mode of last five Years; a brief History of taking down Trials, Orations, Lecthe English, Irish, and Scotch Stages; tures, &c. in a few Hours, and be and the Mre and Progress of the competent, by a little Experience, Drama in Greece, Rome, France, to practise the same. 18mu. 25. od. Spain, Germany, Italy, Ruffia, Hol sewed. Callow, Parfons. Jand, Flanders, and America, By Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, AlleJOHN WILLIAMS. 12mo. 55. boards. gories, Essays, and Poetical FragSymonds, Bellamy.

ments, tending to amuse the Fancy The Transation of a Letter from and inculcate Morality. 5th, 6th,

Signior Ranieri Calsabigi to Count 7th, and 8th Vols. 8vo. 205. Long-
Alfieri, on Tragedy, with Notes.
ByJohn Penn, Esq. 8vo. 55. Elmily, Euripidis Hecuba: ad eidem Manu-
Setell, Owen.

fcriptorum emendata, et brevibus The Enquirer; Reflections on Edu Notis Emendationum potissimum Ra.

cation, Manners, and Literature, in tione redentibus instructa. In Usum a Series of Essays. By WILLIAM ftudiofæ Juventutis. 28. 64. sewed. GODWIN. Svo. 75. 6d. boards. Wilkie. Robinsons.

A New Practical Grammar of the The Manner pointed out in which the Spanish Language, in five Parts.

Common Prayer was read in private The whole Spanish and English, and by the late Mr. Garrick, for the calculated to render the Study of Instruction of young Clergymen; the Spanish Language easy, comprefrom whose manuscript Notes this henlive, and entertaining. To which


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is prefixed a New English Grammar Dictionary of Painters. By M. Ph. for the Use of Spaniards. By the KINGTON. 4to. No. I. 1$. to be Rev. Don Felipe FERNANDEZ, completed in 36 weekly Numbers, A. M. a Native of Spain, and Second Edition. Walker. Founder of the Royal Economical An Essay on the Revenues of the Society of Xeres de la Frontera. Church of England. By MORGAN 8vo. 6s, bound. Wingrave.

Cove, LL. B. Vicar of Sithney, Dialogues in a Library. 8vo. 5S. Cornwall; and formerly of Trinity boards. Robinson.

Hall, Cambridge. 8vo. 58. boards,
A Selection of Favourite Catches, Second Edition. Cadelland Davies,

Glees, &c. as sung at the Harmonic Outlines of Agriculture. To which is
Society, in Bath. With the Rules added, A Method of raising Wheat
of the Society, and a List of the for a Series of Years on the same

25. 6d.

sewed. Bath Land. By A. HUNTER, M. D. printed. Dilly.

F.R.S. L. and E. 2s. Second Edi. Publicola; a Sketch of the Times,


York printed. Cadell, Low and prevailing. Opinions. From don. the Revolution in 18oo to the pre Annals of Scotland, from the Asces. fent Year 1810. Addressed to the sion of Malcolm III. to the Ac. People of England, and now first cession of the House of Stuart. To tranilated from the Rullian Copy. which are added, several valuable 8vo. 39. sewed. Wright.

Tracts relative to the History and
Lectures, Thewing the several Sources Antiquities of Scotland. By the

of that Pleasure which the hunan late Sir Dav!d Dalrymple, Bart,
Mind receives from Poetry. By the (Lord Hailes.) 3 Vols. 8vo. With
Rev. J. HURDIS, D. D. Profeffor of a Portrait of the Author, 1l. is.
Poetry, Oxford. Printed at the boards.' Cadell and Davies, Landas;
Author's Press, at Bishopstone, Creech, Edinburgh.
Sussex. 4to. Nos. 1. and II. 25. 60. An Essay on Man. By Alexander Pepe,
each to Non-subscribers. Price to To which_is prefixed, a Critical
Subscribers for the whole Work Esay. By T. Aixin, M. D. 12mo.
al. 2s. Fine Paper 31. 38. Johnson. Plates. 5ś. boards. Cadell.

Ayiew of the Causes and Consequences

of the Present War with France. NEW, EDITIONS.

Principles of Military Movements, M. P. 12mo. (a cheap Edition) is.

chiefly applied to Infantry. Ilustra Debrett.
ted by Manæuvres of the Prufiian
Troops, and by an Outline of the
British Campaigns in Germany dur-

ing the War of 1757, with an Ap- Private Memoirs relating
pendix, containing a practical Ab French Revolution.
Itract of the Whole. By Major MARQUIS de BOUILLE.
General David DUNDAS. 8vo. with The Scientific Magazine, and Free.
Plates, 128, boards. Cadell and mason's Repository. No. 46, being

the Third Number of the Eighth Gleanings through Wales, Holland, Vol. 8vo, is. Plates. (Monthly.)

and Weltphalia; with Views of Cawrborn.
Peace at Home and Abroad. By A Description of the Time Keeper in.
Mr. PRATT, 3 Vols. 8vo. Il. is. vented by Mr. MUDGE. To which

boards. Third Edition. Longman, will be added, a Republication of The Universal Gardener and Botanist; several Tracis by the Author,

or, a General Dictionary of Garden on the fame Subject. 4to. with ing and Botany.


Plates, 1l. 15. Payne, Cadell, Rivo Mawe and JOHN ABERCROMBIE. ington. With 11 Plates. 4to. Second Edi Observations relative to the Natural tion. Bound, 21, 2s. Robinson, Ca History, Picturesque Scenery, &c. of dell.

the Western Counties, made in 1794 The Italian; or, the Confessional of

and 1796.

By W. G. MATON. the Black Penitents. A Romance. With a Map and 16 Engravings by By ANN RADCLIFFE. Second Edi. ALKEN. , Vols. 8vo. Printed as 'tion. 3 Vols. samo. 155. sewed. Salisbury. Cadell,


to the

By Mle


Measures recommended for the Sup D. D. 9 Vols. 8vo. with a Portraits

port of Public Credit. By Capt. Cadell and Davies. JAMES BURNEY. Is. Robinsons, De Aristotle's Ethicks and Politicks; combrent.

prising his Practical Philofophy. A View of the French Revolution. Tranilated by JOHN GILLES, LL.Þ.

By M. NECKAR. Translated from 2 Vols. 4to. Cadell and Davies, the original French. Cadell and A New Translation of Livy. With Davies.

Notes and Illustrations.

By the A Letter to the Earl of Cholmondeley

Rev. GEORGE Baker. 6 Vols. Svo. upon the present scandalous and Cadell and Davies. dangerous Situation of a certain Remarks on the Arabian Nights EnPortion of the Royal Family. By tertainments; in which the Origin JOHN WILLIAMS. Symonds, Bella. of Sindbad's Voyages, and other nry.

Oriental Fictions, is particularly conA Practical View of the prevailing sidered. By RICHARD HOLE, LL.B.

Religious System of Profelied Chrilo Cadell and Davies. tians, among the Higher Orders, Nemmick's Universal European Diccontrasted with Real Christianity. tionary of Merchandize. " Remnans. By WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, Esq. Member of Parliament for the County of York. I Vol. 8vo. Cadell and

PRINTS. Davies. Sermons on Various Subjects, By Inland Navigation; or, Select Plans

GEORGE HENKY GLASSE, A. M. of the several Navigable Canals Cadell and Davies,

throughout Great Britain; accomSermons. By Dr. David LAMONT. panied with Abttracts of the differ

A new Volume. Cadell and Davies. ent Acts of Parliament relative to Sermons on different Subjects. By them; likewise the Width, Depth,

GEORGE ISSAC HUNTINGFORD, Length, and Number of Locks on D. D. Warden of St. Mary's Col each, with the principal Articles of lege, Winchester. 2d Vol. Cadell Carriage, &c. &c. No. II. Con. and Davies.

taining Trent and Mersey, NewPoems. By Mrs.CHARLOTTE SMITH. castle-under-Lyne; Chester; Staf.

2d Vol. Plates. Cadell and Da. fordshire and Worcestershire; Birvies.

mingham; Birmingham and Faze. The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds. ley; Birmingham Canal Navigation;

With Memoirs of his Life. By Wyrley and Ellington; Stourbridge; EDMUND MALONE, Esq.

2 Vols.

Dudley.; Warwick and Birming4to. with a Portrait. Cadell and hai; Warwick and Napton; StratDavies.

ford on Avon, 4to. 55. each NumSmollet's Works, with an Account of ber. To be published once in two

his Life and Writings. By JOHN Months. Cary: Moore, M. D. 9 Vols. 8vo. Ca The Itinerant. No. IV. Containing dell and Davies.

the following Views, viz. BirmingThe History of the New World. Writ ham, in Warwick thire; Scarborough,

ten in Spanish by Juan Baptista Ma in Yorkshire; Matlock, in Derby• nom, at the Desire and under the Pa

fhire; Henley Bridge, Oxfordshire. tronage of the late and present Kings Folio. 34. Richardson, Wbites, Egere of Spain, with Notes by the Translator. Plates. Robinsons.

A Portrait of the Bishop of Leon, The Action of Affumpfit on Bills of from a Painting by N. P. Danloyx.

Exchange and Promiifory Notes, &c. Engraved by WILLIAM SXELTON. By John WENTWORTH, Efq. of 22 Inches by 17. To Subscribers the Middle Temple, Barrister at il. Is. Proofs 21. 25. To Non. Law. Robinfins.

Subscribers 1l. os. Proofs al. 128. 6d. Importance of the Brewery stated, and Skelron, Thompson.

the extreme Impolicy of continuing Portraits to illustrate Lysons's Enthe Import on Male Liquor, brewed virons of London. No.l. Containwithin certain Towns in Scotland. ing 14 Prints, il, is. 4to. Large

Hill, Edinburgb; Longman, London. Paper il. 115.60 To be comprised Pope's Works. With Notes and Il in 3 Numbers. Richardson, Sirand; lustrations. By JOSEPH WARTON, Clarke, Bond-fireer.




Portraits to illustrate Granger's Bio 20. 41. 48. coloured, 21. 2s. plair, graphical History. No. 36. Contain to Subscribers. Medland, Teftolini. ing Sir Thomas Smith, Sir John Nine Prints (Sacred and Mythological Oldcastle, Henry Heath the Jefuit, Subjects), after the Pictures of the and Sir Benj. Rudyerd. 8vo. 58. 4to. molt celebrated Masters. Engraved 68. Richardson, Strand; Clarke, Bond by M. J. S. BOUILLARD. Three

Prints 20 Inches by 25 — two 10 The Children at their Mother's Grave. Inches by 15-four 12 Inches by 91.

From a Painting by Sir Francis Bour 101. 1os. By Subscription. Sub. geois, R. A. Engraved by OGBORNE. scriptions received by Bryants, Pall. Tefolini.

Mall; Willis, Thatched House Tavern, A Portrait of the Right Hon. Wil. St. James's - Areet; and at No. 142

liam Pitt, Chancellor of the Ex Titchfield-street, chequer. Engraved by MURPHY. Six Picturesque Views, in colours, on Teftolini.

the River Thames, from Drawings A Portrait in Colours of the famous by Lewis Belanger. 14 Inches by 11.

Duchess of La Valliere. Painted by 31. 3. to Subscribers, 31. 18. to C. Le Brun. Testolini.

Non-Subscribers. Molteno, Tepolini, A Peasant's Family of Nettuno, in Ryland.

Romana. Engraved by LIPAROT- Twenty-four Picturesque Views in the Ti. Il. 115.6d. Colours. S. Lipa I Ne of Thanet, and on the East rolti, Chelsea.

Coast of Kent. Etched and colourTwo Busts : Cicero and Demofthenes. ed by AMELIA Noel. 6 Inches by Teftolini.

4. 41. 45. to Subscribers. Anelia Noel, No. 189, Piccadilly.

Two Prints; After Sunset, and MoorPRINTS ANNOUNCED.


Drawn and Engraved by Two Prints, representing Peace and

JOHN BROWNE, A. R. A. 151 by War, from Paintings by Wm. Hodges,

6d.' to Subscribers. Ejq. R. A. Engraved in Aquatinta

Browne, No.10, Wef-lane,Walworth. by T. MED LAND. 30 Inches by


Page 216,—Townson's Travels, for Price 115. 6d. read sl. 115.6d.


"HE work recommended for analysis and extracts in our present

Number appeared many months ago ;-and though we perfectly coincide with our Correspondent in admitting the merit of that popular work, yet as the public will expect we should adhere to our original plan, he will see the impropriety of our complying with a particular request.

7. H. $. is respectfully informed that his suggestion concerning the periodical publications is anticipated by an early article in the regulations of our work;—we have already in our hands the necessary materials for a very ample view of that branch of literary communication, -to be given in our Sixth Number.

From the acquisition of many valuable Correspondents, and the increase of resources for information, the Public, it is presumed, may rely on the pages of the Monthly Epitome for an early acquaintance with every novelty in the circle of literature.

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