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Prison Amusements, written during The Inquisition. 2 Vols. samo. 6s.

Nine Months Confinement in the Vernor and Hood.
Castle of York. By Paul Posi. Henry Somerville, a Tale. By THE
TIVE. 8vo. boards. 45. Fobnfon, AUTHOR OF HARTLEBOURN CAs.
Murray, Debretr.

Tle. 2 Vols. izmo. Bell, Oxford. The Castle of Olmutz, a Poem, in Areet.

fcribed to La Fayette. 25. od. Santa Maria; or, the Mysterious Kearsity.

Pregnancy: A Romance. By ). The Poeins of Caius Valerius Catul Fox. 3Vol. 12mo. Jos.6d. Kearney.

lus, in English Verse, with the Latin Disobedience. By, the Author of Plain Text reviled, and Classical Notes. Sense. 4 Vols. 12mo. 145. sewed. To which are prefixed Engravings

Lane. of Catullus and his Friend C. Nepos. 2 Vol. 8vo. 125. Fohnson.

MISCELLANIES. My Night Gown and Slippers ; or,

Tales in Verse, written in an Elbow A View of the Establishment of the Chair. By GEORGE COLMAN THE Royal Edinburgh Volunteers; with YOUNGER. 4to. 28. 6. Cadell and an Alphabetical Lift of the Corps; Davies.

and Lists of the different Companies The Minister; a Tragedy, in Five and their Officers, Honorary, Super

Acts, translated from the German of numerary, and Non-effective Mem-
Schiller, Author of the Robbers, bers. 8vo. is, 6d. Manners and Co.
Don Carlos, &c. By M. G. LEWIS, Edinburgh; Treppafs, London.
Esq. M. P. Author of the Monk, Easter Holidays; or, Domestic Con
&c. 8vo. 45. 6d. Bell.

versation. Designed for the Instruc. Poems by the late George MONCK tion, and it is hoped for the AmuseBERKELEY,

Elg. LL. B. F.S. S. A. ment of young People. 35.60. sewed. With a Portrait of the Author, and 45. 60. fine Paper, in boards. Baib, a Preface by the Editor, containing printed; Vernor, and Hood, London, fome Anecdotes of Mr. M. Berke. The Works of SIR JOSHUA REYley and several of his Friends. 4to. NOIDS, with Memoirs of his Lite, boards., 21. 25. Only 220 Copies are By EDMOND MALONE, Esq. With printed for sale. Nicholls.

a Portrait. 2 Vols. 4to. il. uis. 6d. Political Eclogue (Ciuizen H. T-e, Cadell.

Citizen T-rn-y, R. B. Efq.). Or Une Semaine d'un Maison d'Educa. namented with a huniourous Print tion de Londres ; contenant des of Citizen T-rn-y drawn by the Lectures tirés des Incas de M. Mar. Populace through the Borough, to montel ; des Histoires agréables, the Grove Houle, at Camberwell. des Dialogues entre l'Auteur et ses 4to. Is. 61. Owen.

Eléves. Par une DAME DE Dis. The Poet's Fate. A Poetic Dialogue. TINCTION. 12mo. 35. 6d. ElmBy George Dyer.

Ro ley. binjons.

The Medley, a new perlodical Paper, A Poem, entitled, Songs, Epitaphs, to be continued every other Thurs.

Addresses, or, as leretofore ad day: 6d. Barr, Symonds. vertised under a full Description of The Letters of Madame du Montier, the Conients. By the Honourable collected by Madame le Prince de MR. SOMEBODY that was, but now Beaumont. Translated from the MR. NOBODY. 8vo. 25. 6d. 78, French by M18s NEWMAN. 3 Vols. Strand, Richardson, Stewart.

Izmo. 1os.6d, jewed. Hookbam and Juvenile Elfays, in Poetry. By J. Carpenter.

DONOGOGUE. 12 mo. is. 60.-- The Templar; or, Quarterly Register Owen,

of the Law, Parliamentary ProThe Age of Folly: A Poem. 4to, ceedings, Literature, and Politics 15. Clarke, Bord Street.

of Great Britain, down to the End

of March, 1797. Vol. IId, Part Ist. NOVELS AND ROMANCES.

35. Pbeney. Percy; ; or, the Friends; a Novel. 8vo. A Narrative of the Proceedings of the

5s. bcards. Easion, Salisbury; Bell, British Fleet, commanded by Admiand Wilkie, London.

ral Sir John Jervis, in the late AcThe brich Heiress, a Novel, 3 Vols. tion with the Spanish Fleet. In a, 93. Lare.

Letter to a Friend. By an OFFICER

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IN HIS MAJESTY's LAND FORces. WATER. Is. Embellished with a 4to. 55. Jobnfon.

Vignette, representing the Front of Scelta di Prose e Poele Italiane, ad the said Pump Room, not forget

Uso della Gioventu Studiosa di ting the Inscription.--N. B. The questa Lingua. By FELICIANO DA Profits of chis Publication are inMIANI, Teacher of the Italian Lan. tended for the Puerperal Charity in guage.

35. 6d. bound. Bath. Bull and Co. Barb; Robin. Fabnfon.

fons, London. A Catalogue for the Year 1797, of a Letters on the Subject of the Armed

Collection of Books, by W. H. Lunn. Yeomanry; addressed to the Right A Cursory View of Civil Govern Hon. Earl Gower Sutherland, Co

ment, chiefly in Relation to Virtue lohel of the Staffordshire Volunteer and Happiness. By ELY BATES,

Cavalry.Lenter 1. On the DisciEsq. 35. Rivingtons.

pline of Volunteer Cavalry.--A Visit to the Philadelphia Prison; On the Utility and Expedienty of

being an accurate and particular Volunteer Establishments.-3. Drill
Account of the wise and humane Instructions for a Troop of Volun-
Administration adopted in every
Part of that Building; containing

teer Cavalry.---4. The acknow

ledged Utility and probable Peralso an Account of the gradual manency of the Volunteer EstablishReformation and present improved ment.---5. Explanatory Remarks on State of the Penal Laws of Peon. the Horse Evolutions, &c. with Sylvania; with Observations on the References and Remarks on such Impolicy and Injustice of capital Parts of the new Sword Exercises Punishments, in a Letter to a as are most necessary to be practised Friend. By ROBERT TURNBULL,

by Volunteer Corps.-6. A Selec. of South Carolina. 8vo.

IS. 6d.

tion of Manæuvres for the Use of Philadelpbia printed-Phillips and Son,

Volunteer Cavalry, founded on the London.

Principles of the new Instructions. A respectful Address to the Patrons

To which are added Plates, pointof Sunday Schools, and other be

ing out the Pofts of every Officer, nevolent Institutions, viz. the Roy Non-commissioned Officer, and pri. al Humane Society, the Magdalen

vate Gentleman, in every Position and foundling Hospitals, the School

into which he can be thrown by of Industry, the Cheap Repository the Movements of the Squadron. for Moral and Religious Tracts,

By F. PERCIVAL Eliot, Major in the Asylum for the Blind, at Bris.

the Staffordshire Volunteer Cavalry. tol, the Stranger's Friend Society,

Egerton. at Bath, and the Misericordia, at

The Trial of JOHN SMITH, BookselPlymouth;-in Praise of their Phi.

ler, before Lord Kenyon, Dec. 6, lanthropy: setting forth the Bler.

1796, for selling a Pamphlet, enti lings which result from their muni.

tled “ A Summary of the Duties ficent Endeavours. To which is

of Citizenship:'' with the Speeches annexed, a late Elay in Commen

of Mr. Law for the Prosecution, dation of extensive Charity, and liberal Education.

and Mr. Gurney for the Defend.

By T. W. BROOKMAN. 1$. Barh printed ;

ant. To which is adiled, the Ad. Vernor and Hood, Mathews, Lon

dress of Mr. Justice Alhhurst to

the Defendant, on his receiving a don.

Sentence of two Years ImprisonWarm Water; or, Popular Expolia

ment to hard Labour in the House tions of the learned Motto on the

of Correction, Clerkenwell. 15. Grand Pump Room in the City

sewed. Mrs. Smith, Portsmouth Street, of Bath. ΑΡΙΣΤΟΝ ΜΕΝ ΥΔΩΡ.

Lincoln's Inn Fields. Asserting the peculiar Felicity of A Journal of the Movements of the that sublime Scrap against all the

French Fleet in Bantry Bay, from .contemptible Cavils of carping

their first Appearance to their final Criticism; thus appropriately tran

Departure, compiled from Notes Nated

taken on the Spot, by EDWARD Of all the liquors that men do drink,

MORGAN. 8vo. 18. 6d. Harris. Water is the best, I think!

Dowling's Elements of the Hebrew, By an IDOLATER OF GREEK AND 8vo. 75. Faulder.


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NEW EDITIONS. The Beauties of Shakespeare, fele&ted

from his Works. To which are The Law Dictionary, explaining the added, the principal Scenes in the Rise, Progress, and present State of same Author. izmo. 35. 6d. lered. the English Law, in Theory and Prac Sixth Edition. Kearsley. zire; defining and interpreting the Paul et Virginie. izmo. 2s. 68. feved. Terms or Words of Art; and com Stace. prising copious Information, hiftori- 'Rudiments of conftructive-Etymolog cal, political, and commercial, on the and Syntax.

bound. Subjects of our Law, Trade, and Second Edition, enlarged. KE Government. Originally compiled Lombard - ftreet. by Giles Jacob, now greaily enlarged The Principles of English Grammar, and improved by T. E. I OMLINS. with critical Remarks, and Exer. 2 Vols. 4to. 31. 35. boards. Straban, cises of false Construction, adapted Rivington, Payne, &c.

to the Use of Schools and private Q. Horatii Flacci Opera, ad Leétiones Tutors. By John KNOWLES. Svo. Probationes diligenter emendata, IS. Fourth Edition. Pernor av et Varietate Lectionis et Notulis in Hood. structa. Cura JOANNIS HUNTER, Sermons on Practical Subjects. By LL.D. 5s. boards. Ogilvy.

the late Rev. SAMUEL CARR, D.D. The Gardener's and Botanilt's Diction 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 15. boards. Se.

ary. By the late P.MILLER, F.R.S. cond Edition. Rivingtons, Robfer. Part IX. Folio. 125. 6d. Riving- Buffon's Natural History abridged.

2 Vols. 8vo. 175. boards. RobinSeventeen Sermons preached in the fons, Kearsley.

Villages near Cambridge. To which The Justice of the Peace and Parifi
are added, Seven Morning Exercises. Officer. By RICHARD BURN, LL.D.
By the late ROBERT ROBINSON. late Chancellor of the Diocese of
Svo. 75. Vernor and Hood,

Carlisle, and continued by Jons
Roman Conversations, By the late

BURN, Esq. bis Son. 4 Vols. 8vo. Joseph WILCOCKS, F.S.A. 2 Voi. il. 16s. bound. 18th Edit. Cade 8vo. 16s. boards. Second Edition.

and Davies, Butterwortb.. Bickerfiaff.

Hutchinson's Spirit of Masonry. Svo.
An Enquiry into the Duties of the 58. Second Edition. Follie, Carlise ;

Female Sex. By THOMAS Gis Law, London.
BORNE, M. A. Švo. 6s. boards.

Second Edit. Cadell.
New Travels in the United States of

America, performed in 1788. By
J.P. BRISSOT DE WARVILLE. 8vo. A Collection of English Epigrams,
6s. boards. Jordan.

printed under the Direction of Mr. The Monk, a Romance. By M.G. Dodd, of Magdalen College, Cam

Lewis, Esq. M. P. 3 Vol. 12mo. bridge. 2 Vols.
ros. 6d. Third Edition. Bell. Zimmerman on Solitude.

Modern Times; or, the Adventures Translation from the French Edi-

of Gabriel Outcast, a Novel, in imi tion, with Notes and Illuftrations.
ration of Gil Blas. 3 Vols. 12mo. 12mo. Plates. Vernor and Hood.
125. with 12 Plates, Fourth Edition. The Life of Petrarch. Translated
Sbepperson and Co. Faulder,

from the French by Mrs. Dobsox. Nisbet's Clinical Guide; or, a Concise 2 Vols. 8vo. Plates. Verror and

View of the leading Facts on the and Hood.
History, Nature, and Cure of Dir. Wrongs of Women, a Novel.
eases. 12no. 55. bound. Second Mrs. WOLSTONCROFT. In tbe Preis.
Edition, enlarged. Jubnjon, London; Mr. PLUMPTREE, of Clare Hall, in-
Creech, Edinburgh.

tends publishing An Appendix to his The Beauties of Samuel Johnson, OBSERVATIONS ON HAMLET. I

LL.D. Coolitting of Maxims and is to contain, An Answer to the Observations, Moral, Critical, and Objećtions brought against his HypoMiscellaneous. To which are pre thelis. Some farther Proofs in supfixed, Biographical Anecdotes of port of it. And, An Answer to the the Doctor: 121no. 35. 6d. sewed. Objections brought against Dr. Thirteenth Edition. Kearsley. Warburton's Hypothefis respecting

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an Allusion to Mary Queen of Scots, Productions relative to the|Revoluin the celebrated Passage in the Mid tion, which have appeared either in summer Night's Dream.

France, Germany, or England.
Letter to the Right Honourable Translated from the French of

William Pitt, fhewing the Ne Francis Pages, Author of Travels
cellity and Facility of prosecuting round the World, &c. 2 Vols. 3vo.
the War, until the Enemy fue for Longman.
Peace, and is ready to offer such Memoirs, illustrating the History of
Terms as we have à Right to ex Jacobinism, from the French of the
pect, and ought to demand, By a Abbé Barruel, now publishing in
CLERGYMAN OF THE CHURCH OF 3 Vols. and of which only the first

Rivington, Faulder, has yet appeared. Booker.
Greco-barbara Novi Testamenti; or,

Oriental and other foreign Words PRINTS AND MAPS. ,
occurring in the New Testament. Six Picturesque English Views, paint-
Selected and illustrated by Mari. ed by PETER PINDAR, Ely. with
Petr. Cheitomæus. Translated out of

poetical Allusions to the different
the Latin Original, with a few ad Scenes. The Plates ten Inches by
ditional Words, and Notes Critical seven. Engraved in Aquatinta by
and Explanatory. To which is pre Alken, il. is. plain, 21. 25. coloured.
fixed, a DilTertation on the Hebrew to Subscribers. Maube ws, Clarke,
Vowel Points. By JOHNWILLIAMS, Bond-Areet.
LL.D. 8vo. 7s. To be printed by A new large Four-sheet Map of the
subscription. Whites, Fleet-street ; Country from twenty to thirty Miles
Dilly, Jonson.

round London, being 88 Miles in A Second Volume of Mr. James Kent's Circumference, and on a Scale of

Anthems. To be printed uniformly of an Inch to a Mile. 75. 6d. with the first, and to consist of a Te coloured. In a Case, or on Rollers, Deum, Jubilate, Cantate Domine,

135, 6d, Stockdale. Deus Misereatur, and eight An- Anew large Four-sheet Plan of London, thems for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Voices; in its present State, 4 l'eet 8 Inches, with fome Account of the Author. by three Feet three Inches, comThe whole arranged and revised by prehending the surrounding Villages, JOSEPH CORFE, Organist of the being twenty-nine Miies in Circuma Cathedral Church at Salisbury. ference, and on a Scale of Six Inches Price to Subscribers 159. to Non and a Half to a Mile. 75. 6d. in subscribers il, is. To be delivered

Sheets, 155. on Canvas aud Rollers,
in a few Days. Salisbury, printed. or in a Care. Stockdale.
The Botanik's Calendar, and Pocket Morland's Sketches of Animals and

Flora, including all the British Landscapes. No. 11, 12, 13. No.
Plants except the Grasses, and those 28, Gerrard-Streen
of the Class Cryptogamia, with Re. By Subscription. Print of the Victory
ferences to the best English Plates. abtained by Sir John Jervis over the
B. and y. White.

Spanish Fleet, on Feb. 14, 1797, off
The Girl of the Mountain, a Novel. Cape St. Vincent's. Painted by

By Mrs. PARSON3. 4 Vols. 12mo. Clevely, to be engraved in Aqua-

tinta by Edy. 19 by 28.

ros, 6d. The, Spoiled Child. 2 Vols. 12mo.

Proofs il. is. Coloured il. 10).

Harris, Egerton, Edy.
Historical Anecdotes of the Revolu. No. IV. of the Ancient Architecture

tion in Russia, in 1762. Translated of England. 5s. By J. CARTER,
from the French of M. DE RUL F.A.S. Robson, B. and J. White,
HIERE, one of the forty Members of Simco.
the French Academy. With a Por A true and genuine Portrait of the
trait of Catherine !I. 8Vox 4S.

reigning Emperor of Rullia. PaintA Secret History of the French Re ed by Mr. Valderwerks, engraved

volution, from the Convocation of by SCHIAVONETTI, jun. 5. Schiu-
the Notables to the Month of No. voneni.
vember 1796; containing a Number A Sheet Map of North Wales, being
of Particulars little known, and a Reduction of Evans's large one.
Extracts from the most remarkable 155. Cary.


Hornsey, Scarborough; Wilkinfon, Wale

No. I. of Sele&t Views in Lincolnshire. A Collection of Roses. By Marr

Containing a View of the City of LAWRENCE. No. 6, and 7. ros. éd.
Lincoln, and a North-east View of each, AI No. 86, Queen Ann-freei

, Grantham Church, from Drawings

Eaft. by J.Girtin and W. Turner. Price to Subscribers 2s.6d. Non-subscribers 3s. The Work to be comprized in PRINTS ANNOUNCED. 25 Numbers. The Engravings by BARTHOLOMEW HOWLETT, late Antiquities of Great Britain, Vol. II. Pupil to Mr. Heath. Howlett, No. 11. Containing Views of Sontho Miller.

gate, Yarmouth, Hereford Cathe. No. I. A Select Series of Portraits of dral, Gloucester Cathedral, and the

Ladies of Rank and Fashion, con Church at Dunwick. Drawn by
taining the Portraits of Lady Char Hearne. Engraved by Byrne. Price
lotie Duncombe, and Lady St. 158. Byrne.
Afaph. Painted by 7. Hoppner, en A full-length Portrait of Buonaparte

. graved by C.WILKIN. Folio, il. is. Super-royal Paper, 75. 6d. 'TefieA Series of Picturesque and Interest

lini. ing Views on the River Wye, Views of all the principal Naval Ac. South Wales, from Drawings by tions which have taken place imce E. DAYes, engraved in Aqua the Commencement of the present tinta by F. JUKES. The Work War, in Numbers, containing four will consist of Five Numbers, each Views in each, with the Gazette containing four Prints, in the style Account of every Action. En. and Manner of the River Dee graved by Wells, from Drawings by Views. The Scenery is taken by SAMUEL Owen. 8 Inches by s! Mr. Dayes, from Points of View 155. in colours to Subscribers, Il. 45. that will elucidate, but not inter to Non-subscriber; 7s.6d. plain to fere with the mafterly descriptions Subscribers, tis. to Non-subscribers. already detailed in literary publica, Normans, No. 144, Strand. tions. No. I. containing the fol A Collection of Views in the Environs lowing Views, viz. A Distant View of Rome. 30 Plates, with Descrip: of Hereford, from the Callow House, tions. 4to. 21. 2s. Edwards, Bond. on the Road to Roís. A View of freet. (Sometime in May.) Hereford, from the River. Wilton A Print of the laft Weltmir.fter Caitle, near Ross. Goodrich Castle, Election, engraving by Townley

, 155. plain, 11. 1os. coloured. from a Pi&ure painted by R. Fukes, 'Colnagbi.

DIGHTON. Size of the Plate 3: The Itinerant, No. V. Containing Inches in width, by 25 Inches in

the following Views, viz. the City heighth. Containing the likeness of of Lincoln; the City of Ely, Cam near one Hundred Noblemen and bridgeshire; the Town of Pem Gentlemen, with a view of Coventbroke and the Town of Conway, Garden and the Hustings. Prints Caernarvonshire, Folio. 38. Rich. 21. 2s. Procis 41. 45. Published by ardson, Whites, Egerton.


Digbron, Charing-
A small Portrait of the Right Hon. Cross.

Edmund Burke, proper to bind up A view of Dartmouth. Drawn by
with his literary Productions, from Mrs. CLARKE.
a Sketch made by J. R. Smith from C. Wilson.

20 Inches by 14. 155.
the Life, and engraved and publif to Subscribers.
ed by him. 15.

ceived at Boydell's Sbakespeare GalCaricature Subjects, etched and tint lery, ed from Sketches by R. DICHTON, A South View of Scarborongh. Draken viz. the Bills of the Day, Billy

by 1. Hornsey. Engraved in Aquacaught Napping, the Chance-feller, tiita by J. WALKER. 14 Inches by the Master of the Rolls, the City

20. 75. 6d. plain, 15. coloured, Butler, John Doe and Richard Roe. 29. each, 4to. lize. Dighton, Cbar. ker, London, ing-Cros.

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Engraved by W.
Subscriptions re-

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