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An Account is given of every Book where the first Word of the Title is

printed in Capitals.

N. B. For the remarkable Palages, fie the Index at the End of the Volume.

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Anftruther's; A. Reports of Cases deter-

mined in the Court of Exchequer, Vol.z.


Part I. 75

mie Opera, 10

Anthems, Sıxy by Marth, 399

Adams's Summary of Geography, 77

Antique Remains of St. Martin Outwichy

a's Geometrical Exays, 439


-- on Electricity, 78

APOLOGY for the Believers in the Shak.

Address to the Representatives of Great Bri spear Papers, by CHALMELS, 32

Appeal on Causes of the War, 394 o the Local Volunteer Infantry, 236 - tulin feel as of Thwa?on, Burdong

Age of Follý, ž16

Agrarian Justice, by Paine, 233

ARABL iN Nights, Hole's Remarks on, 386

Agricu'u'e. Communica:ions to Board of, 237 Architecture, DeGgns in by Lewis, 80

-, Hunter's Outlines of, 238

- Nicholson's Principles of, 395

AGRICULTURL, Communications to the Aristotle's Ethics, by Gillics, 239

Arithmetic, Bonnycatile's Guide to, 157

AIKIN's Tour through North Wales, 290. Arnold's Hymn Tunce, 3??

Airs, falliinas, Bed joes on, 114

Art of traching Naman! 1.. Languages, 77

Alexander's Chinese Dre Tee od Customs, 400 Aftræa' Reuri, by Freeman, 400

Alken's Views in Ireland, 150

Aturomy, Bryan's System of, 159

A!l's Well that end. Well, 155

-, Practical, by Ewin, 235

Altemarives compared, by Berdoes, 393 Atheism, Causes of, by Erlin, 314

AMBO: the King and the Country, 8 Aurelia: Figures of Moths, &c. by Martyny

America, North, Crespel's Travels in, 233 So

-, Imlay's Topography of, 7

Azemia, a Novel, by Jenks, 457

Gen. Washington's Letter to the Peo-

ple of, 78


Ame ican Congress, Observations on the De Backwell, Edward, Portrait of, 400

Bahrdt's Ali's well that ends Well, 155
Anacharsis, Travels of, in Greece, abridged, Baker's Translation of Livy, 239

Ballads, Three, by Marsh, 393
AXAS, Selections from the French, 6


Angient Dresses, by Strutt, 159

Virtue and Vic, 107

Metaphysics, 315

Biniti Camalked, translated by Gifford, 31a

Anderson's Manner of reading Common Bariller, J. Portrait of, 459

Bank Mirror, by Hales, 156

-'s Embaffy to China, 458

Satire on the North Front of, 198

- Answer to an Attack on; 315

of England, Charter of, 237

-'s Letter to Sir John Sinclair, 394

-, Hales's Hiftory of, 395

Andrews's Ericas, or Heaths, No. V. 80

-, History of, 232. 394

Andronica, or the Fugitive Bride, by Mary

Letters to the Governor of,
Charlton, 76

&c. 234

Anecdotes, Memoirs, Essays, &c. 237 BANKING, Iniquiry of, 24. 453

of the House of Bedford, 233 Barnard, Edward, or Merit exalted, 138

Biographical Sketshes, of High- Barrenness, &c. Brec on Cure of, 397

Waymeni, &c. 233

Barrett on the Equeftrian Art, Extract from!

Angus's views of Seats, so



bates of, 394

Prayer, 237

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Barruel, Mémoires du Jacobinisme, tom. 1. Bourgeois's Children at their Mothee's Gratis

Ba'i vel's Memoirs of Jacobinism, 319. 453 Bou ne’s Introdnétion to Chemistry, 314
Barthelemi's Trav. of Anacharlis abridged, 157 Bowdler's Poemsānd Effays, 458
Barton's Suit in Equity, 434

Bowles's Letters to a britiib Merchant, 1979
Bates on Civil Guvernment, 317

Third Lerter to a Bricjih Merchants
Bath, Roman Antiquities in, 233

Battalion, o, the Exercise of, by Workman, Bouyer's Edition of Humc's Hiftory, 233, 399

Boydell's Edition of Shak[pea e, 78
Bader's Rew Plants, 396, Eye, and Ear, Thiee Treatises ong
Bayley, Col. Charges preferred against Capt:
Morrison, 156

Bramah's Letter to Chief Justice Eyre, 155
on buls of Exchange, 458

Brind's, Han. Plays an Poçms, 79
E:ynton on Ulcers of he Legs, 235

- on the Funds and Circulation, 313
Beauclerk. Lady D. Plates to Dryden's Fa- Bread, Obfervations on the Allize of, 458
bles, 453

Bree on Barrennels, Impotence, &c. 397
Beggar Girl, by Bennett, ibid.

Brenton's Print of the Sca Fight off St. Vin.
Beaumont's Letters of Du Montier, 316 cen's, 400
Be uties of $amuel Johnson, 318

Breillat's Hymn Tunes, 399
Shakt; care, 318

Brewery, Importance of the, ftatcd, 239
BECKMANN's History of Inventions, 294 Bridgman's Views of Knole, 159
Beddoes on Factitious Airs, 154

Biisfot on Commerce of America, &c. 313
b. Inime's Alte, natives compared, 395

n's Travels in America, 318
Bedford, Anecdotes of the House of, 233 Britain, G eat, History of, by Somerville, 79
Bekanger's Views on the Thames, 240

and France, Remaks on, re-
Belcher's Song, 315

ta:ive to the Negotiations for Peace, 75,
Bell's, Edw. Portrait of Prince William of

supposed Situation of, in cake
Gloucester, 159

the War had been avoided, 198
--'s, J Anatomy of the Heart, &c. 397 Britith Critic, Letters to, 236
Belth im's Remarks on the Porr Bill, 552 Brookman's Address, 317
Bengal Army, Nw Regulations for, 155 Brookes's Gazetteer, 458
Bennet's Ditplay of the Defigns of the Re Browise's Sunfit and Moonlight, two Prints;
formers, &c. 74

Beggar Girl, 458

's Classical Dictionary, 457
Berkeley's Monk, Pcms, 316

Brown's Campaign, 360
BERTRAND de Moleville's Memoirs of Brun's, Le, Portrait of Duchesse de la Val-
Louis XVI 247

liere, 240
Bible, Macklin's edition, No. 56.235 Bryan's System of Astronomy, 159
E, translated by Geddes, 4-6

Bryant, Wakefield's Letter to, 315
Biddulph's Elegy on the Death of Cadogan, 154 Buchan on Diet of common People, 235
Bigland's Moclinic's Guide, 154

-'s Domestic Medicine, 156
BILL for the better Support of the Poor, 5!

on the Vinereal Disease, 156
Bill, new, for the Support of the Port, 75 Buffon's Natural Hiftory, 78
Bills of Exchange, Wentworth on, 239

ahridged, 318
BIOGRAPHICAL CURIOSITIES, IS Bunbury, W. H. Et hings to Morsels for
Birch Brereton, J. Translation of the Cousins Merry Souls, 78
of Schiras, 70

Bungay Cattle, by Mrs Bonhote, 6
Bicheno's Illue of the Commotions in Europe, Buonaparte, Portrait of, 320

Burder's Account of the Wellh Indians, 394
Biru's Pocket Conveyancer, 455

BURGHLEY HOUSE, History of, 336
Practice of Conveyancing, ibid.

Burke, Edm. Portrait of, 320
Blayney's Tranflation of Zechariah, 153

-'s Letter to Duke of Pese ind, 151
Bluody Buoy, by P Porcupine, 453

Burns, Kenrith's Eilay on, 235
Bonhote's, Mrs. Bungay Calle, 76, Buincy's Plan for Dcience againit Invasivi
Parental Monitor, 79

Bonnycalle's Guide to Arithmetic, 157

on Support of Public Credit, 239
Bonne's Care of Palmer explained, 456 Burkitt on the New Testament, 458
Book-keeping, Defence of the Engliih System Burns's Poems, 458.
of, by Jones, 195

· Burn's Justice, 318
BOSCAWEN's Satires, Epiftles, &e of Byrne's Antiquities of Great Britain, 400

Byrom's Short-hand abridged, 156
BOTANICAL Dialogues, 407
Bofanitt's Calendır, 3! 9. 45

Bouillé's Memoirs of French Revolution, 238 Cabal and Love, a Tragedy, from the Gero
Bouillard's Sacred and Mjthological Subjects, man of Schiller, 73
1. 240

Cabinet Work, Prices of, 4.58


Good, 153

Cadogan, W. B. Sermon on the Death of, by Ciitford's, Hen. Report of the two cales of

Southwark, 79
Elegy on Death of, by Biddulph, 154

Coal Vicwer and Engine Builder, 395
Cailapigi's Letter, by Penn, 237

C-, H. W. Dr. Sermon, translated into
Calbri's Guide to the French Tongue, 457 English Metre, by H. W. Hopkins, 76
CAMPAIGN of 1796, History of, 433

Cochrane's Seaman's Guide; 1;6

Coke's, Lord, Inftitutes of the Laws, 156
in 179', History of, 394 Colds, on the Nature and Cure of, 3,7
Campbell on Miracies, 399

Cole's Sermon, 315
Canterbury Tales, by Lee, 236

Coleridge':, s. 7. Ove on the departed Yeas,
Cap, the, a Satiric Poem, 157

Carr's, Sam. Sermons, 318

Cullard's EfTentials of Logic, 78
Carter's Ancient Architecture, 319

College, he, a Satire, 456
Carpenter's and Joiner's Aflitant, 454 COLMAN's My Night Gown and Slippers,
Castle of Bucktholme, 457

Ca ches, Glees, &c. a Seicction of, 238 COMMUNICATION'S to Board of Agri-
Cat:le, Horned, Receipts for Disorders in, by cultuie, 370
Downing, 153

Comyns's Digest of the Laws. 399
Carullus, Lat. and English, 316

Conciliation; or, O.igin and Termination of
Cellar-Book, or the Butler's Aliftant, by Far-

the War, 233
ley, 77

Confiderations on the State of Public Affairs,
Cæiar's, Julius, Tower, View of, 159

Chalmers's Apology for the Believers in the CONSTANTINOPLE, Ancient and Modern,
Shak (pear Papers, 32

by Dallaway, 424
Chambáud's French Grammar, 157

Conítant on the Government of France, 233
Champney's Medical Reform, 397

Consumptions, Neale on, 154
Chancery Costs, &c. by Turner, 458 Cooke's, J. Realin doing Homage to Revela
Chapman's Catalogue of Books, 155

tion, 75
Charette, Memoirs of, 311

Cooper's Third Sermon to the Jews, 314
Charge at the Visitation at Ludlow and Stret. Córfe's Edition of Kent's Anthems, 319
ton, by Plymley, 75

Corn Trade, Howlett on, 453
Charlemont, Eari, Letter to, on the Telegraph, Correspondence, Official, on a Negotiation for

Peace between Great Britain and France,
Charlton's, Mary, Andronica ;

Fugitive Bride, 76

Coic on the Revenues of the Church, 238
Chearful Companion, by Cunningham, 155 Count Denamar, 458
Cheesman's Drawing Book, 159

De Santerre, 457
Cheiromei Græco-barbara N. T. 319

Credit, Public, Essay on, by Harley, 234
Chemistry, Examination of Lavoisier's Firft Crespel's Travels in North America, 233
Part of, 156

Crro, Latters of, on the War, 453
Cheienli's, B. F. Prejudices, a Comedy, 76 Croft's Commentary on Paley and Gisborne,
Children at their Mother's Grave, Print of, 397

Crurwell's Universal Gazettert, 235
China, Anderson's Embassy to, 458

Cunningham's Chearful Companjon, 155
Chinese Dreises, Cuftoms, &c. by Alexander, Curate's A&, Observations on, by Eulebius,

Cholmondeley, Earl, Letter to, 239

CURE for the Heart Ache, by Morton, 267
Chriftian's Magazine, 235

Curr's Coal Viewer and Engine Builder, 395
Pocket Companion, 75
Chronologist of the War, 398. 4;8

Chronology, English, Ancient and Modern, PALLAWAY's Conftantinople, 424

Dailas's Miscellaneous Writings, 409
Church, on the Revenues of, by Cove, 238 Dalrvriple's Annals of Sceland, : 38
a Poem, by Sharp, 399

Damiani, Sceita di Prosc, 317
Cicero and Demothenes, Bulls of, 240 DANCER, Dan. the Milm, Mermirs of, is
Cinchona, Genus, Description of, 236

Dauican's Baodici l'on asked, 372
Circulating Medium, New, 234

Dartmouth, Clarke's View of, 1:0
Clara, Duplessis, and Clariant, 458

Daffier's Medals of Eaglith Sovereigns, &o
Clarke's View of the Iron Bridge at Wear- Daughter, Instructious fit the Education of,
mouth, Plate I. 80

Clarke's, Mrs. View of Dartmouth, 320 Davidson's Anatomical Observations, 455
CLARK's, Ja. Treatise on the Yellow Davies's Hittory of the Srage. 470
Fever, 89

Dawes on the 2 Elcctions for Soutiwark. ICT
Claviere on the Commerce of America, &c. Day's Report of isilt. Cuiremitce u Secrecy,



or, The


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cain, 454

Dayes's Views on the Wye, 320

EDMUND and Eleonora, by E. Marshall,
De die at the Eaft India Hule, Report of, 77 141
Demofthenes and Cicero, Bulls of, 240

Edmund of the Forest, a Novel, 155
Denamar, C uni, 45%

Education, Turner's Systemy of, 78
Lerby, Countets ot, Memoirs nf, 458

M, Maiton d'u une Semaine, 316
DESBOROUG., Langley's Hittory of, 273

EDWARDS's Hitlory of St. Domingo, 241
DOP:\ZE: Five Men, 143

Edwards's History of the West Indies, 458
Dialogue on English Speech and Spelling, 398 Eections, Digest of the Law relpecting, 158
Dialogues in a Library, 237

--, Heywood's Law of, 234
DIBDIN'S Prems, 441

Electricity Adams on, 78
Dindin's History of he English Srage, 79 Elizabeth, Queen, Por.rait of, 159
Diderot's James the Fatalitt, 236

Ei en's (of Lacter) Neapolitan ; or, the Test of
Nun, ibid.

Integrity, 76
Diet of Coinmon People, Buchan on, 335 Elliot on the Armed Yeomanry, 317
Dighton's Caricature Cu vjects, 340

Emigrés, Defense des, par Lally Tollendal,
Print of Westminster Election. ibid. 233
- Portrai. of the Princc' of Wirtem. Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. 18, Part I. 76
berg, 400

English, Vol. 3, Pare I. 76
Dirom's Plan for the Defence of Great Bri- England and Wales, Lift of the principal

Towns of, 77
Dirrill's Reinarks on Shakipeare's Terapest, English Lyricks, 397

Speech and Spelling, 398
Disobedience, 316

Exercises, by Murray, 457 de Reous Gestis e Eloquentia Gul. ENQUIRER, the, by Godwin, 192
Pilt, 156

Epifle, Poetical, to the Author of Pursuits of
DISTILLERIES con Gdered, 40

Literature, 76
Dixon's Hy on Tunes, 399.

Eistles, a Pair of, in Verse, 78
Dobson's Life of Petrarch, 318.

Erskine, Gifford's Letter to, 234
Dodd's Epigrams, 318

Letter to Gifford on his Letter to,
DOMINGO, St. Edwards's History of, 241 397
DOMINGO, St. Wimffen's Voyage 10, 342 ERSKINE's View of the Causes of the present
Donogogue's Juvenile Poetical Essays, 316 War with France, 147
Dore's Sermon on ihe Death of K cene, 235 Erop's Fables, 78

Essay on the Resurrection, 455 Eiray on the Causes and Vicissitudes of the
Dover Cattle, View of Cæsar's Tower at, 159 Frerict. Revolution, 15t
Dowling's Elements the Hebrew, 317

-- on the Principles of Translation, 398
Downing's Receipts for Disorders in Horned Eiten, Harriet, Trial of the Duke of Hamilton
Cattle, &c. 153

for Crim. Con, with, 136
Dralloc's Logic Improved, 78

Eitlin's Causes of Athcism, 314
Drawing-book, by Cheesman, 159

Errennes d'un Pere à ses Entos, 237
--, by Metz, 160.459

Etymology, Rudiments of, 318
Dienoan'EiTay on the Moral and Political Euripidis Hecuba, 237
State of Ireland, 157

Europe, l'Interet de l', far Malouet, 152
Dryden's Fabies, 458

Sketches in a Tour through, 151
Dudley, Rubert, Euri of Leicester, Portrait of, Eusebius's Observations on tire Curace's Ad,

DUMOUPIEZ's Portugal, 229

Evans's Attempt to account for the Infidelity
Duncan's Annals of Medicine, Vol. I. 235

of Gibbon, 150
Dundas's Military Movements, 238

Map of North Wales, 319
Don's Strictures on Peace, 74

Sketch of the Denominations of the
Duinford and Earl's Reports of Cases, 153. Christian World, 157

Ewin's Practical Astronomy, 235
Dyer's Puct's Fale, 316

Excursions, Eccentric, through England, &c.


Exchequer, F wler's Practice of, 396
Enter Holid.ys, 316

Exchange, Bills of, Laws of, 458
E ft Indu Kalendar, 375

Excise, Highunore's Laws of, 396
Ecclefiattes; or, The Picacher, 153

Exhibition, Guide to, 395, 396
Eclogue, Political, 316

-, a Touchfone to, 395
Economie Poliiique, par Herrenschwand, 236 Eyre, Chief Justice, Bramah's Letter to, 155
EDEN's, Sir Fred. Morton, State of the Poor,

Edyeworth's Letter to the Earl of Charlemont FALCONER's Voyage of Hanno, 345
on the Telegraph, 151

FAMILY Secrets, by Mr. Pralt, 166
Edinburgh Volunteers, Establiihment of, 3:6 Fariev's Cellar-book; or, the Butler's Arc
Eidington, Battle of, by Penn, 154

aftunt, 77


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