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tor of the Church meeting in Store

Street, Bedford Square. 15. 60. The Voyage of Hanno, translated and

fewed. Stockdale, Martin, jun. accompanied with the Greek Text Concise and authentic History of the explained from the Accounts of mo.

Bank of England, with Differtations dern Travellers; defended agains on Metals and Coin, Bank Notes, the Objections of Mr. Dodwell and and Bills of Exchange.

By T. other Writers. By THOMAS FALFORTUNE. 12 mo. 15. 6d. Booley. CONER, A.M. 8vo. boards. 45. The Welch Indians; or, a Collec. Cadell and Davies.

tion of Papers respecting a People A Voyage to St. Domingo in the Years
whose Ancestors emigrated from 1788, 89, and 90. By FRANCIS
Wales to America in 1170, with ALEXANDER STANISLAU S BAROS
Prince Madoc (three hundred Years DE WIMPFFEN, Tranfiated from
before the first Voyage of Colum. the Original MS. which has never
bus), and who are said to inhabit a been published, by J. WRIGHT;
- beautiful Country on the West Side with a Map of the land. Sv.
of the Mislitlippi. By GEORGE boards. 6s. Cadell and Davies,

BURDER. 8vo. is. Chapman. Wrighi.
Secret History of the French Revolu-

tion, from 1787 to 1796. Trans-
lated from the French of FRANCIS

PAGES, Author of Travels round The Question stated, Peace or War?
the World. 2 vol. 8vo. boards. and who are the Men fitteft to
145. Longman.

make Peace and keep it? SubmiiHistory of the Campaigns in Ger ted to the Confideration of the Peo.

many, and Italy in 1796. 8vo. 6s. ple of Great Britain and Ireland.
boards. Cadell and Davies, Robin 8vo. 19. 6d. Johnson.

On the French Revolution. By M.
The Life, Opinions, Character, and NECKER. Translated from the

Tragic Death of Count R—au, French. 2 vols. 8vo. 145. boards.
commonly called FREDERICK GER Cadell and Davies.
HARD MEYER, condemned to the Observations on the Debates of the
Gallows May 26th, 1796, at Rot American Congress, on the Ad.
terdam, for five unparalleled Bur. dress presented to Gen. Washing-
glaries; with Copies of his Letters ton, on his Resignation ; with Re.
written on the melancholy Occasion marks on the Seizure of Ameri.
in French and English. Translated can Vessels by Great Britain and
from the Durch and French by France. By Peter PORCUPINI.
J. SHARP. 28. 6d.

Brewman, 8vo. is. Ogilvy and Son.

A Collection of State Papers relative
Memoirs of the Revolution, or an to the War against France. Vol. V.

Apology for my Conduct in the boards. gs. or complete Sets in s
public Employments which I have vols. 21. 6s. Debreir.
Jield. By D. J. GARAT, late A Developement of the views and
Minister for the Home Department, Deligns of the French in perlifting
Commillary of Public Instruction, to make the Rhine, Maere, and
&c. in the Service of the French Scheldt the Boundaries of their
Republic. Translated from the Country. 8vo. 55. Stockdale, Ricb.
French by R. Heron. Svo. boards. ardson.

Mudies, Edinburgh; Johnson, An Heroic Appeal to the Friends of

Freedom and Humanity, on the Observations relative to the Natural Causes and Consequences of the Hiftory, Picturesque Scenery, and War with France; including an Antiquities ot the Western Coun Address to the future British Whig ties of England : illustraied by a Directory, and an Expoftulation Mineralogical Map, and 16 Views with his Majesty's Ministers on in Aquatinta, by ALKEN. By W. their Continuance in Office. Svo. GEORGE MATON, M. A. 2 vols.

Stockdale. 8vo. boards. il. 16s. Salisbury, A Letter from RALPH ANDERSON, Easton; Rabfon, Payne, Wilkies, Lon Esq. to Sir John SINCLAIR, Bart. don.

M.P. &ç, on the Neceflity of an

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25. 6d.



instant Change of Ministry and an The East India Kalendar for the Year immediate Peace. 8vo.

1797 ; on a more extensive Plan Mudie and Son, Edinburgh; Symonds, than any hitherto offered to the Pub. Crosby, Debrert, London.

lic. Containing Lists of the Coin

pany's Civil, Military, Marine, POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Law, and Revenue Ettablishments; A correct Derail of the Finance of Public Offices, Bankers; Greek, this Country, as reported by the

Armenian, Mogul, and Portuguese Secret Committee of the House of Merchants; Company's Agents at Commons; including an Account Home and Abroad,

with a of the Expenses attending this War, rect List of British European Sub. &c. To which is added, an Hir. jects residing in India, not in the tory of the Origin, Progress, and Company's Service, &c.

12mo, prelent State of the Bank of Eng. 25. 6d. Debreti. land. By CHARLES HALES, Ely. Communications to the Board of A. 8vo. IS.

Treppass, Foster Lane. griculture, on Subjects relative to Alternatives coinpared, or what shall the Husbandry and internal Im:

the Rich do to be safe? By Tho provement of the Country. Vol. I. MAS BEDDOES, M. D. 8vo. containing Paris I. and I1. Plates. Debreir.

4to. boards. il. is. Nicol, Robinson, Outlines of an Artempt to establish a Sewell, Cadell and Davies, London;

Plan for a juit and regular Equi Creech, Edinburgh, and Archer, Dubvalent for the Labour and Support lin, of the Poor; and to reconcile the Weights of the Kingdom to one Standard, by connecting them with

ARTS AND SCIENCES, the Copper Cuinage. Svo. - 25.

25. The Royal Academy, ora TouchDebreu.

itone to the present Exhibition. Suggestions on the Slave Trade for These Criticisms, now considerably

the Consideration of the Legilla augmented, were first promulgated ture of Great Britain. By Sir Je in the Morning Post, under the REMIAH FITZPATRICK, M, D. Signature of ANTHONY PASQUIN. with a Map of the African Coast. Svo. is. Weftleg. 8vo. 1S. 6d. Ştockdale.

The Coal Viewer and Engine BuildA Cursory View of Civil Govern er's Practical Companion. By ment, chiefly in relation to Virtue John Curr. 4to.

boards. and Happiness. By Ely BATE3, al. 125.,6d. Taylors.

Esq. fmall Svo. 35. Rivingtons. No. XVII. of The Principles of Ar-' Report from the Committee of Se. chitecture; containing the Funda

crecy appointed to take into Confi. mental Rules of the Art, with the deration the Treasonable Papers Application of those Rules to Pracpresented to the House of Com. tice: also the true Method of mons in Ireland, on the 29th of drawing the Ichnography and Or. April. To which is added, a thography of Objects, &c. &c. Charge to the Grand Jury of the To be completed in 20 Numbers. County of Dublin, by Robert By Peter NICHOLSON, Architect.

Day, Esq. is. 6d. Srockdale. With Three Engravings, and Se. Summary View of the Populatiop of ven Outline Plates. Is. 6d. Bar

France, and of the Britiih Empire, field, Gardiner, Symonds. their Commerce, Force, and actual No. 11. of Stapeliæ novæ; or a ColCondition impartially compared : lection of feveral new Species of with an Appendix, containing many that Genus discovered in the intenew and interesting Anecdotes re rior Parts of Africa. By F. MASlative to the French Revolution. SON. Coloured, small folio. il. is. By an UNPREJUDICED TRAVEL. Nicol. LER. 8vo. 25. 6d. Kearsley. A Critical Guide to the present Exhi

bition at the Royal Academy; conCOMMERCE, RURAL AFFAIRS. taining a full Developement of the First Report from the Committee of new System of colouring. By

Waste Lands, &c. ordered to be John Williams, whole public printed 27th April, 1797. 8vo. Is. Appellation is ANTHONY PASQUIN. Stockdale,

Svo. is. Symonds, Bellamy.
Eee a

A Guide

A Guide to the present Exhibition ; Tenants in Tail, Difference betwera

containing full Explanations of all Merger, Extinguishment, and Ro. the principal Historical Pictures: mitter; Estates considered as vested together with the Names of all the and contingent, executed and exe• Portraits. IS. 4to. 'Cawiborn.

cutory; Contingencies with a dou. On the Management of Fire and the ble Aspect; the Succession by Pa

Economy of Fuel, being the 6th, rents to Children; the Language of of a Series of Experimental El Powers. 8vo. No. I, 25. 6d. Pk. says. By BENJAMIN COUNT OF ney. RUMFORD, F. R. S. 8vo. boards. 35. 6. with Plates. Cadell and


An Illustration of the Method of ex. An Effay on Signals; containing an plaining the New Testament by the History of this Art from the first

early Opinions of Jews and Chris. Account of Beacons to the most

tians concerning Christ. By W. approved Methods of Telegraphic Wilson, B.D. Fellow of St. John's, Correspondence. By J. Gamble, Cambridge. Svo. boards. 75. ki. A. M. 4to. boards, with seven vingtons, Faulder, London; DeigtPlates, 12s. large paper 185. Mil ton, Nicbalfon, Cambridge. ker.

A Sermon, preached before the AlNo. II. of Delineations of Exotic sociation for discountenancing Vice

Plants, cultivated in the Royal and promoting the Practice of ReGarden at Kew; drawn, colour ligion and Virtue, in St. Anne's ed, and the Botanical Characters Church, Dublin, on Thursday the displayed according to the Linnæan 5th of May, 1796. By the Rev. System. By FRANCIS BAUER, WILLIAM Magee, B. D. Svo. IS. Botanic Painter to his Majesty. Cadell and Davies. Imperial folio. sl. 55. Nical.

A Supplemental Volume of the Works


late Lord Bishop of Gloucester; LAW.

containing the Ninth Book of the A Practical Arrangement of the Laws Divine Legation of Mofes, and all

relative to the Excise; wherein the the other new Pieces (the Preface Statutes and adjudged Cases affect. excepted) contained in the 4to ing Officers, Smugglers, Prosecu Edition. 8vo. 6s. Cadell and Dations, Licences, &c. are carefully

vies. digelted Bv ANTHONY High-. A Vindication of the Lord Bishop of MOR , Jun. Solicitor. 2 vols. 8vo. Llandaff's Apology for the Bible: boards. 18s.

in a Series of Letters to Mr. A. Vol. 11. of A Complete System of

Macleod. By John JONES, 12mo. Pleading;

containing Affumpfit 15. Griffirbs, Chapman. Special. By JOHN WINTWORTH,

The Obligations of Christians to avoid Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barris.

War as much as possible, and to ter at Law. Royal 8vo. boards. live in Peace, one with another: 2 125. Robinsons.

Sermon for the Fast Day, March 8, Reports of Cares argued and deter 1797. By ALEXANDER HEWAT, mined in the Court of King's Bench

D. D. &vo. Is. Cadell, Marray Jast Hilary Term. Vol. VII. Part II.

H. East, Esqrs. Barristers at Law.

ANIMAL ECONOMY. The Practice of the Court of Exche. A Treatise on the Structure, Econo

quer upon Proceedings in Equity, my, and Diseases of the Liver: By DAVID BURTON FOWLER, together with an Inquiry into the Elq. one of the Six Clerks of that Properties and component Parts of Court. 2 vols, 8vo. 138. boards, the Bile and Biliary Concrerions. Butterworih.

By W. SAUNDERS, M. D. F.R.S. Tracts by RICHARD PRESTON, Esq. Robinsons, Murray, &c.

Author of the Elementary Treatife Three Treatises on the Brain, the on Estates, &c. containing Cross Eye, and Ear: illustrated by it Remainders, Alienations in Fee by Tables. By ALEXANDER Murko,

M. D.


Folio. 55.


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- M. D. 4to. boards. il. 59. Robin BERT WAKEFIELD, B. A. 8vo. 2s

Sons, London; Bradfute, Edinburgb. Kearfey. Medical Facts, and Observations (Vol. A Short Commentary, with Strictures

VII.) consisting principally of ori. on certain Parts of the moral Wrir. ginal' Communications from Gen. ings of Dr. Paley and Mr. Giro tlemen of the Faculty on important borne. With Observations on the Subjects in Medicine and Surgery. Duties of Trustees and Conductors 8vo. 6s. boards. Johnson.

of Grammar Schools; and two Observations upon the Cure of Bar. Sermons on the Purity of Principle,

renness, Impotence, the Venereal and on the Penal Laws. By GEORGE Disease, &c: By MARTIN BREE, Crort, D. D. 8vo. 58. Riving: Surgeon, of Mark Lane. 8vo. 25. tons, London; Cooke, Oxford; Deigb. Maribews.

ton, Cambridge; Pearson, BirmingA few Remarks on the Nature and

ham. Cure of Colds. By J. M. Kel A Letter to JOHN GIFFORD, Esq. SON. 8vo.

is. 6d. Murray and containing Strictures on the Tena Highley.

dency of his Writings in general, An Historical and Practical Treatise and of his Letter to the Hon. Tho.

on the Venereal Disease. Dedi. MAS ERSKine in particular. 8vo. cated to his Grace the Duke of 15. Crosby. Queensberry. By C. B. God. A Letter to the INFAMOUS TOM FREY, M. D. 8vo. 25. 60. Sy PAINE, in Answer to his Letter to monds.

Gen. Washington. By PETER Practical Essays and Remarks on that PORCUPINE, Author of the Bone to

Species of Consumption incident to gnaw for the Democrats, &c. &c. Youth, from Puberty to 25 Years

Philadelpbia printed; and upwards, commonly called Ogilvy and Sm, London. Tabes Dorsalis : with an Account Pyrology; or, the Connection between of the Nature, Causes, and Cure natural and moral Philosophy ; of that Disteinper. By St. JOHN with a short Disquisition on the NEALE. 8vo. 25. 6d. Walker.

Origin of Christianity. By W. Proposed Medical and Chirurgical Re. OKELY, M. D. 8vo. boards. 6s.

form, with Considerations on Hof Fobnfon.
pitals, Dispensaries, Poor Houses,
and Prisons: Observations on the
Apothecaries late Application to POETRY AND THE DRAMA.
Parliament, Proposals for general
legislative Regulations, and Hints English Lyricks. 8vo. 25. 6d. Cadell

and Davies.
for improving the healing and ve-
terioary Arts. By J. CHAMPNEY,

The Will, a Comedy, as performed at
Surgeon, F. M. S. 8vo. 35. 60.

the Theatre Royal, Drury - Lane. Johnson, Debreni, Darlon and Har.

By F. KEYNOLDS. 810. 25.


fons. vey. The Anatomy of the Heart and Arte. Poems by T. F. DIBDIN. 8vo. 35.6d, ries: being the 2d Volume of the

Booker, Murray, Bliss, Oxford.
Anatomy of the Human Body.

The Cainpaign, a Poetical Essay; in
By John Bell, Surgeon. Royal

two Books. By ROBERT BROWN, Svo. with Plates, 125. Cadell and

Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, Davies.

$v0, 25.6d. Stockilale, Medical, Philosophical, and Vulgar

Errors, of various kinds, cooli-
dered and refuted. By JOHN NOVELS AND ROMANCES.
Jones, M. B. 8vo. 45. Cadell

The Three concluding Volumes (4, s. and Davies.

and 6) of Hugh Trevor. By TmoMAS HOLCKOFT. (m. Svo. ios. 60.

Robinsons, Shepperson and Reynolds. METAPHYSICS.

Walsh Colville; or, a Young Man's. CONTROVERSY.

firft Entrance into Life, a Novel. A Letter to William Wilberforce,

i Vol. cr. 8vo. 45. Lee and Hurst. Esq.M.P. for Yorkshire, occasioned The Spoiled Child, a Novel. By by his late Publication. By Gib

Mrs. Howellä : Vols. 12mo. 6s.



I 2mo.

The Ĝirl of the Mountains, a Novel. Nottenños, Military Airs, and soBy Mrs. PARSONS. 4 Vols. 1210.

Composed by EDWAD 148. Lane, Miller, Hodgfors.

JONES, Harpist to the Prince si Wales, and dedicated by Permiff:ea to the Queen. To which are addet,

a few Air3 selected and adapted MISCELLAKIES. The German Miscellany; confifting of

from other Composers, and tone

popular National Tunes, with VariDramas, Dialogues, Tales, and No

ations by the Author. En bellitheo vels. Trantlated from the German

with a Frontispiece. 1os. 6d. Suld at by A. THOMPSON.


No. 3, Green-Jireei, Grofcenor-quer. Ogilus. A Dialogue, contrasting in each Page

and Word the Practice and Propriety of Englith Speech and Spelling. To

NEW EDITIONS. which is fubjoined, a concise but complcte Syitem of mutual Adapta

Vol. I. and II. of Ilie Svo Edition of tion. izmo. 6d. Richardson, Clarke,

the History of Kent. To be coaNew Bond - Areet.

cluded in 8 Vols. Corrected, iin. An Estay on the Principles of Trans

proved, and brought down to the lation. Svo: beards. 6s. 6d. Ga.

present Time, and illustrated with Hell and Davies, Lundon ; Greech,

Maps, Views, Antiquities, Sc. Edinburgh.

?s. 6d. each Vol. Bristow, Cantes. Cours de Lectures graduées pour les bury'; Whiles, Law, London.

Enfans de trois, quatre, et cinq The Chronologist of the present War; Ans. Par M. L'AcDE GAULTIER.

or, General Historical and Political 3 Pocket Vols. 68. 6d. Elmsley and

Register, containing a faithful Series Bremner, Newbery, &'c.

of The Events which have occurred A Mirror for Princes, in a Letter to

in Europe, &c. from the Commencc. the Prince of Wales. By HAMP

ment of the French Revolution to DEN. 8vo.


the End of the Year 1796. Second Chapple.

Edition. The works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, The Law of Tenures, including the

12mo. 45. 6d. Robinsoas. Knt. late President of the Royal Theory and Practice of Copyholds. Academy. To which is prefixed,

By the late Lord Chiet Baron Gilan Account of the Life and Writings bert. A new Edition, corrected, of the Author, by EDMOND MĂ with an historical Introduction on tone, Esq. one of his Execururs.

the Feudal System, and copious 2 Vols. 410. With a Portrair of Sir

Noies and Illustrations, by CHARLES Joshua. Il. 165. Gadell and Davies.

WATKINS, Elg. 8vo.

108. 6d. boards. Bulleriacorib. A Critical Enquiry into the ancient

and modern Method of treating MUSIC.

Discales in the Urethra and BladSix Anilenis in four Parts, in Score, der. By JESSE · Foot, Surgeor.

with averfe, Sanctus, and Command Firth Edition. Svo. 25. 6d. Becket. menis. Composed by J. MARSH, A Practical View of the prevailing El. 10s 6d. Longman and Brouerip. religious Syliem of profeiled ChrisThree Ballads, 6d. euch, and a favoui

tians in the liigh and middle Classes ite Symphony in E b (No. 5) in of this Country. By WILLIAM Eiglit Paris: By J. MAKSI, WILEERFORCE, Esq. M. P. for El. 35. Lavenu, Dake-fireet, bi. Yorkshire. Second Edition. Svo. James's.

75. boards.

Cadell and Davies. A Grund Syınphony in D (No. 6) in Recueil choisi de Traits historiques et

13 Parfs (bui which may be played de Contes moraux; avec la Signifiin 5 or 6), 45. and Pope's Ode; • The cation des Mots en Anglois au Bas

Dying Christian to his Soul,' for de chaque Page. Par N. WANO. single Voice and Piano Forte. By 8TROCHT, LL.D. Fifth Edition. J. MARSH, Esq. is. 6d. Culinjurd 35. Od. bound. Forfen, Scarcberd, and Co..

Vernor and Hood, Bogey. Musical Miscellany for the Harp or Tiibes Indefensible; 01, Cbservations Barpsichord; consiliing of Panturais, on the Origin and Effects of Tithes; 3

is, 6d.

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