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from the Decline of our Corn his Lordship's Motion in Parliament Trade. To which are added, Ob. and Conferences with his Majetty, fervations upon the first Report from for the Disinissal of Ministers. By the Committee of Waste Lands. DAVID GAM, Esq. 25. Reeds. By the Rev. JOHN HOWLETT. History of the Original Constitution 8vo. 1s. 6d. Richardson.

of Parliaments, from the Time of Thoughts on the Defence of these the Britons. By F. H. B. OLDKingdoms. 8vo. 25. Elmsley and

FIELD. 8vo. Robinsons: Bremner.

Observations on the Credit and Fi. Elay on the English National Credit; nances of Great Britain; in Reply

or, an Attempt to remove the Ap to the Thoughts of the Earl of Lauprehensions of those who have Mo. derdale and the Appeal of Mr. ney in the English Funds. By C. Morgan. By DANIEL WAKEFIELD, 2. A. PATJO, President of the E14. Svo. is. 6d. Rivingrons, Ri. Board of Commerce and Finance chardson. at Hanover.' Tranflated from the A Letier from a Naval Officer to a German by the Rev. H. MARCH, Friend, concerning the late alarnB. D. 35. Marsh.

ing Mutiny aboard the fleei. Is. 6d. A fair Statement of the real Grier. Murray and Higbley.

ances experienced by the Officers The British Crilis; or, the Disorder and Sailors in the Navy of Great of the State at its Height: with Britain. With a Plan of Reform. Prognostic Songs of Recovery and By a NAVAL OFFICER,

Diffolution. By No ROYAL PHYBell.

SICIAN. 8vo. is. Jordan.. Impartial and comprehensive View of

the present State of Great Britain. With an Appendix on the present

ARTS AND SCIENCES. Scarcity of Gold and Silver. By Select Works of ANTONY VAN LEE. the Rev. G. S. Keith, M. A.

Translated from the 8vo. 15. 6d. Robinsons.

Latin. No. I. 25. 6d. Flexnez.
An Account of the Commencement Carpenter and Joiner's Asistant. By

and Progress in finking Wells at PETER NICHOLSOX. Illustrated
Sheer:le's, Harwich, and Landguard with 79 Copper-Plaies. 4to. 155.
Fort; for supplying those Dock bound. Taylor.
Yards and Garrisons with fresh Wa.

A Complete System of Astronomy. ter. 8vo. is. or with a large Map Vol. 1. By the Rev. S. VINCI, of the Thames, comprehending the F. R. S. 4to. boards. il. 45. with Medway, &c. 35. 61. Stockdale.

plates. Wingrave, Elmky, Faulder, Political Salvation of Great Britain,

by Means entirely new; rendered neceflary by the Urgency of Circumstances. By a GENTLEMAN,

LAW. independent of Party. 8vo. 29. 6d. Continuation of Williams's Justice; Wright.

comprizing the Statutes of the last Plans for the Defence of Great Bri. Sellion of Parliament, and the ad.

tain and Ireland. By LIEUTENANT judged Cases in the Courts of Law, Col. DIKUM. Svo. Cadell and

down to Trinity Term 1796, incluDavies.

live. Svo. 35. fewed. Robinsons. Probable Progress and issue of the Historical Treatise of a Suit in Equity;

Commotions which have agitated in which is attempted a Scientific Europe since the French Revolu Deduction of the Proceedings used tion ; argued from the Aspect of on the Equity Side of the Courts of Things and the Writings of the Chancery and Exchequer, from the Prophets. By J. BICHENO. Jobri Commencement of the Suit to the fon.

Decree and Appeal; with occafionMemoirs of the Administration of the al Remarks on their Import and Ef.

Right Hon. W. Pitt; or, an In ficacy. By C. BARTON, Esq. 8vo. quiry into the Causes and Cogle boards. 5s. Clarke and Son. quences of his Conduct in respect Commentaries on the Law of Scotto the different Departments of land, respecting the Description and Government : in a Letter to the Punishment of Crimes. Earl of Suffolk, in consequence of HUME, Erg, a vol. 4to. boards.

31, 25.

By D.


ala 25. Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; Treatise on Nervous Diseases; in Robinsons.

which are introliuced fome Obfer. New Pocket Conveyancer, or Attor vations on the Structure and Func

ney's Complete Pocket-Book. By tions of the Nervous System. By J. B. BIRD, Esq. of New Inn. In SAYER WALKER, M.' D. 8vo. z pocket vol. gs. boards, or 10s. 6d. --45. Pbillips, Robinsons, Murray, bound. Clarke and Son.

Fohnson, &c. An Aslistant to the Practice of Con. Directions for warm and cold Sea

veyancing; containing Indexes, or Bathing, and Observations on their References to the several Deeds, Effects in different Diseases : with Agreements, and other Allurances, Cases of Oedematoys Swellings in comprised in the several Precedent the lower Limbs, cured by the Books of Authority now in Print. Application of the warm Salt Wa. By J. B. BIRD, Esq. in one pocket ter Bath. By THOMAS REID, vol. 35. boards, or 38. 6d. bound. M. D. F. A. S. 8vo. 35. Cadell Clarke and Son.

and Davies. Juridical Arguments and Collections. The Hygrology; or, Chemico Phyfi.

By F. HAKGRAVE, Esq. Barrister ological Doctrine of the fluids of at Law. 4to. boards. l. 75. Ron

the Human Body. Translated from binsons.

the Latin of J. J. Plenck, of Vi.

enna, M. D. &c. By R. Hoop. DIVINITY.

ER, M.D. F.L.S. &c. 5s. boards. A Discourse in Two Parts, on the Booley.

Nature and Truth of Falsehood in Observations Anatomical, Physiologi. general; and against each particular cal and Pathological, on the Pul. Species of Lies, the pernicious, the monary System; with Remarks on jocose, and the officious Lie. By

some of the Diseases of the Lungs, thc Rev. EDWARD STONE, A. M. tending to establish a new Pathology is. Rivinglons, Wbites.

of the Lungs, founded on the AnaEssay on the Resurrection of Christ; tomy of the Parts. With Remarks

in which Proofs of the Fact are ad. · on the broken Wind of Horses, and duced, its Import is explained, and an Appendix of Observations on its beneficial Infuence illustrated. some of the Materia Medica. By By James Dore. 8vo. is. Gur W. DAVIDSON. 4s. boards.' Eger.

ney, Burron. Diftempers and Decay of the World, The History of the Inoculation of

and Repentance the only Remedy; the Small Pox in Great Britain; a Sermon, preached on Occasion of comprehending a Review of all the late Falt, March 8th, 1797, at

the 'Publications on the Subject: Tavistock Chapel, and Si. Andrew,

with an experimental Inquiry into Holborn. By the Rev. W. HAR the relative Advantages of every PEŘ. Is. Rivingtons.

Measure which has been deemed An Attempt to recover the original necessary in the Process of Inocu.

Reading of 1 Samuel, Ch. xiii. V. 1. lation. By WILLIAM WOODVILLE, To which is added, an Inquiry into

M. D. Vol. 1. 8vo. 7s. boards. the Duration of Solomon's Reign :

Phillips. interspersed with Notes on various Passages of Scripture. By John

RiMoore, L. L. B. 8vo. 25.


Botanical Dialogues. By a Lady:

8vo. boards. 75. 6d Johnson.

Introduction to the Knowledge and PHYSIC. ANIMAL ECONOMY.

Practice of Gardening.

By Ch. A Practical Synopsis of the Materia MARSHALL.

65. bound. Alimentaria, and Materia Medica.

-Rivingtons, London ; Burnbam, By the Author of Thesaurus Medi. Northampton. caminum. 8yo. 6s. boards. Baldwin, The Botanist's Calendar and Pocket Seeley.

Flora; arranged by Months, acPocket Conspectus of the New Lon

cording to the Linnaan Svitem : to don and Edinburgh Pharmacopeias. which are added, References to By ROBERT. GRAVES, M. D. 35. the best Figures of British Plants. Murray and Higbley.

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28. éd.

z pocket vol. 105. 6d. boards... the Life of Lorenzo di Medici. Whites.

By W. ROUGH, B. A. Transactions of the Linnæan Society. 35. sened. Cadell und Davies.

Vol. III. II. gs. boards. Whites. The Honesi Thieves, a Farce in : A short History of Insects, deligned Afts; altered from the Committee,

as an Introduction to the Study of By T. KNIGHT. 12mo. 18. C29. that Branch of Natural History, and thorne. as a Pocket Companion to those who A Series of Poems; containing the vilit the Leverian Museum : with 8 Plaints, Consolations and Delights,

Plates. 35. 6d. sewed. Whiles. Achmed Ardebeili, a Perfian Exile, Obfervations on the Structure and with Notes. By C. Fox. Cette, Economny of Plants; to which is

Bristol; Robinsons, Cadell and Da. added, the Analogy between the vies, London. Animal and Vegetable Kingdom. Poems, containing the Storm-beat By R. HOOPER, M. D. F.L.M.S. Mother; Erin; Bertha, &c. By Svo. 35. Fletcher, Rivingtons, Murray E. SMITH, Esq. is. Fordan. and Highley.

Elegiac Sonnets and other Poems, Br

CHARLOTTE SMITH. Vol. II. 6s. boards. 12mo. Cadell and Da


The Scath of France; or, the Death A Word of gentle Admonition to of St. Just and his Son. By E.

Mr. Gilbert Wakefield, occafioned SMITH, Esq. 15. Jurdan. by his Letter to W. Wilbertorce, Peter Pindar's Ode to the Livery Erq. on the Subject of his late Pub of London; also an Ode to Sir lication. By J. WATKINS, L.L.D. Joseph Banks, and a Jeremi-ad to 8vo. Cariborne.

George Rose, Esq. 4to. A Letter to the Seceders. Oxford Walker.

printed. 8vo. 15. Fletcher and Co. The College, a Satire, Canto 1. & II. Rivingtons, Whiles, London.

35. Cawthorne. Mr. Palmer's Cale explained, by C. Piedotrophia; or, the Art of nursing

BONNER. 8vo. is. Richardson. and rearing Children, a Poem, in A Letter to W. Wilberforce, Elq. 3 Books. Translated from the La.

on the Inconsistency and Wicked tin of Scevole de St. Marthe, by ness of his Parliamentary Conduct. W. H. TYTLER. 75. boards. De By GILBERT WAKEFIELD, B.A. brell, Murray and Higbley, Long&vo. 25. Cuibell.

Mes Soixante Ans: a Poem in French


45. gd. Debrett, St.

Sacred Poems, purely Evangelical. An Elegy to the Memory of the Rev. By the late Mr. THOMAS GREET, WM. MASON. Cadell.

of Ware, Hertfordihire. 35. Norte, Les Poefies de Mr. Thomas Gray, Button, Mathews.

traduites en François. Par Mr. Þ. The Baviad and Mæriad, a Nex B. with the Original. 12mo. Edition revised; uniformly printed Dulau, &c.

in one volume izmo. Suicide Rejected; an Elegy founded

upon Principles of Chriltian Confidence against Worldly Defpon-, dency. By CHARLES JAMES. To

THEOLOGY. which is prefixed a Moral Discourse against Suicide, by the late Dr. A New Translation of the Holy BiJ. FORDYCE. 4to. 55. Hookham.

ble, from correćted Texts of the The War of the Giants. By an Ad.

Originals. By Dr. Gendes. Vol. 3mirer of T. Sternhold and J. Hop

il. is. to Subscribers; il, 11s 6d. kins. To which is added, a Dia

to Non - Subscribers. Dr. Geddes, logie between John Bull and one

No. 24, Alfop's Buildings. of his Friends. With Notes. 25. Sermon preached at Elftree, in Hert4to. Johnson, Debrett.

fordshire, on the late General Fall. Lorenzino di Medici, and other Po.

By the Rev. W. HAWTAYNI. ems, dedicated to the Author of






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3 Vol.


The Services rendered to the Church public Life, to his late Offer to

of England by the English Nation; undertake the Government of Irea Motive for Liberality to the indi. land. 8vo. 25. Lee and Hurf, Degent Ministers of that Church. A breit, Faulder. Sermon preached at the Anniver. Memoirs of the Life of PETER PORfary Meeting of the Sons of the CUPINE, by hiniself. With a full Clergy, at St. Paul's, on Tuesday, and fair Account of all his authorMay 10, 1796. By the Rev. Thó. ising. Transactions; being a sure MAS RENNELL, Ø. D. Ri. and infallible Guide for all young vingrons, Cadell and Davies.

Men, who wish to make a Fortune A Serinon preached at Liverpool, on by writing Pamphlets. Philadelphia

the late General Faft. By the Rev. printed. izmo. is. Wright, London. FRODSHAM Hodson, M. A. 1S.

A Plan for the Conduct of Female Rivingroms.

Education in Boarding Schools. Illuftration of the prelent great and By E. Darwin, M.D.F.R.S. 410.

important Occurrences by the pro ss. Fobnjon. phetical Word of God, and a Dir. A New Classical Dictionary, for the play of the Events which will shortly Use of Schools. By T. BROWNE, come to pass and succeed this inn. A. B. ss. Buards. Robinsons, Newa portant Æra. Transated from the bery. German by a PRELATE Of The Complete Collection of Estelle RoLUTHERAN CHURCH. 25. 60. mances, written by the Chevalier Marbews, Symonds.

Storian. Italian and French Words,

with a new Accompaniment for the NOVELS AND ROMANCES.

Piano Forte and Harp. Sold at Caftle of Bucktholme, 3 Vols.

No 29, Princes-street, Subo. 129. Boards. Longman.

Rational Guide to the French Tongue. Orphans of Snowdon. By Miss Gun By B. CALBRIS, A. M.

Allo a NING.

1os. 6d.

French Plaidoyer between five Lawndes.

young Ladies, contending for a The Mysterious Wife. 4 Vols. 12mo,

Prize, in the Course of which the 148. Lane, Miller.

French Idiom is discussed, the AcJoscelina; or, the Reward of Benevo. cent and Pronunciation pointed out.

lence. By ISABELLA KELLY.2 Vol. 12mo. 45. 6d. on fine Paper, 59. 60. 12mo. 75. Boards. Longman.

on superfine wove, or 3s. cach, re. Milistina; or, the Double interest. A parately. Debreti, Clarke, New BondNovel. 2 Vol. 12mo. 6s. Low,

Street. Law.

Letters, on several Subjects, from a History of Vanillo Gonzales, furnamed Preceptress to her Pupils who have

the Merry Barber. From the left school. Addrelled chiedy to French of LE SAGE. 2 Vol. 12mo.

real Characters, and deligned for the 85. Robinsons.

Ufe of young Ladies from 16 to 20 The Count de Santerre, a Romance. Years of Age. By Miss PALMER. By a Lady. 2 Vol.


2mo. 2.. 6d. bound. Newbery. Crutwell, Bath; Dilly, London.

Oriental Fables, Anecdotes, and Tales, Azemia; a descriptive and sentimental

from the French, 12mo.

25. 64. Novel, interspersed with Pieces of

Cadell and Davies.
MARIANA JENKs, of Bellegrove-
Priory, in Wales. 2 Vol. 12mo.
78 Low.

English Exercises, adapted to the The Law of Nations; or, Principles of

Grammar Jately published by L. the Law of Nature applied to the Murray. Designed for the Benefit Conduct of Affairs of Nations and of private Learners, as well as for Sovereigns. From the French of the Use of Schools. By LINDLEY Moxs. DU VATTEL. Royal 8vo. MURRAY. 1amo. 29. or with the Boards. 125. Robins' ns.

Key: 35. Darion and Harvey. Rambles of Mr. l'rankler. Second A Review of the Conduct of the Prince Edition, with Additions. 4 Vol.

of Wales, from his Entrance into 8vo. 125. Lane, Vol. I, No. VI,






History of the Poor; their Rights, M. D. 8vo. coloured Maps gs. 6l.

Duties, and the Laws respecting plain 85. Law,&c. &c. them. In a Series of Letters. CurGeometrical and Graphical Efsays; rected and continued to the present containing a General Description of Time. By T. RUGGLÉS, Esq. the Mathematical Instruments used F.A.S. 416, boards. 155. Richard in Geometry, Civil and Military fon.

Surveying, Levelling, and Perspec. History, civil and commercial, of the tive; with many new Practical Pro

Britiñh Colonies in the West Indies, blems. Hlustrated by 34 Copper. By B. EDWARDS, Esq. M. P. Plates. By the late GEORGT A. F.R. S. &c. 410.

2 Vol. with DAMS, 2d edit. corrected and en. Maps and Plates. 21. 125. 6d. Se. larged by WILLIAM JONES. Svo. cond Edition. Stockdale.

the Pla es in a separate volume. Narrative of the British Embally to 145. W. and S. Jones, Holborn.

China. By Lieut. ÆNEAS As Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, DERSON. Third Edition. Boards. By ROBERT BURNS, 2 Vol. fmail 8vo. 75. Debrest,

8vo. with a Portrait. 75. Cadell, BURKITT on the New Testament. London; Creech, Edinburgh,

410. il. 85. bound. Law, Dilly,

c. &c. Colts and present Practice of the Court of Chancery. By S. TUR PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCED.

Solicitor. Second Edition. 4to. Boards. 1os. 6d. Clarke and A Genuine Memoir of the Right Son.

Honourable the Countess of Derby. Numa Pompilius. By FLORIAN. (In the Press.) Carrborne.

12mo. bound. 35. 60 Dulan. Fables of John Dryden, ornamented Mr. Fox's Speech on Parliamentary with 24 Engravings, chiefly by

Reform, May 26, 1797. 8vo. 2d. -Bartolozzi, from the Pencil of Lady Debreir.

Diana Beauclerk, al. 125. 6d. Hard. Guide to Health. By the Rev. J. ing.

TOWNSEND, A. M. Third Edi. Clara, Duplessis, and Claizant; or, tion.' 2 Vol. 8vo. 13. Johnfons, the History of a Family of French Murray and Highley, Hookbam, &c. Emigrants. Translated from the &c.

German. Longman. "The Prices of Cabinet Work, with Count Denamar, from the German,

Tables and Designs, illustrating the Fobnfun. various Articles of Manufacture. By Debate at the India House on the a COMMITTEE OF MASTER CABI. sth May, 1797, on the Subject of NET-MAKERS. 4to. 11. 83. Low, the Instructions intended to be Booker, &c.

fent out with Marquis Cornwallis, Chronologist of the present War; relative to the Company's Army.

froin the Commencement of the Reported by W. Woodfall. French Revolution to the End of Second Part of the Corresponder.ce the Year 1796. Second Edition. of the Rev. C. Wyvill with the

12mo. 45.6d. Boards. Robinsons. Right Hon. W. Pitt, containing the Summary of the Laws of Bills of Ex. Heads of his Bill for reforming the

change and Pronrisfory Notes. By Representation. Published by Mr. J. BAYLEY, Esq. Barrister at Law. WYVILL. Johnson. 55. Boards. Booker.

Lempriere's Claflical Dictionary, 2Sermons to Country Congregations. bridged by the Author. Cadella.

By the late Rev. G. HAGGITT, Davies.
A. M. Second Edition. 8vo. Observations on the Statute 31st Geo.

2 Vol. Boards. 145. Rivingtons. ad, cap. 29, concerning the Allize Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary. of Bread, with References to 3d

By the late P. MILLER, F. R. S. Geo. 3d, cap. rith, the 13th Voll. Folio. Boards, 41. 16s. or Geo. 3d, cap. 26th, and the Bill 5l. bound. Rivingtons, &c.

now before Parliament, newing The General Gazetteer; or, ompen. that i} Bushels, or 12 Gallons of

dious Geographical Dictionary, with Wheat, are allowed for making four a new Set of Maps. By R. BROOKES, Wheaten Peck Loaves, and that

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