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Is. 6d.



and Fellow of the College of Phy Ulric and Ilvina; the Scandinavian ficians of Edinburgh, 8vo. 35. 60. Tale. 2 Vols. Izino. · 45. boards. Murray and Highley.

Allen and Weft.


2 Vols. 12mo. 8s.

Lane, Miller, The English Encyclopedia, Vol. III. Myftic Caftle. 2 Vols. 12mo. 75. Part I. 4to. 1os.6d, boards.

Lane, Kearney. It is intended to publish a half

SHAKSPEARE PAPERS. volume every four months, from the AN AUTHENTIC ACCOUNT OF THE present period-or one number every


H. IRELAND. 8vo. Is. 6d. Debrett. week, price ód.

Mr.IRELAND'S VINDICATION of his The Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. 18.

Conduct, respecting the PublicaPart 1. 4to. 1os. 6d. boards. Kay.

tion of the Shakspeare MSS. Svo. POETRY and the DRAMA.

Faulder, Whites, Fleet Street. A Sermon, preached before the University AN APOLOGY FOR THE BELIEVERS

of Cambridge, by H. W. Cmet, in the Shakspeare Papers, which V. D. &c. published by Request, were exhibited in Norfolk Street. and now (for the fake of Freshmen By GEORGE CHALMERS, Esq. and the Laity) by Request, tran 8yo. 6s. boards.

Egerton. Nated into English Metre, by H. W. HOPKINS, A. M. 8vo. 1$.

Kearsley. Tales for Youth, or the High Road to An Ode on the departed Year. By

Renown, through the Paths of S. T. COLERIDGE, Author of

Pleasure: being a Collection of Poems on various Subjects, &c. Tales illustrative of an alphabetical &c. 4to.

Parsons. Arrangement of Subjects, the Ob. POEMs. By WILLIAM MASON, M.A. servance of which will enable Vol. III. small 8vo. 65. boards.

young Men to arrive with respectaRobjon, Cadell and Davies.

bility at the Pinnacle of Fame. A Poetical Epiitle to the Author of

35. fewed.

Lane. The Pursuits of Literature. 8vo.


Jordan. Translated from the Original GerRedemption, a Poem.

man of the late celebrated Dr. J.G. fewed.

Matthews. ZIMMERMANN. To which is preThe Prejudices, Comedy. By fixed Memoirs of the Life of the

B. FRERE CHERENSI: being his Author. By SAMUEL HULL WILfirit Attempt in the English Lan

8vo. 55. boards. guage. IS. 6d. Hereford

Dilly. printed.)

Chapman. The Source of Virtue and Vice, or a

few Remarks, as well on the im

propriety of great Part of the BiTbe Confins of Schiras, a Norel, tran ihop of Llandaft's reasoning, in his

Dlated ironi the French. By JOHN Apology for the Bible, as in favour BRERE'T ON BIRCH, Esq. 2 Vols. of « The Age of Reason." By

65. (ewed. Lane, Miller. JOHN MICHAEL BALOUDOU Andronica, or the Fugitive Bride, a No FROUTSKOU. 8vo. vel. By MARY CHARLTON.

Crohy, Symonds. Vols. 12mo. 6s. fewed.

Ogilvy's Catalogue of the London and Lane, Law, Niiller. Westminiter Circulating Library. THE HISTORY SIR GEORGE Svo. 15. fewed.

Ogilvy and Son. WARRINGTON, or the Political A NARRATIVE OF THE SUFFERINGS Quixote. By the Author of the OF T. F. PALMER AND W. SKIR. 'Female Quixote. 3 Vols.

VING, during a Voyage to New 9$. fewed,

Bell, Oxford Street. South Wales, 1794. By the Reve Neapolitan; or the Telt of Integrity, T. F. PALMER, Svo. a Novel. By ELLEN OF EXETER.

Rotanfons. 3 Vols. izmo. ros. 6d. sewed.

Original Letters and Ejays, on Moral Lane, Lew, Miller. and Entertaining Subjects. By the


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1 2mo.

28. 6d.

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19, 6d.

Rev. J. H. PRINCE, Author of town: to which is added, an ab. The Christian's Duty to God and stract of the act for regulating the

the Constitution. 8v0...45. boards. postage on letters, from and after A Word or Two in Vindication of the January the gth, 1797. University of Oxford, and of Mag

The London Directory for 1797; with dalen College in particular; from

an engraved Plan of the Royal the posthumous Aspersions of Mr.

Exchange. 15. 6. fewed. GIBBON. small 4to.

Lowndes, Richardson. is. 6d.

A Guide to the Stages, Waggons and Vef

Rivingtons. Fournal de France et d'Angleterre. Par

fels conveying Passengers and Mer. chandize to and from

the MetropoM. DE MONTLOSIER, Ancien Dé.

lis, &c. with a Road Map of Eng-. puté aux Etats Généraux de France,

land. IS. 6d. fewed. et Membre de l'Assemblée Conftitu.

Lowndes, Richardson. ante. (In Weekly Numbers) 1s. 6d. The London Companion, or Citizen and each. Deboffe, Debrett, Booley.

Stranger's Guide, &c. with a coAN INQUIRY INTO THE DUTIES OF

loured Map of London, a Plan of WOMEN. By THOMAS Gis

the Exchange, and a View of the XORNE, M. A. 8vo. 6s. boards.

Adelphi. IS. 6d. sewed. Cadell and Da vies. Rules and Regulations for the Sword The Art of teaching all Nature of Lan

Lowndes, Richardson. Exercises of the Cavalry, with 29 Plates of Illustration.

guages, in 40 Lessons; or a new 8vo. 6s.

Philofophical French and English boards.

Egerton. Grammar. Kearsley's Tax Tables, for 1797, 18mo.


LADY. In 12 Numbers: printed 8d. sewed.

| Kearsky.

on fine Wove Paper, in 4to. This compendium includes the

15. 6d. each, boards. (To be pub. new duties on Itamps, on deeds, auc lished Weekly.) tions, bricks, cocoa nuts, customs,

Printed for the Author. postage, spirits, stage coaches, fuo A Report of the Debare at the East India gar, tea, and the new duties of Houfe, on the 21st of December, oro cuitoms; the several bills for railing

the Subject of a proposed Depot, men for the army and navy, the

for the Purpose of receiving, train

ing, and disciplining, the Compafupplementary militia, and irregu

ny's Recruits. 8vo. Debrent. lar cavalry; likewise the resolutions A Catalogue of Books, in various Lanof the House of Commons, re

guages. By specting the aflested taxes, canals,

F. and R. Priefly. and parcels: together with an accurate abtract of the former taxes. Mental Improvement. Vol. III. 18mo.

NEW EDITIONS. Is. 6d. halt bound.

Darton and Harvey. Gibbon's History of the Decline and Farley's Cellar Book, or the Butler's Fall of the Roman Empire, 12 vols. Aflitant.

Scatcherd. 8vo. 31. 125. boards, FIFTH EDIA New Catalogue of Books sold by

Cadell and Davies. T. PAYNE.

Payne. Adam's Summary of Geography, 8vo. A Manual, or little Book for growing maps, 1os. 6d. bound,

SECOND and grown Persons; extracted from EDITION. Cadell and Davies. the Works of the late learned and Jerningbam's Peace, Ignominy, and DeREY: HENRY GROVE. 12mo. 6d. ftruction, 410. is.6d. Second Edi

Smeeton, St. Martin's Lane. A correct List of the principal Towns in

Rivingrons,—-White, Piccadilly. England and Wales, &c.

Demy Capt. Jones's Treatise on Skating, with 8vo.

Laurie and Wb.nile. considerable Additions, and four In this list, the distances are mark. Plates, 8vo. 25. fewed. Walker ed and calculated from the General Junius's Letters, elegantly printed, and Post Office, London, with the rates

illufirated with 16 Heads, engraved of postage, as directed by the loze

by Ridley and Richter, 2 vols. 8vo.

il. act of Parliament, affixed to each

15.o-royal 8vo. 11. 155. boards.

Vernor and Hood.


IS, 6d.







The Effentials of Logic, being Ďralloc's (to be completed in nine numbers.) Epitome improved, by J.COLLARD;

Heprinjal. 72mo. 5s. 'boards, Second Edió Pallages selected on the literary Trial of

Johnson, Vortigern and Rowena, 2 vol. 12mo. O'Brien's Utrum Horum, 8vo.

55. lewed.


Debrett. vel. 1. SECOND EDITION of vol. 2. Geography for Youth, with Plates, 12 mo.

Ridgway. ss. Fifth EDITION. Lowndes. Buffon's Natural History, with EngrayAdams on Electricity, with Plates, svo, ings, containing the Theory of the 65. FOURTH EDITIOX.

Earth, a General History of Man, of

Fones, Optician. the Brute Creation, and of Vegetable Anthony Pasquin's Pin Basket to the Minerals, &c. No. 1, 2, 3, and 42

Children of Thespis, 41o. 35. fewed, Svo. each is. (to be continued
Jordan. weekly.)

Symonds. * Prefixed to the Advertise. Esop's Fables, with 110 Engravings, ment is the following notice : (to be compleated in 16 weekly " The author has no other medium numbers) No. 2, 3$ 4, and s, 18mo. tut that of an advertisement, by Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dic

15. each, sewed. Heprinfall. which he can mention the supreme

tionary of the English Language, contempt in which he holds the

with conliderable Improvements and proceedings of two perfons men large Additions, 4to. il. 1s. boards. tioned in this poem. Though truth SECOND EDITION. may be considered as a libel, and

Rubinsons, Cadell. the writer knows every word he has Macklin's Edition of the Bible, No. 55, advanced to be true, he is not to be

(to be compleated in about 60 NumIntimidated by threats of prise- A Pair of Epifles in Verse, with the


Macklin. cution, nor shall he fear to return to

whole of the Correspondence be the charge.

tween Dr. Randolph and Lord and Sheridan's Dictionary of the English

Lady Jersey, 8vo. as. sewed. St. Language, considerably enlarged and

COND EDITION. improved, 2 vols. large 8vo. 145.

Parsons, Owen, Clarke. bound. FOURTH EDITION. Dilly. Cabal and Love, a Tragedy from the Rogers's Pleasures of Memory, &c. German of Schiller, 8vo. 29. SEPlates, small 8vo. 6s. boards. NINTH


Booley. EDITION. Cadell and Davies. Imlay's Topography of America, with Hume's Hißory of England, with the

considerable Additions, 8vo. gs. Author's last Corrections, Improve boards.

Debrett ments, and short Account of his own Boscawen's Horace, vol. 2. 8vo. Life, (to be completed in s. volumes)

Stockdale. vol. i. Svo. 6s. 3d. boards.

Boydell's Edition of Shakspeare, The Buchanan, Montrose ; Darton and

Eleventh Number.
Harvey, London.

At the Sbakspeare Gallery. Turner's System of Education, at Brad

more House Seminary, 8vo. 19. THIRD EDITION.

Williams, Strand and Leadenhall-street. Wasbington's Letter to the People of PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCED.

the United States of America, is. SECOND EDITION.

Debrett. Morsels for Merry Souls, collected, ar. The Death of Abel, translated from the ranged, and now offered to the German of Gesner, No. I. royal 8vo.

Public, by the Editor of GeoFREY 2s.6dto be continued once a fort

GAMBAPO's WORKS, einbellished night.


with Etchings from the Drawings of This work will be embellished

W. H. Bunbury, Esq. 4to. 11. is. (In with fix elegant engravings, from Political and Economical Researches, by

the press.) Nicol, Rivingtons, Sewell. original designs by Stothard, and is

SIR FREDERIC MORTON EDEN; intended to furnih a fuperb edition DART. 2 vol. 4to. (In the Prels.) of that favourite poem.

White, Fleet-street. The Pilgrim's Progress, with Engravings Moral Tales in Verse, founded on real No. 6, and 7, royal 8v0. 25. 6d. each, Events, by Thomas HULL, of the


Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Buchan's Domestic Medicine, a new 2 vol. 7s. (by Subscription.)

Edition, with Improvements. 8yo.

Cawt borne. gs. bound. (In a few days.)
Sir William Harrington, (a new Edition)

in 4 vols. revised and corrected by Sir JOHN SINCLAIR'S Stariftical Ace
Mr. Hull, of the Theatre Royal, count of Scotland, vols. 19, and 20.
Covent Garden. (In the Press,) 8vo. (In the press.)
Ca wiborne.

Cadell and Davies. ! Report of the two cases of Southwark, Oriental Collections, a periodical Work,

determined by two Committees of to conlist of miscellaneous Papers the House of Commons; with Notes and Elays on the various Subjects and Illuarations, hy HENRY CLIF of Eastern Antiquities, Languages, FORD, of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister at Literature, &c. (By Subscription.) Law. (In a few months.)

Elegantly printed and embellished complete History of Great Britain during Four Numbers in 4to. for 21. 25. to the Reign of Queen Anne, by THOMAS Subscribers. (No. 1, in a few days.) SOM CRVILLE,.D. D. F. R. S. E.

White, Piccadilly Author of the History of Political Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire du Transactions and of Parties during Jacobinisme, Parl'ABBE BARRUEL, the Reign of King William, i yol, (By Subscription.) 3 vols. 8vo. 155. 40., pp. 600. il. 55. boards. (By (Vol. 1. in the press.) Dulau and Co. Subscription.) Cadell and Davies.

Booley, Booker, Plays and Poenis, by Miss HANNAH Select Works of Gesner, translated from

BRAND, 8vo, To subscribers 6s. the German, a new Edition, with boards, to non- subscribers 75. (To Engravings, to be published in be published when the subscripiion 9 Numbers, royal 8vo. at 25. 6d,

is filled.) Elmfly, Dodsey, Rivingtons. each. (No. 1. in a few wecks.) Pædarropbia, or the Art of Nurling and

Hepringall. Rearing Children,a Poem, in 3 Books, A Letter to General Wasbingion, on his translated from the Latin of Scevole de Conduct respecting the perfecutions St. Marbe, Treasurer of France at of Thomas Paine, during the Ty. Poictiers By H. W. TYTLER, ranny of Robespierre. Printed at M. D. the Translator of Callimachus. Philadelphia-reprinted in London. Svo. to subscribers 75. boards. (To is. (in a few days.)

Εαιρη. be published fpeedily ) Debrett, Thoughts on the Finance of the Country,

Murray and Highley, Longman. suggested by the Measure of the
The Life and 'Tracts of ihe Right present Session. By the EARL OF

Rev. THOMAS WILSON, D. D. late LAUDERDALE. (To be published at
Bishop of Sodor and Man, a new the Meeting of Parliament)
Edition, 4 vols. 8vo. Il. 45. (In

March.) Crutwell, Bath; Dilly, The Universal Politician, vol. 1. 6s. 60.

London, boards. (Early in February.) To 4 Complete History of sbe English Stage, be published every six months.. from interesting Documents col.

Jordan, Parsons. lected in the Course of five and The Voyage of Nearchus, from the Euthirty Years. By MR. DIBDix. phrites to the indus, with three To be published in 35 Numbers, 8vo. Dissertations connected with the at is. 'each." (By subscription, the Subject. By WILLIAM VINCENT, publication to commence May ift.) R. D. 410. boards. (In a few days. Dibdin.

Cadell and Davies. 4 Third Letter 10 a Member of the present Young's Night Thoughts, with Etchings

Parliamení, on the Proposals for and Engravings, in Four Parts, Atlas
Peace with the Regicide Directory sized 4to. to Subscribers 51. 55. to
of I'rance. By the Right Hox. Non-subscribers 61. 6s. (Part I. in
EDMUND BURKE. (In the press.) a few days.) Edwards, Bond-freet,

Rivingtons, R. Wbire. The Parenial Monitor. By Mrs. Bon.
A Volume of Sermons on practical and


(In a few important Subjects. By the Rev. days.)

Lane, Miller. PHILLIP HENVILLE. Svo. 6s. (By Virarum Plutarchi Epitome, Sc. a new fubfcription ) Easton, Salisbury; and elegant Edition, under the care Egerton, Wilkie, Londoa. and direclion of the Rev. THOMAS




and 4.

ABRABAM SALMON, M. A. Jarge Alken. -Ila 15. plain, 21.25. coloured, 8vo. to Subscribers ios. 6d. (To be to subscribers. (In February.) published when the subscription is

Maubews, larke, Bond-treet, full.) Dilly, B.White, Payne. A Portrait of George Tierney, Esq. RepreEdmund of the Forest, and Ten more new sentative for the Borough of South.

Novels, by various, Authors, 37' wark. Impressions in black and

volumes. (In the press.) Lane. brown 35. in colours 55. An Essay on Signals, in one vol. 4to.

Ker, St. George's-row, Surry, with Plates. (In the press.)

Selezt Views, containing Seats of the Containing an account of the pro Nobility and Gentry in Great Bri.

tain and Wales. greisive improvements in that art,

Engraved by W. from the earliest period to the pre

ANGUS. No. 11, 4to. 55. proofs fert time with the various modes The country Girl going a reaping. The

75. 6d. to Subscribers.

Angus. of communicating intelligence which

Print 12 inches by 7. 75.6ů. Jiave been lately suggested or adopt- Cupid and Phiche, and Cupid and H. men, ed, including a description of the

companion Prints, 12 inches by 9, French and English Telegraphs. each 6s. plain, 125. coloured.

Mol:eng. A Review of the ufes and Consequences Tbe Irinerant, a Select Collection of

of the present War with France. Views in Great Britain and Ireland. By a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, No. I. Folio. 35. (To be continued 8vo. (In a few days.) Debrett,

monthly:) Family Secrets, Literary and Domestic, Richardson, White, Egerton, Faulder.

By Mr. PRATT. 5 vols.' 12 mo. (In Original Designs in Architecture, confifta few days.)

Longman. ing of 41 Plates, with Descriptions Lempriere’s Claflical Dictionary, Third

and Explanations. By JAMES Lewis Edition, corrected and improved, Architect. Book II. imperial Folio, 8vo. (To be published in the course to Subscribers 21. 25. sewed, to Nonof a month.) Cadell and Davies.

fubscribers 21. 128. 6d. (In Feb. An Essay on the Causes and Vicissitudes of


Ta lors, Faulder. the French Revolution, including a Aurelia; Figures of nondefcript LepiVindication of General La Fayette's

dopterous Insects, or rare Moths Character. By a Citizen of

and Butterflies. By THOMAS MARFRANCE. 8vo.


TYN. In Numbers, royal 4to. 2s.6d, each. (Monthly.)

The explanatory text, with the

Lizozan arrangements to be printed PRINTS.

in English or French. This work ANDREWs's Coloured Engravings of

will be completed in 23 Numbers. Ericas, or Heaths, with Latin and

(The publication to commence iyi English Descriptions, No. 5, 7s.6d. March next.)

Ai No. 5, Knightsbridge. SCHIAVONETTI's Print of Louis XVI. CLARKE's View of the Iron Bridge at

at the Bar of the National Convention, Wearmouth, Plate ist. To be com being the 4th of as Historical Series pleated in three Engravings, 29

of Engravings on the interesting inches by 191. il. us. 60. Taylors.

Situation of the late Royal Family Dassier's Medals of the Sovereigns of of France, subsequent to the RevoEngland, engraved on 6 Plates, with Jution.

Tefiolini 6 Medals on each, oblong 410. 11. 15.

HEATP's Print of the Dead Soldier, en. Nicol, Leigh and Sotheby, Richardson, graved from a Picture painted by Sc.

Wrigbt, of Derby. To Subscribers A letter-press description in Eng il. Is. to Non-fubfcribers il. 6s. hinh and French accompanies the

(To be published in April.)

Bedells, Laurie and Wbinle, Bozur.. plates.

Engravings from Original Pictures, reSix Picturesque Englijb Views, painted

presenting the moft pleasant and reby PETER PINDAR, Esq. with markable Sites on the Inand of poetical Allusions to the different Jamaica. Plain, or coloured after Scenes. The Plates ten Inches by the Paintings. Alajoyl and Com Även. Engraved in Aquatinta by

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