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Ordinis Episcopalis Auctoritate Divinâ ostensum è Patribus Pri

mævis, &c. 4° Lond. 1703. GREGSON (Moses). A Funeral Sermon for the Rev. Benjamin

Boyce, with a Funeral Oration by Stephen Addington. 8° Lond.

1770. GREIG (G.). A Funeral Sermon for Maxwell Garthshore, M.D.

Lond. 1812. GRENADA. The Grenada Planter. 8° Lond. 1768. GRESHAM (Sir Thomas). An exact Copy of his last Will and Test

ament. 4° Lond. 1724. GRESWOLD (Hen.). V. Wright. GREVIL (Algernon). V. Hopkins. GREVIUS (J. G.). A Funeral Oration upon the Death of Queen

Mary. 4° Lond. 1695. Grew (Nehemiah). V. SHOWER. Grey (Dr. Rich.). An Answer to Mr. Warburton's Remarks on

several occasional Reflections, so far as they concern the Preface

to a late Edition of the Book of Job. 8° Lond. 1744. GREY (Susanna). V. WARING. GREY (Tho.). V. POWELL. Grieve (Frances). V. Kello. Griffin (John). A Funeral Sermon for Mr. Joseph Lucas. 8° Portsmouth, 1814.

The Evils of Persecution; and the Advantages of the British Constitution : A Sermon on the Death of Mr. J. S. Charrier. 80

Portsmouth. GRIFFITH (Hugh). V. HARRISON. GRIFFITH (John). A Sermon on the Death of the Duke of Devon

shire. 8° Lond. 1707. Griffith (John). A Brand plucked out of the Fire: exemplified

in the Experience of John Griffith. 12° Lond. 1759. Griffith (Owen). A Funeral Sermon for the Rev. John Williams.

Lond. 1681. GRIGG (Tho.). V. PATRICK. GRIGMAN (Stephen). A Sermon upon the Opening of St. Botolph,

Bishopsgate. 4° Lond. 1728. GRIMSHAW (Will.). V. Venn. GRINDAL (Dr. Edm.), Archbishop of Canterbury. A brief Cha

racter and Account of Edmund Grindal, D.D., sometime Arch

bishop of Canterbury. 8° Lond. 1710. Grinfield (E. W.). Reflections after a Visit to the University of

Oxford, on occasion of late Proceedings against the Regius Professor of Divinity, in a Letter to the Rector of Lincoln College.

Lond. 1836. GRONINGUS (Ludolphus). Incendium Templi Amnici, Oratorio

stylo deductum. 4° 1671. Gronovius (Joh. Fred.). Gratulatio ad celsissimum Principem

Gulielmum. Fol. Amst. 1747. GROOME (John). Reasons for the Clergy's being employed in the

Government. 8° Lond.

GROSVENOR (Benj.). V. Barker, GravenoR.

A Sermon on the Temper of Jesus towards his Enemies, and his Grace to the Chief of Sinners. 8° Lond. 1712.

A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Susannah Rudge. 8° Lond. 1716.

A Sermon at Little St. Helens, May 28, 1720, the Birthday of King George. 8° Lond. 1720.

Observations on sudden Death. 8° Lond. 1720.

Preparation for Death, the best Preservative against the Plague. 8° Lond. 1721.

A Funeral Sermon for John Deacle, Esq. 8° Lond. 1723.
Cruelty in Religion, no Service of God. 8° Lond. 1725.
An Essay on the Christian Name. 8° Lond. 1728.
A Sermon against Popery. 8° Lond. 1735.

A Funeral Sermon for Dr. William Harris, with an Address at the Grave by Obadiah Hughes, D.D. 8° Lond. 1740. Grotius (Guil.). Vitæ Jurisconsultorum quorum in Pandectis ex

tant nomina conscriptæ. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1690. Grotius (Hugo). V. HAMMOND.

Portuum investigandorum Ratio. 4o Lugd. Bat. 1599.

Mare liberum, sive de jure quod Batavis competit ad Indicana commercia. 12° Lugd. Bat. 1618.

Conjectura de Gog et Magog. 12° 1645.

Votum pro pace Ecclesiastica, contra examen Andrea Riveti. 12o.

A Poem on the Death of J. Arminius. 8°.

Two Tracts of Hugo Grotius on these Questions; I. Whether the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper may be administered where there are no Pastors: II. Whether it be necessary at all

Times to communicate with the Symbols. 8o. GROVE (Hen.). V. STRONG.

A Funeral Sermon for Mr. Samuel Mullins. 8° Lond. 1717.

An Essay towards a Demonstration of the Soul's Immateria. lity. 8° Lond. 1718.

A Sermon to a Society of Young Men. 8° Lond. 1719.
A Discourse on secret Prayer. 8° Lond. 1723.

A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Elizabeth Welman. 8° Lond. 1728.

A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Prudence Welman. 8° Lond. 1730.

A Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Tho. Amory, and Mr. W. Cornish, at Taunton, 1730, with a Charge by John Milner. 8° Lond. 1731.

Queries proposed to the Consideration of all who think it an Injury to Religion to shew the Reasonableness of it. 8° Lond. 1732.

The Friendly Monitor; or, three Sermons pointing some of those Errors and Imperfections in the Conduct of Christians by which they lessen both their own Reputation and that of Religion. 8° Lond. 1747.


A Funeral Sermon for the Rev. Robert Darch. 8° Lond. 1737. Grove (T.). A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Mary Lane. 8° Co

ventry, 1774. Grovius (Rob.). Responsio ad nuperum Libellum qui inscribitur

Celeusma seu Clamor ad Theologos Hierarchiæ Anglicanæ. 4° Lond. 1680.

Refutatio cujusdam Scripti hoc insigniti Lemmate, Roberti Grovii Responsio ad nuperum Libellum qui inscribitur Celeusma seu Clamor, &c. 4° Lond. 1681.

Defensio suæ responsionis ad nuperum Libellum. 4° Lond. 1682. GRUNDY (Eliz.). V. FENNER. GRYNÆUS (S.).' Oratio parentalis in Obitum S. Grynæi, per Adr.

Paulum Dantiscam, cum epicediis. 4° Bas. GUALTER (Rodolph). A Letter written to the Bishop of Ely, June

5, 1572. 4°. GUERRE. Discours pour servir de Preface aux nouvelles Editions

des Ecrits Latins touchant les veritables Causes des Guerres de

l’Empire. 12° 1673. GUILFORD (Lady). V. HORNECK, KNIGHT. GUILLEBERT (Joannes). Theses Theologicæ de certitudine quam

quis habere possit et debeat de sua coram Deo Justificatione. 4°

Sedan, 1665. GUINEA. Considerations upon the Trade to Guinea. 12° Lond.

1708. GUIRANUS (Gaillardus). Explicatio duorum vetustorum Numisma

tum Nemausensium ex ære. 4o. Guise (Duc de). La descente de la Flotte d'Espagne, joincte a

l'Armée Navalle du Roy, commandée par Monsieur le Duc de Guise. 12° Par. 1627.

Reflections upon the pretended Parallel in the Play called “ The Duke of Guise.” 4° Lond. 1683. GULLIVER (Martin). The Censoriad; a Poem. 8° Lond. 1730. GUMMER (Joseph). V. Wood. GUNNING (Peter), Bishop of Ely. V. SHOWER. GUNPOWDER Plot. The History of the Gunpowder Treason collected from approved Authors. 4° Lond. 1674.

Proceedings against the late Traitors. 4o. . GUNTER (Mary). V. Taylor. GUNTHERUS (Ant.). Oratio Apologetica de Philosophiæ nobilitate.

Bremæ, 1656. GURDON (Brampton). A Defence of the Argument drawn from

Prophecy. 8° Lond. 1728. GURNALL (Will.). A Sermon at Stow Market in Suffolk before the

Election of Members of Parliament for that County. 4° Lond. 1656.

The Christian's Labour and Reward : a Funeral Sermon on Lady Mary Vere. 8° Lond. 1672.

Gurney (John Joseph). V. NEGRO SLAVERY.
GURNEY (W.). A Sermon on the Death of George III. 8° Lond.

1820. GUTHRY (James). Two Speeches of Mr. James Guthry before the

Parliament. 40 1661. GUTHRY (W.). Two Sermons by W. Guthry. 12° Glasgow, 1701. Guy (Nic.). A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Eliz. Gouge. 8° Lond.

1626. Guyse (John). V. CONDER.

Christ the Son of God, the great Subject of a Gospel Ministry, opened and recommended, in two Sermons. 8° Lond. 1730.

A Funeral Sermon for the Rev. John Asty. 8° Lond. 1730.

The Scripture Notion of preaching Christ further cleared and vindicated, in a Letter to the Rev. S. Chandler. 8° Lond. 1730.

A Sermon to Young People. 8° Lond. 1730.
A Charity Sermon. 8° Lond. 1731.

The Minister's Plea for the People's Prayers : a Sermon. 8° Lond. 1734.

A Sermon to the Societies for Reformation of Manners. 80 Lond. 1735.

A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. John Hubbard. 8° Lond. 1743.

A Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Tho. Gibbons. 80 Lond. 1743.

A Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. John Angus, with an Introductory Discourse by the Rev. Thomas Gibbons, and a Charge by the Rev. S. Price. 8° Lond. 1748.

A Funeral Sermon for the Rev. Mordecai Andrews, with a Funeral Oration by Tho. Towle, to which is added an Elegiac

Ode by Tho. Gibbons. 8° Lond. 1750. GWENNAP (Ursula). V. GIFFORD. Gyles (J. F.). An Attempt to ascertain the meaning of a Passage

in the twenty-second chapter of Luke, vers. 38. 8° Lond. 1826.


H. (G.). The Protestant Dissenters Love to his Country: a Ser

mon. 8° Lond. 1716. H. (J.). An humble Motion to the Parliament of England con

cerning the advancement of Learning, and Reformation of the

Universities. 4° Lond. 1649. H. (P.). Innocency, though under a cloud, cleared. 12° Lond.

1664. H. (S.). The Parliament's Reformation. 4° Lond. 1646., H. (T.). V. BOTELER. H. (T.). A true Narrative of God's gracious Dealings with the

soul of Shalome Ben Shalomoh. 8° Lond. 1699. Hacker (John), Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. A Sermon be

fore the King. 4° Lond. 1660.

HADDON (John). V. Brown.

A Sermon on the Death of George I. 8° Lond. 1727.
A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Mary Coope. 8° Lond. 1733.

A Sermon for the Benefit of the Charity School, Southwark. 8° Lond. 1736. HAKEWILL (George). Scutum Regium contra Regicidas. 8° Lond. 1612.

A Comparison between the Days of Purim and that of the Powder Treason. 4° Oxf. 1626.

A Dissertation with Dr. Heylin touching the pretended Sacrifice in the Eucharist. 4° Lond. 1641. HALE (Sir Matthew). V. Baxter.

Funeral Sermon for Sir Matthew Hale, by E. G. 4° Lond. 1677. Hales (John). A Sermon concerning the Abuses of obscure and difficult places of Scripture. 4° Oxf. 1617.

A Tract concerning Schisme and Schismatickes. 4° Lond. 1642.

Sermons preached at Eton. 4° Lond. 1660. HALF AN Hour. The Adventures of Half an Hour: a Farce.

12o. HALIDAY (S.). Reasons against the Imposition of Subscription to

the Westminster Confession of Faith. 8° Belfast, 1724. HALIFAX (Lord Charles). V. Phillips. Hall (Charles Henry). A Fast Sermon before the House of Com

mons, Feb. 20, 1805. 4° Lond. Hall (Hen.). A Fast Sermon before the House of Commons. 4°

Lond. 1644. HALL (Jos.), Bishop of Norwich. A Sermon at the Earle of Exeter's in his House of St. Johns. 12° Lond. 1624.

The Hypocrite : set forth in a Sermon at the Court; February 28, 1629. 12° Lond. 1630.

Sermon on the Character of Man. 12° Lond. 1635.
Episcopacy by divine Right Asserted. 4° Lond. 1640.

Osculum Pacis. Concio ad Clerum habita Exoniæ. 12° Lond. 1641. Hall (Rob.). V. Ryland.

À Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Ann Evans. 8° Coventry, 1775.

A Letter to a Friend ; relating to the very reinarkable Afflictions, Temptations and dying Consolations of Mrs. Jane Hall. 8°

Lond. 1777. Hall (Rob.), Jun. A Fast Sermon, Oct. 19, 1803. 8° Lond. 1803.

The Character of the Rev. Thomas Robinson. 8° Leicester, 1814.

A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the Princess Charlotte Augusta. 8° Leicester, 1817. Hall (Tho.). The Pulpit guarded with xvii Arguments proving

the Sinfulness and Danger of suffering Private Persons to take upon themselves Public Preaching. 4° Lond. 1651.

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