Text book of physical geography

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Oliver and Boyd, 1883 - Physical geography - 380 pages

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Page 6 - SESSIONAL SCHOOL BOOKS. Etymological Guide. 2s. 6d. This is a collection, alphabetically arranged, of the principal roots, affixes, and prefixes, with their derivatives and compounds. Old Testament Biography, containing notices of the chief persons in Holy Scripture, in the form of Questions, with references to Scripture for the Answers. 6d. New Testament Biography, on the same Plan. 6d.
Page 20 - COUNT SAFFI, Professor of the Italian Language at Oxford. — " I have adopted your Grammar for the elementary instruction of students of Italian in the Taylor Institution, and find it admirably adapted to the purpose, as well for the order and clearness of the rules, as for the practical excellence and ability of the exercises with which you have enriched it.
Page 5 - A DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, CONTAINING THE PRONUNCIATION, ETYMOLOGY, AND EXPLANATION OF ALL WORDS AUTHORIZED BY EMINENT WRITERS ; To which are added, a Vocabulary of the Roots of English Words, and an Accented Lat of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Page 11 - Simpson's Goldsmith's History of England ; with the Narrative brought down to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. To which is added an Outline of the British Constitution. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. (id. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Greece. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. 6d. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Borne. With Question!
Page 10 - Dr White is remarkably happy in combining convenient brevity with sufficiency of information, clearness of exposition, and interest of detail. He shows great judgment in apportioning to each subject its due amount of consideration.
Page 145 - N. latitudes against the course of the sun, that is to say, from right to left, or in a direction contrary to the movement of the hands of a watch, and in S.
Page 1 - Series, so constructed and graduated as to conduct the pupil, by regular stages, from the elementary sounds of the language to its highest and most complex forms of speech ; and each separate Book is also progressively arranged, — the lessons which are more easily read and understood always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those of greater difficulty. The subject-matter of the Books is purposely miscellaneous. Yet it Is always of a character to excite the interest and enlarge the knowledge...
Page 11 - Sacred History, from the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem. With Questions for Examination. Edited by Dr WHITE.
Page 18 - Lectiones Selectae : or, Select Latin Lessons in Morality, History, and Biography : for the use of Beginners. With a Vocabulary explaining every Word in the Text. By C. MELVILLE, late of the Grammar School, Kirkcaldy. Is. 6d. Macgowan's Lessons in Latin Reading. In Two PARTS.
Page 11 - World. 7s. ; or in Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This work contains numerous synoptical and other tables, to guide the researches of the student, with sketches of literature, antiquities, and manners during each of the great chronological epochs. Outlines of the History of Rome; with Questions for Examination.

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