The Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, Volume 27

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M. Salmon, 1837 - Industrial arts
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Theory of the Universe and reply to the Objections of Opponents By Mr T
Porters Progress of the Nation
Turkish Penny Magazine
Description of a Hollow Cylindroidal Rail for Railways By J R
Defence of Mr Herapath from the Attacks of PhiloDavy and Mr Meredith By Veritas
Description of a Machine for covering Copper Wire with thread for ElectroMagnetic
Greek Penny Magazine
Stuarts History of the Steam Engine 104
ExciseLicences for Trades 43
On the Mechanics Institutions of Liverpool
Descriptive Notice of the Soanean Museum and on the Means of Admission thereto
On the Theory of Combustion Rarefaction c By A Y
On the Velocity of Rivers Currents and appa
PACK PAGXH C Locher Tanning 94 J L Granger preserving Milk
Description of an Instrument for dividing Swing Wheels and Pallets By Mr Ben
Invention of the Steam Engine
Remarks on O N s Objections to Mr Evanss Calculation of the Distance travelled
On the Effect of the Tailors working position on Health By Mr R Mills Tailor
Observations on the Application of Expansive Steam By J S Enys Esq
Estimate of the Quantityof Water discharged by a River
Description of an improved Blast Furnace for Smelting Iron Ore By Mr Thomas
Report of Fires in Paris from 1831 to 1836 By Mr William Baddeley
Report of the Committee on the London and Brighton Railway Bills
Description of a Hearse and Mourning Coach combined By Mr J R Croft 145 Description of an Hydraulic Weighing Machine By Mr J P Holebrook ...
Steam Navigation of the Atlantic Bennetts
Description of Mr Wivells Fire Escape By Mr Abrm Wivell
Fire Escape Regulations
On the Fire at St Katherines Docks and Spontaneous Combustion By Mr
Strength of Copper Boilers
Description of Bunnetts Revolving Iron Window Shutters c By Mr Wm Baddeley 177 Description of a new Orrery By Mr W Shires Teaeher of Math...
Claim of the Invention of the Hydraulic Weighing Machine By Mr Robert Wiss
Description of Tilleys Metallic Garden Engine By Mr William Baddeley
Notice of Mr Murphys pretended Weather Predictions
Scientific Knowledge of the Ancients
On the Protection of Steam Ships from Fire By Mr William Baddeley
Report of Commons Committee on the Thames
Dynamometric Check I5 The Island of Juan Fernandez
On Mr Cookings Parachute Ascent c
Notice of a Discovery of a Means of directing Balloons By Pneumodoiptoros 264 Description of the York Cemetery Carriage By Mr J P Pritchett Arc...
Ancient Colours ib New Materials for Paper
Suggestion of Improvements in Punctuation By
Improvement in the Manufacture of Sugar ib The Great Western
Description of a Simple Oxyhydrogen Blowpipe By Sciolisterus
Note on the Autographs of William IV and Queen Victoria
Glass Road ib Steam Explosion at Hull
Description of Merryweathers Metallic Valves for Fire Engines By Mr Wm Baddeley
Silkworm Rearing Apparatus ib Steam Communication with India
Description of Hutchisons Wet and Dry Lime Gas Purifier and Account of early Experi
On the Theory of the Velocipede By A Constant Reader
On the Utility of the Payment of Rewards to Fire Engine Keepers By Mr W Baddeley 363 On the Invention of Submarine Navigation By J O H
Engravers Actd ib New Bee Hive
Description of the Baron De Bodes Patent Capstan
On Coads Plan for consuming Smoke By Playfair
Note on Mr Pistruccis Claim of the Invention of a new Method of Medal Striking
New Surveying Instrument ib Arsenic in Bandiesib
Description of Improvements in the Mariners Compass By William Ettrick Esq
Hints for new ManufacturesLay FiguresSteel Violin BowsLocomotive Engine Chimneys and Spark Arresters By R J Iremonger Esq
A NewFtreproof Dress 192Filtering Machines and Infernal Machines
Account of the Paris and St Germain Railway
Description of Gowlands Artificial Horizon By Mr William Baddeley
W Nairne Reeling Machinery April 14 ib T Lutwyche decomposition of Salt July 20 ib W Bell Heating and Evaporating July 2 Ib J Dredge Suspensi...

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Page 376 - ... 30 years reduce this to half a degree, 50 years to one third, and 100 years to one quarter of a degree. Before leaving this part of the subject, it may be well to point out that, while no period is too long for obtaining a good average, yet a secular change may be occurring, and hence the present average is not of necessity the mean value of the whole period. If we were fortunate enough to have very long observations, it would be necessary to divide them into two or more...
Page 171 - As to any remuneration, you may think my songs either above or below price ; for they shall absolutely be the one or the other. In the honest enthusiasm with which I embark in your undertaking, to talk of money, wages, fee, hire, &c. would be downright prostitution of soul ! A proof of each of the songs that I compose or amend, I shall receive as a favour.
Page 444 - Declared Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures Exported from the United Kingdom to the United States of America, in each year, from 1805 to 1811, and from 1814 to 1836.
Page 227 - Description and Draught of a new-invented MACHINE for carrying vessels or ships out of or into any harbour, port or river, against wind and tide, or in a calm...
Page 251 - Revenue alone ; and to whom several Petitions were referred; and who were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken before them to The House; -HAVE considered the Matters to them referred, and agreed to the following REPORT : The...
Page 128 - Glasgow, merchant, and John Gibson, of the same city, throwster, for a new or improved process or manufacture of silk, and silk in combination with certain other fibrous substances.
Page 48 - When a person is placed," says he, "in condensed air, he breathes with a new facility; he feels as if the capacity of his lungs was enlarged ; his respirations become deeper and less frequent; he experiences, in the course of a short time, an agreeable glow in his chest, as if the pulmonary cells were becoming dilated with an elastic spirit, while the whole frame receives, at each inspiration, fresh vital impulsion. The functions...
Page 205 - The rope was wound up with a weight of fourteen pounds attached, and twenty eight pounds were lifted from the floor. The movement is instantly stopped by breaking the connexion with the battery, and then reversed by simply interchanging the connexion of the wires of the battery with those of the machine, when it becomes equally rapid in the opposite direction.
Page 262 - At this juncture, had it not been for the application to our mouths of two pipes leading into an air-bag, with which we had furnished ourselves previous to starting, we must within a minute have been suffocated, and so, but by different means, have shared the melancholy fate of our friend.
Page 205 - By the galvanic connection, these crosses and their connected segments are magnetized, acquiring north and south polarity at their opposite ends, and being thus subjected to the attracting and repelling force of the circular fixed magnets, a rapid horizontal movement is produced, at the rate of two hundred...

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