The Life, Journals, and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II and James II: Including a Narrative of His Voyage to Tangier, Volume 2

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Page 189 - I hope I have done, and that by to-morrow by noon they will be out of the reach of my enemies. I am at ease now I have sent them away. I have not heard this day, as I expected, from my commissioners with the prince of Orange, who, I believe, will hardly be prevailed on to stop his march ; so that I am in no good way, nay, in as bad a one as is possible.
Page 188 - ... I am a very old man, and have withdrawn myself from all kind of business for some years past, and am incapable of doing any service in such an affair to your majesty or the city. Besides, Sir...
Page 185 - ... in the east : so now it seemed necessary for us to sail on to Plymouth, which must have engaged us in a long and tedious campaign in winter, through a very ill country. Nor were we sure to be received at Plymouth. The earl of Bath, who was governor, had sent by Russel a promise to the prince to come and join him : yet it was not likely, that he would be so forward as to receive us at our first coming.
Page 308 - THERE is invented an instrument of small bulk and price, easily made, and very durable, whereby any man, even at the first sight and handling, may write two resembling copies of the same thing at once, as serviceably and as fast, allowing two lines upon each page for setting the instruments, as by the ordinary way : Of what nature, or in what character, or what matter soever, as paper, parchment, a book, &c. the said writing ought to be made upon.
Page 71 - ... believing it utterly impossible that a person so obliged should ever be guilty of so black a deed as to betray me in so barbarous a manner. Besides that, I really...
Page 244 - I confess I could .give her little joy, and so I plainly told her, but she said the King would have it so, and there was no going back.
Page 236 - ... for our Language is in some places sterile and barren, by reason of this depopulation, as I may call it ; and therefore such places should be new cultivated, and...
Page 304 - Milton's works he intended to " have printed, — though he saith that part which he had in " MSS. are no way to be objected against, either with regard " to royalty or government, — he hath desisted from causing " them to be printed, having left them in Holland ; and that " he intends, notwithstanding the college summons, to go for
Page 255 - I shall think fit hereafter, to describe another sort of priests, such as are more easily to be found than the good parson ; such as have given the last blow to Christianity in this age, by. a practice so contrary to their doctrine. But this will keep cold till another time. In the mean while, I take up Chaucer where I left him.
Page 243 - Painters of history," said he, " make the dead live, and do not begin to live themselves till they are dead. I paint the living, and they make me live...

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