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My reality is the distance of the sun to the moon from the human condition expressed in Miller's novel ... what a sad state affairs that is ...

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Brilliant! Read page 98 & 99. Every bit as vital as the day it was written.

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A fantastic piece of work by Henry Miller; 'Tropic of Cancer' meant to Jack Kerouac what 'On the Road' meant to the beatniks. Provocative, ceaselessly entertaining and poetic. One of the best books I've ever read.

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This book really kicked my ass the first time I read it. I loved every minute, but the pages and paragraphs were so incredibly full of complex poetry and thoughtful design that I had to constantly take breaks so that I could rest my brain and absorb Miller's unique perspective of the universe. Never have I encountered so much elegant beauty juxtaposed beside the gruesomeness of the raw human. You will never again see Paris in this same light, this Paris is gone, much like the Paris of Joyce and Hemingway. All that is left of this time and this place is captured in the fine sublime tenor of Miller's style. Culture, society, sex, and art, Miller will teach you something new about them all. 

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This book has long had the stigma of a banned book because of its occasional graphic nature, but the most wonderful thing about this book is that it really depicts how life can be exciting, especially when one is young and free.

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