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and to make known the names of any of the men who could be favourably spoken of.

In a letter which I have received from Captain Forsyth in reply to an intimation that I was about to publish my private Journal, he concludes as follows:

“ To your own personal exertions in assisting me in the arduous duties which devolved upon me, and the zeal and alacrity shown by you on all occasions, I shall be most happy to bear testimony.

“ I am, dear Sir,

“ Your most obedient, (Signed) “ CHARLES C. FORSYTH,

Commander R. N.

I have thought it just to myself to give this quotation, and at the same time to state that I am much indebted to Captain Forsyth for the friendliness and gentlemanly courtesy which he displayed towards me throughout the voyage.

I have also to express my heartfelt thanks to that noble lady who, in sending out the vessel herself, allowed me to be a sharer in the Expedition by attaching me as an officer to it, — an honour of which I shall, indeed, ever remain proud. To herself, and to her niece, Miss Sophia Cracroft, who was devotedly attached to the cause, — ever aiding by her sound advice, -I am deeply indebted

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