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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Kent, John

B.A. Wadbam Oxf. Lincoln Lawford, John Grant

M.A. Wadham Oxf. Lincoln Mallock, William ,

M.A. Balliol

Oxf. Exeter Popham, J. L. (let. dim.)

B.A. Wadham Oxf. Lincoln Powell, Edward A.

M.A. Christ's

Camb. Lincoln Rowlandson, John

B.A. Queen's Camb. Exeter Smith, Thomas T.

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Exeter Winslow,


Sodor & Man Deacons, 31.-Priests, 17.--Total, 48.

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Gedge, Sydney
Hewson, Frank
Holden, William Rose
King, Charles .
Roberts, F. J. F..
Seymour, M. H.
Vane, John
Whitcombe, C.
Wilson, Edward
Wood, Samuel R.


Mast. of King Edw. the Sixth's Gram. Schocl, Birmingham.
Curacy of Dean, Ireland,
Chaplain. of St. Oswald's Hospital, Worcester.
Vicarship in Cathedral Church of Sarum.
Chaplain. to London Society of Ancient Britons.
Rectorship of Crosmolina, Ireland.
Chaplaincy to the House of Commons.
Domestic Chaplain to Earl of Tankerville.
Curacy of Leeds, Yorkshire.
Chaplain to Christ Church, Oxford.





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County. Diocese.

Allen, J. B. Marypowder, R.

Dorset Bristol Earl Beauchamp Bennet, C. H. Ousden, R.

Suffolk Norwich Rev. C. H. Bennet Bradley, R. B. Cothelstone, P.C. Somerset B. & W. Vicar of Kingstone Burnaby, G.. St. Peter's, Thanet, V.


Cant. Lord Chancellor Clarkson, c. Elworthy, R.


Exeter Rev. T. Roe Coney, T. Boucher. Chedzay, R.

Somerset B. & W. Rev. T. Coney Cooper, Henry . Rye, V.

Sussex Chichest. Lord G. Cavendish Croly, George St. Stephen, Walbrook, R. London London Lord Chancellor Duthie, A. H. Sittingbourne, V.

Kent Caut. Abp. of Canterbury Dymock, E. H.. Hadnel, P.C.

Salop Lichfield Rector of Grinshill Edgell, E.

Rodden, P.C.

Alkham Eveleigh, James'.

Kent Cant. cum Cassel Le Fer, V.

Abp. of Canterbury Frye, P.. St. Winnowe, V.

Cornw. Exeter D. & C. of Exeter
St. Antholin
Goode, Wm..
and St. John Baptist, R.

London London The King
Calne, V.
Guthrie, John Cherhill, P.C.

Wilts Sarum Treas. of Sarum
Berwick Bassett, C.
Hayne, Rd. St. Olave, Exeter, R. Devon Exeter
Jennings, T. F.. . St. Philip's, N. Ch. Bristol Bristol Corporation
Lane, T. L. . Wasperton, V.

Warwick Worcester Rev. John Lucy Law, R. V. . Yeovilton, R.

Somerset B. & W. Bishop of B. & W. Leighton, F. K. St. Chadd, P.C.

Cheshire Chester Rector of Malpas Chilton Luscombe, J..

Somerset B. & W. Rev.R.J.Luscombc and Edington, P.C.

Ashburton, V. Marsh, Wm. . Bickington, C.

Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Buckland, c. Monkhouse, w.. Goldington, V.

Beds Lincoln Duke of Bedford Musgrave, T. Orwell, V.


Lord Chancellor Pearce, Roger Llanmaddock, R. Glamorg. St.David's Rev. Dr. Hewson

Halesworth, R.
Chediston, R.

Suffolk Norwich R. P. Ward, Esq. Rawlings, E. Hatford, R.

Berks Sarum J. Paynter, Esq. Rose, Charles . Cublington, R.

Bucks Lincoln Lincoln Coll. Oxford Swainson, e. L. St. Giles, Oxford, V. Oxford Oxford St. John's College

The King

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Phipps, Hon. A.P. {

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County. Diocese. Patron.
Capper, James . . Wilmington, V.

Sussex Chich. Lord G Cavendish Denison, Wm. Cublington, R.

Bucks Lincoln Lincoln Coll. Oxford Drury, B. H. Tugley, V.

Leicester Lincoln Lord Chancellor Evans, S. Llandewy

Brecon with Garthbrengy, P.C.

St.David's Bp. of St. David's Shetton Frank, Edward

Norfolk Norwich The King with Hardwicke, R. Hand, J. T... i Ousdon, R.

Suffolk Norwich Rev. C. H. Bennet Hawkins, C. B.. Lewknor, V.

Oxford Oxford All Souls' College Mansel, H. L. Cosgrave, R.

Northam. Peterbro' J. C. Mansel, Esq. Scott, Thomas Wappenham, R. Northam. Peterbro' Bishop of Lincoln Shipley, c. Marypowder, R. Somerset B. & W. Earl of Beauchamp Short, Laurence Ashover, R.

Derbysh. Lichfield A. L. Maynard, Esq. Carlton, P.C.

Lincoln Lincoln J. Forster, Esq. Smith, A. J.. Alkham

Kent Cant. and Capel de Fer, V.

Abp. of Canterbury Stordy Joseph Kirkhampton, R.

Cumb. Carlisle Earl of Lonsdale Altenborough

Notts York F. Foljambe, Esq. Turner, Samuel . with Bramcote, V. Rothwell, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Middleton Walker, Robert'. St. Winnow, V.

Cornw. Exeter Bishop of Exeter Cowbridge and Llanbethiam, P.C.

Glamorg. Llandaff D. & C. of Gloucest. Wilmott, WilliamTrinity Ch., Halifax, P.C. York York Vicar of Halifax


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Williams, Robert {

Albany, T..
Armstrong, Henry
Barrick, Robert
Clapham, John Henry
Huichins, Thomas
Marshall, John

Chaplain to London Society of Ancient Britons.
Curate of Thurles.
Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge.
Rector of Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford.
Curate of Oldbury, Worcester.





Alban Hall; the Rev. the Principal of The Proctors for the ensuing year have

New Inn Hall; and the Rev. Thomas been elected by the two Colleges named in

Short, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College.

Mr. Francis Dyson has been elected to the Procuratorial Cycle, Jesus and Pembroke; and the election, signified according

the Frost Scholarship, and Mr. Thomas to the statute, to the Vice-Chancellor. Meyrick to the Wiltshire Scholarship, of The Proctors elect are—the Rev. Edmund

Corpus Christi College. Goodenough Bayly, M.A., Fellow of Pem

Edward Lowry Barnwell, B.A., of Balliol broke College ; and Robert Evans, M.A.,

College, William Dyke, Commoner of ExFellow of Jesus College, and one of the

eter College, and Richard Williams Mason, Vinerian Scholars of the University.

Commoner of Jesus College, have been In Convocation, the following gentlemen

elected Scholars of Jesus College, in this having been nominated by the Vice-Chan

University. cellor as Examiners for the Hertford University Schclarship, were approved by the In a Convocation, bolden March 16, the House.—The Rev. the Principal of St. revised Body of Aularian Statutes, having Determining BaBACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW, BY COMMUTA

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been previously promulgated in Convoca

ASHMOLEAN SOCIETY. tion of the 12th instant, passed the House. The President in the Chair. At the same time, the nomination of the

The following gentlemen were elected following gentlemen, to be public Exa

Members :miners, was unanimously approved :

The Rev. C. P. Eden, M.A., Oriel Coll. ; In Literis Humanioribus.-Mr. Claugh

T. Branker, B.A., Wadham Coll.; W.C. ton, of Trinity; Mr. Michell, of Lincoln.

Rickman, B.A., Christ Church.
In Disciplinis Mathematicis et Physicis.-
Mr. Walker, of Wadham.

A paper was read by Mr. Bigge, on the

Natural History of the Wasp, which gave The Examiners appointed to adjudge

rise to a discussion, in which Mr. Twiss, the annual prize for the more diligent cul

Dr. Kidd, Dr. Burton, Mr. Bullock, Mr. tivation of Latin literature, Dr. Cramer, Dr. Cardwell, and Mr. Short, of Trinity, took part.

Marriott, Dr. Buckland, and Mr. Denison, have given notice that the Examination will be holden in the Schools, on Monday,

A paper was then read by Dr. Kidd, on

the Production of Manna in Arabia. It the 6th of April, and the following days.Gentlemen who desire to offer themselves servations were made on the subject by

was illustrated by a drawing. Some obas Candidates, are to leave their names

Mr. Plumptre. with the Principal of New Inn Hall, toge

A Summary of the Members of the ther with certificates of their stauding, and

University, January, 1835. of the consent of the Head or Vicegerent of

Members of Members on their College or Hall, three days, at least,

Convocation. the Books. before the commencement of the Examina

218 tion. All Undergraduate Members of the

University Coll. 109

Balliol Coll. . . . 109. 279 University, who bave not exceeded two

Merton Coll. 64 129 years from their matriculation, may become

Exeter Coll. 125 307 Candidates.

Oriel Coll. • 154 302
Queen's Coll.. 172


New Coll.

64 147

Lincoln Coll. 72 131 DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW.

All Souls' Coll.. 67

97 Edwin Maddy, Esq., Brasennose Col

Magdalen Coll. . 113

159 lege, Judge of the Consistory Court in the

Brasennose Coll. 233 396 Diocese of Gloucester, Grand Compounder.

Corpus Coll.


129 Rev. James Duke Coleridge, Balliol Christ Ch. Coll. 479 986 College, Prebendary of Exeter.

Trinity Coll. 112 264
St. John's Coll,. 119


Jesus Coll. 59 153 Rev. Geo. Davies Kent, Fellow of Corpus. Wadham Coll. 84


Pembroke Coll.. 101 192 MASTERS OF ARTS.

Worcester Coll... 94 211 Rev. Edw. H. Dymock, Brasennose Coll. St. Mary Hall 24

43 Charles Lewis Parker, Wadham Coll.

Magdalen Hall. 54 167 Rev. Tho. Lingen Allen, Worcester Coll.

New Inn Hall. 1

32 Rev. Arthur Richard Stert, Exeter Coll.

St. Alban Hall. 10

35 Rev. Edw. Bigge, Fell. of Merton Coll.

St Edmund Hall 46

83 J. Cunningham Robertson, University Coll. Rev. Essex Holcombe, Jesus Coll.

2551 5251 Rev, P. A. Cooper, Oriel Coll.

Matriculations 369 Rev. W. M. Leir, Wadham Coll.



chelors in Lent 288 TION.

In January, 1834, there were 2519 Travers Twiss, M.A., Fell. of Univer. Coll.

Members of Convocation, and 5290 MemBACHELORS OF ARTS.

bers on the Books. Forrester Wilson, New Inn Hall, Gr. Comp. Samuel Pidwell, Worcester Coll.

MARRIED. Henry James Cotton, Worcester Coll. Rev. A. N. Buckeridge, St. John's Coll. The Rev. William Reece Davies, M.A., Hon. Fran. Nath. Clements, Oriel Coll. Fellow of Worcester College, on the founHenry Kingsmill, Trinity Coll.

dation of Sir T. Cookes, to Mrs. Pitt, of W. Day, Postmaster of Merton Coll. Nash Court.

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MASTERS OP ARTS. Craven Scholarship. - William A. Os Thos. Oswald Cockayne, St. John's Coll. borne, Scholar of Trinity College, has been George Maynard, Caius Coll. elected a Craven Scholar.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. Pitt Scholar.-William G. Humphrey, Rev. C. Walter Hudson, Catharine Hall. of Trinity College, has been elected Uni

BACHELORS OF ARTS. versity Scholar on the Pitt Foundation.

William Henry Leathley, Trinity Coll.

Sutton Ray, Trinity Coll.

William P. Jesson, Trinity Coll.
The following have passed the Senate:-

John B. Hyndman, Trinity Coll. To authorize the Vice-Chancellor to

Nathaniel R. Herring, Trinity Coll. contribute, on the part of the University,

Edward Gurdon, Trinity Coll. the sum of 1001. towards the completion Robert James Atty, St. John's Coll. of a new drain, proposed to be made in

Edward Owen Hornby, St. John's Coll. New Town-provided all parties interested

Benjamin A. Marshall, St. Peter's Coll. consent to forego their right to use the

John Fellowes, Clare Hall. present sewer, which passes through the

William D. Bates Bertles, Pembroke Coll. land purchased of the Master and Fellows

Edw. Hen. Houghton, Corpus Christi Coll. of Trinity Hall, for a New Botanic Garden.

John B. Meadows, Corpus Christi Coll. To confirm the appointment of J. L.

Richard Laurie, Queen's Coll. Hubbersty, Esq., M.D., of Queen's Col

Heury Holmes, Queen's Coll. lege, to the office of Deputy High Steward.

John D. Prior, Queen's Coll. To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the

Christopher Bush, Catharine Hall. Heads, Bursars, and Tutors, of the several

Thomas Walker, Jesus Coll. Colleges, the Professors of the University,

Thomas Henry Martin, Christ's Coll. the Deputy High Steward, the Public

Henry Finch, Christ's Coll. "Orator, the Librarian, the Registrar, the

Henry Nussey, Magdalene Coll. Vice-Provost of King's College, the Vice

Henry W. Beauford, Magdalene Coll. Master of Trinity College, and the Pre

Philip Wynell Mayow, Trinity Coll. sident of St. John's College (or such of

John Reynolds Goodman, Trinity Coll. them as may be willing to act), and also

James Ogilby, Trinity Coll. Mr. Simeon and Mr. Craufurd, of King's

Frederick Lane Birch, St. John's Coll. College; Mr. Martin, Mr. Perry, and Mr.

William Oliver, St. Peter's Coll. C. Wordsworth, of Trinity College; Mr. W.

Robert Josh. Almond, Catharine Hall. Selwyn, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Merivale, of

John Fendall Newton, Jesus Coll. St. John's College ; Mr. Phillips, of Queen's

William Comyns Berkeley, Jesus Coll. College, and Mr. Smith, of Caius College,

David Bruce, Jesus Coll. a Syndicate to collect subscriptions for the

Charles Thomas J. Baines, Christ's Coll. . purpose of building a New Library, and of

John Todd, Christ's Coll. carrying into effect the other important

Henry Rowland Bramwell, Christ's Coll. objects contemplated in the purchase of the

Edw. Holmes Farringdon, Magdalene Coll. “Old Court" of King's College, it being understood that the present Library shall

CLASSICAL TRIPOS.- March 2, 1835. not be pulled down nor disturbed until

FXAMINERS. the buildings intended to be erected upon

Capel Loft, M.A., King's Coll. the site of the “ Old Court" shall be fit for

William Selwyn, M.A., St. John's Coll. the reception of books; and also, that the

Chris. Wordsworth, M.A., Trinity Coll. powers of the Syndicate shall expire on the

Joseph Wm. Blakesley, M.A., Trinity Colle last day of May next. N.B. The Subscription has been opened,

Goulburn, Trin. Grote,

Trin. and liberally supported.

Trin Cooper,

Trin, A Grace has also passed the Senate, to

Harris, Trin. Wilkinson, Clare

Rawle, Trin. Cotterill, confer the degree of D.D. upon Mr. Wil

Merivale, Trin. | Richarde,
liamson, of Trinity College, by Royal


Joh. | Laing, Joh.

Trin. Ramsey, Pemb.

Scrivener, Trin. Legrew, Joh. HONORARY MASTERS OF ARTS.

Drake, Joh. | Bishop, Joh. Lord J. de la Poer Beresford, Trin. Coll.


Trin. Poctor, Cath. The Hon. John Sandilands, Trinity Coll.

Meade, Caius Wackerbath, Corpus



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March 2. Professor Airy, V.P. in the Chair. - Various presents of books and other objects were laid before the Society. A Memoir, by the Rev. R. Murphy, of Caius College, was read, containing the conclusion of his Researches on the Inverse Calculus of Definite Integrals; also a Memoir by R. Stevenson, Esq., of Trinity College, on the Solution of some Problems connected with the theory of Straight Lines and Planes, by a new and symmetrical method of co-ordinates. A communication was likewise made by W. Hopkins, Esq., on Physical Geology; in which he shewed, on mechanical principles, that forces of elevation, acting on extended masses of nearly horizontal strata, would necessarily produce a double system of fissures, one in the direction of the beds, the other at right angles to that direction. In a discussion which took place afterwards, Professor Sedgwick pointed out several districts which illustrated the truth of Mr. Hopkins' theory, viz. Flintshire, Derbyshire, the mining districts of Cumberland, &c.

March 16, The Rev. Professor Clark, V.P. in the Chair.--A paper was read by Mr. W. W. Fisher, of Downing College, illustrated by coloured drawings, on the nature, structure, and changes of Tuber

cles: the conclusion at which the author
arrived was, that tubercles are organized,
or organizable products; that they consist
in general in an alteration of the structure
of the organ in which they occur; and that
the changes which they undergo are essen.
tially due to inherent vital actions, the
process of softening being frequently
marked by the development of a new
order of vessels in the diseased structure.
Afterwards, Mr. Willis gave an account of
his views respecting the progress of Gothic
architecture, especially with reference to
the formation of tracery. He noticed that
Romanesque architecture differed from
classical in the employment of compound
arches, (instead of architraves) several
arches being placed under each other, so
as to form successive orders of openings.
As a next step, the sides of these arches
are decorated with shafts; but these are
different in the north and south of Europe.
In the former (as in Norman architecture)
the shafts replace the edges of the openings,
and are called edge shafts ; in Italian
Romanesque the shafts are placed in the
square recesses of the sides of the open-
ings, and are nook shafts. When the suc-
cessive orders of openings became of
different forms, (as two arches under one,
or trefoils under simple arches) there is an
approximation to tracery; and when the
mouldings which bound the openings form
bars, we have tracery. Hence the mul-
lions and bars have mouldings which follow
a series of subordination corresponding to
the orders of openings, and this subordina-
tion is clearly exhibited to the very latest
period of good Gothic architecture.

The observations of “ An Old Subscriber" shall be attended to.
Many thanks to “R. B. B." his request shall be attended to.
We have no idea how it happened that “ The Advertisements" never appeared.

We have received all the Hymns alluded to by “E. C. K." and beg to thank him for his willing concurrence.

Our « Volume of Music" will be somewhat broader and longer than our 8vo. Edition of Psalms and Hymns, which will therefore preclude the possibility of their being bound together.

As far as the Observations of “ X." apply to rejoicing he may be correct; but would he object to a supplicatory Psalm or Hymn ?

We could wish that “ W. J. B.” always wrote with a steel pen.

In reply to “ One of that Body''- we ask, where are they forbidden ? and refer him for further information to Bishop Heber's Letters to the present Archbishop of Canterbury (when Bishop of London), to the Preface to a Selection of Hymns published at York, to the end of his own Prayer Book, and to the universal and imperative demand.

We are unwillingly compelled to defer our “ Law Report," with many other articles of information.

“ J. R.” lays us under many obligations for the tunes with which he has favoured us; and we hope our other friends will not forget us. The more simple the airs the better.

We should be obliged if “ Carivius" would favour us with his address, as we may wish to communicate with him.

We shall be indebted to “ T. W." for his proffered Tunes as soon as convenient.

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