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COLLEGIATE School of CAMBERWELL.-On the 26th of January last was opened the Collegiate School of Camberwell, an institution newly established, with the view of uniting, at a moderate expense, not only a good education with sound religious principles, but also the advantages of a public school, with the domestic care and parental superintendence of private tuition. The institution, for which an elegant Gothic building has been erected in the Grove, is calculated for the reception of 200 pupils. Nearly half that number have already been entered, and the friends of the establishment are sanguine in their expectations of success. In the absence of the Bishop of the diocese, the President, the Rev. J. G. Storie, M.A., Vicar of Camberwell, presided at the ceremony of opening the School, when an inaugural address was delivered by the Head Master, the Rev. J. A. Giles, M.A., late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. The Committee of Management, consisting of the Vicar, the Rev. H. Melville, the Rev. T. Dale, the Rev. M. Anderson, and several of the lay members, dined afterwards at the Grove House, with a numerous and select body of the friends of the institution.

The course of education pursued at this establishment comprises religious instruction according to the doctrines of the Church of England. The Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, as well as the modern languages, Mathematics, Arithmetic, Geography, History, with every other branch of useful and polite learning. The liberality with which all its provisions have been framed, and the zeal that has been manifested by every one connected with it, give the most flattering hopes that the Collegiate School will soon occupy a leading station among the institutions which have lately been erected on the same principles.

MORE DISSENTING HONESTY.-In “A Comparative View of the Hearers, Communicants, and Scholars, belonging to Churchmen, Dissenters, and Wesleyan Methodists in two hundred and three towns and villages in England," just put forth by the members of the “ Voluntary System,” we have the following comparison. The totals of these 203 places are thus stated :




9,625 But now, how do our readers suppose that these marvellous results are got at ? By such means as these : under the head of Liverpool we have set down for Roman Catholics, hearers, 50,000 ; communicants, 12,000; and these two little items, with divers others of the same kind, are then made to swell the above totals of “ Dissenters."

The discrepancy of " communicants" between the Dissenters and the Churchmen is remarkable ; and no wonder. Professing to give the facts as to these 203 towns, they altogether omit the communicants in the churches in eighty-eight of them ! and so coolly sum up their total, and talk of the “ general result” of the whole 203.

Having thus, by throwing 50,000 Papists into one scale, and leaving out the communicants of eighty-eight churches from the other, brought the balance to a conveniet size; they end by earnestly desiring a general census, professing to believe that half the kingdom would present a picture very much like that which they have here depicted.

Of course these 203 towns present a fair specimen of the empire. Of course there was no reason whatever for their being selected by the Congregational Magazine. Shall we remind these gentry of a small item or two, which it seems very convenient to them to forget!

The parishes of England are in all, we believe, 10,701. In how many of these have the Dissenters even the smallest footing?

The Congregational Magazine itself, of December, 1829, furnishes a complete list of all the meeting-houses of that denomination in England; they amounted to 1,289. There were also 888 of the Baptist persuasion, and rather more than 200 Presbyterian, which, however, were mostly Socinian.

In above 8,000 parishes of England, then, that is, in more than four out of five-dissent has no footing whatever. We would have them bear this fact in mind, and it may, perhaps, cool their ardent desires for a complete and general census.

BISHOPRICS OF MADRAS AND BOMBAY.-Lord Ellenborough, the new President of the Board of Control, has the patronage of the above sees, each with an allowance of 2,5001. per annum, and which have not hitherto been filled up.

ORDINATIONS.—The Bishop of Oxford intends to hold his next General Ordination at Christ Church, on Trinity Sunday, June 14; and all Candidares are required to send their testimonials and certificates to his Lordship's Secretary, J. Burder, 27, Parliamentstreet, Westminster, on or before Saturday, May 2.

The Lord Bishop of Gloucester will hold an Ordination in London on Trinity Sunday.

CONFIRMATIONS. The Bishop of Oxford purposes to hold Confirmations in Oxford, and in the northern parishes of the diocese, in the course of May; and due notice of the days of Confirmation will be given to the parochial ministers without delay.

By the Lord Bishop of Exeler, April 18.

Degree. College

Keigwin, James Philip

B.A. Schol. of Wadham Oxford Langmead, George Winne

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Pitman, William Parr.

B.A. Exeter


PRIEST. Clarke, J.

B.A. Exeter


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By the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, April 12.

DEACONS. Burges, William Cleare (let. dim.)

A.M. Trinity Carver, Samuel Robinson

Catharine Hall Clay, Jolin

B.A. St. John's Egerton, William Henry

B.A. Brasennose Faber, John Cooke (let. dim.)

B.A. Christ Church Johnson, John

B.A. Catharine Hall Lacy, James (let. dim.)

B.A. St. John's Pugh, John William

M.A. Balliol Robertson, James (let. dim.)

B.A. Christ's

PRIESTS. Fletcher, William

B.A. Brasennose Strickland, Nathaniel Constantine (let. dim.). M.A. Lincoln Wither, Walter J. Percival Bigg (let. dim.) Lit.

Dublin Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Oxford Cambridge Oxford Oxford Cambridge


By the Lord Bishop of Chester, April 12.

DEACONS. Barnes, William Lawson

B.A. St. John's Bryer, Thomas

B.A. St. John's Bush, Christopher

B.A. Catharine Hall Davies, Nathaniel

B.A. Pembroke Hall, George

B.A. Christ's Hart, Joshua.

B.A. Queen's Hobson, William Topham

E.S. Corpus Christi Menzies, William

B.A. Queen's Sandford, George Benjamin

Brasennose Stubbs, Phineas.

Durham Univ.

Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Oxford

Name. Ainger, Dr. Cotterill, Charles . Eyre, James .



Warden of St. Bee's Grammar School.
Head Master of Brigg Free Gram. School, Lincoln.
Chaplain to Earl Nelson.


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Goodenough, J. Joseph, D.D. Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire.
Jones, John

Rural Dean of Llandilo, Caermarthen.
Lloyd, Martin J..

Chaplain to Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital. Prothero, David

Commissary General of the Archdeaconry of Caermarthen, Richardson, J.

Master of Free Grammar School, Colchester. Warburton, John.

Head Master of Free Grammar School, Hippeoholme. Wilson, Richard

Head Master of the Grammar School, Wigan. Wray, George

Second Master of Richmond School.

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} Norfolk


County. Diocese.

Patron. Alcock, Charles . . Witchingham, V. Norfolk Norwich New Coll. Oxford Albutt, Thomas . . Dewsbury, V.

York York Lord Chancellor Arney, E. F. . Shalfleet, v.

I.of Wight Winches. Lord Chancellor Bazeley, F. L. St. Dominick, R. Cornw. Exeter W. Bazeley, Esq. Bigland, E. Kirkhaugh, R.

Northum Durham Miss Wilkinson
Streatham, R.

Surrey Winches. Duke of Bedford
Dufton, John Rillington, V.

York York The King
Flower, William Kirkbride, R.

Cumb. Carlisle Mrs. Metcalf
Forster, F.
Alston Moor, V.

Cumb. Durham Greenwich Hospital Goddard, W.Stanley Wherwell, R.

Hants Winches. W. Iremonger, Esq. Grabam, H. E.. Ludgvan, R.

Cornw. Exeter Lady Sandwich Griffiths, J. Llangeler, V.

Carm. St.David's Bishop of St. David's Hacker, Edw. M. Sandford, V.

Oxford Oxford Rev. E. Hacker
Hockwold, R.
Hanson, Wm. H.

Norwich Caius Coll. Camb.
Wilton, V.
Holmes, w.. Flitcham, P.C.

Norfolk Norwich T. W. Coke, Esq. Humfrey, W. c. Foxton, V.

Lincoln Lord Chancellor.
St. Lawrence, R.
King, George.


Norwich Lord Chancellor
Lodge, John.

Anderby, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Magd. Coll. Camb. Maddy, John Preb. Stall in Ely Cath.

Bishop of Ely Milman, Hen. Hart. Preb. Stall in Westm. Abbey

The King
Norton, William A. Alderton

Suffolk Norwich
Madder. Market, V.

Norwich New Coll. Oxford Ridding, C. Henry. Andover, V.

Hants Winches. Winchester Coll. Ridsdale, Robert . Preb. Stall in Chich. Cath.

Bishop of Chichester Rogers, Arthur. . Hunston, P.C.

Suffolk Norwich J. H. Heigham, Esq. Scott, Thomas Wappenham, R. Northam. Peterbro' Bishop of Lincoln Stonhouse, Henry . Stanton, St. John, R. Oxford Oxford New Coll. Oxford Thomas, Thomas Llanbeblig, V.

Carmar. Bangor

Bishop of Chester Thompson, Thomas Pensher, P.C.

Durham Durham Truman, John Minterne, R.

Dorset Bristol H. C. Sturt, Esq. Turner, Charles . . Cringleford, P.C. Norfolk Norwich Corp. of Norwich Watkins, Henry Silkstone, V.

York York

Abp. of York Watson, George Rothwell, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Middleton Watson, John D. Guilsborough, V. Northam. Peterbro' Trustees Williams, David · Alton, Barnes, R. Wilts Salisb. New Coll. Oxford Wilmot, Robt. D. . Kennington, V.

Kent Cant. Abp. of Canterbury Wilton, Edward Maddington, P.C. Wilts Salisb. James Maton, Esq.

Peroune, John • { Norwich

} Norfolk

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The Bishop of Derry has been pleased to collate the Rev. Robert Hume to the Living of Urney, vacant by the death of the lamented Rev. James Jones; the Rev. Geo. Smithwick to the Living of Leckpatrick

The Rev. James Smith, Chaplain to the Free Church of Derry, to the Living of Strabane (Camus-juxta-Mourne.)

The Rev. Mr. Anderson, to the Living of Ballinrobe; and the Rev. Frederick Le Poer Trench, son of the Venerable Archdeacon Trench, and nephew of Viscount Clancarty, has succeeded Mr. Anderson in the Rectory of Moore and Drum.

The Rev. R. Mauleverer, Vicar of Cahirconlish, to the Rectory of Tipperary, in the room of the late Hon. and Rev. James St. Leger ; Patron, the Archbishop of Cashel.


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} Bp. of Winchester


County. Diocese. Patron. Beadon, J. Watson . Churhan Malfors, R. Wilts Sarum Bp. of Bath & Wells Buckworth, John , Dewsbury, V.

York York Lord Chancellor Caper, James . Preb, in Chichest. Cath.

Bp. of Chichester Clarke, John Edw. St. Dominick, R. Cornw. Exeter W. Bazeley, Esq. Gamblinghay, R. Camb. Ely

Merton Coll. Oxford
Farley, V.

Surrey Winch.
Compton, J. C.
Munstead, R.

Hants Winches. H.C. Compton, Esq.
Lyndhurst, P.C.
Corsellis, Jos. G. Wivenhoe, R.

Essex London Rev. Corsellis Durnford, Richard. Wherwell, R.

Hants Winches. W. Iremonger, Esq. Flocton, . Sherheboone, V.

Notts Norwich
Freer, Thomas Handsworth, R.

Stafford Lichfield W. Birch, Esq.
Preb. of Winchest. Cath.
Garnier, William
Droxford, R.

Hants Winch.
Preb. in St. Paul's Cath.

Bp. of London
Gibson, William.

Wickham, St. Paul's, R. Essex London D. & C. of St. Paul's Hamley, E. Stanton, St. John, R. Oxford Oxford New Coll, Oxford Hare, A. W. Alton Barnes, V. Wilts. Salisb. New Coll. Oxford Cockerham, V.

Lanc. Chic. Lord of the Manor Hudson, Richard

Bolterstone, P.C. York York J. Remington, Esq. Jackson, Benj. s Kirkhaugh, R.

Northum. Durham Miss Wilkinson Alston Moor, V.

Cumb. Durham Greenwich Hospital Jeans, Dr. Witchingham, V.

Norfolk Norwich New Coll. Oxford Madoermarket, V. Jones, R.. Souldern, R.

Oxford Oxford St.John's Coll.Camb. Ritson, Barthol. Hopton, P.C.

Suffolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Sykes, Thomas . Guilsborough, V. Northam. Peterbro' Trustees Thorpe, William Sandford, V.

Oxford Oxford Rev. E. Hacker

ST. W. Coke, Esq.

Norfolk Norwich ( Wighton, V.

D. & C. of Norw. Wade, C. Gregory . Hanwood, R.

Salop Hereford H. D. Warters, Esq. Ward, Edward . Iver, P.C.

Bucks Lincoln Rt. Hon. J. Sullivan

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Tickell, J. Amb. . { Castle Acre, R.


Agulter, William

Formerly Fellow of Magdalen Coll. Cambridge.
Cory, Robt. Towerson, D.D. . Master of Emmanuel Coll. Cambridge.
Hubbard, J.

Master of Antingham School, Norfolk.
Jones, James.

Rector of Urney, Londonderry. Luke, George Seacombe R.A. of Queen's Coll. Oxford.



guage, has been adjudged to Mr. John The Examiners appointed to examine Ernest Bode, Student of Christ Church. for the Mathematical Scholarship, have The successful candidate for the Ireland announced to the Vice-Chancellor that they Scholarship for the present year, is Mr. have elected Robert Anstice, B.A. Student Osborne Gordon, Student of Christ Church. of Clirist Church.

Mr. William Judd Upton, from WinThe Hertford University Scholarship for chester School, has been admitted a the greatest proficiency in the Latin lan- Scholar of New College.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. N. H. Macdonald, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. I. Urban Cooke, St. Edmund Hall Jos. Apstice, late Student of Christ Church Rev. Fred. Wickham, Fell. of New Coll.


Rd, Burgass, New Inn Hall, Gr. Comp.
George Whitmore, Christ Church.
Christ. Somers Clarke, Magdalen Hall
Errol Hill, Fellow of New Coll.

Mr. Henry Halford Vaughan, B. A. of Christ Church, has been elected a Fellow of Oriel College.

WORCESTER COLLEGE.—There will be an Election in this College on the 8th day (f May next, of a Scholar on Dr. Clarke's Foundation. Candidates are required to deliver to the Senior Fellow in College, three days previous to the Election, certificates that they are born of English parents, within the provinces of Canterbury and York. Candidates, if already entered at the University, must not exceed four years' standing. Preference is given, cæteris paribus, to the orphans of Clergyren.

TRINITY COLLEGE, OXFORD. There will be an Election of Two Scholars, on Monday, June 15. Candidates must be above sixteen and under twenty years of age, and will be

quired to present in person to the President, certificates of baptism and testimonials of conduct, together with a Latin epistle to request permission to offer themselves, at nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, June 10.

BRASENNOSE COLLEGE.- A Fellowship is vacant, the Election to which will be holden on Thursday, May 21.

Natives of the old diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, which at the time of the foundation of the College comprehended, together with the districts still belonging to it, that portion likewise of the diocese of Chester which is south of the Ribble, are admissible as candidates, provided they have graduated at this University, and do not exceed, on the day of election, eight years from their matriculation.

Candidates are required to present to the Principal certificates of their birth, together with testimonials from their respective colleges or halls, on or before Thursday, May 14.

Also an Election to a Scholarship will be holden on Friday, May 15.

Candidates are admissible without any other limitation than that, if already Members of the University, of not having entered upon their fifth term. They are required to present themselves to the Principal on or before Tuesday, May 12, and to produce at the same time testimonials from their respective Schools, or Colleges, or Halls.

Congregations will be holden for the purpose of granting Graces, and conferring Degrees, on the following days in the ensuing Term: viz.—May, Thursday, the 14th ; Thursday, the 21st; Wednesday, the 27th. June, Saturday the 6th. No person will, on any account, be admitted as a candidate for the Degree of B.A. or M.A. or for that of B.C.L., without proceeding through Arts, whose name is not entered in the book, kept for that purpose, at the Vice-Chancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the day of Congregation.

A notice has been issued by the ViceChancellor, signifying that the following form of statute will be submitted to convocation in the course of the ensuing term :" TITULUS 11.-DE MATRICULA UNIVER

SITATIS. "§ 3. De Tempore et Conditionibus Matri

culationis. "Omnes et singuli Studentes seu SchoJares cujuscunque conditionis, intra quindenam postquam ad Universitatem accesserint, coram Cancellario ejusve Commissario matriculandos se sistant; nec priusquam in Matriculam Universitatis relati fuerint, ullis Universitatis privilegiis aut beneficiis gaudeant.

“Quotquot autem in Matriculam Universitatis redigendi accedunt, coram Cancellario ejusve Commissario declarationi sequenti prius ab ipsis perlectæ, vel alio perlegente auditæ, subscribant.

“I, A. B., declare that I do, so far as my knowledge extends, assent to the doctrines of the United Church of England and Ireland, as set forth in her Thirty-nine Articles ; that I will conform to her Liturgy and Discipline ; and that I am ready and willing to be instructed in her Articles of Religion, as required by the statutes of this University.

“Porro, si decimum sextum suæ ætatis annum attigerint, de agnoscendo primatu



TO PRACTISE. Rd. Chandler Alexander, Wadham Coll.

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