A Copious Latin Grammar, Volume 1

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J. Murray, 1838 - Latin language
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Page 386 - Cum autem duobus modis, id est aut vi aut fraude, fiat injuria, fraus quasi vulpeculae, vis leonis videtur: utrumque homine alienissimum, sed fraus odio digna majore. Totius autem injustitiae nulla capitalior est quam eorum qui, cum maxime fallunt, id agunt ut viri boni esse videantur.
Page 4 - Les consonnes sont : b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, x, z.
Page 351 - Pseud. 1. 1. 3, duorum labori ego hominum parsissem lubens, mei, te rogandi, et tui, respondendi mihi, for meo and tuo sc.
Page 335 - Si tu et Tullia, lux nostra, valetis, ego et suavissimus Cicero valemus.
Page 272 - Rheni : according to the rule that when two substantives come together the latter is put in the genitive : in these latter cases, however, the proper noun stands after the other.
Page 97 - Latin numerals, quatuor, four ; quinque, five ; sex, six ; septem, seven ; octo, eight ; novem, nine ; decem, ten ; undecim, eleven ; duodecim, twelve ; tredecim, thirteen...
Page 66 - View or scheme of the five modes of declension : except that Greek words and neuters are omitted : the nominative singular also does not appear in its various forms.
Page 363 - ... utcumque erit, iuvabit tamen rerum gestarum memoriae principis terrarum populi pro virili parte et ipsum consuluisse ; et si in tanta scriptorum turba mea fama in obscuro...
Page 18 - In polysyllables the penultime is accented if the syllable be long, but in all other cases the accent is laid upon the antepenultime. There can be no doubt, that this custom produces a pronunciation entirely different from the Latin. With them, the accent and quantity were regulated on distinct principles, and the accent might fall on a short vowel without affecting its quantity : with us, accent and quantity are in many instances confounded. With them, the sound of the long and short vowels, though...
Page 347 - IV. edepol haud quod tui me neque domi distaedeat; sed ubi summus imperator non adest ad exercitum, citius quod non facto est usus fit quam quod facto est opus.

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