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By falsehood, or discourtesy, or why?

To seek i' the valley some cool, friendly spring.


And left your fair side all unguarded, lady?

They were but twain, and purposed quick return.


Perhaps forestalling night prevented them.


How easy my misfortune is to hit!


Imports their loss, beside the present need?

No less than if I should my brothers lose.


Were they of manly prime, or youthful bloom?

As smooth as Hebe's their unrazored lips.

Two such I saw, what time the laboured ox In his loose traces from the furrow came, And the swinkt10 hedger at his supper sat; I saw them under a green mantling vine That crawls along the side of yon small hill,

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Their port was more than human, as thoy stood;

I took it for a fairy vision

Of some gay creatures of the element,

That in the colours of the rainbow live,

And play i' the plighted clouds. I was awe-struck,

And, as I passed, I worshipped; if those you seek,

It were a journey like the path to Heaven,

To help you find them.

Gentle villager,
What readiest way would bring me to that place?

Due west it rises from this shrubby point.

To find out that, good shepherd, I suppose,
In such a scant allowance of star-light,
Would overtask the best land-pilot's art,
Without the sure guess of well-practised feet.



I know each lane, and every alley green,

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