Life and times of Alexander i. emperor of all the Russias, by C. Joyneville, Volume 2

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Tinsley Brothers, 1875 - Russia

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Page 254 - Your Majesty invokes your rights to the friendship of the King ! Permit me to remind you, Sire, of the little value your Majesty attached to it, at times when a reciprocity of sentiment would have been very useful to Sweden. When the King, after having lost Finland, wrote to your Majesty to beg you to preserve for Sweden the Isles of Aland, you replied to him, ' apply to the Emperor Alexander — he is great and generous...
Page 355 - The Married Life of Anne of Austria, Queen of France, Mother of Louis XIV. ; and the History of Don Sebastian, King of Portugal. Historical Studies. From numerous Unpublished Sources. By MARTHA WALKER FREER. 2 vols. 8vo, 30*.
Page 30 - His majesty announced to the king, that it was with a view to obtain for him honourable conditions. But the British ministry, apparently faithful to that plan which was to loosen and break the bonds which had connected Russia and England, rejected the mediation. The peace between Russia and France was to prepare a general peace.
Page 309 - ... could be granted to such an execrable character. This was followed by an order that he should be sent to Siberia, whilst the other prisoners were sent to a much less northern destination, Vandamme replied, with great sang...
Page 61 - We unite in entreating your majesty to listen to the voice of humanity, silencing that of the passions ; to seek, with the intention of arriving at that object, to conciliate all interests, and by that means to preserve all the powers which exist, and to insure the happiness of Europe, and of this generation, at the head of which Providence has placed us.
Page 349 - It reflects in a very comprehensive way some of the leading aspects of religious thought in the Church of England at the present time, and contains a number of literary photographs — if the phrase may be allowed — of eminent clergymen The author...
Page 165 - Church! you have in all circumstances by your intercession called down upon our empire the Divine protection! Russian people! intrepid posterity of Slavonians! it is not the first time that you have plucked out the teeth from the head of the lion, who sprung on you as upon a prey, and met his own destruction! Unite yourselves! carry the cross in your hearts and the sword in your hands, and human force never can prevail against you. I...
Page 349 - Mr Davies, in the most plain, simple, matter-of-fact way, tells us exactly what he saw on each occasion. The result is a most interesting volume. We have left many of Mr Davies's fifty-nine chapters unnoticed, but all of them will repay perusal.
Page 307 - That scoundrel Bonaparte is always fortunate. The amputation was performed as well as possible. Though the army has made a retrograde movement, it is not at all the consequence of defeat, but from a want of ensemble, and in order to get nearer General Blucher. Excuse my hasty writing. I love and em* brace you with all my heart. Rapatel will finish. v. M.
Page 364 - Light and Shadow,' &c. Price One Shilling. The Wren of the Curragh. Reprinted from the Pall Mall Gazette. Price One Shilling. Poll and Partner Joe ; or the Pride of Putney and the Pressing Pirate. A new and original Nautical Burlesque, written by FC BURNAND, author of 'Ixion,' 'Black-eyed Susan,' 'Military Billy Taylor,' 'Sir George and a Dragon,' ' Paris, or Vive Lempriere,

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