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Old Covenant, dreams mentioned in | Physical foundation ofthe myths, iii. 17.
the, i. 273.

Physiological explanation of dreams,
Old Testament meaning of the word i. 35.
angel,” ii. 132.

Pigmies, Gnomes, and Necks of Scan-
Oracle mentioned by Strabo, i. 374. dinavia, ii. 111.
of Amphiaraus, i. 373.

Pins and needles, impositions with,
of Apollo described by Iamblichus, ii. 214.
i. 374.

Plato's error regarding the origin of
of Jupiter described by Herodotus,

magic, i. 3.
i. 375.

- original man, i. 401.
the Pythian, i. 371.

teachings regarding the soul, i. 400.
Oracles, Plutarch regarding, i. 409– views on soothsaying, i. 130.

views regarding minerals, i. 399.
Oriental, Greek, and Germanic magic, Pliny's account of Serapis or Apis, i.
the three periods of, i. 155.

nations, various forms of magic account of the discovery of the
among the, i. 191.

magnet, ii. 332.
Orientals, magic among the, i. 172. Plotinus, a celebrated New-Platonist,
-, philosophy of the, i. 175.

i. 444.
Original man, Plato's, i. 401.

- challenged by Olympius, i. 446.
Origin of mythology, Schweigger on Plutarch regarding oracles, i. 409-
the, ii. 3.

- of the name of Witch, ii. 122. Plutarch's ideas concerning divination,
Orphean egy, the, i. 392.

i. 129.
Orpheus and Musæus, i. 363.

mention of brazen bowls, i. 380.
Oupnekhat, the, on the production of moral writings, extracts from, i.
visions, i. 205.


Podalirius, healing powers of, i. 421.
Pagan and Christian faith, magic in, Pomponius on the wisdom of the
ii. 119.

Druids, ii. 86.
Paracelsian doctrine, the, ii. 230. Pope Innocent and his bull against
Paracelsus, uumerous disciples of, ii. witchcraft, ii. 171.

Pope Innocent VIII. sanctions witch-
on the magnet, ii. 233.

persecutions, ii. 125.
Parsee faith, description of the, i. Popular superstitions, ii. 202–204.

Pordage, visions of, ï. 221.
Passavent's explanation of the vision Posidonius on dreams, i. 126.
of Daniel, i. 304.

Power of imagination, i. 101.
Paulists and Montanists, ii. 83. of imagination, Kircher on the, ii,
Pausanias, oracular sentence related 269.
by, i. 382,

of producing dreams in others, i.52.
Penn, witchcraft abolished in Penn. Prayer, efficacy of, in all ages and
sylvania by, ii. 518.

nations, i. 122.
Phenomena of second sight, i. 66. -, Iamblichas on the force of, i. 456.

produced by maguetism, ii. 336. Preaching epidemic, the, in Sweden,
Philosophy of Apollonius, i. 407. ii. 508.
of the Orientals, i. 175.

Predictions, extraordinary fulfilment
Philters, Van Helmont on the use of, of a Brahmin's, i. 208.
ii. 485.

of persons when dying, i. 62.

Predictions, remarkable instacces of, Richter's account of Pythagoras, i.
in antiquity, i. 58.

Priests of Isis, the, i. 245.

Rinaldo des Trois Echelles, execution
Principal features of Egyptian belief, of, ii. 152.
i. 269.

Ring, divination by means of a, ii.
Principles of the Parsee faith, i. 218. 456.
Prophecies of Elijah and Elisha, i. Rings, grcat antiqnity of, ii. 485.

how anciently worn, ii. 487.
of Dryden regarding his son ful- Robert Fludd's views on magnetism,
filled, ii. 450.

ii. 256.
of the Dodonian priestesses, i, 382. Rods or staves, divination by means
of Veleda, ii. 90.

of, ii. 460.
Prophetic delirium in inflammatory Roman oracles, the, i. 433.

diseases of the brain, i. 71. Romans, magic among the, i, 420.

visions of Saul and Samuel, i. 291. Royal touch, recorded efficacy of the,
- women of ancient Germany, ii. 89. i, 111.

women of the Cimbrians, ii. 91.
Prophets of Israel, the, i. 299. SAINTS, visions and inspirations of
Psychological oracular sentence related the, i. 93-99.
by Pausanias, i. 382.

Salem witchcraft, account of the, ii.
Pythagoras in Egypt, i. 241.

Pythagoras's theory of magic, i. 126. Salic laws against witchcraft, ii. 93.

mode of instruction, i. 398. Sarmonicus's Abracadabra, i. 121.
Pythagorean numeral theory, signifi- Samothrace, great antiquity of the
cation of the, i. 394, 396.

secrets of, i. 353.
Pythagoreans, opinions of the, i. 147. Saracens, Arabic learning brought to
Pythian oracle, the, cousulted by Spain by the, ï. 93.
Cræsus of Lydia, i. 371.

Satan of the Bible, ii. 131.

Saul and Samuel, prophetic visions of,
QUINTUS on dreams and divination, i. 291.
i. 135.

Scandinavia, magic of, i, 97.

-, the Guomes, Pigmies, &c, of, ü.
Rappings, account of the, in America, 111.
ii. 491-518.

Schubert's account of the gardener's
Records of singular cures by the daughter's vision, i. 27.
magnet, ii. 334.

on a prophecy of the Voluspa, i.
Religious sentiment of the Shemites, 235.
i. 173.

Schweigger on the origin of mythology,
Remarkable apparitions, accounts of, ii. 3.
ii. 341-388.

Scotland, elfish fairies of, ii. 113.
dreams, accounts of, ii. 410-422. Seat of the soul, views of the Platonists
dreams mentioned by Cicero, i. 53. regarding the, i. 146.
trial concerning an apparition, ii. Second-sight, Werner's authenticated

instances of, i. 68.
Resumé, ii. 329-340.

, as recorded by Rev. J. Griffiths,
Revelations in the Witch-hammer, ii. ii. 424.

of a Highland chief, ii. 248.
Rev. W. Tennant, trance of the, ii. --, remarkable instances of, ii. 422-


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Shemites, religions sentiment of the Spiritual appearances, i. 168.
i. 173.

destiny of Israel, i, 295,
Ship saved from destruction by a - magic, nature of, i. 17.
dream, ii. 414.

manifestations in America, ii.
Sibyllinic books, history of the, i. 427. 491-518.
Sibyls, abodes of the, i. 429. Staff of Æsculapius, i. 362.
history of the, i. 423.

Stoics', the, opinions regarding the
enumerated by Varro, 1. 424. soul, i. 144.
Siderit, another name for the magnet, Stones, magical effects of, ii. 69.
ii. 332.

-, talismanic influence of, i. 114.
Sieve, divination by means of a," ii. Story of the Lady Alice Kyteler, ii.465.

Struggle between Christianity and
Significance of the god Hermes, ii. 43. Heathenism, ii. 141.

of the mythic Bacchus, ii. 61. St. Vitus's dance, divinatory visions.
Singular cures related by Aristides, i. resulting from, i. 75.

Sweden, the preaching epidemic in,
- prediction narrated by M. de la ii. 508.
Harpe, ii, 445.

Swedenborg on God and the Creation,
Sleeping preacher, the, ii. 442.

ii. 285.
Smoke, divination by means of, ii. 455. on faith and love, ii. 291.
Somnambulism of Agostine Fosari, on man, ii. 287.
ii. 440.

on the plan of Divine Providence,
Society of Flagellants, ii. 216.

ii. 292-297.
Socrates on madness, i. 402. Swedenborg's works, ii. 284.
Socratic warnings as attested by his Symbolic dreams of Oberlin, i. 50.
scholar Xenophon, i. 404.

horns and wings explained, ii. 71.
Somnambulism a subject of early in- - meaning of mythological fable, ii.
vestigation, i. 64.

nature of, i. 64.

meaning of the hand of Isis, i. 258.
variously defined, i. 65.

mythological characters, ii. 51-54.
of Agostine Fosari, ü. 440.

- poetry, Creuzer on, ii. 6.
Sons of Heaven, or the Dioscuri, ü. 23. Sympathetic cures, ii. 209.
Soothsaying, Cicero on, i, 58.

influence mentioned by Van Hel-
Soothing effects of the Kyphi, i. 419. mont, ii. 247.

- .
i. 309.

Sympathy, Wirdig on magnetic, ii.
Sorcery-bull of Innocent VIII. ii. 155. 270.
Sorcery of the Thessalonians, i. 352.
Southern France the nursery of the TABLE-TURNING, &c. ii. 494-502.
black art, ii. 151.

Tacitus's relation of Vespasian's
Soul, Plato's views regarding the, i. healing powers, i. 247.

Taigheirm, double meaning of the
views of the Stoics regarding the, word, ii. 107.
i. 144.

-, or magical sacrifice of cats, ii.
Spasms at the witch trials, ii. 211. 102, 105.
Spirit-rappings, Judge Edmonds’ in- Taishitaraugh, the Gaelic term for
quiry into the, ii. 495.

second-sight, i. 65.
Spirits and angels, ii. 133.

Tales about vampires, ii. 479-482.
Spirits, good and evil, ï. 129. Talisman, derivation of the term, i. 113.

Tellurism, magnetism so called by Van Helmont, his facts of sympathetic
Kieser, ii. 330.

influence, ii. 247.
Temples of Æsculapius, i. 363. Various definitions of somnambulism,
Theosophists, the, of the 16th and 17th i. 65.
centuries, i. 457.

Varro, sibyls enumerated by, i. 424.
Thessaloniaus, sorcery of the, i. 352. Veleda, prophecies of, ii. 90.
Thout, Thot, or Taaut, i. 249. Ventriloquism, divination by means
Three spirits in man, Paracelsus on of, ii. 457.
the, ii. 237.

Verulam (Lord) on the powers of
Tiedemann on the powers of magic, amulets, ii. 484.
i. 5.

Vespasian's power of healing, i. 247.
Title-deed discovered by the aid of Vestal fires, ii. 31.

an apparition, ii. 346-351. Views of Paracelsus, ïi. 239.
Touch, healing by the, i. 109. Vision of Benvenuto Cellini, i. 77.
Trasimenides statue of Æsculapius, of Daniel, i. 303.
i. 362.

Visions and inspirations of the Brah-
Trial and execution of the Maid of mins, i. 193.
Orleans, ii. 175.

and inspirations of the saints, i. 93.
Timæus of Locris the most ancient and prophecies of Balaam, i. 288.

writer extant upon magic, i. 140. and religious ecstasies, ii. 225.
Trance and somnambulism, instances an essential part of magic, i. 22.
of, ii. 429-442.

different kinds of, i. 31.
Treasure discovered through the generally of a religions nature, i.
agency of an apparition, ii. 372.

True inspiration and magical vision, | , writers of antiquity regarding, i.
i. 91.

23, 24.
True knowledge the opponent of of Indian seers, i. 203.
witchcraft, ii. 173.

of Pordage, ii. 221.
Tumah, or physical and moral un. , life in the deserts conducive of, i.
cleanness, i. 18.

UNIVERSAL language, possible ancient

Voluspa, Schubert's opinion regarding
existence of oue, i. 39.

the, i. 235.

Votive tablets and inscriptions of
Upanischad, extract from the, i. 206.

ancient Greece, i. 369.
VAMPIRES, tales regarding, ii. 479-

WATER, divination by means of, ii.
Vampirism in the East of Europe, ii. 457.

Weather-making in the Middle Ages,
Van Helmont on magic power, ii. ii. 199.

Welsh superstitions regarding fairies,
on magnetic phenomena, ii. 247. ü. 489.
- on the inward light of the soul, ii. Werner's anecdotes of second-sight,

i. 68.
on the magnetic cure of wounds, White and black elves, ii. 109.
ii. 243.

magic and faith, i. 219.
on the use of philters, ii. 485. Will, Van Helmont ou the, ï. 249.
- on the will, i. 249.

Wirdig's magnetic sympathy, i. 270.
his experiment with the Napellus Wisdom of the remotest antiquity,
root, i. 82.

ii. 13.

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Wisdom of the Witch-hammer, ii. 167., Women, magic attributed to, in the
Wishing-rod, Grimm on the, ïi. 47. earliest ages, ii. 193.
Witch-burning frenzy of the thirteenth | Wonderful clairvoyant vision of mys
century, ii. 148.

teries, ii. 37.
Witchcraft, decrease of, with the dawn Wonder-working dactyls, the, ii. 65.
of learning, ii. 187.

Works against witch-persecution, list
abolished by William Penn, ii. 518. of, ii. 128.
-, knowledge the firm opponent of, Works of Emanuel Swedenborg, ii.285.
ii. 173.

of Jacob Böhme, ïi. 302.
put down by the Reformation and relating to second-sight, i. 70.
science, ii. 191.

- to be consulted on somnambulism,
Salic laws against, ii. 93.

i. 65.
stories about, ii. 464-479. Wounds, Van Helmont on the mag-
Witch-fairies, tales about, ii. 489. netic cure of, ii. 243.
Witch-hammer, publication of the, ii.

XAVERIUS, ecstatic vision of, fulfilled,
Witch metamorphoses, ii. 145.

i. 27.
mountains of Europe, ii. 195.
origin of the name of, ii. 122. ZENDAVESTA, early records of myths
persecution of the fifteenth century, in the, i. 6.
ii. 150; sanctioned by Innocent principal doctrines of the, i. 221.
VIII. ii. 125; works written against, Zimmermann on the Iudian Fakirs, i.
ü. i 28.

- revel, description of a, ii. 197. Zoroaster the first recorded magician,
– trial at Marlborough, ii. 181; at i. 125.
Mora, in Sweden, ii. 179.

Zschokke on second sight, ii. 425.

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