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over, be not only heals the deadly diseases of the living but cbe very dead, these, to wit, wbo are dead in crespasses and lins, Eph. 2. I.

Now, o Chriftian, search to know what ailes chee,' put thy tinger upon thy fore; and point to him wbat is thy tickness, and he will furnith thee with agrees able fanative applications: o Christian, art theo blind and blear-eyed: he says to thee come &bay of Me eye-salve that thou mayest (ee, art theu dumb or deaf: he makes the deaf to hear, and the dumpb to speak; art chou onder a decay of grace: Rishe who will rettore thy soul, and will renew thy days as of old; art thou under a Feaver of Pallions and boiling lufts: he can command this Soul-form ins to a Calm, and give thee fofficient power over thy corruptions; art thou hard hearted; he can melt and mollife the confirmed like tone within thee; art thou ander woonds and vexatious perplexities of conscience, be bealerb tbe broken in beart, binds ethuptb:ir wounds, Pral, [47. 3.

That I may lum up this point, O Christian,go to Christ, who calls upon thee, truft in him as willing and able to save to the utmost, and without doubt he will cure thee to eby contentment, and give thec occasion to acknowledge it with thanksgiving, as she Pfalmift 103. 1,2,3,4, Bless the Lord, my Soul, and all that is within me, blefs His holy Nams, zobe forgiveb all ibine I niquities, tobe bealeth all thy Dis And thus much of the several sorts of Chriss needs

dexcellent Wares exposed to open Sale,



Some Rules and Dire&tion, for managing this Spirits.

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Christian Merchants baving exposed to view

and sale several lorts of Chriüs Wares, I would gladly bave you to fall upon a class coorle of Tras ing; that ye may be daily increasing your (piritual Rock, chai ye may be waxing rich towards God, and laying op trealures in heaven ;, in order to the managing of whicb kind of Merchandize to those ends and porposes, these Rules and Dire&tions fola lowing may be considered,


1. Dirse.

1r6&. Endeavour to have a true fenfe of your

want and need of those things ye mind to buy and trade in, John 3. 29. Buy tb fe ibings that ye bave need of againg the Feap; I beseech you be earne in prayer to God for a discovery of the true Aate of your souls, how naked, bow poor, how Wretched ye are: O Sirs, are there not many of your Lamps without oyl > i.e. that bave nothing of ebe grace of God in you : do not many of you want love to God, want faith in Chrift, want peace and patience, and want submission to God, yea want the spirit of God, and are rather poffeffed of ebe spirit of the world which is sensual, Jode 19. Sens fral not having the spirit. O Sirs, are there non

Coristless Cbrillians among you, yea without God, ip!,2,12. & Adeor ev. To xoruw, i, e. Acbeilts in the world, But what should I say, for I want a tongue to tell you of your wants & ye want bearts senlible of your wants,so ibere is many sad wants among os; o out eberę be many Laodiceans among us, poor, blind, naked, &c, not knowing that they are fo; O linmers, how can ye want so many things, fo needfull things, and not go to the Mercat to buy.

2. Dire&. Endeavour to`qoderstand the trao worth and value of such commodities as ye mind to buy and deal in, thai ye be not cheated, and also that in judgement and discretion ye may come upte the full race and just value of things ; I fay, study to know borb che intrinsick goodness and worth, as alforhe extrinfick value of things, wbich many time? varies according to the present necessity, usefulness, tarity or scarcity, and other such accidental circum: ftances; and for this effect, frequently improve the Scriptures that ye may try whether Christs Wares be such as his Ministers give them one cobe, tai 17. 11. that being instructed out of the Law, ye may be able to approve ebe things that are more excels lent, or as the Original will bear, ye may try the things that differ, is nouiua Els To decoéporld, Rour, 2. 18. It is in the Bible ye bave an enumeration & fpecification of all Chrilts Wares as alloit is by the information thereof, ye must get your intelligence of the nature, properties, ose, value, and current rates of the forefaids.

Direa. Yemuft be skilfallin Arithmerick and

1ts, this is so very need

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full that a man cannot be a compleat Merchant or manage Trade to any good effed without it, and theretore you will find that in all great Towrs of Trathique, there are Schools and Masters for this purpose, to teach Italuar se Book-keeping, as it is ordinarly termed, whereby geods, lumns of money in Cash or Bank, debes to or from any, "yea a mans wbole Rock & movables, are diftin&ly & orderly potted or classed in their leveral pages or paragrapbos so that with the greater ease, celeritie and convenis epce (having the belp of an Alphabetick. calendar) he may take a view and farvey of the fate of his affairs, which is both pleasant & profitable, therefor Merchants bave their memorial or Waltsbook,their Journal, their Leger Sc. and to this purpose that passage of the Wiseman seems to found, Prov.17.23. Be thon diligent to knowo the fate of by Rocks, or look well to thy burds; which could not be performed witbout oombering and keeping a daily account of them, as sheepherds ose to do. Hence says Doctor Jermine in loc. as mens estates are now reckoned by thousands of pounds, so they were of old by tbools ands of cattle. And I cannot pass wbat Mr. Pool batba io bis Annotations on the place being so apy posite to our porpose. Know the Nate of tby fooks, ebat thou mayît preserve & improve wbat thou halt, and take care obine expences may not exceed chine incomes: and look well to thy herds trust not wbols ly to thy fervants, as many do, thac they may give op themselves whollie to ease & pleasure, bot make pse of thine own eyes and reason for the condnet of thine affairs, leaftebou come to roine, as many :

done by this very means : Now for the application of this, spirtcoal Mercbant, if the minds to thrive, thou moft keep a Diarie, in wbicheverie day there will be femething to let down, and therefore I will point at a few forts of Bosks and Accounts that thou may have occalion to keep,

1, Our fpiritual Merchant bath bis Debt book, or Book of Conscienc:, wherein he fets in order all bis fins againg Gød, committed such a day, on loch an occalion, at toch a place, with such companie &c. which exađaels will mightily belp you in your pes nitential exercises, (peciallie in confefling of fins & clearing Counts with God; from this record you may be able to extract a fall charge of your Debts, and so with tbe more bomilicie, clearnels and relfa condemnation, take with the libel cbat God prefers against you, which is no mal advantage to a serious fool that desires te be throughlie kambled and pes nitene before Ged. I am apt to believe that the molt part of common Profefiors are little concerns ed about anie fach matter, wbich gives the Lord occafion of complaint, as Hof.7. 2. They consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness; which feems to imply as much as if they fondlie dreamed, because they forget their fins, therefore God for's gets them too, which will make their approaching miserie the greater, when they are made to feel, cbat he neither forgets ner forgives, but keeps a follacs count of them. so as he will fet them all in order bey fore their eyes, Pfal. 50.21, 2.. but the trolie godia are not so, bot carefoll to keep an exact account nheir enormities and defeati, Psal.51,3,4,51143


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