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There are too manie who never examine or care bg what mechods ( whether just ar unjuft, honelt or sordide ) they get Maney and enrich chemselves, fo be it by book or by crook they bat getit, to them as Juvenal says, lucri bonu, eft odor ex re qualibet; it may shame Christians to rejoice in dishonest gains and, as too many do, life up their face to God and bless him for them as if he had belped them thereto, when a Heathen could lay, Tis in twy &c. i.e. wbo of the gods ever belped or blessed the ur jud.

Now my meaning is, that ye carefullie see, if the Religion which ye espoule & resolve to tradein, be the pure religion & undefled, examine the grounds of your Principles, that ye may be folidly satisfied that the reformed Chriftian Religion, is that which ye are alone co be exercised and constant in, as bės ing conform to the Law and to the Teftimonie ; for the most part of professing Christians implicitely and blindly embrace the Religion they were born and bred in, and has the force of the Civil San&ion of the Laws of the Land they inhabite, which I grant'may bappen to them to be the belt Religion, but they who come by the belt Religion only by bap, may happen too ( when Trials & Temptations give occafion) to change the belt Religion for a worse, Bot; O man of God, seethou go by furer grounds, and that thou have the Wactant of a Di. vine Statute for thy Christian Calling, and so opeo this botcom may thou stand form against all the quo Tungprantos that Devils or Men can bring in again

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6. Direktion

Ire&tion. Enter your felves Burgells and Free

men in the Cbriftian Commons wealth, engage in Cbrifts Oath of Fidelitie co be truc to the Trade, and likewise chat ye will concurre what ye Can for defending the Priviledges and promoving the Interefts thereof, for if the Son (to wit Chrift) make you free, tben are you free indeed John 8.36,We read Epb. 2. 12. Of the Commonwealth of Israel, πολιτεία το Ισραελ, which imports as much as that the Church of God is like a body politick whereof all the Members have their severalCallings&Functis ong, which make together for tbegood of ý whole, so the members of our Chriflian Common-wealth have a Spiritualstrade that lyes in a Land a far off, even in the bigheft Heavens, where resides their Great Mercbant and Correspondent JESUS, with whom they Converse by the lettersroillives of their Prayers & Supplications, whereby they make their Wants and Exigencies known unto Him, and thus they are provided and furnished, and so keep op Trade with Him. Hence says the Apostle, Phil. 3. 10: Our Conversation is in Heaven, Torilejua lignis. fies as much as our Citizenship, or Burgeship, or free. dom of Employment as Citizens of the Leavenly fe. rufalem : therefore Mr.Baxter, occasionally glosling on this Texe in his Life of Faith. Cap. 16 pag. 573. peaks most appofitly to our porpose ; wben it is said, thar oor Conversation is in Heaven, it figniesla tbat oor Burgesship is there and our interest &g

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concerns are there, our Treading and Thriving business is there, and our Friends and Fellow.cis lizens, and those that we daily Trade and Converse with in love and familiarity are there, eveð ag aus God, and our Head, and lakeritance is there. From wbich it is plain, there is a fpiritgal freedom and fel lowsburgeship with the Saints above, let os then encer oor felves into this Right and Priviledge, by fubscriving Chrifts Burgess.oard An Authentickcas py whereof ye bave Isa.44.5 vs. They fall fubfcribe worth their hand to the Lord; the plain (hing I mean Personal-covenanting solemnly engaging to Trade and Converse with Him in Spiritgal-concerns & A fairs, Ye would alfo do well. ca get an Extra of your Burzefisticket, or a fealed evidence of your being sworn Members of the Commonswealch of Israel, that is to fay, labour after the faith of Affas rance, as a clear Document & Charter of your being incorporated Members of that MyftickBody 4 batta Commerce and Communion with Chrif the Heads

7 Dire&t. Make acquaintance with the Mers chants or Factors who deal in the Wares ye are for, I will recommend you ta fome of them;

1. Make acquaintance with the Miniflers of Christ tbole Stewards of the Mysteries of God, Cor 4.1 who are entrusted with Heavens Treafures & rich, en Wares, to felt off and retail the fame asebey fiad Caftomers, they are Scriben in Arnded unto the kings dom of Havea, i, e are endued wieli ploney & riety of Gifts. Graces, Expediences, 6c, and foare Inco bring forth agt of their Treasures things met !, i, c. to accommedat the fevarat Calengad


Capacities of tbex audience, Marib, 13:52. Go then Isay utito bem, propose your Doubts, uobolom your Scruples, discover your Wants, and let them KNOW Wbat of Cbrifts Wares ye would bave, for ebey are fet over you as à parc of the Lords Hou. thold, to give you your portion of meat is due sealon, Luke 12, 42.

1. Make acquaintance also with solid experienced Gbrifions, who having received much acibe band of the Lord can acquaint you of His Dealings with chem, and of their Dealings towards Him & fome. times Cbrift makes use of them too for vending off His Wares, Pfal. 66,16. Come and bear all ye sbar fear God, and I will declore what He barb done for my fowl. And Peter tells us + Pet. 3. 1, 2; 3; 4 chat fome who would borbe won by the word, may by Gods fing; be gained by a well ordered exemplary Converfation. And it bath been well known that some wile religious Cbriftians in cheir privat capacity,

bave been bleffed Instruments of gaining & building i op fouls; bave not some been very usefull in com.

törting the fick in Body and diftreffed in Mind; in exborting the untoward & careless, iu firengthning the weak, iwrebuking and admonishing the andatis full and untender, in communicating experiences too, & praying for their Clæristian bolom familiars, for as Iron sharpins Iron, fo Chriftians bave sharpned & quickoed one ancther in the Ways of the Lord,

3. Above all make acquaintance with our Lord Jefus, He batb tbe Monopoly of Heavens Wares in His Hand, He is the first hand wholesale ebant,and His Warehouse never runs out,

short of the best and most needfull commodities, ye can oever chope Him wrong; and there is an abfo lute neceflicy ibat ye make acquaintance with Him, it is also your ondoubted interet, Job 22, 21. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, Acquaint now sby self with Him ab. r. by good shall come unie sbec, show foult lay up Gold as dur, &c.

8. Direå, Mind your Business, and be diligent in your Calling, whatsoever thou finds in thy bond to do, do it roub all oly megbt, Eccl. 9.10, Diligence and lateligence are bighly reqoilice in a Mercbant, viz. that he know tien bis correfpondents bow mercats role, and what is the true current value of things, & then that he be diligent io improving bis intelli. gence to the best advantage ; fo a diligent Chriftian is readily a thriving Cbrifian, and therefore in order to our growth in Grace, we must give all diligence, to add 10 our Faith Virius, and to Virtuc Knowledge, &c. 2 Pet, 1.56; 7. Bøt seeing we are too liable to be loiterers, neglecting our business, cherefore I will offer these following Motives for your excites ment to Diligence in all your Concerns, specially Spiritual.

1, Mot. Diligence hath the promise of the divine benedi&tion annexed to it, which brings along with it the answer of our reasonable votes for every man by Trading proposes Profit, and desires to be profs perous, cbe whicb Ends are atchieved most furely and moft (peedily by being industrioos in our lawful affairs, waiting on Gods blefling to second our en deavours; the band of rbe dilig nt makerbrish, and the of the diligent shall be made fa, Prov. 10.4.& 11:43


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