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their lawfull Calling, but exceedinglie occupied in such vain, ugfeasonable, and unprofitable bufiness, that in effect they were but idle ; and therefore have we not dailie occafion to observe, that idle persons who either want employment of tbeir own, or negle&tis, are busie in other mens matters, and if they be swear to work with their bands, yet labos rious and mettal enough in their tongues, hence Flaccius Illyricus in bis glofs on this paffage, says of thefe bohe bodies, circumcurfint aliena explorare &c. i, e, they ron about to fearch into other mens affairs, they judge oncharitablie and fpeak evil of others, they (sw contentions among others, chey traduce other mens speeches, and coine oew ftories of their own, and divers other ways they dilo turb Brotberlie peace & upitie, Are there not many idle persons I say who bufie themselves at their Games and Disports, who are diligeat in drinking, chambering and wantonness, and who laborianflie ipend much time in contriving ways how to spend their time in doing apie (biog else, 'cban wbas they are called to do, so that the fom of their bafioefsis, they are occupati nibil agendo, if not male agendo, for i moft also say here, that idleness is the verie Núrfe. rie of vice and debaucorie; hence in Junius & Trek milius notes on the forecited 2 Tbell 3, 11, it is faid that from idleness infinita mala consequuntur; and therefore what lufts fo borrible, what undatoral Talis fulGlled with so much eagerness as among the onclean Sodomnites, and what did nourish & prompt mrem tochese abominations, Ezekiel tells us, Chap 16

e, compare with Gen, 19.4.5Fulnafi of bread,

& abundance of solenej and it is observed that when David was idle, then the foul temptation to Aduis terie wrougbe boulic upon him, 2 Sam, 11.1, 2, 3. And further let me tell you, Satan never bath a better eccation for compafling bis deligrs upon tinners to make them a prey chan wben they are idle, for not so much Satan makes them a prey,as tbey make themselves a prey to Satan,net so mucb Satan tempis chem, as chey tempt Satan, therefore we may fay that wbereas Sutin tempts busic maen to be idle, idle men tempt Swan to be bufis; who is always vigilaot to ensoare and deftroy onwarie finners,

3, Effe. Usualidleness is an ill babit that is verie hard to be shaken off, it puts men almost in the verie fame humoor with Schools boys when they get five er bx weeks together of vacancie from tbeiritúdies and leasure to play, they become verie averle and unwilling to ply their books again; or they may be .compared to vagabond beggers, who being once engaged in this unballowed fort of occupation, and bavingtalled the sweetness of eafe & idleness, they never incline again to work for their living. And may I bere accoft thee, O Chriftian, with this expoAulation : art then not fallen lo remiss and fecure in thy religious exercises, ebar no Reason or Rhes lorick eicber of Gods Word or of ebine own Cons science, doth raise or engage thee to thy wonted delight or diligence in Duties.

4. Efa. Idleness may seem pleasant for the time, byt afterwards it becomes molt bitter and perplex. ing, to continue our allusion to foolish Boys, wr!.. take their swees play, wben they fhould b


eir books, which often proves grievous and vexas cious to them when tbey arrive at years riper underttanding, giving them occalion too late to res grate their follie and inconfideration, and in vain to cry out, Omibi præteritos referat si Jupiter annos, Even so how manie Chriftians have out of time heaville lamented their securitie and negligence in religious Concerns,


9. Dir.&tion. Frequent the Exchange and careful

lie keep all Mercats, semper tibi pen. deat humus, i.e. diligentlié attend all occalions of ardinances, there may be a blink of Gods presence, there may be a showre of divise influences, there may be a gale of heavenlie breathings one day, or at one opportunitie, the like whereof perhaps has not been in your day, or the like may not be for mas nie years or days to come; Ilay ftill wait on at the poits of Wisdoms Doors, thou knoweft not what hour the Lord cometh, and may open His Door to give thee access into the Chamber of Prefence, and as it is Eccl, 11, 6, Intbe morning for thy Seedand in the evening withbold nor thy band, for tbou knowe non whether shall prosper, citber this, or sba, or wbether they thal both be alike good. Ye know not what one Sers mon, what one $entence may prodose, yea in the winckling of an eye chou may ft get a divine touch vil set thy heart right to eternity,hence faith one cidit in pun&o quod non fperatur in anno

tur in pun&o quod non reparatur in anne,

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Isay then carefullie keepibe Church, and improve all opportunities of Gods publick worship in the San&uarie,the San&uarie is the Chriftian-exchange where spiritual mercbants use to meet, and Gospeloffers are the opening up of the Mercat for the fale of Cbriftz Wares, Here I would have

you advertit ed of three several sorts of Chriftian-Mercats, and be sure to miss none of them,

I. There is Chrilts yearly folemn Fair, the Holie Communion, or mioitration of tbe Sacrament of the Lords Supper ; I will not lay but this Fair may be more frequent than twice or thrice either as there is need and clear caoses for it, I Cor. 11. 24, 10 30. Bot there is one thing I would bave considered bere, that though nuperous creuds may throng to this kind of Mercat, yet none bave a right to buy, but they who are fill entered Burgeßer and Free men in the Commons wealth of Israel, for it is ebe Childrens bread that is broken in that sacred Adion, and onlic Children should partake of this Feast, it is the Communion of Saints, and onlie Saints should communicate.

2. There is Christs weekly Mercat, everie Lords Day, wbich we should carefullie frequent & attend, there is access for everie bodie to come and buy of Chrifts wares, ar this open mercat;Jewr & Gentiles, they that are within, and they that are without may all promiscuousie enter tbe San&uarie of the Lord, and find plentie & varictie answerable to all their wants and exigencies : the Sabbath-day uleth to be Gads dealing day. whereapon be calts his bread us peo the waters, and gives a portion to leven &

to eight hungrie fouls: negle& not to improve the blend opportunitie of publick erdinances, wbich are vebickbes and conduites of conveyance of spiris tual blelings from heaveolie places: it was at hearing Peter preach, that three chousand fouls were effecuallie wrougbo upeo and converted to God, *&. 2. 37.41. and allo that che Holie Gboft was poured forth on Cornelius and the companie wich bim A8, 10:44:45. and likewise it was at Pauls preaching that Lydis, beart was opened, Aas 36. 14. Faith comets by bearing, and bearing by tbe Word os God Rom. 10. 17.

3. Chrilts Shop is never shot, but by sight & by day you may traffick with Him by frequent & fer vent Prayers, by deep and raised Meditations, by alliduous reading the scriptore, 85c. Pfal. 55.17, Evening and Merning, at Noon will I pray, and He fhall bear my Voice,

10. Direa. Venture all wearbers, or resolve to go through with your business on all bazards, bechas never ventured never won, berbat obferveró tbc wind Mallnit fow, and be that regarderb the clouds fbal net reap, Eccl. 11. 4. ye muft not forego a promising Mercat becaule of foul weather, Says Horace, E. pift. lib, I.

Impiger extremos currit Mercator ad Indos
Per mare pauperiem fugiens, per

faxa per ignes,

i, e? *Tis neither fames, nor rocks,por forms by Sea

Will bound the ventrous Merchants Industrie. Sa our spiritual Merchaot mut vencore all that he again the Pearl of great price, but there be


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