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many peevith narrow fouis, ibo bave not bearero bazard anie thing for Chrift, upon wbich fort of Foik cake ebele few Reflections,

1, Reflea, They who will not venture on hazards for Chrilt or bis precious Wares, it seems they bave O Believer, fear not the most rough (welling Sea', wben God is tby Pilote, fear not the molt perillous journey when God is thy guide and guard, fear noc the most formidable Heft of Enemies, when the Lord of Hofts is thy Captain General, for He can de liver thee in seven dangers and also io eighe; bot if thou fainceft to face the field, alas thou believelt not that the Captain of Salvation can save to the ut. termolt; if thou shake at every little blall and billow tbou may ft be jealous least thcu haft not yet caf che ancbor of hope into chat within ebe vail, neither art bod yet firmlie perswaded, that he wbo made the

Seas can bound the Seas, and can by a word of bis power command the forms into a calm.

2. Refle. They who will not venture on bazards for Chrift or his precious Wares, it seems they have not the sense of their great needs and wants; necef fity will make men traverse the wide Ocean, will make them face the mouth of the roaring canon, & leap dykes and ditches, yea the Rhetorick of necelhty will perswade and prompt to undergo, aga mille periculo mortis; men who under and they must have Cbrift or be damned, will not fick upon the Cross to the bargain, they who congder tbey mof bave the Crown of Glory, or be debased to the low Hell, will run, will Ärive, will wrelle and fel

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a man

they may overcome, a man of needs, will alla be a man of deeds cho amidi che molt deadly dangers.

3 Refl &. They who will not venture on bazards for Chris or his precious Wares, it seems tbey know not the worth of Christ, but are dazled & deceived with the imaginarie worth of che World; forelie a knowing man will ventore more for a Pearl than a Peeble, more for a kingdom than a cottage, fo a jas dicious good man who underttands well wbat ehe heavenlie enduring fubftance is, will joyfullie venture the spoiling of his goeds, and give all the lab. Aance of his house for the possession of it. H-6.10.34. Song 8,7. a Chriftian who duelie values the life of his soul, will not love bis li fe unto the death. For the honour of the Lord of bis life spiritual and bodilie, Matib. 16,24. Rev. 12. 11. A&r 21.13. who discerns the true excellencie of Chrift will vens ture the loss of his all co gain him, Pbil. 3.7.8.

4. Refeat They who will not venture on hazards for Chrift & his precious Wares, they take apother way to Heaven than the Saints of all ages, who through much Tribulation have entered into the Kingdom of Heaven,

S. Refl: &. They who will not venture on bazarda for Christ and his precious Wares, it seems they are

MO unthankfullie forgetful of what Chrif bas ventured in for them, he not oplieron the bazard of, bot au allie underwent the vileft reproaches, the falselt ca lumnies, the moft epprobrious contradidieps, molt pinching neceffities, yea & the cursed Death of the Cross, and which was mere horrible than all these, at biccer Cup of the Fathers wrath, tbat made Him


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[weat drops of blood in a sorrowfall agonie, and prefied Him at length to cry fortb, My God, my God, wby ball Tbou forlakon M.:

6. Refea. They who will not ventore on bazards for Cbrift or his precious Wares, I may venture to say of such that tbey never yet cordiallie closed with Chrilt on his own terms, which run in those express words, If any man will come after me, let, bim deny bim felf, and take up his cross and follow me.

7. Refleå. They who will not venture on bazuds for Cbrin or bis precious Wares, it will be wellwared tbac Cbrift pals this juft and terrible doom opon them, wbosoever deny m: before men, bim will l'aiso deny before my Fatbar which is in beaden, Mat, 10. 33.


!!. Dire&ion, If ye meet with losses in your vens

tures be not discouraged to quite trading, but rather ose all means and diligence to recover & make them ap again, it is not all left that is in bazard, and all losses are not irrecoverable, many a broken ship bas come to land, and many a broken merchant bas set up gain. Many a fallen Peter has got to his feet again, and loved our Lord Jesus after a batelull forsaking of Him. Here I will touch at several congderable Lolfes that our fpiritual Merchant is in bazard to

1. The loss of Gods Favour and Presence, after the brightforn shinings of bis Face, there may be a dark Ecclipse, none of the Saints bot they fear this, done of them but whiles they feel this, and are e


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ercised with this case, Fob 13. 24. witb Job iz 8,9 and I ca pot buc axention Davids notable experis ence this way, Pfal. 30, 1, 3. The Lord lists him up and brings bim from the grave, verfe 4. Geds angry countenance calls bim down, but foon dark this cload pass away, and again bis favoar shinėtb forth, in the 5th oerf, be is again in a weeping mood, bo! anone jay repoffefseth his beart, verfe 6, 7. he is fo gladned, and confideat of this present atcainment, thac be falls a boafting as if he could never be move ed, batere he is aware, God bideth, which marri his mirth; and puts him to bis prayers to cey to the Lord, ver se 8, 10, till at length bis fapplication is graciouslie answered, so that be eods ebe Pfalm with a long of praise, verf 11,12 thus we see botb fron this inftance and several others, that this lofs is reco. verable, the clouds may evanish, che furlie skyes may clear up, and the cleared 8an display refreshing beams, f. 57. 16, 18, 19.5454. 8.

Nunc pluit E5 claro nunc fupiter dibere fulget,

2. The loss or decay of the exercise of grace, a great loss indeed which often oor Merchane softains, and a lofs it is that can never enough be regrated; dotb. not the Believer often thus complain: alas the sweet time is gone, when I was frequent and diligent in duties, and so made dailie additional increases of my lock ? but now how seldom, how doll, how heartlefs in duties: Cometime a day it was the ans speakable comfort of my soul to entertain class in tercourses with God in my spiritual exercises ; bor now it is irksom to me to be lo employed,and many Hinge I am before God when I am not with God,


either is God with me, and yet so infenfble; that I

m little perplexed either for wanting God, or walls ing that which I seek of God, which plainlie says, at least I want the exercise of grace ; does chou noi mind, O my rool, bat preachings were favourie & edifying to thee, bot'now how fapless and causeous; deft then dot miod of tby being in a watchfuil teu. der frame, so that blasphemous thoughts were foco fpyed with borror, and abandoned with abborreneie? yea and vain imaginations challenged & chars ged to be gone; bat now are not these coo passings lie noticed, and but fajollie regted: doft thou not alto remember thy care to oppose temptations, wherein now thou art flack and soon fuccumbs: 0 my soul, would it not cake a long time to descant at cbis rate of thy former enjoyments, the which where are they now:Orecoude chy.leffes, & be concerned to get chem made up again, Rev, 274, 5. 2 Cor. 9 8.

3. The lofs of inward peace and tranquillitie of ried, which is a precious Pearl as we bioted before, the loss whereof is great: Is ia verie bard to come by, but it is soon gone, yet may be recovered, for vecie often the Saints fnd that by alternate courses, ebey have light and darkness; peace and war, frans quillitie and perplexities ; therefore, O Believer, if tby faules & daily infirmities, if Gods withdrawings, if waterfall corruptions have created thee dispeace, give thy self no peace, and to fay fo, give the Lord no peace or refl, till chov haft recovered an established peace in chy soul, which the God of peace can ícn perform.

4. The loss of our good name, which to ani

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