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13. Diriat. Design bone Aly as well as des} boneros, i, e, have honeft single ends before you in chooting and following a Trade or Calling, the molt parc are prompted meer lie with a profpe& of worldlie advantages and expe&ations, never consulting God in their propafals or undertakiogs for clearing and direction anent a Aated calling or ioficution of life in the world, neither are they concerved feriouffie to. forecaf how they may be mñod servicablate Godin their Aation and generation, Prov 3. 6. The wife man advifeth well, Acknowledge the Lord in elitby wags, ond be shall dire&rby paths. And there is very good reason for itthat we should own & seek God in all our concerns speciallie of weight and conse. quence, for thougb the Lot may be calt into the lap of man, yet ebe wbole dispoling thereof is of the Lord, Prov, 16. 33. god we have a laying wbich is turned to be proverbial, man proposes, but God dispos fes, so then, I say, propafe God as the ultimate end oftby adions, 1 Cor. 10. 31. and propose other ho. nelt approvable designs in all thy butiness and em, ployments, and therefore I will inform you of foma fpecial Ends tbat'a Mercbat fhould have before him in his Trading.

1, End. With dependence on God to bless your awfull labaurs, ye thould eye tbe providing an hos left comfortable livelibood for your felves, specially onlidering Gods Order and Cofication that every nan should profefs Com'e wonen Trade, Tit. 3. 14, margioalreading, and obat in the sweat of his face be should eat his bread, Gen. 3. 19 ia our spirit merchana by maintaining Trade with Chrin

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men may live most comfortablie; but we have touched this before.

2. End. A Merchant may allowably propose lag. ing up sometbing in Stock and Store for the time to come, for the supply of bis Araits under the miseries of old age ; fo our spiritual Merchant treasures op experiences, and lays up in store a good foundation for the time to come, Jaying held on eternal Lifes

I Tim 6. 19,

3. End. A Merchant may allowably prepole pros viding for his pofterity, that they be not miserable when be is gone;did ever any man yet hate bis OWA Aesh, but rather nourished it, Epb. 5. 29, 2 Cor, 12) 14. Parents ought to lay up for their children, 1 Tim.s. 8. He is worse ebao an lagdel who provides not for his own Heuse. Even so Chriftians should do allckey can for transmitting to Pofteritie the plentie & pu: ritie of Gospel-ordinances, and chey Rould see to their Edocation in the knowledge of the Mysteries of Religion, that they may be skilled in managing their spiritual concerns in their day. Gen. 18, 19.1 know that Abraham will command his Children & bis Houshold after bim, and they fhall keep the way of the Lord, to do Justice and Judgement, See also Deut. 6.7. Pfal. 78. 5, 6.

4. End. A Mercbape should propose the Loteret of the Commons: ucalth, as well as his own private commoditie, non nobis folum Nerijumus, faith Cicero. Likewise our Spiritual Menchant may fay, men *obin

folum renati fumus; and therefore should be lo much of a publick spirit, as to promove the peace & Ceritie of Sion, and feel the good of the House

ord for ever, PC21.

s. End. A Merchant should propose both in the purcbale and improvement of his ettate, that it may beçbereby fervicable to God, and uletull co His poor Saints. Honour the Lord with thy (ubftance, and with che Grit traits of all dine increase, lo shall tby baros be filled with plentie, and by prellesshall bork out with new wine, Prov.3.9, 10. & 2 Tom. 6, 17, 18. Charge them that are rich in this world,thall they croft not in uncertain riches, but that they do good, that they be ricb in good works, readie to dinribate, willing to communicate. O burthe mes morie of some opulent Mercbants be favourie and honourable to this day, and will be for ever, for their charitable large beftowances to piaus ufes, both in their life & at their death by Mortifications and Provisons for the Poor, and for encouraging Learning, c.

14. Dire&, Frequentlie look into your Countbooks, & take a farvey of the fate of your'affairs, examine your own selves, prove your own selves, & Rodie ta koow what spirits ye are of, how affe&ed to God, bow affected to fin bow affe&ed to dutie; Owbat unspeakable advantage may accrew to the Serious CbriQian by accomplishing a diligencinquellt this

way; I advised you before to keep Count books, for noting down and posting all the particulars of your Soul-concerns, and that for ebis purpose, that ye may the more readilie view your profit and loss, and fo understand if your Itock grows or decreases, and wbat is your true & free estate For accomplifh. ing whereof, I advise you at certain reasons to revise your faid Spiritual.records, such asthese e and Seasons following,

1. Seas. After some foul and notable Fall, this may alarm you to look into your Books, te koow if ye have been goiltie of the like Faolt before, if ye Dive repented of the like and other Faults so duelie and deeplie as ye shoald bave done,

2. Seif after the receipt of some lignal mercie, that you may take occasion to compare with formet receipts, and try if ye have been chankfoll, or bave walked werthie of the Lords loving kindeelles.

3. Seaf. Before ye take the Sacrament of the Lords Supper, this datie of self-examination should be mot exzchie & defgoedlie set about : the ApoAle in akes it a prerequidite qualification for admidion to be Table of the Lord, that a Communicant bave not onlie a competencie of knowledge, to be able to examine bimlelf, but a competencie of pras etical conscience too,actually to discbarge this need roll durie, & that under the certification of the moli terrible penaltie that can be iedieed, 1 Cor. 11.28. But let i min examine' himself, (it is not enough that the Minister or anie other examine bim ) and fo lei him eat of that bread: &c. (i, e, being fo qualified) for be that caterb and drinketh unwortbily, caterb and drinkerb damnation to bimsolf, not difcerning the Lords body.

4. Seaf. When anie grievous temptation afsaules you, then try if you bave met with fach an onzrec beröre, how ye behaved onder it, how ye got the victorie,and what kind of issue and out-gate ye had, charlaus ye may be wised how to carrie in the prea fent functure and exigence.

When ye are under anie outward amiais

90 or bodily Gckness, Cake an account of your affairs and let yoor house in order, for immediaclie upon the diffolation ot your earthlie Tabernacle, ye will be filed before God, and there arielie examined both as to fins committed, doties omitted, aod mera cies received, fo ibat if ye have not your counts cleared, O bow pale and perplexed will ye ftand belere ihe Judge of all Flesh.

6. Seas, It were not amiss is preparation for the Sabbath and the Work of it, to examine your felves, what good ye bave got of Ordinances before, wbac ye need, how ye are Gcted or in frame for meeting with God in the San&uarie, c.

7. Seaf. It would prave of great dead & advan. tage to you everie day to examine your selves; the ofter che beccer, for short comnts makes lorg Friends, wben manie zimes delays and lingring breed great confofions & inconveniceces: I cannot pass what Seneca says to this purpose, Delro lib 3. Cap. 36. Quid pulchrius &c. that is, what can be more pleas fant than the dailie practice of self-examination, O what sort of sleep is it I have after this solitarie exercise : yea bow quiet, bow found, bow kindlie is my reft: when I search my conscience about my manners, and secret a&tions, I either commerd or ingenuouffie admonish my self ; thus 1 review the whole day, thus I confider my works & my words, I bide nothing from my self, I pass nothing withous some remark. o religious words from a Pagans


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