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7 be Use and Application of the Do&trine,


FirA Ust of Reproof Trading with Chrift the way to be Rich, then

we bave reprovable.

1. The Papifto, who Trade with Angels & Saints departed, which is a disparagement to Oar Lord Je: fus, in whole Hand alone is lodged the intire Mono polie of Heaveos Wares, to be diftributed and dit posed of as He sees 6t. Col. 1, 19. lc pleased the Fa. cher cbat in Him should all Follness dwell, & of His Fallness bave all we received and Grace for Grace, Fobn1, 16. Hence fays Chrift plainlie in oor Text i Counsel thee to buy of Me ; He sends chem aal 10 Angels or anje other; 'Deither can we be the better to tranfact with them, for they are not capable co bave commerce with us, there being no ordinas rie means of Gods appointment for this purpole. The same Papists are further reprovable for Trab ficking in Malles, Pardons, Dispensations, Indulgens ces, and such like probibite Wirts & idle tromperie, chat never had Chrifts Mark set upon them, but ra. ther are a part of the Mark of the Beast, & therefore deserve to be made a Seizurc,and sent to Hell

, & the owners thereof should be severely fined & punished,

They are reprovable wbo make a Trade of low: indeed this is the forbidden Trade that the most


part of men drive, lo whom Ababs black brand may be atcribed, who did fell brofijto work wickedkejs in tbe fight of the Lord, 1 Kings 11, 25. the like is said of tbe Israelites, 2 Kings 19. 17. they sold obemfelves to do evil in the light of the Lord, i. e, fhaks ing of all feptiments of a Deity, and quite abandaning the fear of God, they devoted and licenciously gave ebemselves over to all impiety, they call loose the reins upon the necks of their lofts, and greedily gratiâed all tbe appetites of their debauched spirits: Sache propbane Traffickers are these wbo do evil with both cheir hands earnefly, Micab 7. 3. and of wbom the Apostle says, being past feeling, give themselves over unto all lasciviousness, to work all uncleanDels with greediness, Eph. 4. 19. And O is it not sad that even within the vilible Church, where Heavens Wares are openly exposed to Sale, and we are loudly called to Trade with Christ yet chere hould be so many who (flighting His Wares) unad. visedly turn and run lome to their Farmes of iniqui. cy, and others to their Merchandize of wickedneis ; yea it is to be obferved to the scandal & reproach of the Christian Faith (tell it not in Gath &c.) that there are as many execrable impieties, and grofs, vile immoralities to be found among baptized profeffiog Christians, as among Turks and Pigeons : Tit. 1. 16. They profesi that they know God, but in work, they deny Him, being abominable and difobedient, and to every good toørk reprobate: do not these facris legiovlly break their Cbriflian Charter-party, and impiously contraveen ebeir sacred Baptismal-vows and Covenant : O Arange ! that such profeffed ?

of debaucherie, should lay claim to the Religion of Cbrift, wbo are so much uncbriftiae, yca Antichri. ttian in their Practices, and we fear may juftlie be reckoned Cbriflesi Cbriftians : Ah is it not a sad Trade to Where, Drink, Caroole, Curre, 8wear, Blaspheme, Lye, Murder, Oppreis &c. : what can thir Merchants expect as the returns of this Trade: fer Satan is their Correspondent and Fodor with who they deal, and everlalting Loffes & Miferies will be all chey can gain, Roni. 6. 2. the end of those things is Deach, and because of these things cometh the Wrath of God, upon the Children of Disobedieocé, Epb. s.6.

3. They are reprovable wbo baving been often in the Mercat place, and as often couplelled to buy, yet Aill following their own vain and crooked coapsels, have either bitherto delayed te bay, or fatly fay they will not buy.

4. They are reprovable who Trade both' with Chrif and Mammon; there are many double sinds ed men, wbo bave a heart and a heart one heart in pretence for Ohrift, but the other in reality for the world, or if at any time they be for Clario, it is only when sheir being so, will probably make for adoans cing ebeir worldlie interents ; are cbere not manie who rather wake a gain of Gadliness, than count Godliness their gain, Belarm would fain have been in the stead of the righteous, yet his predominant choice ran upon the wages of unrightecofaels. 74 das did traffick for Christ to save Souls, bat he alfa trafficked for the thirty pieces of silver, to destroy Saviour of Souls; Simon Magur essayed to


Trade with Chrift, bot be was for a money bargain, to make money by the bargain; for no doubt he des figned to make a Locrative-trade of working miras culous Cares, and conferring the gifcs of the Holy Ghoft; and hence we may Itrongly suspect, cbac all Simoniacals Ministers are also Mammonical Ministers, teacbiog & preaching for Gilchy lucres sake, Ta,1,11.

5. They are reprovable who though they are en: gaged in a course

of trading with Cbrift, & perhaps have gotten a Rock of Graces among their hands, yet are not industrious or exercised to improve their flock to daily increale; are there not many low fpirited Christians, who if they bave bat as much grace as they think will save them, care pot for grace (uffcicor to serve God, but forelie such are no worebie of the grace of God, and are inadvertent to the Call of God, 2 Pet. 3. 18. But grow in grace &c.

6. They are reprovable wbe dailie lessen their Trade with Chrift, falling spore slack and remiss or lefs frequent and fervent in duties, than they were wont to be, Rev.2.4. I have somewhat again At thee because thou bant left thy for love; they may also be put in the same Categorie, who give up trading with Cbrift, Gal. 5. 7. Ye did run well who did bin der you, that ye should not obey the Trach. But more of this anone.


The second Use of Exhort orion.
My dear Friends, be exhorted and advised
Trade with Christ, ca Bay from Chrif, y

buy and get Christ, and his precious benefits ; les me tell you Sirs, you may chole this Bargain in word oplie say to God Who calls you to take Chrid even to I take Him, and in the Lords Name I allure you that if with Gincere Faith you thus Embrace Chritt, it is a fast bargain to eternities and it ye will not be counselled by a Mortal like your felves for Chriits fake, cake Cbrifts own Counsel, I Counsel thee to buy of Me Gald cried in the fire that thog mayat berico, &c. O Sirs, what is the matter with you, chat ye are so hard of bearing, so doll of unders lianding, & lo flow of moving tbat'ye will not come when called upon, I say arise for the Mafter calleth O had I the Rbetorick of Men & Angels, and the eles quent Tongue of the Learned, I would employ alle my Faculties and Skill co gain your consent to falla Trading with Christ : Bot that I may tbe more pros. bably prevail. I offer to your Confideration ebele following Merides, which I divide into two diftin& Claffis.

The Gift Class we subdivide into two several Branch's, viz. 1. Of the excellencie of Trading wieb Cbrift 2. Of the transcendent Properties Cbrifts Wares,

As to the first Branch, viz. Of the excellencie of Trading with Chrif, sürelie it is tbe best of all Trade, for the evincement and illustration whereof, take tbele ensuing Confiderations,

1, Confis. Trading with Chrif is the moft aduong #rgious and enriching trade; all the little pedling trade are can have in worldlie things, is bot in trifles and 3, chat appertain to back and bellie, and this


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