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nementanie natural Life ; buc O che rich incomes,

the upmaking advantages that our fpiritual mers cbant purebales, even heavenlie gifts and graces,res lative to the precious immortal Soul, whereby it is ebricbed and made bappie toeternitie : it is not improbable oor Lord had this in view, when He said, wbat is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and loss bis own Soul> or what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul: and as feremiah bath it, Chap. 23, 28 What is the chaff to the wheat, faith the Lord ? so what is tbe bodie to the soul? what is time to eternitie : and consequentlie what are the trivial concerns of the one, to the invaluable, momentuous concerns of the other, he that is rich in faith, rich in grace, & rieb towards God, though peor in che world, yet is possessed of more enimas ble riches,than all the gold of Opbir, or all the riches of the Indies: gedliness hath great gain, and is profitable to all things having the promises of this life, and tbat wbich is to come, 1 Tim. 6.6.1954.8.

2. Gonfid. Trading with Christ is ao bonourable Trade: manie of the Ancients ( as Thales, Solong Hippocrates, Cicero, &e.) have spoken diminutively and opprobriculty of Merchandizing, as being unworthie of a noble or ingendous foul, what might have swayed them to vent such fargrical inve&tives again Mercbaodizing I shall not divine, but the divine Oracles speaking of the Merchants of Tyre, Ta. 23. &. say, whose Merchants are Princes, and whole Traffickers are the honourable of the eareb: and in these latter times of the world, it is y koowa, chat marie of the Princes, Nobles,&

eit Personages, in divers Kingdoms and Common wealths, think it na disparagement to interess and concern themselves in matters of mercatore & trals fick; however, whatever discreditable impotati ons may be cal on earthly Merchandize,forely tras ding with Christ is very honourable for all who are enriched with His heavenly treasures, are Kings and Priefs to our God, they are the traly bonourable & excelleni ones of the eartb, wbose great boncur lyer in baving the King of Heaven to Traffick & Trade with them, as in che' Text.

Confid. Trading with Chrißi is a mot pleasant delectable trade : what great pleasure do manic Merchants take in viewing forraign Covotries,upen the occasion of their trading to them: but our Spis ritual Merchant certainlie bach much more, in vili. ting lamanuals Land, for our conversation (or trade and traffick, as we have glanced before page) is in beaven, Pbil. 3.20. be wbiles cakes a Joorney (ja the elevated aspirations & foaring contemplations of his mind) into the New Jerusalem, be wbiles gets føretafts of the fruits and grapes of the Cele&is al Canaan, which affe& bis Soul with so macb real sweetness and satisfaction, that he never fouod the like (nor can find) im anic earthlie pleasures or pels feßions, all Chrills Ways, are Way of Pleasoniness

, and all His Paths are Peace, Prov. 3. 172

4. Confid. Trading witb Christ is a fare Trade : what treafores the men of the world purchase, they are liable to chousands of accidents and casualities, sind herce for diftinction sake,use to be called goods

teine, as being subject to detriment & del cos

&ion, nil nin mortalc tenemus: bae wbat cbe Cbriftis an Merebant gains, is under the care and cuftodie of Him, out of whole Hand none is able to plack any thing, his treasure is well fecured in beaven, where neither Tbief nor Robber can break chi ough to Steal, Marth. 6. 20.

5. Confid, Trading with ChriQ is the best of trador, for a man may chereby foon be made vally ricb:fome podle and toil all their days, and have enough to do to keep their Credit in the world, and are dill from band to mouth, never attaining great things : but in a monient by the purchase of oac Pearl, vix,Chrift, a man is made

OP for ever and infnitly enriched: co our purpose bere we thought fit to transcribe forne lines of Mr. Flavel. Husbandr.Spicitual.Cap.2.p.16.

None will deoy, but those are blefed pains,
Which are attended with the richelt gains.
Grant (bis, and chen mod clearly 'tis inferr'd

Soul work to all deserves to be prefer'd. • This is an unkoowa Trade, Ob, whe ean court,

To what the Gains of Gadliness amount :
For one poor Shilling, O! what risks fomerun:
Some toilipg as i'ch fare from Quo to Sun,
Wbercas one bour fpepe with God brings in
Such heavenly treafores, poor Scals have been
Inricbid for ever : eveo as you see
A Princes Favourite upon the knee
Gan in an hours time more Wealth obtain
Than all your Lives by Labour you can gain,
Pray'r gains are great,& quick returns are made;
Sare ebep che Chriflian drives the richel Trade.

As to the second Branch of the properties ofC?
Wares they are these following:


1 Prop.Cbrils Wares are molt needfulto be bad, coft what they will ; meat, drink, cloaths, &c.bow can we sabhift without them; there are many things convenient that are not neceffar, and many things delirable and dele&able, yea & usefull coo, that yet are not needfull, as is to be seen in & profuse impertinent gaudries of many light Prodigals, which may be very well wanted; bởi Chrifs Wares are nel eniy of stead, but of need to us, we mult have them else we perith, therefore Lute to 42. they are cal led the one thing needfull,

2. Prop. Chrifts Wares are very scarce and rare to be bad, which should make us so wise & providents as to bargain for them while we have occation, He bath not fet up Shop in every Nation, but more of this before,

3. Prop. Though as we have said in some fepfe Cbrifts Wares are very scarce, yet for all that cbere is variety of sorts, and plenty of every fort, they are scarce, because to be had no where else but with Hiin, 18.6.12.& for the same reafen (being all mos no polized and enhansed in His hand ) they are most plenteous with Him, so that all who will come and bay, shall And whatever they call for that can be ol Atead or comfert to them. Pfal. 145.18, 16. Tbe eges of all trait uponibee, and thou givell them tbeir meat ia duo feajon, tbou openeft thine band and satisfica the der fire of every living thing See Plal. 84. It';

hrills Wares are contenting to every bo: dy that gets of them, so as they are well glad of the bargain, and ready to go again to His thog, Marib, with Fcbr 6.14 they who have cruly tafled


4. Prop.

bow good the Lord is, bow rich in mercie,and bow excelleot in loving kindnefs, I dare fay would not pass from their interest bereia for all ibe geld of Ophir.

si Prop. They are of everlasting endurance, never walte or corrupe, and are beyond the reach of all dangers, Marb, 6, 8.

6. Prop. Cbrifts Wares are of great value, yet to be had verie cheap, but of this before,

The second Class of Motives from the danger of el not baying,

1. If ye come not to buy from Chrift, ye will onavoidablie be poor and miserable for ever, for it is oplie by trading with Him ye can be rich.

2. If ye come not to buy from Chrift, speciallie feeing He calls and counsels you, He will defervedly count you despisers of the riches of His Grace, and What meature of Wrath this will amount to may ealilie be guessed. Marth. 22. 5, 7. When the King heard that fome made light of his gracious Offers, be was wrath, and fent fortb bis Armies to destroy tbole Rebels.

3 It ye will not be counselled by Cbrift to come &bay, your own consciences will sometime charge you with tolly and ingratitude for despising so kinds ly counsels: I am apt to believe that this will be one of the most cutting copGderations to aggravat the miserie of damned copfounded Chriltians, beyond the concures of Heathens, that sometimes they had Offers of Mercie, but marred cheir own mercie.

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