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Täl. 3.8, 9. Will a manrob Gowi yer ye bave robbeid 76; but yc say, Icherein buu: wc robbed I bec! in

10 bes 65 Offerings : pe are curled with a wife, Jorge sve robbed Me, even this webolo Nution, I say, then seware of spoiling God beware of spoiling the men of God, beware of ipoiling the things of God; what is once devoted for a pious ufe should be piously pre served, and rather augmented by generous Benefa. &ters, than diminished or embazeled by avaricious Harpyes, I offer some Confiderations with respect to Ebis bainous yet common lin, and little repeoted off

1, Confid. It is a shame that fuch an impiery should be among Chriftians, wheo very Heathens abborred this kind of Villanie, ang iberefore they bad Aria Laws, and thote severelic executed against the Rob bers of their Charcbes, and the Blafpbemers of their gods. You

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wbat a Air and kickle ibe Ephesians were in about their gods, verfo 26, 27, 29. So chat I lay verie Pagans have shewed more respect to their Idols,tban manie Cbrillians do to the True God, and more diflike of Sacriledge, than maDie wbo pretend to be facred Seekers of God. Sa crilegi dont pænas, faith Semce a de benef: lib. s, and Plato de legib. dial.9. fets down bis Sacrilegij Supplis ciun, and that a veric fevere one too; vide Alex, abs Akx. gen. dier, lib, s. cap. 3, Cicer. 1. de leg. Plinij Hitt. lib. 24. cap. 16 where ye will God the several kinds of moft fearfull punishments that were in use in different Nations, and particularlie how grievoullie Sacriledge was punished.

2. Confid, The sacrilegious diminishment of Ec. clefiaftical emoluments &eaccoragements, un no

ble marrs the proficiencie of learning,obftra&s the Plantation of Churches with pious and able men, & binders those wbo are employed& engaged in fas cred Functions from che cheerful & conltant porluis of their Studies&Miniftrial labours, Virtutibus abxat res angufta domi. And also the Povertie of Minifters is an occafionof their Contempt and confequentlie of despiting the Sacrifices and Ordioances of the Lord under their Adminiftration,

3. Confid, God Himfelf will be avenged on facris legious Persons, & bath often manifefted His fignal displeasure by strange Judgements opon tome fucb, Jofnuo 6. 1944-1, 24, 25. Alls 1,2,3,4,5. Hag. 1.6. 9. To this purpose cake a passage or two ob Mri Walders Sermon again ft facrileige, at Londong Nov, 1. 16. 28. pag. 44. Remember Gods Judgements poured down upon fuch as have been branded with Sacriledge, as Pompey the great that never profpered afcer bis Sacriledge at Jerusalem, Crafus the rich, Julian che apopate, and his Uncle Tulon, and Felix bis treaforer, chink of Ananias, Sapphira, Achan, Bealfsazzer, Antiocbus ; there never was nor never thall be apie, that did take frota Gods Church any eyeshur, or Donary dedicated to the Choreh, but he or bis became dva curso; or a Corfe; Church goods are like the gold of Tholoufe, which brought a Curle upon cbofe ; pofleffed it ; fear says he, lealt Gads Thunderbolts firict you down into Hell among thoseSouls that ye have been the means to damd, by depriving them of the means that migho ave saved them. I say then, touch noc, take not, le not Churcb goods in a Sacrilegious way, for


male porta, male dilabuntur, soch parchases will soon perish,


4. Caution, O Chriftian Mercbant, beware of Pircannot Trade or Travel eitber by Sea or Land, but ye will run Hazards this way. And to use the Apo. ttles words, ye may be in perils of Waters, in ferils of Robbers, in perils by your own Countrymen, in perils by the Heatben, in perils in the City, in perils in tbe Wilderness, &c 2 Cor. II 26. I will cell you of you would beware of. 1. Berebbers

Devil, that watcbfullenemje that fro, compassing Sea and Land to spoil Cbrifiaos of their trealures, and binder their trading with Chrilt, Luke 23. 31. Zech, 3. 1. 1 Pet. 5.8.

2. Robber. False Teachers wbo improve all their art and sopbifrie to rob us of the Truth, which is a Pearl that we should carefullie preserve and secure, And therefore Paul Col. 2. 8. calls the falle Teach ersonegazol, i, e. Spoilers, or Robbers. Leigh. Crit. Sacra, in vocibe fpeech is taken from Theeves, who come secretlie to carrie a sheep out of the fold. So we may say falle Teachers labour to fteal away the sheep of Chrif out of His Pafture where they feed on che Truch.

3 Robber. Is this present World in the allurements, (nares and templations chereof, which manietimes Real away ear Hearts from God, and of our spiritual riches.

4. Rebber, or rather troup of them, is debaur

ill companie, it is incredible what influence Bretbrea: of iniquicie bave upon one another, co marr & spoil good beginnings, & serious like inclinations to vers cue, & to engage unto villainous practices, but alas herein lyes che unbappiness of our cörrapé Dataral conftitution, cbat as Juuenas says, Satyr. 14.

esis dociles imitandu Turpibus ac pravis omnes fumus, Owbac gracelets work is among some profligate Debauchecs when they are caballed cogerber for their frolick rants : how manie (cornfull tales & oppro. brious reports do they raise and pass upon Rcligion, they have their Topicks of reproaches agaiolt the true feekers of God, and make them the subject of their drunken sonnets, wbich does mach to scar those who are not well acquainted with the ways of Gedi velides wbat a bewitching influence their example bath to induce to a good liking oftbe Devils wares, and fighting of Chrifts, therefore fays the wifeman, Enter nat into the patb of the wicked, and go not in tl way of evilmon, avoid it, puso not by it, turn from it; and passeway, for they seep nar except they bave done mischief, and their n-ep is taken away, unless they cause fome to fall

, for they eat the breed of wickedness, and drink i be wine of violence, Prov.4. 14, 15, 16. and says Paul, 1 Cor.15: 13. Evil communications cors rupt good manners, as mismie have found in ebeir fad experience, for the words and ways of evil men are ready to work more upon geed men, than open the contrare che manners of the vertuous on tbem thal are addicted to vice. Ye know Diwal was defour, robbed of ber Virgioitie when visiting.ebe


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Daughters of the Land, Gen, 34.1, 2. folephlearned to swear by the life of Pharaob, when bis ordinary companions were Pberarbs Courtiers, Gin, 42. 15.

From all obese it is evident that we are encompaifed about with dangers and difficulties, & lo bave need cautiously co fence against them: And seeing we are upon the perillous circumitances of a Chri. Aian, and speakiog all chis time in Allegories & Sis militudes, luffer me to launcb førch & digress a little in setting forth the Scheme of a Christians Course of Life in this World, under the Similitude of a Voyage at Sco, likewise alluding to the Naval appartenans ces thereof, and we shall endeavour to be succinct in this Digression, wbich is boped will be found not alcogether alien from the Porpose in band.


A Digression.

World into which Man is launched forch,

is bazard of being toffed with Tempests and Storms; which may arise either from the temptations of Sa tan, croel perfecutions, bodily pains and liekneses, injurious talle calumnies, and many o her tribulatis ons from withoui, or Herms may also arise from in. eidipat, violent pallions from within, Pf=1.42.7. Deep callerb unto deep at the noise of thy watersports, altby waves and oby billows are goxe over me. lla. 54. 11. Ob rbou ofthided, solled with tempefts, and not come forted. See also Tonab 2. 3.

2. Man, as to bis Body (a crafie Lackil: 77 deed) is the ship, wbicb is often fore beat

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