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toffed by the foresaid teaspets, Job 16.8, 12,11:14

3. The Soul of Man is the rich Cargo carried in this ship or Vellel of the Body, which indeed is of greater worth chan che merchandize of Silyet and Gold, & all precious things, being of incompacable yalur, Pfal. 49. 8. Matth. 16. 26

4. The black face of Nature and Sin is the Port froin wbence we loose : cod indeed to be in this State, is none other than to be in the Ceplines and Suburbs of Hell, from whence we shsuld be mightily concerned to let out with greatest speed and los licitude, Adı 26. 18.

5. The Curcumference and Line of the Vis ble Charcb is the H mifphire and H rizion, within wbich the Chriftiansadventurer is to move and fail.

6. The Pyrrats, Rocks, Shelves, and Sand-banks, that we are in danger of, are Satan, the World, & our divers Lufts: of whicb we have spoken before,

7. The Affectioos of the soul are the Sails,which when boised alofe wich Divine Inspirations, make che Ebriftian fail falt and prosperously, Song. 6. 12.

8, The Breathings of tbe Spirit of God are che auspicious Gale and bhfed Windcbat 6ls tbe Sails for furtbering the Voyage; the which fpiritual Gales blow where and when chey lift, whiles mare faftly and gently, wbiles more frongly and liberally Cant.4.16 John 3 8, Aas 2. 2.

The several Christian daties & Offices of Des votion towards God, and Charity towards Men; que che Tackling, to be handled & managed according ço occafion

occurrene for careying on this Vovage , The Holy Word of God is the Compas and

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Card, by the Rules, Points, & Dire&ions whereof we are to fteer our Christian course. lfa. Το tbe Law and to the Teflimonie, &c. Gal. 6. 16.

11. Conscience is the Helmor Rudder, that com. mands and turns the ship as there is need and och casion, Rom, 2. 15.

12. The Graces of the Spirit of Ged, are both the Ballef and the Ancbor, which are most needfall for the fafetie of the ship, when Tempe its as rise, Pfal. 42. 11. Heb.6.19. 13.

All true Believers who set out for Iminanu. cle Land are Fellowspoffingers,

14. The Ministers at the Gospel in special, and alle in some sense the Angels of God are the Scaun and Mariners, who Guide and Sail this Richly loaden Ship, as 16. 17. Hcb, 13. 7. 17. 1 Cor. 3. 5.9, H:6.1.14.

15. God Almighty who bach His Way in the Deep-waters, & commands che Swellingsfurges of the Ocean at His Pleasure, He is the Grand Pilot Who Guides & Governs all, Ifa. 43. 1, 2.94663,13.

16. The preached Word and Sacraments are the Provifions, and cbis good quality have they that they Dever Mould or Corrupt, Matth. 28. 19, 20,

17. Heaven is the Maven and Country to which this Ship is Beund, wbere all magner Commodities and Ricbes are in Endless Store, Heb. II. 10,13,14,16.

18. The particular Port that the Christian delires to Arrive at, is Chrift, He, He is tbe Safe Harbour where the tosied wich Tempelis God full and per's petual Rea, Ifa. 54; 9; 10; 11, Matib, 11:28

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Coation. B Trade either above your Skill or your


Eware ye engage not in throng of

Srack; there are many who out of Vanity and Af. fidation of a Name of great Merchants, or out of an inordinate Defire of being foon and very Rich, have ventured opon and undertaken multiplicity & variety of Botinels, for the management whereof seither their ability of Parts, or Porse has been es qual, and I have koown some of this faolish bomour, who hayeloon plaid Bankrupts, and furk under the weight of their unweeldie Affairs, and so ioHead of baving great Trade, have reduced them. selves to no Trade, whereas if chere bad beca a discreet and moderate proportioning of their Trade to their Stock, they miglit baply have conti: need itandiog Merchants, and also in process of time have increaled their stock fill to greater things, hence we have a Proverb, let never a man put forth bis erins fartber than his fieeve will let him ; so as to our Spiritual trade, there are some to be cautioned, who are ready from a principle of ralh 2:al co pro. je&t and atcbieve great things, that they were never able to through, and also we have known some of Short standing, shallow capacities, and weak enough abilities, who have attempted to talk and debate in very bigh-floone Points, and knotty Cases. that has troubled both judici us Divines, learned Lawyers wie Poiticians, how to determine and resolve rt, yet I say we have known fome such thai

zve been so bigh in their own conceit, and so biga ot in venting and afferting their own conceits thao bey bave with boldoels enough condemned &cat off all that would not barmonize with their humour, bereby it bach appeared, that'wbatever they had pore eban others in their Opinion, forely they had net enough of Charity, Prudence, Soliditie & Cound Understanding; but however methinks Uiterate and ordinary lort of Folk should be ready to suspeá their own Light & Perfwagon, especially in things ibat lye extraordinary high above their Sphere and Capacity. I would bave (uch Persons thinking of wbat Davidlays, who surely was both a Wife and a Good Man, Pfal. 131. 1. Lord, my heart is not haugha ty, nor mine eyes lofty, neither do I exercise my self in great matters, or ia things too high for me,

6. Caution. If you grow Rich by Trade, do not attribute this to yeur

own industrie or skill, this is the way to set felf in Gods rooa, and to rob Him of His due, for surely to Him alone belonge Bleding & Praise, for all that we are or have; The Maker of all things doth distribute wbat He hath made even as Himself willeth; hence (aich Hannah in ber Song, I Sam. *. 7 8. The Lord makerb poor, and maketh ricb, be bringerb low, and liftetbup, &c. Now therefore our God, we thank and praise Thy Glerious Name, for Tbine is the Greatness and the Power, c. and all chat is in the Heaven and in ihe Earth it is Tbine, boib Riches and Honour come of Thee. I Chron. 29, 11, 12,.13, 16.

See Deut. 8. 12, 13, 14, 14. Eveo fo whatever Riches of Grace or Attaininenis of Godliness our Spiritual Merchant may arrive ..

lec biin beware that be attribute not tbis te bis own frequency or diligence in Duties, but thankfully res fer the acceptance thereof to the free Love and Liz beralitie of God, from whom we have every good and perfect Gife, Jam. 1. 17.

7. Cuution. If ye abound either in Spiritual or Earthly Riches, beware ye wax neither Proud nor Wanton, Ezek. 28. s. By thy traffick bal thou increas ed thy ricbes, and shine beart is lifted up because of thy riches. So likewise O spiritual Mercbants have a care that your gracious Attainments or Gifts do not puff you op, or corrupt your Minds, which is a Plague & Error many times incident even te geod People, proceeding from that natural self-conceited: nefs & felf-deceitfulness, that is rooted in the hearts of all men, bence faith the Apostle, Gal, 6 3. If man think himself to be fornetbing when be is norbing, be deceiveth himself. But surely such Perfons do not les rioufly confider, that wbatever Gifts or Graces they have, yet they may be far short offome others who eminently outshine and excell them, nor do they conlider that they are far short of wbat they tbems felves might bave attained to ; neither do they con sider cbac what Gifts or Graces ebey bave, are not their own, but come from God, for who makech chee to differ from another, and what baft chou that obou did not receive now if chou didit rex ceive it, why doft thou glorie as if thou bade notre ceived it in Cor. 4.7. and as they are not their own, feneither is it in their power to preferve them, for Cod can take back again His own Gifts, and fam quite blafts chem as in the Case of Saul, Achik


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