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Opened and Explained. Rev. 3. 18. 1 Counsel thee to buy of Me Gold trzed in the fire, that thon majesi be Rich, &c.

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HIS oor Text is a part or Para.

grapb of the Epifle to the Church of Laodicea a famous City ol Lydia in Afia che Lelo

ser near the River Lycus the

aplain Manifefte of mans Mix Chrif in the preceding verses from the 14, having lybelled thic Laodiceans (as he had done the red of the Asian Churches) bc exprefly cells them of the fatal Plagues they laboured under, fuggeding allo that their Condition was the more dangerous and desperate, because they were infenfiblo thereof, noc knowing that they are miferable, blind, poor &c.v.19. yea moreover bereio is their prodigious ftupidity the more Arange, that albeit they languished under fearfull maladies, yet were they pregnant with arrogant bigh conceits of their imaginary perfe&ions & opulens cylaying, I am rieb, and bave need of nothing &c.O the profopod deceitfulness of the beare of man! Oihe incredible force of self-love and self-delufion! anch A


seeing we are opon matters of wonder, let us likewise admire the ineffable fulness and freeness of the grace of God in Christ, who hath contrived and res vealed a blessed Method, how the most desperate Gulis may be Cured, the which is proposed in our Text: Wherein we bave

1. Jesus Christ addressing Himself to poor, miletable Singers, id a twofold Quality,

1. In the Quality of a Friend, 1 Counfeltbce.
2. In the Quality of a Mercbant, buy of me.

2. We have several things considerable with res spect to Christ, in the Nocien or Quality of a Mere chant, to illatrate and amplify the Alufion. 1. The Terms of Art, buy of me,

The Parcies Bargainers, or the Seller and the Buyer: the Seller is Chrift verfe 14, the Buyers, or at leait chele to whom Cbrifts Wares are offered to Sale, are the Laodicconi, 16every poor, needy Sinner, verfe 17.

3. The Wares and Coramodities that are the mat: ter of this Merchandize, Gold, Rayment, Eye-falde.

* The Condition or Quality of the Wares,

1. Not only good and Jakable, bot the moft volues abl: and precious, Gold, yea and the beft of its kind, fine tryed Gold,

2. Needful and useful Wares, Rayment, Eye Salve.

3. Wares not only for Neceflity, but for Ornas Hent,

white Rayment.

Wares in plenty and variety exa&ly Toited to the several needs and exigencies of Bayers are they poor they may have gold, are they nak d they may have rayueni; are they blind or blear-eyed, they

y bave eyes falde.

So The

s. The Conditions of Sale, Indeed nothing is {poken of, and Nothing is the Price, bence fome think oor Lord here alludes to lla, ss. 1. Come buy without money and without price.

6. We bave the grand design of the Bargain, viz. to prevent your disgrace, and to make you rich and bappy every way;..-So much for the Analyf of the Texc. We come in the next place to explain the Words and Terms.

1 Counsel tbec ] avußersuw, fimul Consulo, i, e. I Jesus Christ Counselibee by speaking and reosining togeth:r mouth to mogub, whereby we may understand bis parbetick earneftness, that He would bave forlorn Ginoers come into speaking and treating terms with bim, and to liften unto his gracious Ofs fers; and as this word speaks out his earnefnefs, so likewise his fupendoos condescendency io stouping to address rebellious Criminals in fo familiar iofuating

maoner, and it seems to run in the same sense and frain with that Pbraze, Isa. 1. 18. Come now and let Us reafon together, Faith the Lord, &c.

Buy of me ] This buying here is not to be unders food Properly, bot Metaphorically, no more than the Wares fpoken of in the Text, Gold &c. for there is do price sought, neither bave we a price in our hand to give for such invaluable precious Wares : but the meaning is come in Faith, and freely take the porchased blessings, which I bave bought at the dead Price of my Blood, and which I freely offer to you without price, only ask and ye shall receive': hence lays Jerem. Dyke, tbe way to buy from Chrift is to be begging is buying, and praying is paying: and Mr.

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kins in loc, thinkech, chat this City bring a place of great Wealth, Tratfick and Merchandize: therefore Cbrift speaketh to them in a style and dialed wberes with they were well acquainted : 80 that we would have you to carry along with you in our after Dils course, that when we may speak of buying Cbrill's Wares, our (rue meaning is that by believing ye apo prebend, receive and take nold of the same, even as the Buyers takes the goods out of the band of the Seller, Chritt and bis Benets being banded to us our of Heaven from God the Father, in and by the Minis Ary of Golpel Offers and Ordinances.

Gold tryd in th: fire ipurior trus pourroy éx Topo i. e. Gold taken out well fired in the fire, or double refined, there feems to be hare a Pleonajin, in ads ding er at pe for your lov memupapoyoy inight have been enough to fignibe Gold tryed in the fre: bot by Gold and the otber particulars mentioned, the generality of Interpreters understand the Grace of God (that is more precious than the fineft Gold) and all the purcbaled Benefits of Clirit,

Wbite raimexr) We Thall have occasion afterward to speak particularly of ibis, therefore we shall fay nothing of it here.

That I be sharrie of tby Nakedmefe do not appear): 1, e. That thiy opprobrious, or shamefull Nakedoels be not exposed to open view by a Common Hebraismt hence che old English Tranllators reads it, 'char chy 6lthy Nakedness do not appears

King And anoint wi b Eye. Palve) rai xox axprov érix písov, fome read ivm ég geplans, i.e.'that th:u mayest aand so the Eyc. falve comes in as a particolar


Spesiës of the Wares to be lold, as if it were buy Ģobe, buy Ruiment, buy Eyesjalve : xonaspío' is a kind of Medicament & Salve made op of a great many

Inz gredients applicable to several different Ulies, but more specially is feadable for curing blindes or bleared Cyci, hence the Etymological import of the word, a xwA very repair, quod Otrdoruen Huxum disiat, i.e, for stopping or preventing the running of was itry tender Eyes: but the genuincspiritual tente of this Phrase is, that' we come to Christ to get our darkened mind savingly illuminated for he only bath the Treasures of divine Light at His dispolzl, being that full bright Sun of Righteousness that shinech on whom He willetb. i Joh. 2. 29. Ye bave received an Unaion from the Holy one, and sc know all things.

The words being thus separerein Explained, the Compound sense of them together seems to be, as if pur Lord did say, Oge wretched deluded Laodiceans, ye are in a very deplorable dangerous condition, and the more bopeleryour cafe is, in that you see not, you feel not your maladies ; yet if ye will bear my Counsel and folow my Dire&ions, wbich out of tender Coppellion

I noto offer and proposer molt carnefly i you come unto me, and I will cmric you with the treas Sures, blllings and mercbondize of the beavenl, Ganson, I will readily and liberally furnish you, vi h all that may be mecelery, cum fortable, comu niert for you.

Hence we drew this Doctrine.

Door, The way to he Ricb is to trade trish Chrijl, or so be employed as a Spiritual Merchant, in Buying the things wobich He offers to Salea

My Friends yere I here to inform you of

to you

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