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1. Reason. Why Cbrilts Waris go so ill off, many ft at home and will not go to Courcb, which is Ch. As Mercatsplace; fome out of Lazinessly in cheir Beds perhaps one half of the Lord Day, and for the other ball chey are not disposed to go out ; others again will not venture on a showre, or upon the cold air, and so forth of a hundred frivulous Ex: suf, aod Shifts cbey bave to keep at home, & chuş neglect precious Opportunities of Ordinances and Bargaining with Chrift, but O how onrealonable and sacrilegious are luch Souls: who rob God of His due, and grudge Him that smal portion of time chat He has reserved for Himself; The God of all chings might in His absolute unaccountable Pleasure, bave consecrated & challenged six days of feven to Him felf

, and ordained but one of seven (o us, and we fhould have been equally obliged to observe those ix, as now but one, yet lo indiscreet and ungrate are we, that even ibe one which is due unto God, we grudge to employ it intirely in His Service, and tatber are ready to convert, either the whole or a part thereof to our own carnal ungodly uses. And herein further does cur folly and unreasonablepcfs appear, that the religious work of the Sabbath, as it conceros God, so our felves too, for this is ibe great buliness of the Lorda day, as to worthip and ferve God, co to treat and bargain with Chrif for Heaven, for Happiness, and cbe cternal Interests of our Souls, the grand concern whereof are of more moment and consequence, than all our other Inter refts and Cares whatsoever, 2, Reaf. Wby Chrifts Wares go to illef, few di

cern or underltand the true Worth and value o them, ignori nulla cupido, People are little moved to seek or like the thing they know not,' 'tis the report and representation which the Understanding gives of the worth and lovableness of the Objed, chat (ways the Will or engages the Affe&ions un to' a purfuance of it: Christs Offers of Heaven's Riches to the Children of Men prove often like che calling of Pearls before swine wobo trample on them, & a donghill-Cock will pick up a grain of Corn, and ferape from him a rich Diamond, being ignorant of the worth of the one, and the ocber being more gultie to his appetite; fo fpiritual things do not fuite with the sensual appetites of carnal Men,ebey relish no sweetness in Chritt, they spy no Beauty or Vics cue in Him wherefore He should be fought for or valued, but the intelligent Spiritual Merchant, wbo knows the true Worth of Cbrift and His Grace, will led all that he hard to buy rb: Pearl of Price, Mac 13:46

3. Reas. Why Chrilts Wares go fo ill off, few feel their need of chem; alas! people lay not to beart what hearts they have, devoid of all good, poffef. red of all ill, which lays them under abfolute cellity of improving and imploying Chrift, else chey will perish in their poverty, and die wretched, nak: ed, blind : 0 ! the plaguie ftupidity and ignorance of the most part, whereby they are kept infenfible of their greatest wants and needs, which was the unhappy Case of the Laodiceans in our Text, 'Rev. 3:17. And thou kmoweft 'not ibat thou art wretched &c. O ipfaluated Sinner if thou knewest thy necele ries and wants; thou wouldest more sensibly seek



anto Jesus, and balten to Comply with His Coun (el, to bay of bim bose spiritus neceffaries, that he graciously offers, and thoo undoubtedly needeft. If ebou were apprebenlive that the Avecger of Blood is near to give the fatal Grock, thou wouldi ind thy need of making speed to the City of Refuge, if thou didit feel by spiritual Plagaes, Sores and Sicknesses, thou would find tby need of a Phyficis en; bot as the Prophet lays Hof. 4. 6 My Prople ate de proyed for lack of Knowledge, the wane of the knowledge of oor wants is one of the greatet Reafons of our Ruine; Oleek unto God to make thee lenbble of thy needs.

4.R -S: Wby Cbritis Wares go so ill off, few are content to come up to the full Price, fome are so foolish as to lose a Pearl for a penny ; lome would part with a few Lufts;bor not with all; some would be at the pains of a few Duries, but they have not an imparcial refped to all Gods Commandments ; fome would part with a moyetie of their Edates and Goods for Chrift, but they will not run the risek of logog their all før him, nor are relolved to regat onto the blood Ariving agaioft Go : Herod came a great length, but he would not part with his Hiro. disa; the Young man in the Gospel bad fair for Christ, but he would not quite with bis Treasure of pon Earth, for a better Treasure in Heaven, though it pinebed him fore that the price ram so high.

5. Reaf. Why Chrifts Wares go forll of wady are better pleased with clae Devils Wares thao with Chrifts, and are sooner w lieedled to bargain with Satan; tban perswaded to buy from Christ; bend

is it not laid, that tbe Devil deceiverb the whole world, Rev. 12.9. This is a sad truth, chat Satan drives tar thronger Traderban Chrilt, and has many more Customers.for bis Commodities; are there not far moe tbati mploys their Tongues in Swearing and Curling, in Lying and Scolding, and profane oby scene Discourses, that in Prayers or Pfalms and Spiritual edifying Discourses, and chas Sarans Trade goes merrilyon ; are there not far mos that frequent Taverns to satisfe their greedy Lults with blls of Wine anst Ale, as belt pleaseth their Palats ; tban who attend the Courts of God thrifting after the fingre Milt of tbe Word; are there not many moe who spend their time in Gaming and Idlepels, tban are diligent in making their Calling and Election fare ; are there not moe wbo weary tbemfelves in scraping together thick clay, eban are in bazard of wearying in Well doing: are there not moe that eagerly pursues their carnal Delights, than delight themselves in religious Services ?. In a word, are there not moe that life to Satans Suggestions of this kind; Eat, Drint and be Merry, tban to Chrifts Invitations, Come O Sinners, Eat and Drink abuns dantly of Heavenly Fare and Dainties ; Alas again I say, are not the Devils Wares, more eagerly fought after than Chrifts ;

6. Reaf. Why Chrifts Warer go fo ill off, many pres tend excuses, & feign a great many shitts, as if they were feared they might make an unluckly Bargain, bot cbe bottom of all is they have no mind to buy : fome so thronged with croudes of Worldly Bulis kefs, thạc they can bave no Spare time or thoughts

fas Cbrists Merchandiz:, lome stick not to say that they are not acquaint, and were never bred with ebat sort of Trade, and they will not venture to bars gain there they cannot promise to profit; others are ready to think, they can make a Bargain with Christ wben chey like, sochey need not be too balty in hins dring their ocher Affairs for this, and they judge ic no ill Policy to make tbe bep Bargain laf; and also pola few do except again tobe Nature of Heavens

Warus, that they are for seen Advantage, and poo 5

for Invifibles por bid Treasures that they know not cell ever they will come at them, and therefore are sot minded to buy a Pig in a pock, but would have beir Eyne to be their Merchant, and so forth of innus

merable more fuch like evalons, chat poor self-de. luding Souls are apt to beguile themselves with. zadence we see that even early in Chrifts time, Go's capekoffers met with this fort of Entertainment, for dapon His lavication of Sinners to come and bargain d wirb Him, Match 12. 5. the Text fays, they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his Farm, and another che bis Merchandize : and so lef¢ Christ to make His

Mercat as he could belt find it, for ibeir paris they sabere not for Him. Ich 7. Reas. Why Chrifts Waresgo so ill off, the falliy

ancied uncertainty of this Bargain, they look upon y leaven, Glory, & future Felicity, co be fine things deed, but there is only fair berghis and promises of aratem, and 'cis like some doubt if ever there shall be

Performance, and theretore they judge it more [prudent and advigible to grip at prelept certainties onban future contingencics) a Bird in band is bitier 11


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