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* 200 in the bulb O bue this carnal way of Argain speaks forth a great deal of unbelief and ignorance of the Goodness Wisdom, Power, Veracity and Faithiulness of God; what: Doft thou renounc thy Cbrillian Creed, wherein we profe's to believe the Refurrection of the Diad, and the Life everlast ing: what? Dolichoulook on all the precious Pre miles of God to be empty words of Vanity? wbid is as much as to look upon all Religion to be be Fiction & Fancy; nay presumptuous Sioder if tho knewest cbe Power of God, and who speakech thee in che Promises (even He who is The Yra ani non of them) choo wouldi dare co prate ar cha Athificalrate thon doeft but with the holy Saint of God thou would rather fay, surely ebere is God, verils there is a reward for the Rightcous; and the Scripture is very plain and plenteous in demon Atrating this Trueb; that heavens Wares are not all out of light and enjoyment till after death; for even here we may have Fellowship with the Facher and with bis Son Jesus Chrift, i fobn°1, 3. We may have Grace which is begun Glory, Pfal. 84 11. from the fwest sensible workings whereof there arises in the Soul, a joy unspeakable and full of Glory, 1 Pet. 1,8 Yea and fome Believers have had so much of heaven depom eastbehat tbeir earchly vel='s were not capable to contain more; so kind and liberalis cær God, in giving us foretates of the Fruits of the heavenly Can olan, and a large earnest of the after Inheritance, © Sirs a present Bargain with Christ, will give us fo noch present Poffeflion, as to force us to fay, we are Ticher than all heKings ofche Eartb that are with Cod and without Chrift,


8. Reas. Why Chrilts Wares go fo ill off, come seem to rue their Bargain made with Christ, who apparaadly were mucb enriched, and had great lore of beave oly Wares, which gives occalion of tempta: ition to not a few, to look upon Religion as a Drear, and that there are not such real advantages to be found in fpiricual trading as Ministers in their Rhetos Tications are ready to give out, whole proper em, ploy lyiog that way, 'tis no marvel they cry up thao Trade; as Demetrius the Silver-Smith, who dci first the great Diana of the Ephefios, because of the gain be bad by making her Glver Shrines, A&s 19, 24. to 29. Wo is to the World because of many temptatis ons, and this is no small one that perverts and staves off thousands from bargaining with Cbrift,even be cause of the Aporacy of some famous Profesorry who seemed to fourish and abound in Gifts and Graces, hence read we not of Judas, a Preacher of Righteousness, who betrayed his Lord for the wages of unrighteousness ; read we not of Hymeneus and Alexander wbo apparently bad Faith and a good Conscience, (conliderable pieces of creasure ) who yetmade Sbiprorack of Faith & a good Conscience; and read we it not also to be calible, that foma who may be plenteously enriched with several sorts of Heavens Wares, (they may be enlightened, sbey Way tape or the beaucnly Gift, they may be partakers of the Holy Gbol, they may rape the good Word of God, 85 the Potoets ofibe World to comë) yet may fall away, and thereby not only difered. Chritis Wares. bue difgrae- Chrill Himself,crucifying the Son of God a treh & putting Him to an open Thams, Hub,6 :

From all which Ilay it is calible that some may feem to roe cheir Bargain with Christ, which may fatally fcandaliz others, and make them keep off from tras ding with Chrilt ; O poor Sinners, scar not to trade with Chriit for all ebis, for ic cannot fo properly be faid of luch that they rue theic Bargain made with Christ, as thac cbey have sad realon to rue they des ver transacted with Him in truth and fincerity, and the hypocrite of some will not fuificiently infer the want of lincerity in others, or that it is not atcainz able; we may make a fore & fatisfying Bargain with Jelus, all whofe Graces & fpiritual Giftsas tbey are given without repentance in Him, so are fweetly enjoyed without repentance in the Receivers, bot contrariwise I dare aver, wbo ever bave bargained with Him ingenuoully on His owo Terms chey will fing and say, it is the be ft Bargain ever beym rde, and they would not change conditions for all the world.

9 Real: Why Chrilts Wares go fillift, many fors go their present occation, with teigned refolutions to be for Him another time, but they cannot offhand be positive to make a Bargain with Him ; it Chrift calls them to come and buy, they tell Him they cannor be for Him now, but they will speak with Him when chey are better advised, and likely they never mind any fuch matters till their trade of Goning bes gin ce fail them not ibat ibey leave their luts, but their lufto leave ihem, the infirmities of age, or Gickness, or a forfeit of wickedness perforcing thens to defiA; but alas, poor wretches, they know not if ever Cbriß I give them another offer or bode of his Wares, ever they fhall bave beare te conply with bis


Trading to Heaven, offers, thou knows poc O faolish man and unadvi ed, but this


be the last Mercat dug (batevē chou shalt lee; as delays are dang rous to hy Sou lo are they displeating to the soulo: Chrift, Who thereby Nighted; weread that Felix puc off his se riaus choughts eill a more convenitni svasin, A& 24. 25. bot we read nothing that ever Felix had to conveniency of another Season, Weread also, thi frosilo Virgin, were too long of buying oyl for chei lamps, till the door was shut, Math:w 25,

10. Roos, Why Chrifts Wares go for ill off, some ir plato terms, refuse to make or medle wich Him on His Wares either, they go not about ibe bush, but avowedly decline all Dealings with Him, 'shere has been abundance of such vile bore fa Atheit, in the World, whose black bellish mouths has belched forth fucb blaspbemies, Job 14. 21,22. They say unto God, depart from us, for we defire net be knowledge of tły Waga, what is the Almighty that we should s ro kim, and what profit seuld 200 bave if we pray unto bimi, e, in plain lapguage, wbac advantage can we propole to our felves in trafficking with God, and the alike malignant talks we have, Mal. 3.1415.

11. Reas. Wby Chris Wares go so ill off, even some serious Souls may be to blame bere entertaining onworthy misbeli:ving thoughts of Christ, as if be would not let obem have a penny-wurth, or were bard and rugged to deal with ; there be others again who fondly dream because they have not a price in their bond, viz money of their own coining, they think they cannot come speed, plays ope Lan not boly enough, he will never look on me

another I cannot mourn and weep for my fios like David or Hemon, alas I bave not Faith, therefore he will not pardon such an impenitene unbeliever as I am; says a third I have not love enough to Chrift, therefore he will not love me, and so torth: alas this is nothing but felf, feeking to be your own Sas viours; and a cunning trick of Satan, to ftave you off from coming to Christ the only Redeemer of Gods Elea; for the less you have in your own highs, and the more senlible you are of your own needs and wants, you will be the more welcome to a full Cbrift, who loves to perfect bis strength in our weakness, and to exale the riches of his Grace in giving a portion to seven is also to eight needy Souls ; therefore we apply here that passage we find, Luk. 1,53. H: filis tb: hungry with giod things, as the rich bcsendetbenpty a way; hence also the humble selfemptied, self-abaling Publican, came better speed at Chrilts hand, than the proud Pharifee, who was fwelled with the conceit of his own imaginary pers fe&tions; to the same purpose is our Context, it is the Poor, the Blind, the Needy, tbe Naked &c. chat Chrif Counsels co come and Buy.


Some Inferences from this Propofition, 1. Infor. Do chrifts. Warts go soil of Obow

blind and mad is the world; alas poor Souls how are they to be pitied ? they see not their they feef not their wants, they perceive not


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