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the worth of Christ, nor jullly prize spiritual things; they who bave their eyes opeoed, and theic fetites exerciled to discern bath good and evil, do wonder and cremble at the diftra&ion and fully of the men of the world, who weary chemselves in gathering Pebles, and negle& the purchase of Pearls; who are auxious to add house to house, which ac belt are but cattages of clay, and yet provide not a minion in the City above, and who are daily folicitous for back and bely, while their precious immortal Souls Itarve, surely obese are poor and toolifh' & conlider not cheir latter end, Maceb, 16 26. What is a man profited faith Christ, if he guin tbewbole World, and lofe lis own Soul,

2. lnfer. Do Chritts Wares go fill off, how suecessfult is Satan in his charmes and devices, that io easily wheedles rnen into a ftrong conceit of vanities and lyes, le rbat in compliance with their shus deloded apprebentions, they buy of Satans Wares ras ther eban Chrifts, and believe the Father of Lyer before the God of Truth !

3 Infer. Do Chrifts Warergoil off? undoubted Ty Cbrilt will resent this againit the despisers of big Grace; ; wo to the world because of this horrible indignity, of vilipending the Son of God, in the day of count & reckoning he will mind such mifereants; hence God in a beight of Indignation gives orders to his armies otterly to destroy tbefe unworthy Cais lives who fighted the offers of his Son, turning to their farite and their merchandize, Maceb, 22. 5. 7.

4. Infer. Do Chrifts Wares go idf: what a sore beart makes this to godly Minifters, who spend

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are spent in treating with Souls to bargain with Chrift; O do ye not cbiok it a lad matter to have a hand in frustrating the delign of a Gospel-miniftry; and is it not allo sad that your Minilter should bave occalion to cable a complaint before God againlt vou, regrating thus with a beavy heart, O Lord, ! have dealt much, and I bave deale long, and I have dealt earnestly with this People, to repent & caro to Thee, to cranfa&t with thy Son Chrift, & to boy of his Wares, and lo, O Lord, they are a gainsaying People, and cares not for me, or what I say, nor which is more, chey care not for Thee,nor what is fuid of Tb:e ; Lord, I weary to be among them, and it breaks beart to see themso beal bearted, & chas obstinate against thy Gofpel-calls, O Cbristians, chere is nothing lyes beavier on the heart of a godIy Minifter, cban to see Chrift contemned. and a Gospelsminiftry unfruitfull ; as on the contrare it is his glory and crowo af rejoicing to be inftrumental of advancing the Kingdom of Chrift,and increaling the number of bis Subjects, hence to this purpole. feems that of the Apeale, Heb. 1 g. 19, Obey them ihat have the rule over you (io complying with the Gofpel Invitations they make in their Masters Name V. 7. 8.) for they warcb for your Souls (to gain and save them by all means) - they shot mtf give nogomet ( how many for their parts they have been inftrumentalto fave or damn) that they: may do it with jay and not with grief ; for that is unprofitable for you,

si Infer. Do Chrifts Wares go all off ? this may rry off something of tbe tash and ditparagement on some good and painfull Miniderslabours,


who are not so happy in success, nor their essays to graciously entertained as is delirabie, che baitle is not always to rbe Arong,nor obe ruce 10 tbe swi; t, neither riebes to men of underfunding Christ the Master Teacher, and Great Do&tor in Israel,had not always equal toccefs answerable to his Labours; bence we may apply here wbacoor Lord lays in another cale, # is enough for tbc Difciple that he be as his Mafter, and ibe Şervant as bis Lord, Matth. IQ 25. if Chritt him. lelf was vilipended in bis Person and Administratia 006, small wonder if his Underlings and Minifters get but cold entertainment in their Paftoral perfora mances,

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Preposition 5. ALL Traders shrive not alike, fome

grow looper Rich chan arbers, some grow

far more Rich than others among spiritual Merchants, all Believers arrive net to the same attainments of Grace, bør are alike wealthy in beayeply Riches, there be some whose returns are Thirty, some fixty, and fome a bundred fold, Matth. 13. 23.56525.16, 17, 18. some are babes in Chrift, some Arong-men,

I offer yog fame Reasons of this, how probably it comes to pass that some abrive better than others.

1, Reag. Some bave begun and entred upon trade lopper than others, and so have had a longer time of improving their flock; there be fome who are favopred with an early engagement in Gods *** and so have the Talents of Grace put soen

hand, and when clicir fa&ibed affections have been forward, and their fpiritual Arength vigorous, O wbat quick progrets bave they made in the ways of holineis, Owbat fignal victories have they archiev. ed, over their corrup ions and Satans devices, but more of this atcerwards.

2. Real. Why some thrive better than others, fome have bad both better and more opportunities of trading than others; To lome bave more frequent occalions or Gospel ordinances, and are under a more powerfull Ministry than others, and thos by etaily droppings are keeped lappy, and made truite ful, lla,3 2.0 B) dare ibry that for buside al water,

3.Raf, Why tome thrive better than others, some are more diligent and indufirious in their business than others, and as they carefully mind their affairs, so they are lober and thrifty in their spendings and way of living: The band of the dirigent makerb rich, Prov'io 4. fo it is also in our spiritual trade, che most painfull exercised Christians are readily the moft prosperous, and of greatest growth in Grace, 'tis the diligent feekers of God, who are rewarded wich Grace and Glory. Heb.u.6 'tis they who give all diligence to be adding to their Stock of Graces, who become neither barren nor unfruitfull in the manifold Grace of God, 2 Pet. ro sito it, there is a secret blessing of God follows diligence ; as again on the contrare, chere are others who are idle, careless loiterers, whó perhaps when they should be in the Mercat, or the Exchange to meet with their Mer cbants, are to be found in a Tavern, carrouling with their drunken Gollips, and profusly spending


• both their time and estates in vain difports & gam

inigs; and 'tis no great wonder to lee luch Spins abrofis go to wrack, and their trading daily decay, herce asche Wireman said above, bc band of th: dis hig nt makcibrich, lo in the same pallage lays be, be Ibat de a letb with a fack band bu-metbe paor ; 'tische lazy lukewarm Cbriltian that becomes wretched, poor, naked &c. Rev. 3. 17.

4. Reaf. Why fome thrive better than othery, some in Faith & Hope, look to God in all their Affairs, and depend on bis blefling 10 second and prosper their own pains aud industry, obers neglect God, leaning to their own understanding and carefulness; so among serious Chriftians, some are too apt ro think that their frequent attendance upon Ordinan. ces and multiplicity of Duties will in their own virtue advance their Stock of Grace, while in the mean time they make little use of Christ, tbe alone Foun. tain of all Grace, from whom needy Believers must derive and Grace fer Grace; how many well meana ing persons are there, when a turbulent luft or ins Ordinate affc&tion moletts them, prel ntly run away to their prayers, & vows & fastings, but neglea to apply che virtue that is to be had from Christ, who bles to confer sufficient Grace upon them that em: ploy Him; and thus they foolishly forsake the Foun. Tein of Living Waters, and dig to themselves Ciferns, broken Cisterns that can hold no water ; O how many have toiled all night, and taken nothing till Christ came to them to give them good speed, Luk. 3.5 & the Apostle tells us, that neicher Poule pla: ting. nor Apollos watering availed any thinç

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