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'cis God who gives the increase, 1 Cor. 3.6.7.

So Reaf. Why some thrive beccer than others, lo. veraign Grace is free, and He bestows upon rome more plentifully than upou ochers, even because so He pleaseth, lome meet with cross Providences & accidental Losses, that carts cbe o sere b.hind & keeps them very low; others again are followed with continued favourable gales of propit ous good Providences fo that no evil comes near their Tas bernacle; God distributeth his Gifts and Bletlings, boh Spiritual & Bodily when be willech, to when be willetb, and in what quantity or portions he pleasech, and again when he sees meet, be diminiihs ech or cakech away what he had bestowed as he did in Jobs cale, Job 1.21. aod our Lord Jesus intimats the same thing by the Parsbl: of the Talents, wbere fome get fiv?, others get rro, & fome are entrolled bot with


Mateb 25 15. mark also wbat cbe Ad poflle halb co the same purpose, .Cor. 12. from verfe 4. 10 I 2.



\UR Lord Jesus may be provocked u

pack wp and be gons, or to remove big Shop and Trade from one place & People to ano cher, i.e. becaul* of the logratitude, and Unwor. thinels of a People, Chrilt may be incensed to re. move his Gospel Golden candlefick: and other Syms bols and Means of the riches of his Grace, Pfal, 8, 53,60 They proucked bim to suger, so that he forfook abernacle of Shiloh, the tent which be bad placed

among men, Lam, 2, 6, 7, Tbc Lord batb de Proyed tbc places of the assembly, be both coufed the folemn Feafts and Sabbatbs to be forgott:a in Sion, be barb deftroyed in bis indignation the King and the Prief, be batb. cuft off his Akar, be barb abhorred bis San&uary &c.

Some Giufer wby Chrift leaves a People.

I. Caufe. When a perfidious People breaks their Charter party, or Indentures with bim; fo when a Land or People breaks their publick Faith, and vios lats cheir cbriftian Covenant, be caonot but relent it with che manifestations of his just displeafore, and this ordinarly is a democftration thereof, to give up dealing and trading with those who keep no

condic tions, therefore faith the Lord, Deut. 36.16,17 Tbefc ibat forfake me and break my Covenant wbicb I bave made with them, myanger shall be kindled againft rbem, and I will forjúke them, and will bide my faec from them &c.

2. Cause. Why Chrift removes bis Shop or Gospel from a People, when tbere is none to bicy, when he can get oo veod for his Wares, but rather is under. valued and flighted in bis gracious Proposals; this is plainly held out in the Parable of the Marriage of the Kings Son, Matth. 22. 1. O 11. where cbe Gol. spel offers are made under the allation of an Invis tation to a Wedding Feaft, but these that were bid. den would not come, setting light by bis offers, wberes fore be caused burn up and demolish their City, and so made them a becor of bis wratb, and a standing monument of a most on worthy unthanktull People: and Adi 13. The Apostle Paul and Barnabas cam to Antiach, ver, 14, and set up the sale of Ch


Wares to the Jews their resident, ver.26. Yo children of ibc flock of Abrabam, to you is the word of tbis fall vation fent;but they would buy none of such wares, wri45. tben ver.46. Puul & Børnabas waxed bold & laid.ic was necessary that the word of God should firit have been spoken to you, but seeing ye put it from you, and judge your felves unworthy of everlasting life,

turn to the Gemiiles: and ver. 17. They look off the duf of thetr fect againArbem, and leaving Antic och came to Iconiuin; alas how long have werefas Ted co buy? how long bave we neglected Chrifts offers, and how oft bave we given a deafcar to his repeated Calls; dreadfull will our doom be, if we cbange not our toone, it were better for us that we were turned to our dufi, chan to have Cbrift to Shake the dufi of his feet against use

3. Caufe. Why Chrilt removes bis Ship, or Gospel from a Land, when a People pass by bis Shop and gives their change to others; that is, when Gioners traffick with Satan, and follow atrade of Ginning: it may b: thought Atrange that Christ should get sa little change, and yet in the interim other Shops be chronged with cuftomers, yea every tiragling Pedo lar is ready to carry away Trade from Him; Obut Chrill takes cbis ill out, and is irritated to pack up 85 be gone from such a People; does not Chrift fadly complain of this, John 5. 40. 43. 45. And he will not com: unto me that ye might have life I am come in my Fatbers Name and ye recuided me not, if anothie should come in bis own name, kim ye will receive ; i.e. O molt bliod and unhappy finners, I am come from l-aven fraughted'witb the richef Blessings of the


Bathers right band, and I make an offer to you of the tas rcbandız-, bereof, yea, and I earnettly countel you to come and buy, yet ye will not come to buy from me, but if another come & let up among you, bough you know him not, but that he may be a cheae and Impefior, lo forthwith him ye entertain, & fall offshand a treating and trading with him, and therefore your day of accusation and condemnaciop cometh upon you

wben ye Thall rue your bargaining with any other in contempé & neglect of me

4. Cerf, Why Christ removes his Shop or Gospel from one place or people to anocber; when be fees tbal be. can advance bis trade to better purpose, or manage it to greater advantage another where;then

be will jolly leave an ungrate & opprofitable peo. ple, and set up where there is ground of expe&atis co of doing better or being more welcome. Hence Marih, 21, 40, 41, we have the Parable of a certain Hoxfolder who let out bis vineyard co husbandmen & when he lent in the due sealon to get the fraics they refused to answer bim or medle with bim, but abused bis Servants, yea and his own Son they treated contemptuously and cruelly, even to the death; what thereiore will be done to these husbandoen? the answer is, he will miserably destroy there wicked men, and will let out his vineyard to other hof bandaen, which shallrender the Fruits in their Season more dusifully and cbankfu'ly.



Some Meditations on this Propofition,

1. Med.

UR Lord Jesus takes it very ill out to be

fighted, as may be learned from his carriage in departing angrily from lucb as despise bim; he is indeed most ready to do us good, but when we are so bale as to render bim evil for good, that provokes him juftly to remove bis good things from us : there are two pieces of flight that Chrift will relent with a żealous indignation, either wben bis waris fiick in his band, and none comes to buy, as faid is, or wben bis wares are cofi back on bis band, by those wbo seemed to boy, and yet afterwards rue, and too many fuch Chappen Christ meets witb, Heb, 6.4. 5. 6. 2 Pet. 2, 20, 21, 22,

2. Med. Christ is not ryed to any place or people for the fale of the riches of his Grace, he can settle Correspondents or Factors in any one part, or over all parts of the voiverse as he in his Soveraigaty pleases, he may change his Stapleport from one Country, or from one City to another. John 4.21. Neither in ibis mountain nor yet at Jerusalem &c.the meaning is not in any one limited place, but every where is the Fa. ther worshipped, or is commerce keeped up with him, 18.65.1.

3. Med. Let us mightily dread giving occasion or provocation to Chrilt to pack up and be gone. for it's one of the greatest Curies that a: People can mees perb, Hol. 9, I 2, Wi also be undo them when I depart


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