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From them, and how can it be otherwise ? for when Christ is gone, grace and peace is gone, the blelling of ordinances is gone, the acceptance and return of prayers is gone, yes all good is gone ; Ochen I lay, let us fear fin as bell, and particularly the great linolrejeding the offered riches of the Son of God; for it is our iniquities hat will surn away His Fa: vour, and eor lins that will make Him withhold good chings from os, Jar. 5:45,

4. Med. Chris usually gives previous Warnings before He fully forsake and leave a people, and wben open provocation he is forced to it, it is very Icasarly and gradually, as being loath & unwilling loto do; bence fays our Savigor, ere He left unto the Jews their boufe landing delolate, o Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often bare i fent iny Prophets unto you JO VAYN & reclaim you, yet ye would not hear, how often would I my self bave gathered thy Children Løgceber, and ye woold poti compare Fr. 35. 14. ver, to 18. ver, with Morrb, 23.37, 38. and did not Chrif fairly warn the Asian Chorches, before He removed their Candlestick out of his place, Rep.2.3. chapters, And did not the LORD hover over the Children of Israel, ere He departed from them, Es He had great cause to have left them utterly at once, yet see bow He goes away in agras dual manner, Aep by Step, this was the third of fourth dep He had taken, He was before removed to the side of the Temple, and then from within the Templero che ibreshold, aad now he steps to che af sate, expe&ing that upon every flep shey should have been affedted, and oled means to bave keeped


the LORD from departing from them

s. Med. O th: deplorable state of these Chorche from whom the Gospel-candlestick is removed their calaipitous circumitaoces I say, should be mat tero mournfull medication to us, and occasion o our fympathy with them ; alas is not the sometime glorious Church of the Jews now fadly defaced and that ancient people of God scattered with Curse through the Nations: are not che fa Churches also fearfully destroyed, and no be beard of them, then that sometimes they were famous, but now buried in obfcurity and oblivion is there not a prodigious Ecclipfe upon the Church of France at this day, all wbich should make ds adore the tremenduous judgements of God, & excite of devotions that we may earnefly wreftle with Him to turn their Captivity, that so the abdicated feroh may be broogbe to the knowledge & acknowledge ment of the Lords Christ, and the forlorn Christian Churches restored to their primitive Pority, Luftre and Integrity; let us assiduously pray, return, Lord, how long and let it repent Thee concerning tby Servants, Olet T by Work appear to tby Servants, and Thy Glory unto their Children, Pral. 90. 13.16, What good Christian would not bleed in fympathy with so many wounded Christian Churcbes.

6. Med. Surely the World knows not a more on worthy & ungrate people than we are in this and of Britain, He bath not dealt fo with every Natiog as with us, neicker hath Chrift vificed any people with that tower, Parity or Plenty of Gospel-ordid mances as we enjoy; neverthelelo lo! we bave bales


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slighted Christ, we have vilified His Wares, and

amefully refused to bargain with him.O chac bloshs ing and confusion may 6ll all faces, & all bearts may be moved to repentance, & that with our tongues sind bands we might be eniplayed to hold Him raft, & not let Him d part our CANS, la 64 7. Song.3.4.

1. Med. The best way to keep Cbrilt till trading smoog us, is froxkly to buy of His cares, and daily to give bim change, we have daily need of something, ind he is daily counselling us to come & boy, so that Se cao nëver want errands to bis Wareboule, if we

vaot not beart is bis wares. 2 Chron, 19.2. Tbe Lord is with you wbile ye be with Him, if ye feek Him, He Guill be found of you, but if ye forsake Him, He will for fake you.

C H A P. I.

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Of Several sorts of Cbrißs Wares which He exposesto

Sole among the Children of Men, and counféletben

3o come and buy. ER Re we come particularly to name them, we

premit some few Preliminaric Considerations, that may minister light & help for the more clear an dertanding of the several purposes under this bead. SECTION 1.

. Some fezó preliminarie Confiderations anent Cbrifi

Wares." 1. Comfid. Expect note that our Lord Jesus thegreat


, The Chriftian Merchant will be bodiiy present with you in your bargainings, indeed when firdt be came down from the higher Region to this lower Spbere to affome our Nature, be did bodily and personally transact with Sinders, but now be is gone into a far Country, Macth.25.14. till the times of reflitution of all ibings, A&s 3, 21. de vertbeless though he will not be bodily present yet be will be spiricoally present, the Holy Gbut being his Vicar to iupply bis room, to propose and close bargains with the hearts of these wbo are serioofty minded to buy, John 14. 16, 17, 18, he is also pres feot by his commissionated Fadors aad TruAces, wbom be warrands and empowers to fell off bis Wares for bim, at bis let prices and conditions, have ing the facred Scriptures of truth for their cochangable book of rates, Matth. 28.19, 20. 2 Cor.5.20, lla. 8.20. and March 10.8. Heal 16: fick, cleanse ibe la pers, raise the dead, call our devils, freely ge bave res ceived, freely give, See allo Epb. 3. to ver. 9.

2. Confid. The most skilfull of Chrifts Factory of Ministers cannot fet of bis wares to due advantage, they neither know all the different forts that bis Wareboule can furnith nor can they make fufficient ly known the true value and excellent properties of any one kind, 2 Cor. 2. 16. Who is fufficient for these things: We know but in pare, we prophege but ja park, and bow can iç be otherwise for eye børb not Seen, nor rarb-ard, nor harb it exired into tbe heart of en the things which God hath prepared for them that love him; alas for many times even Minifters 2X**Y Cbrifts Mercat, for lack of knowledge, or suite



able affe&ion and eloquence wben they speak of heavenly riches, they are but carbon v Den that car ry Cbrilts treasures, 2 Cor, 4. 7.

and many

times ra: Lber an occalion of disparaging than recommending them; and therefore, my dear Friends, whatever sort of wares or necessaries ye want, think noc they are not to be had becaule Ministers Ipeaks pot of them, or they are not worth the having, because they Speak rot of them to purpose;but go to Christ himCelf, try bis Scoreboule, and no doobt you will find, whatever ye need or want, Pfol. 23. 1. yea & thote very things that ye bear Ministers offering & crying up, seek to Cbrift bimself for them, for the best of their Rhetorick and encomiums will found no further than the ear, 'tis only Christ who can effe&ually reach and engage the heart to be willing to close a bargain, 1 Cor. 3. s. Who tben is Poul, and who is Apollos but Mini Hers by zobon ye beli. cd, even the Lord gave to every man.

3. Confid. Give credit to the report & recommens dation tbat Chrilts commissionated F«Etors & Minifers give anenc bis Wares ; tbe wapt of Faith for particolar home application is the wrack of the World, and the grand ground of peoples indifferens cy of bargaining with Chrift; if ye do not really believe that Chrifts wares are good and sufficient, cbat they are oferol, that they are deedful & deficable,& $. you, even gou, may come to get a share of them, all that can be spoken in order to your encouragement and perfwasion to buy,will be but lip Jabor, lof labor Heb.4.2.che word preached did not proso chem,not being mixed with faith in tbem cbat her

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