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Th; Text opened and explained, to acquire or gain Worldly Ricbus, it is more than probable chat I would have a very attentive Audi ence, far beyond what I fear and suspect you shall prove, and I doubt not, but also with more alacrity and carns meso ye would follow my Dneations, than wben lam to treat of Spiritual. Treasures; for such is the genius of our corrupted miods, that we rather (way to savour the things of the FI-lo, than the things of the Spirit, which is both our Sin and our Sbame, and should be our Sorrozo : but let me tell you, O Cbriflians, it is not temporary fading Riches, par the Mercbandize of Silocr or Gold, or such corruptible vain things that I am to treat of, but of Merchons diz: more excellent, more neceßory, and more jusly proporcioned both to the worth and capacity of the im norral Soul viz. of Celestial Ricbes which Chrift came from Heaven to purchase for us, and which He is afcended up on high again, to band down to os. Epb.4.2,8 Now in Prosecution of this D&rine, I will as the Lord fh all help, open up and enlarge upon these following Hinds.

1. I will offer some preliminary Propositions, wbicb Hearly concern this Subje&.

2, I twil till you off veral sorts of Sperisual Wares that Christ expofesto Sale, and which all bore need and accefi to buy,

3. I will offer some Rules and Dire&tions forma. naging sright your Trade with Jesus Chrijl.

4. I will make some pra&tical Improvement of the Doa-ine, by an Usc, 1, 0f Reproof. 2. Of Exbor. Tation, 3 Of Caution,


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The Cbriftian Merchant trading to Heaven.

Some general Propofitions &c.

Prop. I.

THE GOD of Heaven and

Eartb at the Beginning did Copiously below upon Man a vaft and conliders able Stock. He ble ned and doted him with innoniers able excellent Enjoyments witb many fingular Privi. ledges. He also


ly adorned him witb pecu. liar Endowments both of Soul and Body, wbereof to Efsay a Discourse or Description, were but to ftraiten the Remembrance of the Divine Benefi tence, and to obscore the Glory of His Goodness and Wisdom: Owbat a vaf Stock, I say, bad our firft Fatber Adam concredited unto him, sufficient to bave enriched him and all his Pofterity, beyond What the most exquisite Topgoe or Pen can express: bad he sot in his possession, what the vilible World could furnish for his use and pleasure had be not at his free Devotion all the present Felicities that could contribute for the incire satisfaction of his rea, fonable oncorrupted Appetites : what a Paradise of Pleafares was the place of his abode andh. billy replenished with every tbing dele&able AS

a Prince Paramount was hz among che rest of bis Neighbour Creatures i did they not owo bim, and pay homage to him as a soveraigu Lord: the di. mighty having impressed them with a relped and dread of him. But what thould I say ef External Pleasures and Poffetlions, they being but the smalleit Moyetie of his great Scock : for far above all these herein lay bis true Treasure that he was admirably fra ned after the Image of his Maker, having the lineaments of His communicable perfections & vira tu23 vively drawn and stamped on bis Immortal Soul ; O what a store of Graces were heaped upon him whereby be was enabled to serve God, and to serve himself of these Gifts of God, and wbereby he was rendered capable of loving God, and being beloved of God, as also of entertaining the brighrful Displays of the Divine Presence ; was not his Ung der Aunding made a Lamp of pare Light, without a shadow of Darkness whereby hie faw GOD Him. self, he law GOD in bimself, he faw bimself be. loved of GOD, and saw himself happy in all these Sights :. Was he not endowed with a Jaft re&is tude and readiness of Wil, capable with a sweet facilitie fully to follow the Report and Direction of his enlighrened Mind, even to a perfe& and perpetual obfervance of the Holy Law of God. Was there not a lovely and amicable Harmonie among the Atitions, rotbat net 'one of them needed co jarr or jingle with another'? and was there not a due and deGrable subordination of the Inferiour apo petites, so as to be regularly and rationally swayed by kiedly Influence of the bigber powers and facul.

tiesi yea & were not che very Members of the Body in a lervicable readinels and capacity to attend the motions, and pertorm the pleatures of this so excel

leot Soul: buc moreover was not Man ter his curis - ous Scructure and enuinene intelle&ual Qualities, an admicable compend of all the Beauties & Pertedi. ons of the World, and therefore pot uobily flyitd Mesxpóxósu G : And further above all ebele which we pætly glanced at before, was he opt as it were an Embleme of the Divine Nature ( as far as communicable to meer Man) looking like GOD in Knowledge, Rigbteouinels, Holinels and Wildoni,

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Intr. 1 F the Creature was so excellent & haps

py, as bach been said, surely che Creator - molt fuperexcell who is God'over all blelled for es · Ver; if Man was lo Amiable who at his belt eftate

bad but fome scattered Beams of borrowed Beau: ty,how much is the Glorious Sun of Augbieoulsefa to be admired chat communicats there bler:full Oria ent Rayer Gad is to be admired in Man, God is to be admired by Man, because of the admirable Fa: brick chat God pue Man into, Pfal.,16.

2. Infer. How much is Man obliged to God, for exalting him in Perfections and Dignity above all other subsmarie Beings God raised Man from the Dölt to a Sphere of Elevation above others his Fel lowscreatures, yea and in some respect into a pas


cipation of the Angelica Natore, not to repeat wbacis laid ot bis near Atfimilation to the Nacure of God, which obliging Considerations should bave en, gaged him to the highest strains of Love, to tbe molt tervent practice of devotion, and co umolt constant Obedietice, neither should be ever have intermitted thegenerous Magnifications and gratefull Prailes of bis Mitters transcendent Goodness.

3.Infer. If Man was happy in bis Communion with GOD ( though it an alterable Condition in this lower Sphere, how unspeakably more happy are the Elc&f mankind who shall enjoy uninter. rupted Fellowíhip withih: Divine Presence through all the Ages of Glorious Eternity.

4 Infèr. Seeing there was such a Stock given to Qar Fore-father Adom, it were our Wildom to make careful inquest what is become of it;chat chere was a Stock pot in Adams band is most certain from Scripture-revelation, Gen. 2. 7. ad fine. Eccl. 7. 29. & that this Stock is now gone, is a sad truth demonArable from common senle & experience, bat' what is eome of it,& how it may be recovered, boc Opus, hic Labor et, but more of this anode.


Propof. 2.


Y virtue of Adams milimprovement gave him, and by reason of our unavoidable beredis tary Intereft in that his unbappiness, we are all bros kem Merchant, and Benkrupts, and bave crackt our redit with God; that is to fay by Adami Fall and


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