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wbicb, O serious perplexed linner tbou mayA conclude, chac neicber the number, nor che nature of by fins can (top the pardoning grace of God, whole Nature it is co forgive iooomberable fins, aod all kinds of creipaffes, Matth. 13 2.

3. obj. But alas, 1 bave long rejected the offers of pardon.

Answ. I grant indeed this is a very grievous faolt, and should be matter of thy deep bumiliation; nevertheless there is bope in Israel concerning this thing, for so long as thou 'art in the land of hope, rbere is place for repentance, even of this thy folly of reje: &ing Chrift; I am apc to believe there are not a few lincere Converts who have the fad experience of their frequent Refusals of Christ, yea I may venture to say, there are none (come to adulc age) buc (in lefs or more ) they have opposed his dealings with their hearts, ere they have hnally closed wich

bim, & perhaps some have fuck long fast in the place of breaking forth of children, yet they have bad a fafe & comfortable delivery;berce o exercised perplexo ed Soul if chou art really and unteignedly burcbened with this case thou here regrates, I have this word of confolation unto thee, tbat cbcugb thou haft rejected bis favourable offers a tbow fond times twice rold, yet if for this once, if this day thou art heartily content to receive Christ, I say he is readie to receive thee into his grace, for after so long time he faith, today if ye will bear bis voice borden not your bearts, and ye Thall obtain mercie and find grace at ebe tbrone of grace, Heb, 4.16, 19. and Jer. 2.25, 32. Israel re jects the Lord, loves Atrangers, and after the

needs go, and had forgotten God days without number, and 30 Chap. che Lord again and again proclaims his A& of Indemnicie, ver, s, yet they reje& his offers and continue ftill refradry backslidors, but noewichitanding all these frequent retulals, yet agala ver.22. he reqews bis repeated for merly neglected proposals, with a gracious promise of acceptance, return yc backfliding children, and I will boni your backslidings; ye might readilie chink, they had juft reaion of abjicien, O Lord, lore chou wilt noe look on us though we look to thes, we have fu long unwortbilie rejected thy mercifall offers, but there is no fach langaage comes out of their head, but a present obedieacial compliance with Gods call, faying, bebald we come unto thec, for rbou art the Lord our God; hence it is clear, the edge of thy objection is blanced, for if chou perlia not obftinatlie to rejed God, and reje&t thy own mere cie, a mercifall God will never reje& thee a retura ing penicent.

4. Obj. But it may be, I am excepted out of heavens A& of Indemnity.

Antwo. It may as well be thou are not excepted, let the one may be, be ler over again the other, and thos ou may bees Aand both an even groond ; bor further, I would have thee consider that chere is a more fure word of promile & prophesie warranting thee to believe in Chrik, than thy cocertain mays bers to byals thee to unbelief. lla. 55. 1. Ho every one, come and buy viz. an A& of Indemnitie, verife this being an indefinite general proposition includpg all individuals, by wbat Login chou ex.

clude and score off chy felf, from being one of these every onts to whom this gracious offer is made. Rev. 11. 17. Whofoeder will les him ruke of the water of life freely, here is a clear declaration of Chris willing, dess for bis pare, if thy own unwilling Will be not by Wrack, as Chrif regrates. John 5. 40. And ye will not come unto me that ye migbt bove life, so ebat Chriß will not exclade os, if we exclude nøt our feloer.

s, Obj. Why should I offer to boy an A&of Ins demnitie, for I bave nor bung to pay for it, ad ernplie parfe will come fmall speed.

Anfwo. O.chou unwarrie Goner, this conceit is kone other theo one of Satans tricks, who by this impoflure would have thee bear by self in band, this is true heart hacilitie, that thou oughteft pol to come to God or meddle with Christ, till thou have clean hands and a pure heart (and when will that be? not in this world) and then when bou excells in boliness and good works (thos baving a price in thy hand ) bod way be the more bold to make a bargain , alas I lay this is to play the proud Papift in seeking beaven for thinc own merito ao but Batad by this one fpưa plauf ble temptation dem ceives not a fow, making the bighest pitch of damnable pride pass unobserved for apparent bumility which amounts to do less then a big dream that we need not be obliged or beholden to Chrift for heas ven or happinefs, but may purchase it with our own treafures; while alas if we do but judiciously and seriously ponder the matter, it will be found, thar thao we bad oever fovalt a flock of inherene righ


teog 'niess, or perlonal perfections & good works yet they cannot satisfe for the lealt one of our lins, yea the very offer of them as a price of redemption is enough to flick the bargain, and so both we & this our

money will perish with us, for to think that the gift of God may be purchased with this kind of price, when God bas declared the contrare, is a wicked juftliog out Gods metbod with our own; therefore I

tay, never talk any more at this rate, for Christ bavs eing paid all, there is nothing tor thee to pay,neither

batt chou any more to do but (renoupcing thy awo righteoulaels, and vecerlie disclaiming all grounds et claim oberwise) cordiallie to accept of the free lie offered redemption which Chrilt bas purchased at tbe dear price of his precious blood, f. 13.10.16 Ads 20. 28. Rev.s., and that we cannot be res deemed for any price we are able to pay, either in the way of suffering or doing, is most plain from that notable passage of Scriptore, wbich I wish were ehs graven on all our hearts, as with cbe piont of a Dias, mond, Isa. 43, 24, 25, Thou bap bought me no Sweet cane with money ( this excludes all colt aud charges of our own) neither bapt thou filled me wirb the far of tby facrifices (none of our religious adions can ap peale his anger, or conciliat bis favour tous) but ibou ball made me to serve witb thy fons, thou holl wearis ed me with thine iniquities (whereby thou juflie des serves the wages or my everlalling displeasure) yet after all that is said bere of their not doing good, & abundantlie doing ill, says the good God, I, ever I am he ibat blorieth out the tranfgrellions for mine oren jake, and will not remembur iby fins, Ogracious words



and sweet, worthy of all acceptation and perpes coal medication.

6 Obj. Why should I offer to buy Cbrißis Aą of Indemnity, for it only concernerb such criminals whoje fins are pardonable, but as for me, I am guilty of the unpardonable fin againh 1bc Holy Ghof, at leaft I wbiles fadly perplexed with frightfull apprebenfions of n

Ausw. Tby care and fear aboot this lin is a Arenger demonftration thou are not guilty of it, then thy bare affertion or apprehension is a proof that eboo art guilty, for one main ingredient in the composition of this fio is wilfull conGrmedim. penitency, excluding all degrees of repentance, whereof care and tear about guilc and Souls bazard is one; but a chies answer that I give yog bere fhall be in a defcription of this feared fin, with which comparing thy self, I leave it to the candor of thy conscience to make a juft conclufion, Tbe fin again tbe Holy Glof may be described thusi

It is a professiog, knowing Christian, bis wilfoll, avowed, zealous, and malicious renouncing, bating and persecuting Christ, his religion and members, with a desperate rehfting the inward motions of the Holy Ghost, and rejecting the outward means of res covery to repentance and salvation, Mattb. 12. 24. 3.2. Heb. 6.415, 6. Heb. 10 26 29. Now doubting Christian co fave my time and labour, I refer to thy self to analize, or take into its several parts this de fcription, &ingenuoofly apply the same tothy own case as before God, and I dare fay chy. Conscience will acquit thee from the charge and guilt of oupardonable fin,

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