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closet and exame your count:books, can you noc

more, in and about other things, than about this chief affair, whicrechere is an idemisfy or lamenefs of the materiality of the wor operation in the one as well as ia the otber, the which matcriality of rbe ad is in thy power equally as to bech, Yoacao go into your cetire to examine your life and conversation your tongues can fold nimbly enough to curle and swear, & CAR Ibey not move to mucces one word of prayer before God you can go to a Comedie boule or Tavero, and spend precious cime in bebolding vas nities, in hearing idle discourses, or in cipling and drinking; and capper these same limbs carry you to the boule of God, cannot these same eyes look in o the Bible, cannot thele fame ears have patience to hear a seasonable & usefull Sermon and so drink the Gocere milk of the word, if a Friend or Relati. an dyes, you can shed tears and be grieved, & can you not command one tear for all your Gns in a piece of bodily hazard, you can readily and lightly cry out God save us, God help us, and can you not seriously say the same words in behalf of your souls ? this is very Araoge! Serbst while you do not what ych cam, you are euer chargable with, you will not, John 5. 40. Jer, 5310)

4. Consid. When Ministers în preaching have ebar, 8ęd you to repent &c, and conscience has urged the fame thing, have ye not sometimes argued after this shifting manner, Oxbere, iç pime enough coming, when we fall Gck ar grow old, then we will depent, and turn to God, which iolinuala a vain fancy that yecan repept when ye will, Q but this bewrays n

found deceitrulnefs of beare, chat is ready to bear you in bad, one time you can repent, and anutber time you cannot repeat; as may be suit your prez fent humors, & answer the delation of your beart, From all which it is too apparent, i hat there is more of will not nor cansnos in your prefended complaint. 3.

Condit. Ye molt take beavens O atb af Aledges ance, folemnlie engaging never again to lift up arms againit the king of Havin, as io times pat to your Tham: and sorrow you have done, reialve in the grace and help at the Lord, that ye will no further inuke provision for the Aufb to full sbelußstbercof, which war again your souls, and also againit your God; you mut licklike fwear Obeyance to Gods Holy La vs, and vow for th: fature to bebjave as becomes Loyal Chriftian mbj. &r; to be short th: impart of this condicion is Prfonal coven inring, whereby in counsel and choice, yc avonch the Lord to be your God, and avoucb your seloes to be bis Suhjrati and Servants, Isa 44.5. In order to the right mi. nagment of this work of Personal.covenancing, fee our Treatise on this Sabje&, second Edition 1701,

4. Condir, Ye multb li vechit oor Lord Jufus both can sndwl prdon a'l your iniquiries th're is no os eber way of Jotificacion before GOD but only throgyh che Merice and Midiation of the Son of God, Mark 16 16. Hi that belicurth Dad bi sev dbus be that believ:th uitshil b: donn: Joh. 3.16 Rom, 3. 22. 4. I find no v it is time to qualifie & terce hai lhavobsen (aving with some Coutions, Coution. I am afraid at the very heart leat from o ve been h:aring this sweet Dudine may


break their necks upon it, either by healing their fores too soon and too flightly, speaking peace to tbemselves when the Lord hath not tpoken peace, or by prelamprumus encouragiog themselves to do evil; as alas too many felf-deceivers are ready thas to argue, blefied be God, I am not guilty of so gross impiegies, as Lor, David, or Monoleb, therefore I traft in God I may come to heaven, when such grea. ter finners cban I are admitted chere, but let me cell thee, Oman, ibere be not a few frying in the lake this day, wbø bave not committed by half so manje gross fins as thou, thoogh it may be thou balt oot tranfgreffed by balf so wickedlic, as Lot, David, or Manalleb; but ebou doft not wisely to compare thy self with, the Saines only in their ill things, and so to fwel with a conceit of ihy self because thou art not chargable with such immeralities, as even some good men have been Nained with, but thou shoulda allo congder their repentance, their reformation & boliness, if thou matches them in the le excellencies; lec me boldlie tell thee, O Gener, forelie choo batt no part of their holiness, wbo wiksullie takes part with them io their wickedness, yea and tbereby thoa but bardeas cby fell from their repentance, without wbicb cbod shals never share of their bappiness, O bow ready are our ill bearts rather to draw che patern of tbeir impieties to imitation, than to follow the example of their vertoes or fan&imonie.

2. Cani. Beware all ye healebearted finners, that ye fmasch not at these precious Proffers & Promifes, which belong not to you, but are the Childrens brand prepared for the pourishment & the confolation

fuch oply wbose perplexed fpirits are oppressed with the lense and referement of their lios; I am as fraid there are coo many, who were never terrified with the apprehenlons of Gods anger, who were never ébroogbly bumbled for their fins, who never broke their feep for breaking Gods Laws, and who never yet laid to beart what hearts tbey bave ; 00 fuch I say, I have no warrand co speak one word of consolacion ; but ifebou art an exercised humbled Gnner, co thee ami fent with a dose of Chriftscordia als, yea to thee I say, be of good cheer, arife, for the Malter Himself callech thee, Matth. 11 29, 29. Come unto me all ye that are weary and beady laden, and I. will give reft shto your fouls.

3. Gaut. Have a care ye negle&t not the prelent opportunity of this days Proclamation of an Indians mitys 'chou knowelt noe if ever thou shale bave ano. aber offer after this, and sure it is not a matter of Moonshine to be saved or damned, to be received into Gods everlasting Favour, or to be punished with execrable Dearution from the Presence of che Lord: more of this afterwards.


A second fort of Heavens Warcs exposed to Sole, Secondly, Sinners, what will ye BgyWill you

buy th: Trub: an invaluable purchase indeed!

Sirs, the leaf Point or lora of precious Truth is worth a thousand worlds, is worth a thousand lives; efore the wise man who full well knew the pa


tuče, worth and excellency of things, recommends tous to bargain for this trealore, Prov. 23. 23. Buy ibc srush axed fell it not : But that you may the better underfiand our Bicar ing, we chink ir noi amils to tell you wbat buying or the Truth may import,

1. We meao by buying of the Truth, that ye pubs Tickly profesi and own the Truth and bettedtatt in your adherence thereto, many like Nicodemus are Moons lightsprofe fors; Jobn 3 2. who in the times of dans ger and dificulty are afraid openly to espouse the caule and interests of truth, but we mul endeavour to be of a more gallant spirit, firmly refalved as the Apolle says to fightrbs good fight of faith, & lo face and rancounter perils; and to profess a good profession before many witnießes, i, e. profesedly co own the wholfom words of our Lord Jesus Chrift, and the dadrine which is according to godlinels, Tom. 6. 3112: 13 Heb. 10. 13.

2, We mean by baying of the Truth, that ye res celve the truth in faith and love affectionatly applying aod carefully improving wbat ye know and own to betrarh; loc it is but a poor bargain, to have some common Notices, and ondigefted notions of the (rubs of God (wimming in the brain, if there be not che lolid faich thereol to fix the mind, the powerfull os peration thereof to regulate and say the affe&ione, & the commanding influence thereof to reduce the converfation to a comely, conformitie co her own rales, & to fright you from a failzare herein, I prepose to your serious thoughts the Apoftolical certific caţion; 2 Theff.2, 10.12., that they all might be damned Teho believed not the trub, and received not tbe 10-

abe truth

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