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3. We mean by buying of cbe Trucb, that yebe zealows and unbiont jor the difence of tbe fruib, not lov. ing your lives unto the death if haply this your mors cal tal may prove a step for truth torile & triumpb, it was one of feremiabs complaints or oid, chap. 9. 3. They are not valient for the truth upon the carib; and may not we olurp the same charge against the plura litie of Profeffers in this our day, wherein alaschere are too manie.cowardly fily fools under the like bale fet of spirit, Interes, interef, & ebeir worldly wealth is that which the most part are anxious to fecure, but which is Trub fink or Srim goes not lo near their bearts; O profeffors,let another spirit be in you that wbatever be the wretched way of Damafes, Judafes, and Golior, yet contend ye carne Atly for the Faith oncs delivered to the Saints Jude 3.this is a depositum com mitted to the trolt of the Saints, & who ever would be owned to be Saints of God, ought to see how chey will answer for, and discharge this Truft.

4, We mean by buying of the Truth, that ye bo for the good report and credit of Trurb, by a Truchobes coming conversation in all Gospel fimplicity & iotes grity; that fe ye may recommend to orbers to be buyers & bargaloers too, whereas upon the contrare either errours of judgement, or blemishes of conver. sation may make the way of truth to be evil

Spoken of, 2 Pet. 2. 3. and consequenclie endammage Tracks interest and advancement,


A third fort of Heavens Warcs exposed to Sile,

THrdly, Sinners, what will yo Buy: will ye buy

nicat and drinks forely ye bave need of this it of anything, therefore I lay come bay mear, & buy drink, and verily your souls shall live, 198.55.1, 2, 3.

ye may bave plenty & variety of besvens fineit delicacies, berc ye may bave some crumbs of glory that are drop now and then from the Kings cable, even grace for groce, grac: upon grace, Jonn 1. 16, bere ye may have lome first fruits and forecasts of the grapes and granates of the upper Ganaaa, & bere ye may bave both the upper Springs and weiter Springs to drink off, bue wbat should I say, ter bere ye may bave a foof of far things, a foul of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, may not only have of heavens daloties cebat

ye please, boe when ye plcasc, før His table stands ftilt covered and plenteoully furnished, whenever thoa baft an appe. tite to take, oor God is in a readiness to give, yea if it bere at midnight, ask and ye shall receive, knock, and it fhall be opened unto you, Luke 11.5.9, and the bread and driok wbieb our Lord giveth will megrido unto eternal life.

Some Infer noes from this particular, I.lafer. Have we the good occalion of such plen. teous provifions, O let us bunser & hirA after a pors tion thereof. that our starving rols do not famish in the midft of plenty; Is it not a sad case, that while

Lord covers to us a tull cable, and invites us freely to come and cal, yet we will pot fafte of His goed things O tirs, what would the damn:d wigbts in bell give this day for such an opportunitie as ye now eas joy, I crow without the ceremony of double bidding, chey would tall to, and eat & drink greedily, I dare say, cbey would lick abzir lips after the least drop of the honeycomb, whereof the fight and timell forfeits you, because ye are carnal & favour not the things of God; Ouaworthy tinners yemay thus provoke a boly God to draw your tables and give you cleannese of teetb; and visit you with a famine, not of bread or of water, but of the words of the Lord&c. Amos 8.10.13

2. Infor. Have we an occasion of such plentegas provitjons, let us not fill our bellies with swines busksa inpead of beavens deinties; too many play the foel & prodigal so far, as to forsake their Fathers bogle, where they may bave abundance of all things, and go to feed with brutith Epicures on fuch fwinith fare as ftarves and poisons their precious fouls; how many commit all uncleanness with greediness, lick op their vomit like Dogs, and drink

iniquitie as the Ox drinkeih cbe water brooks, this is a higb contempt of Chifts fare, and of the good things chat our heavenlie Father hach provided.

*: }; Infor. Have we the occasion of such plentecos provisions, let us beartily and thankfully blesseur God for this His unfpeakable care and kindnefodet me tell yoo Sirs, He hath not dealt fo with every Nacioi, & be is your special mercy and priviledge that the lines are fallen in fo pleafant places, and that your Cup Tronmetb over with Gospel blessings; Owbat spot ous and odmerous parts of the world are farving & picing away før plain fcant and want of Cbrils.ordin agoces no Scriptures, no Minifters, no Sacraments, and consequently no God,no Chrift, no Hope in the world, o doletull case, I had almolt said Odivelaj ull cafe, for lurely where Chrift is not, there the Devil reigns; and should not this provoke us to thankfuls nele, even te admire and praise the Lord and His geodoels; surelie Cbriftian, if ever thou haft trulie talled that the Lord is sweet and gracious, I doubt pot buc obou balt (et apart fome time on fet purpose to bless God for Chrift, co bless God for the Bible, to bless God for Ordinances, ahd to bless God that ever thou get good ef any of tbele ; break forth ins to a new Song, and sunt up the barp of thy beart to etter His Praises for ever. Read Pfal. 101.

4. Infer, As we should bless God for our meat, lo we thould seek Gode our meat, that we may be the better and not the worle of ic; mext is a bler. hing, yet this our bleflang may be turned into a curse, yea our table may become a fare: when Jesuruin did éat ebe increase of the fields, when be sucked honey one of the rock, and oył out of the flintie rock &c. and when he did drink the pore blood of ebe grape, even then fejurun waxed fat and kicked, then be fora fook God w bich made bim &c. Deut 32, 13,14,15. and are we not allo in hazard of milimproving spis ritual bleflinge without Gods blessing upon them ; areebere not many Preachings, are there not many Examinationidays, are there noe many Communis on fealls, are there not many Falt-days, are there noIsay mapy Gospel-opportunities, 'all but labour

in vain, all ineffe&ual and fruitless for lack of Gods blefling and becaule of our furning the grace of God into lasciviousness, Parme plant and Apollor may water, but it. God ccbo gives the increase, i Cor. 3.6. 7 SECTION: VI.


A fourth sort of H: ovene War's exposed to Solei Fourtbly. What will ye Buy ? Will ye buy raiment

and cloathing if you mind to buy any thing at all, to be sure you will buy m at and cloath, ye molt ware the penny on thefe, though ye loold pioch your felves to save it in other ebirgs, these ye mult needs have elle ge perith, hence the great care and cry of the world is, wbut should we cnt, ubat shall we drink, wherewibal ball we be closthed: now I say, will ye bup a suit of cloa bs, will ye buy white rai. ment; then here. ye may bave it; I counféltbee to buy of Mewbite ruiment &c. I dare say there is many a naked soul among you, and it may be nothing covered but your eyes, that will not let


fee ness, like ebe wretched Laodiceans here wbo fanci. ed chev bad need of nothing, while in the mean time they were blind, pakede.I fear the most part of you may apply in a spiritual sense that passage we have Ila 3 7. In my houfe is nesther bread nor cloarbing, the surett inacks of deep poverty that can be Now I will tell you of four several sorts or luits of cloacha dag thar kemuit bay..

The garment will reputed righteou mifs, this is the
Gout of an external profellion puc on in Bap?

your nakeds

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