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tism, Gal. 3. 27. My Friends, our Lord Jesus bas eDougb of Merchants for this kind of cloathing abuns dance pot on Cbrip, livry this way, but all they who tbas put on Christ are not in Chrift, all who profess communion with Him, are not really in onion with Him, kom.


alas Sirs, if you have no more upon you but this one single cout, che blait of a llorm of perfecution will soon blow aside the laps of it, & lo discover your nakedness;and we call it a garment of reputed righteousness, because every one who is clothed with ebis garment of profeífion, is in the judgement of charity to be reputed righteous, eill the contrare appear by the feen nakedness of their vices and impieties; or we may call it ro, because alas too many repute themselves good enougb Cbris ftians, though they bave no more bot the Profesion and out ward forms of religion, or again, because the molt part pot on a profession of chriftianity only for reputations sake, like the Church of Sardir, if they have a name they live,they care for no more,

2. The garment of imputed righteousnefochere is an ibfolute necessity that ye boy this, elle che Shame of your nakedness can never be covered, & to wbom can ye go for this raiment of imputed righteousness, but co cbis our Merchant in the Text, all other rai. nents of righteousness are bat filthy rags, that will be so far from biding your filthiness, that they are

part of your hlthiness which make you slthie and oathsom in the light of God, Ifa. 64. 6. hence we ée Rom. 146.7. that it is impured righteousness that Covereeh hin, and whose righteousness is it that is ims puted, the Apolle tells us, Phil, 3.9 Not having "


own ri, bteoufacfs zobich is of the Law, but rbai wbico is through the foub of Cbrif, wo of God is made so si rightcouin fs and redemption &c, I Cor. t. 3. wbal is chat co fay, Chrilt is made of God gur righteoul ness. i. e. Cörists imputed righteoosness, is a Coat of Gous own making, it is not a clouted Coat of our making, wbich could never cover our nakedness, but a Ceat that the finger of Godfbaped from eternig ty and for wed in time,

31 I berç is the garment of inbarent or internal rightrowfeefs, that is tbe ioner Coat of heart-holiness, or the renewing of she mind, which like a cleath of fils vor or gold does allo shine forth and appear ig a be ly spiritual life, Eph 4 24 Put on the new many which After God is created in righteousness and true bolinesi

1 Theff. 5.13.

4. There is the garmeot as of external & joten nal, fo ofiternal rigbtcousness, wbich we should buy at any rate, by eternal righteoufness here, we mean not a different kind or species, from the interoal pe ken of, but only the perpetuity & perfection there of, or ebat we may be so cloached opon with Chril and His Grace as never again to be oncloached of ebele goodly Garments till Graec be turned 10 Glery, and Chrift be seen and enjoyed as He is.

R fl-Bions on tbis Point.

Ref: You must either buy all these Garmente or none, Chrif will not pare the whole Suit, ye mul be for the practice of piety as well as for the prefel hon of piety. ye mult be for inward holiness in the life and

power of it, as well as for the outward forms and rices thereof, ye must be Saints in time,


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else you shall never dwell in the habitation of beli iness with the Saints in Heaven :, we must with che

heart believe onto righteousness, as with the mouth make confellion unto salvation; ah


there not too many that are frank enough for a profession,

wbo yet are rank enemies to the power of godlines, - yea & are a notorious discredit & disgrace to their

pretended profellion, Tit. 1.16 Tbey projeforbut they know God, but in works they deny bim being abominable and disobedient &c. Therefore I fay wbat God larh joined togetber, let no man put afander, let none dare to tear the seemless Coat of Chrilt that He will not have parted into pieces.

2. Refle. As ye muft boy either the whole Soic or none, so muß ye buy it cirber now or nüer, Chriß fells no wares to the dead, neither keeps be exchange in bell.; ye muf eit her 66 your felves with cloaths io time, or else you will be exposed naked to the ins tollerable forms of an endleis winter, believe it my Friends, there will never loch a word as chis be heard among the damned, I counsel thee to buy of Me white raiment, white cloaths are not fit for the black reaks of the lake;so that if it might be suppo fed that any of bells wigbes should cry, Lord, cloth me with wbite raiment, we may also suppose ebey might meet with this aoswer, Oye unworthy wiet: ches, ye tbought shame of Me and My Litrie in the world, and now I think shame coowo you in your filchiness and nakedness, therefore possess ye ibe shame of your nakedness for ever.


Some Motiver to buy abis Raiment,

1. Mot. Y

E are fark nak dand denuđed of all righ

teousnes in your selves, ye are all wounds and bruises and putrifying fores, lying polluted in your own blood to the loathing of your persons, Es zek. 16:5, 6. a very ugly and noisom speascle indeed! and therefore ye have great need of cloacbs lo co: ver and bid this yo ir shamefull nakednels; there is none of you

all boc are guiley of much Go, &that is your nakedness, cbat is your deformity and running fore, bué few of you are possessed with so much fpiritual shame, as to make you feeka covering yo know that as soon as Adam and Eve knew their pakedness, they made themselves aprons of bigg leaves to cover it, Gen. 3.7. but berein'ye may

have a feen advantage beyond them for chey bad batan apron of fig leaves, that might cover a little part of chem from one another, but could not hide a biet of them from God; but here ye may have a whole covering of the leaves of the tree of life, so as God will Rot see one of your leaft fpots or deformities, for #: beholderb mainiquity in Jacob, neither dotb He fee ang perverf-n:foin Israel, being covered with this cloacbing, Nmnb 23. 21. Rom. 4 6,7

2. Mor. Ye are as lillies among thorns, Song. 2, 2. while lojourners in this world ye are among wick: ed roughanded Esaus, who will be pricks in your

pes and thorns in your fides, fo that ye have great


teed of cleaths to tence you from the scratches on tbe briars and thorns that ye are daily among ; ye are allo liable to the b'itt er blafts of a wioter-time of perfecution, and ye may baplie meet with such barbarous enemies, as cause ibe naked to lodge without cloathing &c. Job 24 7, and I know notbing can be of greater Atead in the bardelt pinches, eben a solid perlwasion of having put on the Lord Jelus Chrift, as the Lord your righteousness,

5. Mor. Ve are a holie nation, a pculiar people, & lo for diftin&tions fake (from those of the world cbat wear the devils livrie) ye should bave on Cbriße livris, Rom. 11. 2. Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

4. Mot. This spiritual cloathing that we speak of, will not walt or wear away, neither motbs nor mice will enter thereupon, Deut 8. 4. this raiment will not wax old, for the merchandizi of Cbrid shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat lufficis entlie, and for durable cloathing, Isa. 13, 18.

s Mot. Without this raiment ye can never come to dwell in beaven, it will fare with thee as with the man that wanted the wedding garment, choo fhalt be bouod band and foot, and caft into otter darkness, Mattb, 22.13


Some Conditioni of Sale of this white Rdiment,


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Cbrifts , then

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