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cait off your aburagged blttie cloths it would be very unteenlie to wear a tine new Coat above an old greelie cattered Coat, the meaning is, gemu poc off your old conversation, with the lofts there! ot, and put on the new man, & lead a bolie changed renewed mutt forsake your old ways, youreld companions your old lufts& lovers, Zecb.3.Jolhaas filtby gavinents were taken from him, before be fair Mitre was set on bis head, and ere be was cloatbed with the change of raiment, vers. 3, 4, 5 see Rora. 13. 12, 14. Eph. 4, 22, 24,

2. Condir, if ye would have one the garments of grace & godliness, then ye muft resolve & also ens deavour to keep your cloachs clean, the bonour of your Master requires this chat ye should look as like Him, and His, as may be, Matth. 5.48. B: ye rberefore perse&cven'as your father whicb is in Heaven is pera je 8. 1 Pet. 1. 15. Asbe which bath called you is hos by Jo be ye böly in all manner of converfation; and see ing it is wbite raiment chat Cbrift cloachs bs with, the verie propertie thereof seems to say, that we should have a special care least we sullie chem; bot on the contrare, we fould hate the garments spotted wité the flesh, Jude 23. Sirs the Lords piercing eye is upon us all. aod He narrowlie noticech who walk worthy of Him unto alt well pleasing, & whe in their walk hain and defle themselves, Rev.3.2,4 I have not found the works perfc&before God yet there are some even in Sardis that have not defiled their garments, and they hall walk with Me in white for they are worthy

Condit. That you keep a good grip of your


garments least any plock them from you; the Devil is drawing, the world is drawing perfecuters are draw ing&thy deceitful heart is too ready to quite grips, therefore with fear & trembling improve what gras cious abilities you bave, & implore the allitlance of Chrik, that ye maybe able to keep Faft hold, Rev 16. Is.Blefjedis be that réatcherb and kes peab bus geruienis, kcall bowalk naked, and they see his fanc.

4. Condit. Stand falt by your Mafer, ket p class by the backing of His Livriemen, and engage to do Him all the service ye can, if ye break His bread & wear His wool, if He find you in meat and cloaib, is is juft and reasonable ge should employ your

Telves to your outmost power in your sphere for promov. ing His bonour and interests, Rom, 11.36 For of Him througb Him and 10 Hiru are all things, to Whom be Glory for cuer, Amen.


A faftb fort of Cbrifts Wares exposed to Sale, Flfbly, What will ye bay? will yo buy Ornaments?

bere ye may have them; i say not only raiment for covering your nakedness, but webite raiment for setting you off as comclie & beautious in the eyes of your Lord, Pfal.45.11,13,14. The Rings daughter is al glorious within, ber cloathing is of wreugbr gold, She Mal be brougbt to the King in rument of merdle work, So fhall ebe King greatly defirctby beauty. Read Ez-k. 16. ver1. to 15. when thon was a loathsom person saith the Lord, I spread My skilt over their


I cloathed thee with broidered work, I decked tbee allo wich ornainents, ro chat chou became renowned for thy beauty &c. In the Songs likewise cbe Spouse is said to be paucified with a great made excellent ornaments, all which speak out the plentie & varis etie of Graces whicb Cbrift communicats co poor, needie, vile tinners. We will glance at a few pieces of Ornaments,

I. Ornam. The white raiment of Gospel puritie and Holiwrfi, which mightilie adorns a Believer; the essencial beautie of God Himselflyes in spotless Holiness, and how much nearer in degrees of bolir.els a gracious Soul comes to Gods Immense. bolinefs

, the more excellent and illustrious is such a rare per son, and the more to be loved and liked, because bereia le far che liker God, who is Glorious in Hos linefs. Exod. Is u.

2. Ornam. The homelie dress of Huinilitie, which is a piece of beautie so lovable in Gods eyes,tbat, to faylo, He cannot but bow the Heavens to come down and dwell with the humble soul, and ay che more bumble ehat a Chriftian is in his own eyes,cbe inore exalted & precious is he in Gods eyes though He be the High and Loftie One that inhabitetb Es ternitie, 14.57.15. This Ornament well becomes tbe Elect of God, who bave nothing in themselves to be proud off; but muft bottom all their boasting on free eternal love, 1 Cap. 55. Be ye cloathed with bumiiity, for God refiftech cbe proud, and giveth grace to the humble, put on as the Eled of God humbleness of miod, Colof ; 12.

?, Ornans. The comelie garment of Mecknifs ;0


wbat beauti'ull resemblance does a meek soul carrie to cbe meek Lamb of God; who says, learn of Me for I am neck and lowly in beart, Matth. 11. 29 Lec your adorning not be that outward adornag of platting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of puts ting on of apparel, but let it be the hidden man of the beart, even the ornament of a miek and quier Spiris, wbicb in the light of God is of great price, i P.1,134

4. Ornam. Tbe goodlie garb of Scóruety, which we fhould wear everie day; I meap the moderation of our corbulent pallions, the continencie of our ios ordinat affe&ions and the regulation of our extra agant appetices, with respect to eating, drinking, leeping, apparel, recreations &c. all which in their Əwo room make very much for polishing professors, who if they be carried to excess in anie of these, wbat a discredit and reproach are they to the most oby Faith, which suffers through their scandalous mil. arriages, therefore the Apofle exhorts that Wonen adorn chemselves, not with broidered hair, OR ollie array, but in modes apparel, with Shamefafiers and fobriety as becometh women professing gods iness, 1 Tim. 2. gi io.

s. Ornam., The indispensible attire of Chriftian abarity, chat makes as much for the adorning of Re. gion as anie other cbriftian vertue or perfection: low ihall Iofirmities be covered: how fall Friends se keeped, and Enemies gained: how shal! Religic in be propagated bow can Piety flourishi yea how an we come at Heaven if there be not Charity? and noreover, how shall Peace be preserved : how shall Vaion be continued; or how can Christian. conimu:

I cleathed ibee with et aider: work I deck.d 18 alio with STRERSEIS, so that tbon became renow to thy draut, &c. In the Sorgs likewise tbe Spa is iac to be pobed wrh a great mao e excell arna.nent; all wbicb ipeat out the plentie & v etie of Graces wbicb Chrift communicats co pe neediz, rüc tinnsts. We will glance at a few pic OF OTRIMEIS,

1. Ornam. The white raiment of Gospel. po and Belie-fy wbich mightilie aderos a Believer; effential beautie of God Himlelt lyes in spotless liness, and how mocb pearer in degrees of boli a gracious Sool comes to Gods Immense. bolit the more excellent and illoftrieus is loch a rare fon, and the more to be loved and liked, bec berein lo far the liker God, who is Glorious in lixrfo Exod. 15 u.

2. Ornam. Tb: hemelie dress of Humilitie, wl is a piece of beautie to lovable in Gods eyes,tba layio, He cannot but bow the Heavens co a down and dwell with the humble soul, and ay more bumble ebat a Chriftian is in his own eyes, inore exalued & precious is he in Gods eyes cho De be the High and Loftie One that inbabitett ternicie, 16.12.15. This Ornament well beco ebe Elea of God, who bave nothing in themsel to be proud off; but must bottom all their boafi on free eternal love, 1 Cap. 5. 5. Be ye cloai with duminity, for Godrefiftech ebe proud and giv grace to che humble, pine on as the Eled of G


ness of mind

of Meckwifi

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