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Ah miser quantostibi rifus ifte
Mox dabri fletus, breve diluendum eft
Gaudium longis Lachrimis.
Fond wretch why toucb'd and ticklid so
With carnal joys, that come and go,
Thy foolith laughters and mad mirth,
Will soon produce the wofull bireb,
Of endless tears and miseries
When time bath clos'd and shut thine eyes,

for A third precious Jewel is in ward peace & tran quillicy of mind, which 18«. 26. 3. is called a perfil

Rei peace, and a peace of God that passech all onderttang

Ch ding, Phil, 4. 7. when affli&tions and perfecution abound, wben the world is turned opäde down, wars rage to the ends of the earth, yet this peace may possess the reins of a Believer, and in formie days he may have bis balcyon days, and nothing bal calm fair weather betwixt God and bis Sool, Pfal. 46 2-3,4. This peace and joy spoken of being much of a kind, the Conditions of Sale may be tendered at once.

I, Condit. Ye molt contemn the peace and joy al the world, ebat the joy and peace of God may have the preference in your choice & affe&ions, ye mal sell off & abandon the ene if ye would buy the other

2. Condit. You moft be hearc.forrowfull for you Gins,that have marred and obftructed spiritual peace and this day; it will cost you many a ny a sigh and groan ere ye obtain the joy of Gade falvation, PS1,126.5. it is they who foro in tearst

ME meapin joy, and orrarler che joy and peace of

par: penitenes

"d and favoprie.

1 - 11


Condit. Ye must break off your covenant of peace with your lufts and idols and ceale to rejoice in doing evil i can you have peace wbile ye rebel again ft yoor Soveraign? 7 bere is no peace to ite wick. ed, faith my God, lla, 57.21.neither can ye enjoy the joy of the Lord, while ye delight in the ching in which the Lord delighteth not, 1/4, 65. 12, 13, 14.

4. Gondit. Ye most creat and transact with God in Chrift for reconciliation and peace, & upon the close of this Bargain inexpreflible joy will surelse follow, Rom. 5.1, 2 We bave peace with God through Christ, by whom wę rejoice in the hope of rbe glory of God. And therefore Chrift is called oor peace and reconciliation, Epb, 2. 13.10 17.

si Condit. Ye mof lead a holy and religious life; for as the reseocment of a wicked vitious life, breaks our peace and banishes our joy, fo the reflection of åvertuous good life, creats us peace and migheilie increases our joy; hence wben a pious man cakes a view of bis diary, to examine his actions, and finds that advancement in grace and godliness hath the over.balance, O what peace and ferenity of soul! O what exultations of joy! do readily follow upon ibis bis observation, even fuchsweet experiences as he would not exchange for all tbe pleasures of the world. Tbis is our rejoicing ( faith the Apostle, 2 Cor. 2, 12.) The te fimony of our consciences, chat in godly lincerity we bave bad our conversation in the world: See also Ifa. za 17,

A fourth Pearl, is, our Lord Jesus, that precious Pearl of Heaven, Who is virtually, all sufficiently fc&ually all the joys, all the peace, & conter

ali che riches in heaven &.earth, O Sirs, if you bu and porcbafe Him, ye purcbase at once che tulnej of all in all, yea He is that alone Pearl of great prie whicb ye ought co buy at the rate of all ye bave Muurb, 13.45, 46, and furelie all that kocw Hi worth and beli:ve on Him will do so, for co there that believe He is precious, i Pet. 2.70


A fixth fort of Heavens Wares exposed to Sole,

Slxthly What will ye buy? will ge buy a fuit

Armour, herein also can this our Mercbant face nith you: He hatbrbe Magazine of Heavens Art tillerie at His dilpoļal, & can fit you to purpose. O finner, are chou fentible of eby deadly dangers, doft thou not perceive Legions of enemies within thee, without ebee, and round about thee; art thou not daily engaged in spiritual.skirmishes that olarm and force thee to fight furelie if bou haft true peace with God, thou hast firat bad warfare with the Dee vil; if thou baft peace with thy own Conscience, it bath followed upon the back of a sharp coofli& with thy corruptions; for no sooner are we seriously dil. posed to caft off alledgeance to Satan and oor fler, or to enter into a League with King JESUS, but the powers of hell will be an oor copp, and all the Mix litia of the flesh will take arms and fill the field; and in this cate (except then minds to be a Dolunteer captive and flave ) chou canst not choose but find a mecellity of relittance, & for resisting to purpose, a


necessity of Heavens armour & affiftance. Therefore Ofeble armless finner, come to Chrift, and buy a Suit of Armour

Of feveral pieces of Armour that Chrift bar to Sell,

and Sinners bave need to buy. Y E bave need of the Helmet of Sylvation, a

drock on the head if any thing deep, or a throl ac the beart are the moft mortal wounds, lo abae if the bead and the beart be well fenced, there is not so great hazard of the rest of the body. Now I say, this piece of Armour is for covering the head ja the day of Battle, chat neither Satans darts nor daggers may pick open your Pates, and therefore it is called the Helmet of Salvation, Eph. 6. 17. as if it were salvation enough to keep the bead safe;now wbat this Helmet is, the Apostle tells us, . Thess.s. 8. and for an helmet che bope of salvation;fo that, loper,leaft thou be attacqued with the heavy blows oftbide enemies, get on thy helmet of hope, trulling in the Lord, and thou shalt find this piece so far proof, chat none of these blows fhall bite thee, or if perbaps cbey hit thee, yet they shall not hurt thee, because of the prefent belp of the God of thy hope, who will either ward them off, or break their force chat they go not deep.

2. Ye have need of a Brean plateas we said be. fore the lead & the heart are chiefly to be guarded, bot of chefe cwo more principallie the beast ; for a man may getlome cutts in the head which may be healed again, but a wound at the heart lcorns u help of Arc,& is irrecoverable;hence it is wort

remark chat i Tb:).5 8.where there is but one single piece ordered for the head, there are two appointy ed for the heart, put on the breat plate of faith and love, and for an bilmet the hope of salvation, yea we may lay the same Apofle adds a third, Eph. 6.14 having on the breaf-plate ofrighteouseefs. O Sirs

, see to guard your hearts well; saysche wiseman keep your heart with ail keeping, Prov. 4. 23. 1. é. ye cannot keep it enough it is in so great bazard, for if once Satan gain the trong hold of the heart, he harb {caled the castle, he bath gained the city, be baths win the field.

3. Ye bave need of the Girdle of Truth, that ye may be well buckeled again the pernicious enes mies of truth', who are ready by.che force of carnal reasonings to impose opon you darkness for light,& errour for truth, lo cbat if it were possible they would deceive the very Ele&; therefore endeavour to have a clear scheme and fyfteme of the mot der cessary fundamental traths of the Gospel digested in your minds, that ye may the more eally discera contrare errours & the more folidly coolate them, and ye may also be able to give a reason of the hope sbatis in you wben clearly called ebereunto.

4.Ye bave need of the Sword of the Spirit, a weapon fit and usefull both for defince and offence, and which bath this advantage, is easily part able, now what this is the Apofle explains, Eph. 6. 19. and the Sword of the Spirie wbicbistle Word of God, where by is recommended to as a due care to be well very fed in the Scriptores, as an universal fortification a forint all evils occurrent; O what power is in the


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