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Word of God, to trick terrour in the cauterized consciences of the most stupid miscreants, and also to force divine consolations upon the wounded fpicits of those who bave long refufed to be comforted, the glancings of this sword will dart light into the understanding, and the shakings thereol make the Routeft bearts to tremble, specially when guided by the hand of God, Heb.4. 12. The Word of God is quick and powerful, and foorper than any two edged jord, &c and we find this weapon fo fic & framed for use and service, that none has been more intrumental in great exploits & feats,cherefore the great Captain of Salvation (wbo knew very well how to wail His Weapons ) made ordinary ufe of it, in His Combatings with Satan and other enemies, Matth. 4, It is written, it is written, says Cbrift. See then that ye follow your Captain, in making daily use of the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

s. Ye bave need of the Shoe of the preparation of the Gospel of Peace; if ye be pot well thadd, ye will never be able to travel, specially in fonie places, chrough which che Christian-fooldier may sometimes be forced to make a marcb, fo that this kind of fence is molt necessary;therefore wisely prepareyourselves far sach trials, & wbat better preparation can there possibly be chan to bave the Peace of God planted in the Soul, which is fucb a piece of Gospel-furniture as will make us (trong in weakness, and bold in the mida of Deaths.

6. Ye bave need of the Shield of Faith, the fore. named pieces were all for particular use, adapted Otted for the goard of the leveral parts of the


one for the head, and one for the breast &c. but this Thield of faith is of more general use, for tbey wbo Can dextrously handle a Sbield or Target, may mas nage it so as to hide their whole Bodies under che scence and prote&tion of it. Faith can quench all the fiery darts of Satan, whether directed at the fate or the feet. Hence Eph. 6. 16. above all take the fhield of faith, which is of so great ole, not only because it is a general piece of armour as said is, but because it is as it were the band that skilfully wields & mas nages all the rest of our Weapons, and becaute it is only fighting in Faith, and the good fight of Fairbtbal will make us vi&orious, or again because it is only Faith that engages the Captain of Salvation to fight all our Batcles in us and for us, Heb. II. ye may lec the mighty Feats of Faith,



Some Motives to come and buy Armour from Chrif 1. Mot. O Christians, ye have no Weapons and

Armour of your own, there is pone bora with a Helmet on his head with a Sword by his fide, or a Shield in his hand, ye come into the world naka ed every way, I say ye are born without Faith, withe out Love, without Hope, &c. Eph. 2. 12.

2. Mit. O Chriftians, ye are surrounded wiebe nemies, both open declared enemies, and also with candeline voderhand ones, and your enemies are nment, subtile, cruel and unmercifull, and very suci hence Satan a main adversary, that great


Irading to Heaven:

9 Dragon, that old Serpent, is laid to deceive the whole world, Rev.12. 9.Oh if ye knew your bazard, you would never think your selves fate or secure out of your armour and a postare of defence; and above all enemies have ye not the worft within, that perhaps ye are leaft in fear of, even the evil beart of unbelief, tbat like a Traitor within the Calile is ready to throw the Keys over the Walls.

3. Moi. Ye are ordinarly feeble and faints heart. ed in your selves ; and no doubt this pabllanimitie will grow upon you, to see a formidable armed es Demie come against you naked & uoprovided. wban can more animate you to a due contittency of courage and manliness, than that ye put on your Arne mour, that ye pot on the Lord Jelus Cbrin, and have the several Graces of His Spirit in vigourous exercise as a ready fore of martial Helps ; tben ins deed might ye fight with the enemie in the gate, Pfal. 27. 13. "Si

4. Mor. O Christians, are ye faint-bearted, have ye many Enemies, are ye without Weapons, come co our Lord Jesus, and from Him ye may have a compleat Suit of Armour, that will fence and cover you Copiazpe; bere ye may have Armour of Proof, even the best and mof excellent of Armoor, theres fore called the Armour of God, i, e. Armour of Gods making, or Armour that God will pals His Word for; and this Armoor ye may have very cheap, even at the same rate with the reft of Chritts Wares, only to come and take it, éph 6.13. Take into you the whole Armour of God.

The seventh sort of Chrifts Wares, what v

buy : will ye buy Medicaments, Salves Ointments for healing your fpiritual Diseases, for curing the dangerous Wounds ye have got in your Condias with Sin and Satan ; Cbrif is the Physician of Souls, and can cure all manner diseases, Martb. 0

4.23. Christian, baft thou no conscience aikings, halt choo no heart-wodods: balt thouoo soulsdilte mpers & maladies (arely choo art not without some spiritaal plagues, wherber thou feelthem or dot, aod the less thou art sensible, the more dangerously ill tbou art, like thir Laodiceans, who knew not that they were blind and miserable Co now as in the Con text we have diseases (poken of, so in our Text we have a cure propofed, and are exprefly called to boy Eye-salve, one species of Medicaments being put Synecdochically for many more.

Metbioks there is no body will refuse, but they bave Soul-fores and Sicknels, and consequentlie need Chrilt the great Pdysician, for none can deny they have fin, which were a un to deny, and

fin fare ky is our greatest sickness, and that a heredicarie dif. eare, chatrons down from Adam through all his Pofterity ; it is so Epidemical that every

Man and Woman (Chrift only excepted) is therewith Imitten and inte&ed, and thereupon the whole world may jully be deligned one Hospital of Lame, Blind , Pfael S. 5. Eccl. 7,20, and this Sin-lickness is a most dangerous Gickness, a Gickness unco death, both fpi. ritual and eternal, which none is capable to core but Cbrift alone, and therefore it (lands you in band, to come under Hisband, as His Parient for cure &re snied; and for your perswalion and encourage

ment to give Him Employmene, would ye know what an excellent Pbylician Chrift is.

Chrif is an autborized approven Phyficism, ap. pointed and anointed at His Perber for this purpote', that He may beal the Nations. He is not a Quack or Einpyrıck that tries the Trade at his own baud, Luke 4. 18. He is an able and expert Physician, univerfally knowing in all manner Diseases, & He cores the molt desperate sicknesses, which others gives over as bopelele; there are some diseases called opprobria medicorum because they can neither know them nor core ében, but it is not so with Him, never was there a Malady chat none-pinbed Him, yea never was there one thac died under His hand, whom He yndertook to cure: And be is molt bumble and condeScending, Beggars are as welcome to Him as Kings, the Poor as much as the Rich, and ordinarly che for: mer fort give him more employment than the latter; and bow

loatblom soever thy diseases are, be tbey wounds, brojses, patrifying fores, he will not dif. dain or hand to handle them, and that with his owu bands, not leaving it to fervants for states fake ; yea and even his enemies who bave affronted him, and wounded his glory, will be condescend to heal: and as be is bumble, so is be kind, he will visit you often, be will admit yop to lean on his bosom, and express a great deal of tender sympathie with you, and all this grosis or freely, looking for none other fee or reward, but to be content to be cured by him, and to thank bid for his care and kindness: and further be cures moft perfely, for he beals the heart, the fountain of all spiritual plagues, Hos. 14.4.but mor

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