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T EDINBURGH, the Twenty seventh day of

July, One Thousand seven Hundreth and three years, anext the inition given

in and presented to His Grace Her Majestie eh Commissioner and the Lords oj Privy Counil by Robert Sanders Printer in Glasgn.v; Shewing, that phere the Pesitioner having caused Print a great Number f the Books Intituled, Merchandizing Spiritualized, or The Christian Merchant Trading to Heaven, set out by wr. James Clerk Minister at Glasgow, never before Prined, which will be of excellent use to good people of all Ranks ind Degrees. being of a little Volume and small Price, at they should be Imported gor others offer to R print them to his great Las do Prejudice : Therefore hunbly Craving to the effe&t aftermentioned as the said Petition bears, His Grace Her Maj:ftics High Commifioner and the Lord's of Her Majelies Privy Council having Considered the above. Petition given in to them by tbe said Robert Sanders Printer in Glisgow, and the samen with a Letter from Mr. James Clerk Minister at Glasgow, Author of the said Book, Called, The Christian Merchant, or Merchandizing Spirituaiized, with a Teftificat from Mr. James Wodrow Profeßir of Divinity at Glasgow anent the Soundness of the said Booke, being all Read in their, Prefence. His Grace and the faids Lerds, do hereby Grant Licence to be Petitioner, his Heirs, Executors of Assigneys, to Print the Boole called, Merchandizing Spiritualized, or The Chrillian Merchant Trading to Heven; And Discharges any on iher Person te Print, Vend, Import or Sell one said Book

dura ing the space of Nineteen years from the Date bereof, witb. out Warrant or Commission from the Petitioner or bis fore. laids, Under the pain of Seizeing og forfaulting the same to sheir Ufes ; And farder, under the Penuliy of Three hun. dreth Mrksfiors money to be payed by the contraveeners to the Petitioner or his foresaids, besides the Seizeing an Pozefaulture foresaid. Extracted by me

GIL B. ELIOT Cls, Stic

moval tbereof, so it is their

best for the proTo the Right Honourable, Hugh Mongomerie of Busbie,

Lord Provost,
Robert Roger,
James Mongomerie, Bailies,
George Buchanan,
Robert Zwil Dean of Guild,
Thomas Hamilton Deacon-conveenier,
Siephen Crauford Thciaurer.

And the other Members of the Town
Coupcil of the City of Glasgowe.
And all the Inhabitants chereof.

He Salvation and Sanctification of Soulsta the grand Project and Buhnels, that the Ministers of CAKIST bave to advance in

the discharge of their Fwdson, and as ic is proper Province to ply fedulaully all the means that their Gren Mastr hath

to choose tuch particolar Metbods as may be mot caking and con tributive for this purpose, and that in Imitarion




EHRIST: for it is manifeft from the Evangelick Hipory, that the great Do&rin Israel (who taught as never man taught) was frequent in plain Simiz litudes & familiar Examples in His publick Sermens, for as ebese are Instru&.06, fo they ale to be Im . prellive, and as sticking upon the Memory, fo Atir. ring upon the Af uns, there being in loch fort of Discourfes an inlinuacing kind of Pleefdørnes, that few, but bave a liking thereto, Horat, de ar te Poet, 0: 343 344.

Omre twint pu &um, qui miscuit #tile dulci,

La rem dele&undo pariterqumonondo.

Hence it is said of Our LORD, Matib. 13. 3. He Spake many rhings unto them in Pariabl sec.and.v.14.45 without a Parable Spate He not, urto i hemo: ,


pars ticularly as to the Theme we handle, He used the like Parabolick Style, Matth. 13. 44. The Kingdom of Haven is like unto I reafure hid in a Field, the which when a Man bath found be bideth, and fellerball that be bath and buyeth that Field. And derfees 56. again the Kingdom of Heaven is like unte a Merchoniman, secking goodly Pearls &c.

geverals bave managed both Sermons and pra. erical Treatises after this manner, and that to good effe&, as the excellent Mr. Flavel and others; and I, (as is hinted in the Preface to the Reader) havs ing sometime bad Occasion to be acquainted both with the Theorie and Predice of Merchandizing, thought ic' not amils to calt in my Mite to the Treas Sarie of loch sort of Performances, if it may be through GODs Blelling) I may be servicable to


foreber the Spiritual welfare of any Souls: and theretora ibe Sc pe and unj & of cbe tollowing Treabile, is to transfer the fiveral Parts and appartenances of the M-rcbants Employment into appoute Religious Applications and Improves m nes, and thus to Spiritualize the Art of Miro cbandizing; I will not affirm that I have hit upon all the knacks and Circumitantials thereof, nor that I have improven the same co io good Purpose as fome ocher Hand might have done, but

in magnis vow.Dlatek. I hope you will not take it in ill part that I Didi cate this Treatise to you, and neitber is it incans gruoos, seeing the most of you are Mercbants by Profession, and as I do so iņi Teltimor ie and. Are knowledgement of my obliged Rejp &s to you, lo I expe& cbis return of Kindness, that you will es spoole the Patronage and Defence of it I will 000 prelong this Epifle in pointed Complements, knows ing you are able to discern che Insufficiency of such Sophifticat Wares (wbicb should be declared Probis bire Wores) but only Exhorts you that amidit the Weight or Croud of your Worldly Affairs, you will mind the mof profitable Trade of Spiritual-Mers chondizing, as your maio Bulness ; seeking for At the Kingdom of God and the Righteousnes thereof, and leaving to GODs Arbitriment and Wildom, the ad. dition or beftowance of Earthly Enjoyments, as He lees will be moft før His Giry and your God, I add no more, but that you may thrive boch in

your Cular and Heavenly Trade, is tbe hearty. Vote of, Your mofi humble Clieot and Servant

James Clark,


In Tractatum hunc
De Merca! urâ Spirituali



Vam judant homines ? per quotque pericula currunt?

Mercibus ut cumulent æribus æra fuis.
P. fodiunt terras, sinuo saque Saxa pererrant,

Et trabibus sulcant æquora luta cavis.
Quumque apibus turgent, mox Lælaps turgidus inftat,

Irues to est jubito, qui modo Ciæsus erar.
Non ita contingit quas Chriftus Mercibus off-rt,

Nam cito fit Cælus, qui mijer Iruz erat.
Onnia pro nihilo, r mirun.piclum ut Iefus ;

Merx est magna Poli, parva lilique soli.
Posthabitis igitur tricis; Colellia Aphelins,

Convenit ut fumme ) quae super ültra pete. Elize Thesaurum Chrifti munimine tutuin,

Cui nulla pérdi Mairie, nec Arte poteft. Con:amen le; ito de Christi Mercibus hocce,

Venalesque tibi, quas botuus edit, eme.


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