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rational Immortal Soul, capable to atchieve the greatest things, and to er joy the bell things : yee alas lee we not man so far despirited, and look be low himself, as ignorantly to delpite the b. Athings, and fondly to affed the worft things ; passionatly pursuing Vanities for Felicities : Are noc Worldly Plesfures, Profits and Preferments, the painted Feas Ibers that the most part lo childiMly follow after, which a poof of wind soon driveth from the greedy hand, when at the next point of grasping : O how indiscreet and toolilh are Men in cheir choice, wbo thus choose that which refufs them, and pitch opon that for theit Portion which is no ways proportioned to che vaft Capacity of tbe Immortal Soul,there. fore will a Wiseman usurp this Marta

None mortale quod opto, Are we not daily Observators of the Changables nels and Uncertainty of Humanes affairs and Enjoyments: bave we nor feen lome of Fortunes molt famous Darlirgs, who bave been favoured with the greatest affluence of Temporal Felicities, yet foon abandoned ber Favour and made Miserable, yea & bow mocb before their Fall honoored and admired, so much thereafter defpifed and vilified Eccl, 10.75 do'nor Men tbus deceive themselves in dreamingie find Contentment in fublunary things, when 60

bath legibly engraven this indelible Infcriprion upon the Forefront of them all, Vanity of Vantti's, all is Vanity and vexation of Spirit: Let me chen Argue wieb you in the Scripture Style, Ija. 55.2. Wberetoie do you (pend Money for that which is not Bread: and your Labour for that which fatisfieth not: and O that I could' Argue you not only into an Opinion of the Vanity and Mutability of Crea. ture-comforts, but also into a firm Perswafion, that your fummuin bonus or chief Happiness Iyesin terminating your choice on GOD, for your Allofficis ent Portion, and not on Corruptible sbings, to which Purpose. the Argument prefixed to the Abs tract of Ecciefiaßes in Metre pag, 2.

All Men would bappy be

But few do see,
What is true Happiness

The moft but Guess
And in their Guesses err:
Some Dream it lyes in Pleasures,

Some Deem in Treafures,
Some their Kings Ear to have

Fondly conceive,
But Solimon doth averr,
That chy Felicitie

Can never be,
In such uncertain things,

As take them Wings
And leave chee to Lament

Th, Time mispent
And lot in seeking Lolles,
The main Scope of the ensuing Treatise, is to


dillwade and divert you from the inordinate pursuie of Worldly Trade and Trash, and to engage you to Trade with CHRIST, cbat so wben this Worlds Wealth may be gone from you, or you from it, ye may come to be Poffeffors of an enduring fubftance.

One thing among others that moved me to bandle ebis peculiar Subjeå, was, because it bach pleased God to call me to the Minittry,wbo bad oes calion in my Younger years to be bred at Holland, in Merchant accounts Book-keeping, and other parts of the Theoric of Merchandizing, with a Design at ibat time to bave followed tbis kind of Inflitution of Life, in the Pra&ick part wbereof also, I bave sometime been employed, when I had not access (througb the injuries and unsettlement of the late times) to follow my more free and earned Ircli. nations to the Miniltry: I humbly think that all sorts of Christians may find in the following Tv & w bat may be Headable and suitable to many of their Soul, Cafes and Concerns, but I specially Recome mend it to Merchants or Tradesmen Apprentices, that ebey may perase the same in their pare Va. cant-bours, no doube, chey may 1pend their time in less profitable Occupations and Divertisements. ladd no more but craves your favourable Acceptance and Prayers, praying that GOD may Bless uoco yog the Per ull of what follows.


of the chief Matters in this



Alam Rich before his Fall

Als u oed Baokrupt
Armour Spiritual

II. 12.


Backfliding from God
Burg s ticket Spiricual

182. 184.
123. 124

с C
A good Caose five wayes of Selling it 162,

Chrift, dangerous to flight Him

21. 22.
Chrift, The Phylician of Souls

100, 102
The Courches Condicion should be noticed

Cloathing Spiritual

28. to si

169. 170

106. 164 16 v, 166,
Conceritajent of Mind


Company evil

88. to 9.00

Death, the time thereof uncertain



Deceiving our Neighbours, onjuft
Delays dangerous
Denyal of our felves
Desërtion, Caoses thereof
Diarie, of keeping it
Diligence in Duties, Motives to it
Duties (hould be noticed

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19. 20

G God, Mercifull 16. Owpiscicos His Soveraignty Gospel, a grear Mercy Gospel, Coses of little Soccefs 14 to 38. Gospel, Causes of its Removal



47 Grace, Reasons of its Growth 4!, to 44. 142. Grace in Decay a great Lals

140. Grace decayed, may be rettored


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