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copbel and others; and as we should rot be proud of our gifts, because we may be denuded of them, lo he rather because often it is our pride bat occalia on the deprival of them; as the Wise man fays, pride goes before delicu&ion, and a baugbey Spirie before alall, Prov, 16, 18. Ere I pass from chio Paint, I will give you some Marks of them who are Proud of their Gifts and Graces.

1. Mørk. They readily entertain a boondless high conceit of their own imaginary excellencies, and will whiles be cickled with the fancifull pleasure ehey have from ebeir groundless conceits ; but not feldom falfeconcit fuos in felfedeceit,

2. Mark. Proad Profeflors are apt contemptus sofly enoogb to vilipend others whom they imagine (o be either gracelets or below themselves in grace and experience, with what a supercilious disdainfull countenance do some carry, so ebat their mo. rose pridefull bebaviour becomes no small scar and scandal te Religion, many real good Folk have hins dered much good with their peevishness & imprus dence, if notimpertinencies ye may remember who said come and see may zeal for the Lord, is obine heart as my heart, yet for all this was Fehæ rottenbearted, 2 Ring. i. 15, 16. 31. and the Lord by the Prophet Isaieb halb a sad saying with relp & Co sucb, Ila. 65, s. They say pand by the folf, come met near uato me, for I am loires than thou: th f. are a Smock in my wor, fire rbut burn oh all the dig. 3

Mark. Proud Professors are ready to carp ag others, with a great deal of cynical indication, sometimes they make Faulewhere there are rrino


and censurelmall ones with so much immederation of pallion, that they themselves become greater cris minals cban cbey whom they reprebend, & wbiles they are not only content to criticize upon werds and actions, but even upon geftares with a bold bits terness, as if the defiling of every body were the way to make themselves clean ; but forely thefe de Der duely coplider their own inGrmities and failzares, and how much God hath born with in them,

4. Mark. Though such severe Criticks take on them reaghly to censure others, yet of all men they themselves are the moft impatient of difrefped of repraofs from others, if you medle with them, you may as well take an angry Deg by the Ears, who will be sure to soarl and snatch at you.

5 Mark, Proud Profeffors many of them are in tollerably magisterial in impeling apon others cheir own private Sentiments and Opinions, they would bave all men moulded after the plateform of their fhallow pate, else they are fo peevith as presently to judge them wrong, wicked, or ignorant: certain ly fach a bomour has often proven the Mother ol moch mischief and discord, for all men have not alike measure of ligbt, & wbat light some pretend to have (specially about lesser, debatable points in religion) they are not forthwich to give it out for foperaatural and extraordinary, for when all hath come te all fome such Felkelight, bas been found to be deep darknels, and also it hath been observed that the Lord hath left chem to walk in the light of their op

and in che sparks that they bave kindled, If

by the conduct whereoftbey have been led

into temptations & snares: but I would have such as are of this peremptory divisive difpofition to conlider what the Scripture says, Rom. 14.22, Halt thou Faith, have to thy felt before God. Art thou per: [waded in thy own private judgement that such a particular is a truth, or is a duty, or is a lin, content and lolace tlay self with dine own faith and perswafion, & trouble not the Church of God, to orge upon others the espousal of thy Faith or Sentiments, but Dill entertain communion, charity & concord, waits ing if it may be the same God who harb given thee ligbe, may be so good as co display a beam of light apen orber Fellow-christians also for what tbou baft light and clearness about more than otbers, either it is necessary to be known, or it is not, if it be not nes cessary bue circumftantial only to religion, thoodoft not well to disturb & break the peace of the Cburch for apy tbing not neceffary : and if it be necessary, it is bard to rappose, that our gracious heavenly Fas eber will reveal Himself only to one or two of His Children, and hide necessary things from the many thousands of His Israel, specially seeing the Promise is made in common to all, fer. 31, 34. 1 Yob.3.277 To which purpose I would bave you to meditate upon a notable passage as it is Phil. 3. 15, 16. Lee os therefore as many as be perfect be thug minded, and il in any ching ye be otherwise minded, God shall revealeven this to you, nevertheless where la we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let os mind the same thing, as if we heard the Apofle saying, O Philippians, I underAand ye are not all of the same mind, ye bave not all arri


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xbem, Namb. II, 27, 28, 29. So if God poor a large ! measure of His Spirit onirhers, ye ihould with He may de fo to all

, and that every body may abound is and be Atrong in the Grace that is in Chrift. To eor purpose is ebe following Tetrastich. Si vigear Socios for profperitate fecunda

Amulus haud illi, nec Aomacbofuseris : b Livor quippe fremens, corrodit vifcera Cordis, ic Invida mens fatis eft poena molefta fibi.

E 9. Caution. O Christian Merchants if you are fal. len on a way of Trading with Chritt, beware that ye change not your Trade again; baving put your band to the Plough, look not back again, let cvers le mau abode in tbe fame Calling: woberein be was calleds for if any man draw aback My Seal shall have no plez3 fure in bim, saith the Lord, Gor.9. 20. Heb. 10,38, Chrill would take it very ill out, if we rue our Bars gaining witb Him who fteops fo infinitly low,as to come into trading or treating terras with us, lpecials ly feeing in His Juftice He might have suffered osteof perich in poverty. Let us bear what are the picat ve and pretences that some make for changing of their Trade, and see bow they bold in the Case of Spis 5. ritual Merchandizing.

1, Some change their trade on the account of the dangers, toil, & travel that they undergo in follows ing it, & therefore becake themselves to an eafier, ar lefs hazardfull one. Hence fays Horace, Sat. 1. 91

354- Eris tu qui modo miles Mercaror.6655 i. e.

Sooldier who earned his bread of life amida dangers of death, before the mouth of


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Masket & Canon, be to as Merchant, to live more securely & quietly: brarely none can joftly bring in this plea againit the trade of Religion, which you may manage to great advantage, and with greatest ease in your secret-chamber-recesses, where freeft of moleftations and divertisements; you may there be as near Heaven, & get as clear proíped of it, as in the top of the bigbeft Meuntain, and as for the tbreng & care of bulinefs that some imagine Reli. gion will creat to them, this is but an airie imaginas tion that will soon evanifh, if you duely weigh and seriously believe that His Commands are not gries vous, that His Yoke is easie, and that His Ways are ways of pleasantness,& all His Paths are peace, Prov, 3.17. I dare lay there cannot an intance be given of iny who ever really beaght of Chrifts Wares, that hought the cealt did overgo either the pleasure or be profit, or that forleek this trade for the cumber of ie; yet I doubt not but on the contrare, che trade offin & cur worldly employments have much more vexation fatigue and perill therein ; are there nat many wbo weary themselves to commit iniquity, Jer. 9. 5. and do not they who build Topens, ftablilia C1lies by iniquity, labour in the very fire, and vocary thenselves for very varity, Hab. 2. 12, 13, do not some pen make wéarilome nights to themselves, by de. vifing up a their beds how they may get their inis quous cevetings fatisfied, c, compare together Micah 2.1.2. Prov.416,17. Pfal. 127. 2. Job 21.10.

2. Some cbacge theis Trade as not being forces ale

enougla, in regard the things they deal in wear out of fashion, which is very chang

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