The Farmer's Boy: A Rural Poem, Issue 1

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Vernor and Hood, Poultry, 1801 - Country life - 128 pages

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Page 45 - Proud thus to meet his smiles, to share his tale, His nuts, his conversation, and his ale. Such were the days — of days long past I sing, When Pride gave place to Mirth without a sting ; Ere tyrant customs strength sufficient bore To violate the feelings of the poor ; To leave them distanc'd in the mad'ning race, Where'er Refinement shews its.
Page 45 - The widening distance which I daily see, Has Wealth done this? - then Wealth's a foe to me; Foe to our rights ; that leaves a powerful few The paths of emulation to pursue: For emulation stoops to us no more: The hope of humble industry is o'er; The blameless hope, the cheering sweet presage Of future comforts for declining age. Can my sons share from this paternal hand The profits with the labours of the land? No; though indulgent Heaven its blessing deigns, Where's the small farm to suit my scanty...
Page 21 - Leap'd o'er your path with animated pride, Or gazed in merry clusters by your side ? Ye who can smile, to wisdom no disgrace, At the arch meaning of a Kitten's face...
Page 31 - Here Wisdom's placid eye delighted sees His frequent intervals of lonely ease, And with one ray his infant soul inspires, Just kindling there her never-dying fires, Whence solitude derives peculiar charms, And heaven-directed thought his bosom warms. Just where the parting bough's light shadows play, Scarce in the shade...
Page 18 - ... three times skimm'd sky-blue." To cheese converted, what can be its boast? What, but the common virtues of a post ! If drought o'ertake it faster than the knife, Most fair it bids for stubborn length of life, And, like the oaken shelf whereon 'tis laid, Mocks the weak efforts of the bending blade ; Or in the hog-trough rests in perfect spite, Too big to swallow, and too hard to bite.
Page 78 - Fills the tall racks, and leaves a scatter'd road; Where oft the swine from ambush warm and dry Bolt out, and scamper headlong to their sty, When Giles with well-known voice, already there, Deigns them a portion of his evening care.
Page 44 - Rage and Death destroy: Reflection sickens at the monstrous joy. And where the joy, if rightly understood, Like cheerful praise for universal good? The soul nor check nor doubtful anguish knows, But free and pure the grateful current flows.
Page 45 - With sun-burnt hands and ale-enliven'd face, Refills the jug his honour'd host to tend, To serve at once the master and the friend ; Proud thus to meet his smiles, to share his tale, His nuts, his conversation, and his ale.
Page 97 - Spring !" his heart exulting cries ; " Another Year ! with promised blessings rise !— Eternal Power! from whom those blessings flow, Teach me still more to wonder, more to know : Seed-time and Harvest let me see again ; Wander the leaf-strewn wood, the frozen plain: Let the first flower, corn-waving field, plain, tree,' Here round my home, still lift my soul to thee ; And let me ever, midst thy bounties, raise An humble note of thankfulness and praise !" (1) These two lines ran in the MS.:— "...
Page 61 - That love matur'd, next playful on the knee To press the velvet lip of infancy ; To stay the tottering step, the features trace;... Inestimable sweets of social peace ! O THOU, who bidst the vernal juices rise! Thou, on whose blasts autumnal foliage flies! Let Peace ne'er leave me, nor my heart grow cold, Whilst life and sanity are mine to hold. Shorn of their flow'rs that shed th...

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