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Page 145 - That the order of the day for the fecond reading of the Bill to incapacitate William Abraham, James Anderfon, junior, &c.
Page 274 - This fituation of fafety may be attributed to the greatnefs of our power. -It is more becoming, and more true, that we 'ought to attribute that...
Page 30 - That an humble addrefs be prefented to His Majefty, praying that he...
Page 257 - The rest are still in the midst of a people whom they have plunged into an abyss of evils, and for whom famine, anarchy, and civil war, are preparing new calamities. In...
Page 111 - The National Convention declares, in the name of the French nation, that it will grant fraternity and assistance to all people who wish to recover their liberty ; and it charges the executive power to send the necessary orders to the generals, to give succours to such people, and to defend those citizens who have suffered, or may suffer, in the cause of liberty.
Page 106 - That at the same time, and contrary to the ist article of the peace of 1783, it granted protection and pecuniary aid not only to the emigrants, but even to the chiefs of the rebels, who have already fought against France ; that it has maintained with them a daily correspondence, evidently directed against the French revolution : that it has also received the chiefs of the rebels of the French West-India colonies.
Page 231 - On the order of the day being read for receiving the report of the amendments made to a bill in committee, the Peer in charge of the bill moves " That this report be now received.
Page 158 - ... to remain, in a peculiar and emphatical manner, the rights of the people of England. And thefe may be reduced to three principal or primary articles ; the right of perfonal fecurity, the right of perfonal liberty ; and the right of private property...
Page 278 - Britifh nation, fubverfive of the maxims which have been eftablifhed among chriftian and civilized communities, derogatory to the dignity of the crown of this realm, tending to debafe the fpirit and fubvert the difcipline of his Majefty's armies, and to expofe his Majefty's innocent fubjefts, in all parts of his dominions, to cruel and ruinous retaliations.
Page 257 - High Mightinesses, whether it would not be proper to employ all the means in your power, to prohibit from entering your...

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