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No artful tales, no studied lies, I frame,
Ulysses lives (rejoins the reverend dame)
In that dishonour'd franger's close disguise,
Long has he pass’d all unsuspecting eyes,
All but thy son's and long has he supprest
The well-concerted secret in his breast;
Till his brave father fhould his foes defeat,
And the clofe scheme of his revenge compleat.

Swift as the word the queen transported sprung,
And round the dame in strict embraces hung ;
Then as the big round tears began to roll,
Spoke the quick doubts and hurry of her soul.

victorious hero fafe arrives,
If my dear lord, Ulysses, still survives,
Tell me, oh tell me, how he fought alone ?
How were fuch multitudes destroy'd by one ?

Nought I beheld, but heard their cries, she said,
When death flew raging, and the suitors bled :
Immur'd we listen'd, as we fat around,
To each deep groan and agonizing sound.
Callid by thy fon to view the scene I fled,
And saw Ulysses ftriding o'er the dead !
Amidit the rising heaps the hero stood
All grim, and terribly adorn’d with blooda


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Page 184 Epistle to Dr. Young, at Eastbury in Dorsetshire, on the Review at Sarum, 1722.

189 On the approaching Delivery of her Royal Highness, in the Year 1721. An Ode.

193 The First Hymn of Callimachus, to Jupiter..

195 The Second Hymn of Callimachus, to Apollo. 199 To Sir James Thornhill, on his excellent Painting,

the Rape of Helen, at the Seat of General Erle in Dorsettire. Written in the Year 1718.

205 Part of the Second Book of Statius. On the Death of a Young Gentleman. Christ's Passion, from a Greek Ode of Mr. Masters, formerly of New College. An Ode.

219 On the King's Return, in the Year 1720. On the Masquerades.

223 On a Shadow. An Ode.

225 To Cælia playing on a Lute. An Ode.

227 To the Unknown Author of the Battle of the Sexes

228 The

2 II




The Twelfth Ode of the First Book of Horace,

229 The XXIId Ode of the First Book of Horace.

231 A Prologue for the Strollers.

233 The VIIIth Pfalm Translated.

235 Pfalm the XXIVth Paraphrased.

236 Psalm the XXIXth. Psalm the XLVIth Paraphrased.

240 Psalm the XCth Paraphrased.

242 The CXXXIXth Psalm Paraphrased in Miltonick Verse.

245 Psalm the CXLIVth Paraphrased.

250 The Third Chapter of Job.

252 The XXVth Chapter of Job Paraphrased.

255 The Song of Moses, in the XVth Chapter of Exodus, Paraphrased.

257 The Third Ode of the Second Book of Horace Paraphrased.

261 The Third Ode of the Fourth Book of Horace, Paraphrased.

263 On the approaching Congress of Cambray. Written in the Year 1721.

265 The Fable of the Young Man and his Cat. 267 To Mr. Pope, on his Translation of Homer's Iliad.

270 Part of the First Æneid of Virgil Translated. 272 On his Majesty's playing with a Tiger in Kensington Gardens.

280 A Dialogue between a Puet and his Servant. 281 Ode to John Pitt, Efq; advising him to build a Banqueting-house on a Hill that over-looks the Sea. 285

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