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complete provision for the welfare of the whole man. In the Christian system all good is united ; our duty and our interest; the well being of the soul, and that of the body; the blessings of time, and those of eternity. Then may we mourning friends, so love our bodies and desire to preserve and cherish them, that we shall with the most effectual care, secure their revival to immortal honour, and the happiness with which it is connected. And this is to be accomplished not by adorning and pampering them here, in obedience to the calls of pride and luxury; but by seeking effectually the immortal life of those minds by which they are inhabited.

Under what great obligations we all are to Christ, the believer's life and resurrection. Had he not come into this world to die, the just for the unjust, every one of the human race must inevitably have sunk down to eternal death. Mourning friends must then have expected to meet the departing spirit, at the great judgement day, re-united to the raised body, and with it sentenced to everlasting misery. But now there is hope, even in the grave. The sting of death by reason of sin, is taken away from the believer; and he may exclaim, when coutemplating the gloomy mansions of the dead, O grave! where is thy victory? The soul will immediately pass into glory to exult with glorified spirits, with patriarchs, prophets, and apostles; with Christ and his holy angels, in the immediate and blessed presence of God. And at the resurrection, the body which was turned to corruption and dust, will be raised and fashioned like unto Christ's own glorious body.

What consolation then for mourners, who have cheering evidence, that their departed friends are gone to the arms of Jesus. The blessed Redeemer stands ever ready to receive the departed spirit of his friends; for he is gone to prepare a place for them: And to his mourning disciples he said, In my Father's house there are many mansions.

And are

we lamenting the loss of those who have died the death of the righteous? While we are mourning on the account of their departure, how are their souls rejoicing in heavenly transports, and now participating in joys unspeakable and full of glory. In view then of their unspeakable gain, let us weep for ourselves, and for our children. And may not parents, who have lost a tender infant, resign the soul to the grace and compassion of the Redeemer? Christ took little children in his arms, while on earth, and blessed them; and why may be not receive such into his arms in glory? Certainly the Lord may grant the sanctifying influences of his Holy Spirit, even to infants, and make them meet to be partakers with saints in light.

How comforting that neither abject poverty, malicious enemies, nor grim death, can pluck the soul of a believer from the hands of the divine Redeemer! Did the blessed Jesus frown in view of the ascension of the poor, despised beggar to a mansion of glory? No: as an eternal monument of honour, it will be proclaimed, He was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom.

5th. This subject naturally calls to our mind, how affecting and melancholy it is to witness the death of an inpenitent sinner.

There is not only reason for unbelievers to tremble at the prospect of their departure hence; but their surviving friends also may justly have their hearts quake, as they stand around their dying bed. Their distracted countenances, and dreadful exclamations, pierce the stoutest heart, and rend the souls of their relatives, As they view death fast approaching, in agony they break out, Hast thou found me, Oh! mine enemy! Must I be forced away ? dread, cruel messenger! Oh! precious lost time! ! Oh! deluded, murdered soul! Now, now, I feel the cold, icy hand of death, preying upon my whole body. And ah ! see merciless fiends greedy to seize my guilty, des. pairing spirit. Oh, my friends! Oh, my God! Am

eternally undone? Must I be plunged in wo, with awful expectation of more terrible vengeance being poured upon me, after the judgement! Oh, that God would be gracious, and strike out my existence? Can he not hear my accursed prayers and grant me anni

. hilation ? are all my enjoyments for ever at an end; and is hope gone for ever! I am chilled with death : my blood cold in my veins: my senses racked: my soul distracted. Adiev, vain world. Farewell my friends! I am already sinking in eternal despair, and overwhelmed in torments without end.

How faint this description of an impenitent, dying sinner! But how affecting, how solemn, and how awful the departure of unbelievers, which will consign their wretched souls to that dreadful world, where reign the mists of the blackness of darkness for ever! Our souls may justly shudder at the thought of beholding a fellow-mortal thus expiring.

6th. How blessed the sight to behold a believer leave this world in peace.

The body dies; but glorious the release of the soul, in its departure from these mortal shores. Believers at death, do indeed experience an affecting change in regard to their bodies; still the soul can triumph in prospect of a blessed immortality. They then enter a new state of existence; are instantly surrounded with new and surprising objects, which excite the most transporting admiration. When a mortal paleness overspreads the dying frame, glory divine beams upon the soul. The departing saint, with death on one hand and his God on the other, in full view, exclaims in ecstasy, Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee: My flesh and my heart faileth; but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. O my dear children! beloved wife and friends! what mean ye weeping for me, and breaking my heart? My divine Redeemer calls; are you not willing to

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have me fall asleep in Jesus? Hark! Hear the whispering angels! See the white shining train! They beckon me away: I must go up to heaven. 0, prospect bright and glorious! The unclouded morning of eternal day, bursts upon my sight. Farewell, my friends. Adieu, cares of the world; sin and sorrow.

. Come, Lord Jesus! come. Now, all glory to God, and the Lamb that sitteth on the throne. How great the change; how solemn, and transporting the departure of believers, who have full assurance of being ushered into the immediate presence of God, to be placed at his right hand, where is fulness of joy, and rivers of pleasure for evermore. What prospect to mortals can be more consoling! what event more glorious !

7th. This subject admonishes that we make daily preparation for the solemn events, and momentous consequences which await us.

It is not only a solemn thing to die, but death comes often in an unexpected hour. And if we be unprepared at his coming, it would be good for us had we never been born. Our souls and our bodies will both serve to render our existence wretched. Shortly it will be said of each one of us, that we are dead. Shortly our dust will return to the earth as it was; and our spirits shall return to God, who gave them. And are we prepared each one of us to give up his account to God? The amazing end of this interview will be to settle the concerns of the soul for ever, and fix its condition for interminable ages. On this account, is suspended endless happiness or endless misery. And can we guilty beings render our account with joy, unless we have an advocate with the Father, even Jesus Christ the Righteous ? How affecting must be the situation of the soul at this decisive interview! to stand in the presence of God, the Judge of all, alone; without a friend to help, without an advocate to plead its cause; its all depending, itself to receive its eternal destination! And now let me ask, Have we that wellgrounded hope, upon which we are willing to hazard the acceptance of our souls for immortality ? Or has our whole course hitherto been directed, shall it through life be directed towards perdition, and not a single step taken towards heaven? Rather, infinitely rather, let us be wise, lay up for ourselves treasures which will remain durable ; immortal treasures, when these visible heavens and this earth shall be no more. Let us as miserable, penitent sinners, fly to the Saviour, make the Judge our friend: He is our rewarder: His frown is hell, His smile is heaven. To him let us give all glory for evermore. Amen.

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