Poems on Various Subjects, in Scots and English: By James Macaulay

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author; and sold, 1788 - English poetry - 232 pages

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Page 14 - What conscience dictates to be done. Or warns me not to do, This teach me more than Hell to shun, That more than Heaven pursue.
Page 217 - I'LL sing of heroes and of kings, In mighty numbers, mighty things. Begin, my Muse ! but lo ! the strings To my great song rebellious prove ; The strings will sound of nought but love. I broke them all, and put on new ; Tis this or nothing sure will do. These sure (said I) will me obey ; These, sure, heroic notes will play.
Page 218 - Farewell then, heroes ! farewell, kings ! And mighty numbers, mighty things ! Love tunes my heart just to my strings.
Page 228 - FAME let thy trumpet sound, Tell all the world around, Great George is king : Tell Rome, and France, and Spain, Britannia scorns their chain ; All their vile arts are vain, Great George is king.
Page 83 - Induftry ! without it all the wealth Of boaftful opulence would foon decay ; . And, like a flower from the root cut off, Would fade, and fall into oblivion.
Page 82 - With heart and eyes expedant looks the fwain Abroad to view the objeft of his hopes And fupport of...
Page 189 - An' Mars, wi' a' his butcher train,, Aye bide aback; An' never kt us o' our flain fie heard to crack!
Page 186 - They think becaufe our trade's turn'd thrang, To tak it frae us in a bang ; They'll fin...

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